Hard Mode Stealth Walkthrough by Damthiel

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                              Hitman: Absolution
                         Hard Mode Stealth Walkthrough


This is a guide written to help players through Hitman: Absolution on the
"Hard" difficulty setting. Please be aware this does NOT cover "Expert" or
"Purist" modes, as I have no experience with these difficulties as of this
writing. This is also NOT a full guide; controls are not explained unless
appropriate, nor is much else beyond what a player might need to know for
the Hard difficulty setting. This guide will go through a few of the in-game
challenges along the way, but that's about it.

All difficulties are available immediately. Although this is shown in the
game, Hard mode includes:

-Instinct depletion does not regenerate over time
-There are no Instinct hints
-There are additional enemies with improved reaction times

The first two are not that big of a deal. No Instinct hints can be problematic
if you have never played through the game before, but that is what this guide
is for. Since there are additional enemies, methods that may have worked on
Normal or Easy may not apply on Hard.

I prefer to run this game similar to the Metal Gear Solid series: minimum
kills and alerts (preferably none). There are moments that I feel the player
is forced to subdue a NPC, for a disguise and whatnot, but my guide tries
to keep it fairly clean. Be stealthy, be careful, take your time, and be
expected to reload a lot of checkpoints. So once more:

**This is a stealth focused guide**

This game does give options, and because of that it may be possible to simply
run-and-gun and be fine. I have not done this however, so I cannot make any
comments about it. This guide is simply how I approached and finished Hard

Table of Contents

You can quickly jump to a section you are looking for by copying the section
number on the far right, opening the search function (CTRL+F) and pasting it
in the search box.

   Legal Stuff                                                          (0.20)
   About this Guide                                                     (0.40)
   Before you start (tips and advice)                                   (0.60)
   Walkthrough                                                          (0.80)

      Mission 1: A Personal Contract                                    (1.00)
         Mansion: Ground Floor                                          (1.10)

      Mission 2: The King of Chinatown                                  (2.00)
         Chinatown Square                                               (2.10)

      Mission 3: Terminus                                               (3.00)
         Terminus Hotel                                                 (3.10)
         Upper Floors                                                   (3.20)

      Mission 4: Run for your Life                                      (4.00)
         Burning Hotel                                                  (4.10)
         The Library                                                    (4.20)
            The Library: Checkpoint 1                                   (4.21)
            The Library: Second Floor                                   (4.22)
         Interlude                                                      (4.30)
         Rooftops                                                       (4.40)
         Shangri-La                                                     (4.50)
            Shangri-La: Checkpoint 1 (If at Option 2)                   (4.51)
         Train Station                                                  (4.60)
            Train Station: Platform A                                   (4.61)
            Train Station: Metro Station Building                       (4.62)
            Train Station: Platform A - B Connecting Bridge             (4.63)
            Train Station: Platform B                                   (4.64)

      Mission 5: Hunter and Hunted                                      (5.00)
         Courtyard                                                      (5.10)
            Courtyard: Checkpoint 1                                     (5.11)
         The Vixen Club                                                 (5.20)
            The Vixen Club: Target Elimination                          (5.21)
            Escape to the Second Floor                                  (5.22)
         Dressing Rooms                                                 (5.30)
         Derelict Building                                              (5.40)
            Derelict Building: Checkpoint 1                             (5.41)
         Convenience Store                                              (5.50)
            Convenience Store: Checkpoint 1                             (5.51)
         Loading Area                                                   (5.60)
         Chinese New Year                                               (5.70)
            Chinese New Year: Target Elimination 1                      (5.71)
            Chinese New Year: Target Elimination 2                      (5.72)
            Chinese New Year: Target Elimination 3                      (5.73)

      Mission 6: Rosewood                                               (6.00)
         Orphanage Halls                                                (6.10)
            The First Fuse                                              (6.11)
            The Second Fuse                                             (6.12)
            Orphanage Halls: Checkpoint 1                               (6.13)
            The Third Fuse                                              (6.14)
            The Fourth Fuse                                             (6.15)
            Getting to the Fuse Box                                     (6.16)
         Central Heating                                                (6.20)
            Central Heating: Target Elimination                         (6.21)

      Mission 7: Welcome to Hope                                        (7.00)
         Great Balls of Fire                                            (7.10)

      Mission 8: Birdie's Gift                                          (8.00)
         Gun Shop                                                       (8.10)
            Stealing the Silverballers                                  (8.11)
            Getting to the Safe                                         (8.12)

      Mission 9: Shaving Lenny                                          (9.00)
         Streets of Hope                                                (9.10)
            Streets of Hope: Target Elimination 1                       (9.11)
            Streets of Hope: Target Elimination 2                       (9.12)
            Streets of Hope: Checkpoint 1                               (9.13)
            Streets of Hope: Target Elimination 3                       (9.14)
         Barbershop                                                     (9.20)
            Barbershop: Target Elimination 1                            (9.21)
            Barbershop: Target Elimination 2                            (9.22)
            Barbershop: Pacifying your Primary Target                   (9.23)

      Mission 10: End of the Road                                      (10.00)

      Mission 11: Dexter Industries                                    (11.00)
         Dead End                                                      (11.10)
            The Backup Security System                                 (11.11)
            Getting to the Mill                                        (11.12)
         Old Mill                                                      (11.20)
         Descent                                                       (11.30)
            Descent: Checkpoint 1                                      (11.31)
         Factory Compound                                              (11.40)
            Factory Compound: Checkpoint 1                             (11.41)
            Factory Compound: Checkpoint 2                             (11.42)

      Mission 12: Death Factory                                        (12.00)
         Test Facility                                                 (12.10)
            Test Facility: Target Elimination                          (12.11)
            Test Facility: Checkpoint 1                                (12.12)
         Decontamination                                               (12.20)
         R&D                                                           (12.30)
            R&D: Target Elimination 1                                  (12.31)
            R&D: Target Elimination 2, Checkpoint 1                    (12.32)
            R&D: Checkpoint 2                                          (12.33)

      Mission 13: Fight Night                                          (13.00)
         Patriot's Hangar                                              (13.10)
         The Arena                                                     (13.20)

      Mission 14: Attack of the Saints                                 (14.00)
         Parking                                                       (14.10)
            Parking: Target Elimination 1                              (14.11)
            Parking: Checkpoint 1                                      (14.12)
            Parking: Target Elimination 2                              (14.13)
         Reception                                                     (14.20)
            Reception: Target Elimination 1                            (14.21)
            Reception: Target Elimination 2                            (14.22)
            Reception: Getting to the Exit                             (14.23)
         Cornfield                                                     (14.30)
            Cornfield: Target Elimination 1                            (14.31)
            Cornfield: Checkpoint 1                                    (14.32)
            Cornfield: Target Elimination 2                            (14.33)
            Cornfield: Target Elimination 3                            (14.34)

      Mission 15: Skurky's Law                                         (15.00)
         Courthouse                                                    (15.10)
         Holding Cells                                                 (15.20)
         Prison                                                        (15.30)

      Mission 16: Operation Sledgehammer                               (16.00)
         County Jail                                                   (16.10)
            County Jail: Checkpoint 1                                  (16.11)
         Outgunned                                                     (16.20)
            Outgunned: Checkpoint 1                                    (16.21)
         Burn                                                          (16.30)
         Hope Fair                                                     (16.40)
         Outskirts                                                     (16.50)

      Mission 17: One of a Kind                                        (17.00)

      Mission 18: Blackwater Park                                      (18.00)
         Blackwater Park                                               (18.10)
            You can Manage                                             (18.11)
         The Penthouse                                                 (18.20)

      Mission 19: Countdown                                            (19.00)
         Blackwater Roof                                               (19.10)
            Blackwater Roof: Checkpoint 1                              (19.11)

      Mission 20: Absolution                                           (20.00)
         Cemetery Entrance                                             (20.10)
         Burnwood Family Tomb                                          (20.20)
         The Crematorium                                               (20.30)
            The Crematorium: Target Elimination 1                      (20.31)
            The Crematorium: Target Elimination 2                      (20.32)
            The Crematorium: Target Elimination 3                      (20.33)

   Contact Information and Version History                             (21.00)

Legal Information                                                       (0.20)

This guide may be not be reproduced under any circumstances except for
personal, private use. It may not be placed on any web site or otherwise
distributed publicly without advance written permission. Use of this guide on
any other web site or as a part of any public display is strictly prohibited,
and a violation of copyright.

