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Hi guys i have played mafia 2 till chapter 14 i cant play chapter 15 whie playing chapter 15 it craches to Dektop with errro mafia 2 application has stopped working what should i do i was workng perfectly sumthing happen suddenly win 7 32bit,2.6 core 2 Dou,Nvidia 9600 gt graphic card,ddr3 4gb ram.????


derian_n_jade answered:

Id ask if your copy is legal first of all. No I am not calling you a thief, just saying.
Second of all, I would try running it as admin. If you havent restarted your computer since experiencing this issue, do that as well. The usual stuff.
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hackerndgamer answered:

Either you haven't installed PhysX at all or you have a version with which Mafia II can't run properly.. I suggest you Install PhysX. Also, If you had an installer of PhysX along with the Game, it's better to install that one..
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