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Asked: 5 years ago

Unlocking Factions?

When you complete the GC, do you get new factions to play with, like in the other Total war games?

Or can you unlock faction via modding?

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From: daterxies 5 years ago


All factions available at start of GC are the only ones you can play (There all "unlocked")

According to CA it would take to much of the system to make all factions playable.

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Although you can unlock the USA if you complete the Road to Independence.

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You can play as the Thirteen Colonies in the Grand Campaign if you complete the Road to Independence?

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Not in the Grand Campaign no, there will be a new chapter next to Chapter 3 in "Road to Independence" that is basically a shorter version of the Grand Campaign that lets you play America against the other nations. It's only like...50 years I think though?

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You only get to play with the factions listed in the grand campaign from 1700 till 1799. The last chapter of the road to independence lets you play as the U.S. from that point in the game, not from 1700. Its pretty short but the objectives are scaled down and you can still play on after the end date, you just can complete your objectives after 1799.

As for modding, the game is laid out differently so the old data trick will not work. I'm sure a mod will be out eventually, but as of now you can only play as the ones listed.

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You can download a file from Empire total war heaven to unlock all factions in the grand campaign. Any faction with no starting regions will crash the game so dont choose them.,8184,,30

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..When you're the USA you have from 1783-1810 to take over like, 25 objectives. Not scaled down at all. It's basically a "Short campaign" for any other country. And two things that'll help: (list of all mods on TWCenter)
and which is ALL FACTIONS UNLOCKED FOR CAMPAIGN (Including emergent but don't pick those cause you have..nothing and the game crashes[i hear])

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