You may use sections of this guide without my permission, provided you give
full credit to me and cite/reference it properly by providing a link to the
full guide. You may not uplift the guide in its entirety without my permission.
The only site that is currently allowed to host this guide is:

-GameFAQs (www.gamefaqs.com)

It is only allowed here because...well it's the only guide site I use.

If anyone sees it anywhere else, please let me know via a private message
through GameFAQs (it is free to sign-up).

The guide was fully written by me, without any help from any other guide; this
work is entirely my own.

About this Guide                                                        (0.40)

As stated above, this is a stealth guide. Your goal is to finish Hard
difficulty on every mission without being spotted, and kill only your
elimination targets. This means that you are not allowed to kill any guards
or civilians.

So obvious question: Why exactly do this? Well there are a few reasons:

-Trophy hunters need to complete the game on "Professional" difficulty for a
trophy, and you may not want to engage in combat at all times.

-Trophy hunters will also need to finish 100 challenges. There are by no means
a lack of challenges to complete, but there is an "Infiltrator" challenge for
each mission. The requirements for this challenge is to complete each section
of the mission without being spotted.

-It provides a decent challenge. Those that enjoyed other stealth games like
the Metal Gear Solid series, Dishonored, and/or Deus Ex: Human Revolution may
want to attempt a no alert/minimum kill playthrough.

-Because you can. Now this may seem a little ridiculous to some, but just
having the option to ignore combat completely and do things in a stealthy
manner says something about how the game/missions were designed. It doesn't
necessary mean it's done *well* but it does mean that the designers were
trying to think creatively, and I for one appreciate that. I think it takes a
lot more fine tuning when you're giving the player options, which shows some
dedication (which we need more of this generation).

Because there is a lack of a compass, giving directions can get a bit
difficult. Since this will be on Hard, and dealing with guards becomes more
obnoxious, it also may require a lot of specifics. Thus, you may find this
guide to be really descriptive-heavy. I just find it necessary; I do not know
who is going to happen across this guide (what part they will be on, what
their intent is, etc.), so I want to try to account for everyone as best I can.

I need to be detailed to describe how I did things: where I was crouched,
where I throw things, etc. Sometimes it may seem a little obvious to some, but
if it is to you, it doesn't mean it's that way to everyone.

Because of the heavy description, I had to break up sections into sub-sections
(as you could obviously see from the long Table of Contents), to make it an
easier, more organized read. These sub-sections are made up by me, not by
the game, so keep that in mind.

Before you start (tips and advice)                                      (0.60)

There will be some weird looking box-like sections that start with either:



**Special Note**

--Option-- obviously indicates a choice, or the game kind of plays out
differently and you can approach the situation in a couple of different ways.
Read your options and follow with what you need/like.

!!Important!! if you ever come across this box, OR SOMETHING IN CAPS, it's
probably important. It's meant to emphasize that it's a risky section, or a
place you may easily get spotted, so you need to be extra careful.

**Special Notes** are just that, notes. They might give some extra information
that may not be 100% important, but you probably should just be aware of them
in case something goes wrong.

Just some advice on gameplay:

1) You should almost always be crouched. Being crouched is important because
not only does it help to break line-of-sight from guards, but awareness (the
yellow arrow/meter that comes up when someone notices you) raises a lot slower
in comparison to standing.

The only thing to note with crouching is that sometimes (mostly when you are
disguised) you get asked to stop crouching or "stop acting strange" or
whatever. Do not test them for too long if you can't get out of sight from
them; it takes a little while (about a minute) but your disguise will be blown
if they still can see you and you do not comply.

2) Disguises are very important. Whenever you see a new guard/NPC with a
disguise (you can check your challenge list for the mission to get an idea of
what disguises there are on a level), I almost always direct you to get it.

Disguises allow you to move into restricted areas, and only the guards/npcs
that share your disguise will raise their awareness. The best aspect however,
is that in comparison to just wearing your suit, awareness raises slower (or
at least seems to).

3) If you're new to a mission/area, you should always be aware of your health
bar in the lower left corner of the HUD. If you ever see a "!" in a yellow
triangle around it, that means you are trespassing or doing something (like
stashing a body), that if spotted, will skyrocket the awareness meter.

4) Stashing bodies: Now *sometimes* this is completely unnecessary, but I like
to do it regardless because it's just habitual and it is overall safer if you
can manage it without getting spotted. If you just leave a body somewhere
it's possible you'll upset the enemy AI, and sometimes they start moving in
new patrols. If you can't stash, I'll direct you to move the body out of sight
most of the time.

5) Radar is your BFF. It doesn't show much, but it's better than nothing. A
white colored icon is an important NPC (typically a guard) that is on the same
floor/elevation as you are. If the icon is in grey, that means they are on a
different elevation. For the icon itself, the point indicates the way the NPC
is facing.

6) Items: Further into the guide you'll notice I start distracting guards
by throwing the random items you come across. Try to keep one on hand at all
times just in case, but I'll point them out to you if I feel like you need

Walkthrough                                                             (0.80)

A few things before I start:

1) This is *mostly* spoiler free. Obviously there will be some minor spoilers
as to what areas you will be in if you read ahead, but there is nothing in
this guide that should spoil the story too much.

2) This guide will NOT cover collecting Evidence. The only reason why I don't
is because there are a few spots that picking up Evidence might get you
spotted, which I try to avoid.

3) Just to re-emphasize: This is just how I did it. It doesn't necessarily
mean that this is the only way, and it's possible there may be an easier way
(or I did something unnecessary). However, I did try multiple times to find
different routes to find the easiest way. Most of the time you don't have to
worry about split-second timing, and if you have to do something quick I
point it out. I have double and triple-checked my own directions; I restarted
almost each area multiple times to see how well they check out, and they
seem to be okay (but you may not agree).

Mission 1: A Personal Contract                                          (1.00)

The beginning of this mission doesn't really change much from Easy to Hard.
It is meant to be a tutorial so you shouldn't really run into many problems.
Follow the game's directions, remember there is a checkpoint in the Gardens,
and I will pick up on Mansion Ground Floor. It may go without saying, but
make sure you are wearing the "Mansion Interior Guard" disguise before heading
into the Ground Floor.

Mansion Ground Floor  (1.10)

As you enter, hopefully you'll have the disguise on, but you can probably
make do without. You're going to want to head to your left as soon as you
start but there is a guard coming down the stairs, so be mindful of that. Once
he passes, head up the stairs and you should see a door leading to a bathroom.
Head into the bathroom and pick up the Sleeping Pills next to the sink. Leave
the room and go back downstairs into the kitchen, but keep crouched and take
cover near the counter with the fish heads while you listen to the guard and
chef converse a bit.

Once the chef finishes preaching to the guard, the guard will leave. Stand up
and when the chef is not looking, put the Sleeping Pills in the pot that is
on the table in the middle of the kitchen (I think the prompt is "Drug Food").
If you did it quick enough he should taste it momentarily. Wait for him to
meander around and pass out on a chair in the corner in the room. When he
does, take the Chef disguise from him and drag his body into a freezer against
a wall in the kitchen.

Head out the exit near the Radio (there's also some First Aid on the wall)
and take a left. You should see a bar, and you should also see a "Put Pills
in Coffee" prompt as you approach the bar. Do so, and wait for the Security
Chief to take a drink, then follow him until he passes out. Take his keycard,
and then drag his body to a closet located in the room you are in.

Head back to the kitchen and switch your disguise with the Mansion Interior
Guard disguise, which should be next to wherever you were when you put on
the Chef disguise. Head back upstairs to find the door that you need to go
through, use the keycard, and you're done.

