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Is it possible to change your government type?

Is it possible to change your government type?

Any help would be nice. Thanks


salamancerider answered:

yes it is
First you have to get rid of all tax except in your capitol which you then put tax on full
next turn (or after) ther should be a message that says reveloution in etc India and you have decide which to side with rebels or government.
If you choose government nothing will change exept alot of riots in your country of choice.
If you choose rebels you have to fight against and capture your own capitol
If you win you should chane from whatever you are to a different government and your flag will change to.
you should only do this if you ar strong enough and have alot of money and have no enemies because you will start losing money and most of your troops will disapear but it is a good idea to do it because it has lots of benefits later on
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cameron20210 answered:

Simply put you gota make your capital unhappy. Nobles for moving up the ladder (republic, Constitutional Monarchy, Absolute Monarchy) and peasents for moving down.
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