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Asked: 5 years ago

How do I get past (Road to Independence{episode2})?

At the episode 2 when game ask me to get that last cities i can't acces that area soo i can't capture that 2 cities.please some own help me.

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From: talknight2 5 years ago

You're both wrong.
The objectives cleary say that you cannot attack Quebec and Montreal before you capture Luisburg.
Once you land an army on Luisburg and capture it, you cannot go to Canada.
As simple as that.
And you can go there by land aswell, it just takes longer because of the mountains.

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You have to conquer all of the territories in America before you can go to canada and finish the french. Also you have to go by sea to get to the last areas in Canada. If that doesnt work then its a glitch and you will have to reinstall the game.

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It's quite simple get the fifth rates you used to get to Louisiana and then put your army on them and go to The French cities

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Thats what I meant and you can use your fleet to get to Quebec

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Thats what I meant and you can use your fleet to get to Quebec

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I'm having the same issue. I captured Louisberg and Newfoundland, but it won't let me move into Canada although I've conquered every visible French territory. It must be a glitch and I hope they fix it in an update.

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There was a glitch that prevented you from advancing after capturing Louisburg. The newest patch fixed the problem for me.

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Use your ships to go across water.

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