There's not much left to this mission, so from here I'll consider it finished.

Mission 2: The King of Chinatown                                        (2.00)

Note: This is a FANTASTIC place to get a really really easy "Silent Assassin"
rank, for anyone who is interested in the trophy. Regardless of if you are
interested or not, this is how I will be approaching this mission (as with my
experiments I can't find any other way to finish it on Hard).

Chinatown Square  (2.10)

From the start of the mission, just follow the alley until you get to the gate
to the Square. As you enter, head straight, you should go down a flight of
stairs, and see another flight of stairs to the left, head up them. At the top
of the stairs you should see a very large pagoda, and an objective should be
complete; King is currently located standing in this pagoda. Ignore him for
now though and just keep heading straight, keeping to the left of the pagoda.
There is an exit in the back (your view may be blocked by a food cart), head
to this exit.

As you exit you should see a chef doing some cooking in the distance, and a
red lantern right in front of you. From here, go left and you should see a
small truck with the words "Eazi Mart" on it, and just behind it are 3 cops.
Stand around the cops and 2 of them should walk off after a little while. The
last cop stays, but doesn't ever move, so just stay directly behind him, out
of his view. Keep in mind the exit to the level is about 2 feet from where he
is standing (the green door with the duck on it).

Once you are behind the cop, just wait. It takes a little while (not too long
though) but King will eventually come down here and "relieve" himself near
the Lion statue/motorcycles that are in the corner, behind the cop. Have
your fiber-wire equipped, and when King is busy, Garrote him. IMMEDIATELY DROP
him, simply walk over to the green door about 5 feet away from you, and exit
the level.

Mission complete, easy trophy.

Mission 3: Terminus                                                     (3.00)

Things start to get more difficult from here on out.

Terminus Hotel  (3.10)

From the start, just head straight to exit the alley. As you do, you should
see the entrance to the hotel on the opposite side of the street, directly
in front of you. Pan your camera left to see a purple/pink colored car and
a street light, and head over to it. Once there, you should see a ladder
that you can climb on, leading down into some sewers. Head down.

Once down, there is a large pipe next to you that you can enter. Enter it and
turn right, then head to the end. You should get a "Ledge" prompt that allows
you to lift yourself up. Do so, and once you get up, you should see a hallway.

Just to get you familiar with it, I have a few maps in this guide, here's
the first:

             *   |
           ----o |
               | |
               | |
  -------------o o-------o
     < G ---------->     |               G = Guard
  ----------------o o----o               -> = Where the guard looks/patrols
                  | |                    S = Starting point
                  | |                    * = Safe Cover
                  | o----o
                  |   *  |
                  |   S  |

This is kind of how this area looks. Once you climb up, you should see a wall
you can take cover. The guard takes a minute to start moving, but he does come
into this small corridor about halfway down. You have options:

          -----------------Option 1: Going quickly------------------

Immediately after exiting the pipe, move through the corridor (crouched of
course) and head up the stairs that are on the opposite side. BE AWARE that
if you do this, as soon as you turn left at the top of the stairs you need to
TAKE COVER against the INNER wall (denoted as the northern * on my map).

          --------------Option 2: Waiting for the guard-------------

When you exit the pipe, just wait by taking cover on the wall directly in
front of you (denoted as the southern * on my map). Simply wait until the
guard turns around and then follow him until you know you can safely move up
the stairs located in the connected hallway, on the opposite side. BE AWARE
that you need to take cover against the INNER WALL as you turn left at the
top of the stairs (denoted as the northern * on my map).

Either way, at the end of this you should be crouched, taking cover against a
wall at the bottom of a second flight of stairs. There is a NPC in the room
at the top of the stairs that should be talking to another NPC.

As soon as they stop talking and start walking off, head to the right into
a small area with a chair in the corner. Looking at the chair, go left and up
a few steps and you'll want to use the partitioned wall on your left as cover
(the one with the drawer) as you head straight, to the opposite side of this
area. As you approach the opening on the other side, take cover against this
same wall, and watch for a guard in the distance with a flashlight. As soon as
he turns around go down the steps and hook an immediate right.

Go slowly as you enter, as there are two electricians talking in the adjacent
room. You should see a Bottle here, on something like that kind of looks like
an old stove. Take cover here, right next to the Bottle, and you should be
out of line-of-sight from everyone. The square looking thing (it looks sort of
fenced off) that the electricians are standing by is an elevator, and your
exit. If you're looking at the elevator from the cover I told you to use,
the button is on the left side (the side that is facing the large opening).

*******************************Special Note***********************************
* Electricians (orange vest guys) will notice you, but don't care, so you    *
* will not be spotted if they see you.                                       *

You need to be aware of two guards here. There is one with a flashlight that
stops above the small staircase that is just beyond the elevator. The other
walks by the large opening to the left (he has no flashlight). The one without
the flashlight is a bit harder to spot since he has a long patrol route, so
just pay attention to the guy at the top of the stairs, and wait until its
clear on that end and hope for the best. It's a short walk, so just walk up,
hit the "Call the Elevator" prompt, and then IMMEDIATELY go back to your cover
next to the Bottle.

You need to be back in that cover because there is a NPC that comes down the
stairs right after you call the elevator. He'll stare at it for a few, then
turn his back to you as he stands near the large opening, but he will turn
around again to look at the elevator. So now you have 3 guards to pay
attention to:

1) This new guy at the elevator.
2) The guy with the flashlight at the top of the stairs.
3) The guy that passes by the large opening on occasion.

Once the coast is clear, just make a quick jump to the elevator once more
and enter it using the prompt. Once you've entered, there is a checkpoint,
and you're on to the next area.

Upper Floors  (3.20)

You have a couple of options here, whether you want to get the disguise or not
is up to you. The disguise will help for a brief period of time, but it is not
necessary if you don't want it. However, if you want the safer route, I would
recommend the disguise.

          ------------Option 1: If you want the Disguise------------

As soon as you start, you should see 3 guys talking directly in front of you.
Pan your camera to the left and you should see a door right behind the guy
on the couch; this is the door to the Restroom. Go into the Restroom and as
you enter you should see a vent on your left. Use this vent but before exiting
on the other side, make sure the maid is not there (she probably will be at
first). Use Peek (L2) to get a better view. You don't have a view of the door
from here, so it's kind of hard to tell when she leaves. You'll see her move
towards the door, but wait for a just a little bit after she goes out of view.
The problem is the door takes a second to close, and she can notice you if
the door is still open as she exits.

As soon as you drop down you should see the Janitor disguise on a shelf
directly in front of you (it looks kind of like a white bag). Put it on, and
exit the room. The maids shouldn't really bother you with this disguise, and
you are free to exit this room normally. As you exit, turn left and head back
to where you started (the elevator).

The elevator should be on your right, and you want to continue straight until
you pass it, and then turn right again. You should come to a hallway; there's
a Wrench nearby, and further down you should see an opening with some candles
by it. Since you are wearing the Janitor disguise, you will not be trespassing
once you enter this area.

Walk up to the speaker and choose to sabotage it. The guy in the room will
come out and try to fix it, so head to the window at the end of the hall
and just wait for him to come out. Once he does and has his back turned to
you, walk into his room and turn left and you should see a window you can
climb through. Do so and you will be at the exterior of the hotel.

          --------------Option 2: Without the Disguise--------------

As soon as you start, you should see 3 guys talking directly in front of you.
Turn right, then turn right again to turn the corner to get into a hallway
with a Wrench nearby, and an opening with some candles next to it. There also
should be a maid near the end of the hallway, pay attention to her.

Your destination is the opening with the candles, but you will be TRESPASSING
if you enter. So you have to watch the single maid that patrols this route,
she is the one that is currently in this hallway. She will stop and stare at
this opening every once and a while. What you want to do is wait until she
starts walking back towards the elevator, then quickly move into this
restricted area. VERY QUICKLY sabotage the speakers, then head to the window
and crouch down (there is a table nearby, not sure how much it helps). The guy
in the room will come out, but you don't want to immediately head into his
room; the maid will be showing up soon, if she hasn't already.

Keeping crouched, and staying behind the table near the window, the maid
shouldn't notice you, and the guy is too busy fixing the speaker. As soon as
she turns to leave, you want to make your way into the room.

As soon as you enter, turn left and head to the window that is open, crawl
through it and you should be at the exterior of the hotel.

Whatever you decided to do, you should be standing on a ledge outside of the
hotel. Head to the right and you should see a stairwell you can climb on.
Climb up, and you should see a checkpoint, activate it. Walk onto the next
ledge, but don't go past the first window quite yet.

This next part can get a little stressful. First off, there's a guy that
patrols by looking out two windows, one of which is the one you are currently
standing next to. As you are standing next to the window, try to survey the
room; there is a piano, and your ultimate destination is just beyond it,
straight ahead. There are also a few guards in this room, besides the one
that looks out the windows.

First thing you want to do is notice a particular guard within the room. As
you are standing next the window, pan your camera to the right so you get
a better view of the room (angle it so you can see a painting on the opposite
wall), and you should eventually see a guard that stops in the middle of this
room. This is the guy you need to be aware of, and **he always comes down as
soon as the window guy leaves**. He will spot you and get very angry if you
enter the room as he is looking.

So here's how I did it, and it needs to be done in a VERY FAST SEQUENCE:


1) Wait until the window guy leaves, then watch for the guard in the room.

2) Wait until the guard in the room turns his back, then IMMEDIATELY
enter the room, and IMMEDIATELY crouch once you enter.

3) VERY QUICKLY head to the left of the piano. The guards may come very
close to spotting you, but if you do it quick enough their awareness will drop
back down.

4) PAY ATTENTION to the window guy, he should be passing the piano as soon as
you get to the left of it. He should not spot you however.

5) As soon as you know the window guy has his back to you, head through
the doorway you're right next to, there is also another guard in this next
area, but he should start patrolling away from you as soon as you enter.

6) To the left should be a door, this is your exit. You have to pick the lock,
and this is why you needed to be fast. The guard in this small area turns
around and can spot you, but if you're fast you can get it done before he
notices. So as soon as you enter this area VERY QUICKLY head to the door,
pick the lock, and you're home free.


Once you enter the next room, there's a vent to the right to use. Listen to
the conversation if you want, but if not just continue through the vent and
its mission complete.

Mission 4: Run For Your Life                                            (4.00)

Burning Hotel  (4.10)

As you start, just head straight through the doorway in the corner. You'll
enter another room, and if you continue straight through this room, you'll see
a window to exit out of. On the ledge, go right, and you can hop over the
small gap in the ledge by just holding right, and continue on. Climb up the
ladder onto the roof, and make sure you crouch once you're there.

It's full of smoke up here, so you should be safe to just head down the stairs
and straight into the first cover without alerting the cop (despite his
awareness meter rising).

There seems to be a bit of a glitch here with the first cop talking to someone
on his radio. If you hear him talking before you get close to him (as you
stand near the ladder) that means things are sequencing correctly. But if you
are quick, or just simply reload the checkpoint and go straight to that first
cover asap, sometimes he won't be talking, which changes his patrol (he will
stand still). This is what seems to be the glitch, and I find it easier if
he doesn't have his conversation so he just stands in place. But it may
eventually get patched, or readers may want to do it legit, so I'll run two
different options:

          -----------------Option 1: The normal way-----------------

If you haven't reloaded the checkpoint at all, this first cop you see will be
talking to someone on his radio. Once he is done he'll start his patrol route
and he'll walk to the right. Change cover to the chimney looking thing to the
right of where you are and hug it as you follow his movements. Someone should
exclaim that the place is "going to collapse" or something, and he should
start moving away from you. Keep tailing him but keep in mind there are other
cops here so you may want to stick next to cover as best you can.

As you follow the cop, you should be sticking to the right. Eventually you'll
get to some cover that has 3 fans on the top of it, and right next to it there
should be a Wrench (take cover on the side with the Wrench). Swap your knife
for the Wrench. This is where it gets a bit tricky.

Right next to where you currently are (near this 3 fan thing) you should see
a railing surrounding the next area. This area also has some large piping
going above it. You should also see a wooden/metal board standing upright,
next to the railing. Go here and use it as cover. While here, you should take
note of a few things:


1) There are a grand total of 4 cops in this next area:
     a) One is preoccupied with a door.
     b) One is patrols a path just below where you currently are.
     c) One patrols a path near the wall opposite of where you are.
     d) One is currently a bit out of sight, but he's off to the left.

2) Your exit is the doorway in between cops (b) (c) and (d).

3) There is another wooden/metal board off to the left, right next to a small
set of stairs.


So to start, cop (d) pointed out above is the most dangerous out of these
patrols. Be VERY CAREFUL and maneuver yourself to the other wooden/metal board
that is located right next to the stairs. You want to position yourself so
you are taking cover on the part of this board that is FURTHEST from the
stairs (or the part that is closest to the big pipe). The reason why is
because of cop (d).

Once you know you're safe, aim your wrench (L2) and pan your camera left. You
should see another building with a glass sky roof on top of it. Throw your
Wrench (R2) at this building. This will distract one of the cops, and which
one that investigates depends on when and where you throw the Wrench. It
shouldn't really matter though, as you just need one distracted to make a
break for the door.

Once one is distracted, get your timing correctly so the other two cops aren't
looking at you, and bolt for the door. This opening may occur right after the
other cop starts moving to the Wrench, so be on your toes.

Once you're through the door, keep going and you'll be safe for a bit. Go open
the next door, and you're on to the next area.

          ------------Option 2: If the cop isn't talking------------

If you reload the checkpoint and bolt straight to the first cover you see,
sometimes (most for me) the first cop won't talk into his radio. As a result,
the whole sequence of events kind of gets thrown off.

This changes patrol routes and kind of makes the last part easier, but also
as a result there are more cops patrolling the middle part of this area.

Anyway, from that first cover, you should see the first cop. He won't turn or
move at all, or at least he shouldn't. Change cover to your right to a chimney
looking thing, and move long it to the right. Always stick to the right here.
There will be 2 cops patrolling back and forth as you move forward, but
between cover and the smoke, it shouldn't cause you much problems.

Continue forward (sticking to the right wall) and eventually you should hit
some cover that has 3 fans on the top of it. There should be a Wrench on
one side (you should be on this side), take cover here and watch the cop
that eventually stops at the top of the stairs. These stairs lead down into
a lowered area, where your exit is. The exit is directly across the stairs,
on the opposite side.

While you're here in cover, take note of your mini-map; there is a cop
patrolling in the lowered area, but he's tough to see from here. So watch
the mini-map and find your opening (the guy in the lower area will eventually
turn his back). You need to evade the cop that stops at the top of the stairs,
as well as this other cop that is in the lowered area.

You need to be fast, but it's fairly doable. Make sure you head straight to
the stairs; do not get caught on anything, and then as you walk down them
just keep heading straight for the exit, don't stop. You might raise some
awareness here, but if you're fast it should drop before they spot you.

If you're having problems you can also switch your knife with the Wrench that
you're next to, and throw it to hopefully distract one of these cops (use
L2+R2). I didn't find it necessary to do this, but it might be safer.

Once you are past the doorway, keep going and you'll be safe. Head to the next
door, which leads to the next area.

The Library  (4.20)

There are a couple of tough spots here. There are a lot of cops and you have
to be extremely cautious.

So start out by climbing down and using the wooden railing as cover. Head to
the right first and go all the way to the end, but don't turn the corner.
Wait until a cop moves up the stairs and turns his back to you. Subdue him,
and take his disguise. Stash him in a closet that should be right next to you.

In your cop disguise, get back to the wooden railing but this time head left,
all the way to the end. Try to eye the area below you; there is a cop almost
directly below you. Also notice a "Climb Down" option nearby. The cop below
you will move in your direction, then turn to face the middle of the room.
Once he's faced away, you'll want to climb down, and quickly take cover.

When you can, climb down and as soon as you land, pan your camera around to
see 3 bookshelves in the form of a "U" right next to you. Use this for cover,
and do it quick. Fairly soon after you land one of the cops in the middle of
the room will tell another (the one that you were above) to go "check over
there" where you landed. If you're at this cover though, you're safe.
Now before I go further, this is a bit difficult to describe, so another map
may help:

--   ------       -------------
                   D      |  |
o- G ----o       o-----   o--o          |   G = Guard
|         \     /                |      |   L = Landing (where you climb down)
|  o---o   o   o                 |      |   * = Safe cover
|  |   |   |   |                 o------o   D = Destination (cover)
|  |   |   |   |                            S = Starting point
|  |   |   |   |          G
|  o---o   o---o
|    L   |     *| |
|        o----o | |       G
|         S   | | o----------------------
|        o----o o------------------------

The "S" (in the U shape) indicates where you should be. The lone cop (G) in
the northern part of the area won't ever turn to face you until you approach
him, but you won't be going that way.

Once the cop is done "checking" right next to you, pan your camera so you can
see him turn away, as well as the other guard that is probably staring in
your general direction. He will turn away momentarily. Once he has, move to
the next safe cover, indicated by the * on the map.

Once here, what you want to do is make a dash to "D", by maneuvering
through the large middle area while the 2 cops in the area have their back
turned. Now you can wait here a bit to play it safe, and in my trials I
have never seen these two cops move much, but I could be wrong if you wait
long enough. The third cop that was originally in this area has moved, so
don't worry about him.

From the * location, pan your camera to the left to see the general area of
where you want to go; you're looking to be on the opposite side of that shelf
with the white tarp (it's a tarp!) on it. The opposite side of this white
tarp is denoted as "D" on my map.

As you get there you may raise a cop's awareness, but you should also be
right next to cover so if you are near it, it will drop. If you're in the
spot you should be, you should see a cop directly in front of you, messing
with an electric panel (he'll start complaining). Wait until he's done and he
will walk over and talk to the cop on the left. These two shouldn't move.

Next, hug your cover and move to the right, until you're using a body
container as cover. From here, you should see a cop that has a short patrol
from the container to an area only a few feet in front of it. Pan your
camera to the right, and see a staircase. Wait until the cop moves away
from the body container and stops at his other stop point, and if it's clear,
head up the stairs.

At the top of the stairs turn left into a doorway. Use the wooden railing
once more as cover, and notice that there's only a single cop up here, and
another "climb down" option. There is another cop down below, so be careful!
He should check out the hole in the floor first, so use that opportunity to
climb down and activate the checkpoint that is to the right.

The Library: Checkpoint 1  (4.21)

You should be back in cover after getting the checkpoint, watching the cop
stare at the hole. Once he's done, he'll come right next to you, but he won't
see you. As soon as he is leaving scale the cover you are in and head straight
forward to the opposite wall.

Once there, you should see an opening to get to the next area.

Be careful here, as there are many cops walking around. You are mostly out
of line-of-sight, but you still want to be cautious. Head through the opening
and you should see yet another body container, use the wall next to it as
cover as soon as you get to it. Move towards the end of the wall to change
cover, and pan your camera to survey the room.

As you are in cover, take note of the hallway of bookshelves that is directly
in front of you. Notice the tarp to the right; the opening between the shelf
and the tarp is your goal. Also note there is a cop that patrols the far end
of this hallway, he is currently the guy to mostly avoid.

As soon as the cop at the end of the hallway is gone, quickly move along the
wall with the tarp on it, and move into the opening and keep moving until
you're in a small alcove. There is a hole in a wall here, climb through it
and take cover immediately.

You should see a desk, and there are two cops that move in and out of this
room. One leans on the desk (facing you) for a bit then leaves, while the
other comes and goes from the area you want to go to. If you are looking at
the desk, there are two openings, but you want to go through the one that is
CLOSEST to you.

As soon as you have your opening, QUICKLY get to the opening and stand ON
the staircase. Head NEAR the top of the stairs (not all the way!) and hug
the wall that has the railing on it. If 47's head is leaning against a
cabinet on the opposite side of the railing, you should be safe.

The Library: Second Floor  (4.22)

The problem here is that there are a total of 3 cops in this next section (if
you got here quick, you may want to wait for the 3rd), and you don't want to
just walk into view. Once you know it's safe, keep hugging that wall/cabinet
and turn the corner so you get to the top of the stairs.

You should see another cabinet to your left, a bit ahead of you. This is your
next cover, so wait until the coast is clear and head over to it. While you
are here, survey this area, as this is the hardest part of this section.

There are a total of 3 cops:
    1) One is walking back and forth near the outer railing.
    2) One walks about halfway down, looks around the area with the couch
       and then heads back up.
    3) One is guarding the door.

Cop (3) is the biggest issue, for he does not move and is guarding your exit.

So you have some options:

          ---------------Option 1: Blend in using R1----------------

In the cop disguise, and if you have enough Instinct, it is possible to just
approach the cop covering the door (crouched of course) while the other
2 cops are turned away. As he starts to notice you, hold R1, and just get
through to the other side.

If you are low on Instinct, but can blend to some degree, you can save a
little by using some cover before approaching the door. From the starting
cover, you should see a green couch straight in front of you and a cabinet to
the right of the couch (it forms a "L" shaped cover spot). As the two
patrolling cops have their back turned, bolt to this cabinet so you're taking
cover really close to the doorway. Use whatever Instinct you have to slip past
the cop at the doorway.

          -----------Option 2: Getting by with no Instinct----------

This is a bit riskier, but it's doable. From the starting cover, you should
see a green couch directly in front of you, and a cabinet to the right of the
couch (you should notice it forms a "L" shaped cover spot). This is where you
need to get to.

As soon as the two patrolling cops have their back turned, get to this very
small "L" shaped cover, and you'll be only a few feet from the doorway.

It's a narrow space, but it is possible to sneak by the cop guarding the
doorway. Watch him for a second here, and eventually you'll see how he turns
his head away from you; he also has a sequence where he sweeps his flashlight
at the other end of the room.

You have to time it so all 3 cops are facing away from you, then make a very
quick bolt through the doorway. It may take some time to get the timing right,
but it is possible.

Interlude  (4.30)

I call it an interlude because it's not really an official section, just kind
of an action sequence (although you're hiding throughout all of it, which is

As you climb (fall) down, just sprint to the next room, but I don't think
getting spotted matters here. Use the cages as cover, and there will be a lot
of "Cover Change" options; use them every time you can and you shouldn't
really have any problems.

Rooftops  (4.40)

And we're back. So head into the first room, and take cover on the wooden
board in the middle of the room. You should see the door from here, but don't
go out. See that cover right next to the door, jutting out for the wall? Use
the cover there instead, and wait.

You'll hear a guy yelling, and a patrol is coming. Watch this cop and he'll
aim his gun towards a small alcove in the corner of this room. Once he's done,
he'll turn away and head to the left. This is your opening to get to the
alcove. Book it and there is a vent, use it asap.

Head through the vent and exit it. There's some cover right as you exit, so
use it. There are two cops out of view (see mini-map) but they don't move yet.
Look to the left and you should see more chimney things for cover. Quickly
move to their left side for proper cover from the helicopter. There should
be another chimney directly ahead of you. Move to the edge of your current
cover and use "Change Cover" to move to this other chimney. Keep moving up
the small wooden ramp, and chill for a second at the end of this broken
wooden fence thing.

You should see three cops, and then there is the helicopter to worry about:

1) One cop goes from side to side of your next piece of cover to use.
2) One cop talks a bit, then moves to the area to the right. You can
   ignore this one.
3) One cop meanders a bit at the second piece of cover you need to get to
4) As for the helicopter, its light just goes back and forth. The light is
   obvious because it pretty much illuminates the entire area it is looking
   at. If you're not in the light, it doesn't spot you.

So first part is to get to the cover that has the 3 fans on top of it. It is
fairly easy to time. Wait for the one cop to stop talking and move to the
other area, watch the helicopter light, and then pay attention to the cop
closest to you. The further one shouldn't give you any issue.

Next part is a bit more sketchy. Before heading out, notice your next cover
has three...things...sticking out on top. Also notice the pile of sacks laying
next to it. You can use the sacks as partial cover from the cop that is
currently closest to you. Time it right (remember the helicopter) and move
when it is safe.

Next cover is another chimney. Now you should only really have to worry about
one cop and the helicopter. Move when it's safe. Remember to get to the
correct side; it is the side that is NOT in the nearest cop's line-of-sight.

Don't stay here long, because the helicopter can see you some when it moves
back. So as soon as you get there, you should be able to see a purple/blue
door next to some wooden fencing stuff. That's your exit, and the end to this

Shangri-La  (4.50)

Just head straight from the start, turn the corner and you should hear some
commotion. Wait here by this next wall (with the "F cops" poster on it) for a
second to see one of the guys grab a plant (he bolts to the bathroom). Once
he is gone keep crouched and keep moving forward; you'll see the bathroom
in front of you.

You're going to want to head to the bathroom, and then either go left or right.
Left is the really easy way, right is the much more difficult way. Left does
require Instinct, and at this point you should have plenty to get past. But
if for some strange reason you want to go right (or if by another strange
reason you don't have any Instinct) I will list them as options:

          ------------------Option 1: The Easy Way------------------

So head to the bathroom (the guy in it won't bother you) and head to the left
to see a couple of cops, a guy on the couch, and a guy in the corner. Also
notice at the opposite end of this room there's an opening on the right. That
is where you are going.

When you're ready, hold down R1 and start moving to your destination. You
should have enough to make it past the cops. As soon as your through the
opening, you should be safe to drop out and crouch back down.

Head through the doorway and you'll be in a short hallway. Head down it and
take a right. You want to do this as quick as you can, because there will be
a cop patrolling through here shortly.

You should see another opening on the left, take it. You'll pass by a big
hole in the wall that leads to another room. Get into the next hallway, and
you do not want to take the first open door, but the second door you see that
is closed. Open it up and head into the room. There's a cop in the adjacent
room, so be careful. He'll walk away in a second.

Look around this room you are in to see a "Flower Power" poster. Right under
it is a shelf, head to it and pick up a Notebook. Now, look around for the
"F cops" poster. This will be your hiding spot in a second. Get into the
adjacent room via the hole in the wall, and open the safe in the corner.

Next, there should be a Radio right next to you. Use it, and quickly move to
the "F cops" hiding spot I just mentioned. Just wait here for a while, and
you should see a large group of cops move into the room, and stare at the
safe. Once they all are standing at the safe, exit the door you first came

As you exit the door turn right to get to the other end of the hallway. Then
turn left, and your exit will be on the right wall. Call the elevator and you
are done.

          ------------------Option 2: The Hard Way------------------

Head to the bathroom, then head through the opening to the right, then turn
right again to go through another opening. You should see a broken wall
covered by strings of beads. Beyond lies a large field of plants.

This area sucks:


Start out by taking cover at the first broken wall (in between two
bookshelves). This area is a little iffy to get through, so don't be surprised
if you get spotted. Apparently you can "hide" in the plants if you don't move,
but it never really worked for me that well.

1) First, scale this cover to hop into the field. Notice there is a pillar
almost directly in front of you, and there are 3 guys being held up by 2 cops
right next to it.

2) To the right of the pillar, there is a cop that looks in various directions.
He is out of view at first, but he'll show up momentarily. Make note of him
and he is your cop to watch for now, ignore the two that are holding up the 3

3) Watching that cop that goes near the pillar, head to the pillar and use it
as cover. If that cop is facing you, you will need to QUICKLY move around
the pillar, towards the civilians to break line-of-sight.

4) Keeping an eye on that cop, make sure he's not facing you and continue
to move around the wall (again, on the civilian side). You will not be spotted
by the two cops. You will also not be spotted on the current celebrity cop (if
he looks your way) if you are taking cover on this very small piece of broken

5) Pan the camera to the left, and your ultimate destination is in the corner,
but there is a cop patrolling nearby. He can be hard to spot if your camera
isn't adjusted properly, but look for the flashlight.

6) In order to avoid him, you need to go through the opening right next to you
(remember to avoid the cop that's next to you), and head to an "L" shaped wall
that is near the corner of the room. Its looks like it's colored green
from here (everything does...) but you can also see the top part of a bright
green Peace sign painted on it.

7) Before you go, know this can get VERY awkward, and you have to move as
the situation dictates. The cop in the corner can spot you in a number of
ways at this wall, so try to maneuver around this wall to get the best spot:

     a) If the cop moves away from the corner, you are free to use the side of
        the wall with the Peace sign on it, BUT ONLY FOR A FEW SECONDS. You
        NEED to move behind the cop if it's open, because he DOES MOVE BACK

     b) If he hasn't moved away from the corner yet, go to the opposite side
        of where he is patrolling (to the right of the Peace Sign, the other
        side of a partially broken wall). As soon he starts to move away:

             i) Keep moving around to turn the corner so you're close to the
                exit. You cannot stay on this side for long because the cop
                will move back into the corner and spot you.

8) Quickly move through the hole in the wall in the corner, and activate
the checkpoint.


Shangri-La: Checkpoint 1 (If at Option 2)  (4.51)

At the checkpoint, turn back around and follow the wall to the right. Hug
the bookshelves on this wall, but don't go fast; there are two cops talking
at the entrance to the next room. They leave quickly, so you're free to follow
them as they start moving. Go through the bead-curtain into the next room,
and you should see a vent between two painted flowers on the wall (one is
yellow, other is green).

Use the vent, and head through it. Exit it, and look left. There should be a
"Notebook" on the shelf. Pick it up, you'll need it in a sec. Take cover
on the wall next to the bathroom, because there is a cop in the next room.
He'll exclaim something, then walk out of the room. Wait until he's out (wait
for the door to close...) and head over to the safe that is in the corner of
the room he was in.

Open up the safe (you need the Notebook to open it) and notice the Radio on
the ground. Once the safe is open, pick a spot in the previous room to hide
(the wall next to the bathroom is fine) and get ready to turn on the Radio.
Once you turn it on, head to your hiding spot asap. As the cop comes back to
investigate, look around the room to notice there's a door you can use.

Once the cop turns off the Radio, he'll notice the safe is open. He'll say a
few things and then call in even more cops (they were previously in a hallway
outside) and they will all just stand around the safe. Exit through the door
in this room to enter the hallway. Turn right, head to the end of the hallway,
and turn left at the corner. Keep heading straight down and you'll see the
elevator on the right. Call the elevator (it shouldn't alert anyone) and
once it arrives, enter it to exit this area.

Train Station  (4.60)

Once you start, look left, you should see a door. Be quick as you open this
door: go straight to the cover in front of you. There is a cop that comes very
quickly once you enter this room, so you need to be in cover.

He approaches the cover you are using, and you want to attack him, then subdue
him. If for some reason you don't have a cop disguise, take his. Stash him in
the nearby container.

Start heading forward but stop at the top of the staircase where you should
watch a bunch of SWAT members move forward. Wait until the last SWAT member
leaves, then search to find a Metal Pipe in the corner next to the doorway.
Pick this up, and head back to the room you came from (with the cop in the
body container).

You may have noticed that the large SWAT team is just on the opposite side
of the door, and you're going to distract one of them. So with that Metal
Pipe, L2 to take aim at the trash bin in the corner of the room right next to
the door. Throw (R2) your Metal Pipe at the trash bin, and one of the SWAT
members should come to investigate. Make SURE the door closes, and once it
does go use Subdue on the SWAT member. Take his clothes, and stash him with
the cop in the body container.

Now you are set to make the rest of the area a lot easier. Head back to where
the SWAT members were first entering the area; the door they came from is your

Train Station: Platform A  (4.61)

You'll be in a subway area here. There is a cop directly in front of you with
his back turned to you, and there is another cop to the right standing by a
group of civilians. Head to the cop by the group of civilians.

Here you can kind of use the crowd as cover. It's kind of "meh" normally, but
your SWAT outfit helps a ton. Cop awareness will raise a number of times here,
and if it gets bad you need to either:

1) Turn away so you're not facing any cops.
2) Use R1 to blend in. This can use a lot of Instinct though, so be aware.
3) Try to get into the middle of a big crowd.

There are also a few certain places where you have the option to "Hide".
This gives you perfect cover from all cops, with the only drawback being
you are immobile until you cancel it. Use it if necessary.

Notice your surroundings as you are in the first big crowd you come into.
There are 3 cops hovering this side of the platform. Two stay stationary (but
they do turn), and one moves back and forth between them. Try to keep away
from all of them as best you can, but use the suggestions above if awareness
starts to rise.

Once you move past the 3 cops, stick to the right (where the trains are coming
from), because there are less cops. Keep heading straight and you should see
a building at the end of the platform. It has an electronic message board that
says "All Trains Are Cancelled" on it. Head to it, there should be a large
crowd right in front of it if you need some cover.

Metro Station Building  (4.62)

Get to the right of this building, right next to the "No Smoking" sign, and
you should see a "Ledge" prompt, use it. Move along the ledge and you'll get
to a window, go through it. Crouch behind the walls here (the two people
shouldn't turn around much) and you should notice a small closed-off area with
a ladder in it (it's right next to where you came in, but you have to move
around the wall). Climb up this ladder.

There's a guy on the phone so while he's talking use the control panel to get
your first objective completed. After you do that you can just move to the
area behind him (you should see a door) while he's still on the phone. You
can take him out too and put him in the container I guess. Anyway, just exit
out of the door in this room, and head into the crowd.

Train Station: Platform A - B Connecting Bridge  (4.63)

There are lot of cops in this small area, so be careful. You might want to
wait a bit to try to spot them all. There are two that patrol the middle of
the area, and there is one leaning against the wall next to a pipe, he may be
hard to see. There are another two at the end of the platform that move left
and right.

Again, either use R1, face away, or use crowds to maneuver past them all.
You have to get to the opposite end and head down the stairs. I found the
outer edge of the area (the edge with the hiding place on it) is the best way
to go here; follow it and hug it, then hug the corner and the chairs as best
you can, turning away from cops when necessary. MAKE SURE you keep your
distance as best you can, for even in the SWAT disguise, if you're too close
you'll see their awareness shoot up.

Train Station: Platform B  (4.64)

Once you get down the stairs to Platform B, you'll be notified that the train
will arrive in 60 seconds, so all you have to do is avoid cops. The way I did
this was fairly easy: As you get to the bottom of the stairs, look to your
left, there should be a trash bin. Move to the other side of this trash bin
(slowly to not alert the cop) and turn to face a pile of...concrete slabs.
As long as you face these piles of slabs, you shouldn't raise awareness too
much. Readjust if necessary and just wait it out.

Once the train arrives, navigate the crowds and continue to avoid the cops,
it's not a far walk. Enter the train and the mission is over.

Mission 5: Hunter And Hunted                                            (5.00)

Courtyard  (5.10)

Once in control, exit through the only doorway in this area. You'll make a
U turn, then head to the end of a hallway with a bright light behind a fence.
Once you're here, take cover on the wall before entering the next room, there
is a cop.

Once he turns his back, you want to head through the doorway to the left, past
the pillar (not the hallway that the cop came through). Be careful as you
enter the area beyond the pillar, there is another cop in the connecting
hallway to the right. Wait until it's safe then head into the smaller hallway
on the left, which there will be another cop with his back turned. Move up
to him, and he'll move into the room more.

He'll walk up to a wall and start to talk into his radio. This is when you
want to subdue him. Do so and take his disguise, hide the body in the
container right next to you.

Head back to the area where you saw the very first cop. You're going to want
to walk down to the opposite end of this hallway. When you get to the end,
there is a checkpoint, so go on and activate it.

Courtyard: Checkpoint 1  (5.11)

Walk out of the checkpoint room, and turn left, there are some stairs. Go up
these stairs to get to a parking lot with a lot of cop cars. Like always, use
R1 every once and a while, keep your distance, and face away from cops when
you can.

If you're at the top of the stairs, notice 3 garbage cans near a wall. Take
cover on this wall to survey the area. Notice the cop in the back with the
flashlight, just standing around? Your exit is just beyond him, down a flight
of stairs.

There are a few ways to get to this spot, but I just moved around the outer
edge of the area in a U formation: Go towards the cop car to the left, then
to the area with the big pillars, then to the flashlight guy. Cops move
all around here, so just move where its safest. Use anything you can to break
line-of-sight to reduce awareness.

Try not to use too much Instinct until you get to the flashlight cop, as you
will more than likely need to blend in as you pass him. Once you get down
the stairs, there's a door, and the entrance to the next section. You
shouldn't have any issues picking the lock.

The Vixen Club  (5.20)

As you enter, take a right through a doorway. Then take an immediate left
to go down some stairs, then go left again. There's a vent in this room, use
it. You'll be back on the street, and there is another vent to go through.
Use this second vent to get into the club.

You're trespassing at first, but don't worry too much. Keep crouched and just
sidestep the woman at the counter (the column to the left will break her view)
and once you get to the main hallway you're free to stand up again. The two
men conversing in front of her don't care about you.

Take a left to start heading to the main room of the club. Enter the double
doors, and you'll spot your target shortly.

The Vixen Club: Target Elimination  (5.21)

He starts off at the bar and moves around the entire area a bit. What you
want to do is go beyond the bar and hook a right to get into a corner where
you can see some slot machines in a nearby room. Don't go in quite yet; there
is probably a cop walking out (and there is one in a nearby corner) so just
face away and wait until the moving cop has moved away.

Once he has, go into the slot machine room then take a left into the bathroom
to see one of the bouncers. You're free to subdue him, so get behind him and
do so. Take his clothes and his keycard, then stash him in the nearby closet.

For this next part, you can either pick to hide in the closet you just
dumped the body, or you can go outside to the slot machines and find another
container to hide in. Either way, pick your spot and wait for your target
to enter the bathroom. It'll be a little while.

Once he's in and...preoccupied, bust out the fiber-wire and Garrote him. Hide
his body in the closet where the staff guy is. Time to exit.

Escape to the Second Floor  (5.22)

Exit the slot machine area and take a right to head towards the main stage.
Keeping on the right side of the stage, you should see a small hallway with
a staff guy leaning on one wall. You have to get past this guy, and the only
way to do it is to use R1 while in the Strip Club Bouncer disguise, which
you should have on.

Before you start, notice the end of the hallway. There are two pathways, left
and right. You're going left, but before you go realize three things:


1) There is one bouncer with an incredibly short patrol route. He will be in
your way, and you will have to use R1 some more. Chances are, he will be
standing directly in your way, so just keep R1 held down as you pass the
leaning bouncer, and move your way behind him.

2) There is a checkpoint on the way to where you need to go, you can activate
it if you want. Avoiding the bouncer mentioned above takes top priority here,
so if you can manage to activate it while avoiding the bouncer, do so.

3) Your goal is a door that leads into the dressing room area. It's at the top
of a small staircase, right next to the checkpoint.

*********************************Special Note*********************************
* If you do activate the checkpoint, and reload afterwards, the bouncer that *
* patrols the area will be more or less right next to you after you reload.  *
* So be aware of it, you may need to use R1 immediately after reloading.     *


So again, approach the leaning bouncer, and start holding R1 to move past him.
As you are holding R1, watch for the other bouncer, and if he's in your way,
just keep holding R1. You should have enough Instinct at this point to get
past both.

Activate the checkpoint (if the bouncer isn't standing on it) and get through
the door. Once through the door, there is a bouncer and a stripper having a
conversation. Make note of them, and head straight into the next room. There
is a closet on your right, enter it and wait.

Watch your radar, and listen to the conversation that the bouncer and stripper
are having. Once they are done, they will leave the area, but don't go
immediately. There is a bouncer that patrols this back area, and he should
be closing in on the room you are in. Once he enters this room, he'll take a
smoke break. That's your cue to exit the closet and go back into the previous
room, where the two were having the conversation, to go up the stairs.

Head up the stairs and you'll see a door. This is your exit, pick the lock and
you should be fine. This is the end of this section.

Dressing Rooms  (5.30)

So start off by taking cover on the wall to your left, and approach the corner
in cover to look at a couple of people talking. Once they are done, wait until
they walk off and you want to continue to hug the wall to move forward.

As you hug your cover, you'll get to a couch. Change cover here to get to a
chair, then change cover once more to get to the next wall. Continue to take
cover as best you can and move until you see some dancers. Change cover when
you can to keep moving forward.

As you turn the corner you should see a lamp to the right. At the end of this
hallway (where the mannequins are) you can turn right, so get down there
as you avoid the strippers (I don't think they really care, but be safe
anyway). You can just continue to hug the wall and change cover.

Once there, you should see some stairs leading up. Go up them, but don't go
all the way. Take cover on the wall to the right as you near the top of the
stairs; there are two bouncers, and both may be looking your way.

They both eventually move, but the closer one moves first. The other bouncer
will move away as soon as the first one leaves the area. This is your cue
to get to your destination: the office to the left.

Check the answering machine on the desk, and this section ends.

Derelict Building  (5.40)

As you enter the first big area, you should notice a fairly long hallway with
some lights on the ceiling, and some wood laying upright in the middle. There
is a part of the wall jutting out to the left, take some cover there and
wait for a cop. This is the guy you need to mark and pay attention to for now.

Once you have him in mind, move to the first room (via the hole in the wall)
and you should see a Knife. Take cover on the wall right next to the Knife
so you can take a look at the adjacent room. The cop-to-watch enters this room
but he won't do it until *you* are in the room.

You see the sledgehammer propped up against a support pillar? Take cover where
it is. When you do, the cop should enter the room, and he'll circle around
this support wall, starting on the opposite side of where you currently are.
So when you know he has his back to you, slip out of the room.

He will come back to the hallway, so once you're in the hallway you want to
go left into another hallway, and then take an immediate right into a room
with a sink and chair in it.

So now you should be in this odd room and there should be a cop to your north,
and that previous cop that wanders the hall to the south. The north cop with
the shotgun is the guy to watch. You see a wooden pallet standing upright in
the corner? Go to it, then angle your camera towards the cop, you should see
the next checkpoint. There is another cop that briefly enters this hallway
(where the shotgun cop patrols) but he shouldn't spot you if he's there. Just
be careful, watch that radar. Activate the checkpoint once you are there.

Derelict Building: Checkpoint 1  (5.41)

You are in a broken stairwell. Attempt to move up the stairs, and angle the
camera so you can see the wall, it's partially exposed. If you face it, you
will notice the "Ledge" option, so climb up.

Go into the room up here, nothing to worry about. It's fairly obvious, but
there is a dead stripper up here with the option "Dump" available. Choose
to dump the body, and you get your distraction to move forward.

Go through the small corridor next to you, and at the end wait until the cops
are all staring at the stripper (watch the radar) before climbing down. You
may notice two cops on the radar to the far right, they are your next
obstacles, so don't expect them to move to the stripper.

Climb down and head right, up the stairs. Don't go into the first opening, but
you should see a small fridge to the right. Take cover against the dividing
wall once you pass the fridge. Wait here, and watch the stairs. You should see
a cop moving down the stairs. There is another cop that patrols the second
flight of stairs, so this needs some direction:


Wait until the first cop moves down the stairs, and he'll move to the boxes
that are stacked up. Don't focus solely on him however, watch the second cop,
he may be currently at the top of the stairs the first cop just came down.

If he is:

      1) You have a very small window to work with, but it is doable. Eye the
         second cop at the top of the stairs, and as soon as he leaves, scale
         your cover and subdue the cop in front of you.

      2) If you subdued him here, just leave him for now. Remember that cop at
         the top of the stairs, and if he has turned around to move up the 2nd
         flight of stairs, follow him up. Subdue him at the top, take his
         clothes, and drag him down to the first floor to stuff him in a
         nearby closet located in a corner. Once done, do the same for the
         other cop you left by the boxes. Head back to the top of the 2nd
         flight of stairs.

If you lost your window:

      1) The first cop may have turned around too fast for you, and he will
         start inspecting the area that you are taking cover at. Remember that
         opening in the wall next to the fridge? Get there asap, and take
         cover on a wall so you can't be seen from the hallway. The cop looks
         into the opening, but doesn't go into it.

      2) After he's done looking, he will move on, and you can dash out of the
         opening and subdue him from there. Drag his body over to the closet
         located in the corner of this hallway and dump him in there. Be
         careful of the second cop at the top of the stairs.

      3) Take cover at the dividing wall once more, and wait for the second
         cop to come to the top of the stairs. Once he has his back turned,
         follow him up the 2nd flight of stairs and subdue him at the top.
         Take his clothes, drag his body back to the closet, and head back
         to the top of the 2nd flight of stairs.


You should be at the top of the 2nd flight of stairs. Notice the "Ledge"
option and use it to get to the door. Open the door, and you're finished with
this section.

Convenience Store  (5.50)

You start on some rooftops. Head over to the right and you should see a "Climb
Down" option, do so and you'll be standing on a ledge. Don't climb into the
building, but watch the cop. When you can, shimmy to the right so you can
traverse the wooden board nearby. Cross the board to get to another roof.

Go to the next set of windows to see another "Ledge" option. Use it, and you
should see a Store Clerk. He doesn't really care if you are out there, but he
will make a comment if he sees you. Once he has his back turned, hop into
his room and subdue him. Take the Store Clerk disguise and stuff his body
in a nearby closet. Head down the stairs but be careful.

Slowly head down the stairs and make sure no one is facing you. There's a guy
at a counter in the middle, and another guy who may notice you some as he
walks to the corner. Wait until both of them are turned away, and head to the
left, through the doorway with the blue rectangular sign above it (use R1
if necessary).

You should be in a room with fireworks. Make note, and look to your right to
see a doorway covered in some plastic. Head through this door and activate
the checkpoint.

Convenience Store: Checkpoint 1  (5.51)

Head back into the room with the fireworks, and there is another doorway with
plastic directly across the room (the shelves block the view). Head through
that doorway and once you're there keep going into the next room.

You should see a valve in this room. Use it to turn off the sprinklers. Once
it's done, head back to the fireworks and ignite them. Before you light, make
sure there no one can see you. Once they are ignited, head back to the room
with the valve. There is a door right next to the valve, use it.

The place should shortly fill with smoke, so the cops shouldn't bother you
at all. You're looking to leave the store, so just find the exit and walk out
(it will be illuminated with red lights amongst all the smoke). There are
a couple of store clerks outside, so keep your distance and face away when you
need to.

There are a couple of store clerks against a wall in a corner that you may
brush past, so be careful as you navigate this area. You may want to try to
keep to the interior rather than the exterior. Just make note of where the
exit door is with your radar, and move to it as best you can. Use R1 if
necessary. Everything here stays pretty stationary at least.

Loading Area  (5.60)

This is a very short area that is very easy to get through. While in the Store
Clerk disguise, the cops don't bother you at all, so just walk on into the
next building, and you should see a cop just standing next to a shelf. Your
exit door is just behind this cop, but it needs to be picked.

They will spot you if they see you pick the lock, but there is only one cop
to worry about. He patrols in and out of this building (he comes through the
larger door), so if he's not there or not approaching you, pick the lock and
you're out of here.

Chinese New Year  (5.70)

You have 3 elimination targets. It's not too bad, since they all eventually
move to locations away from the crowd. Let's get the first done:

Chinese New Year: Elimination 1  (5.71)

This entire area is the area that "The King of Chinatown" was in. You remember
seeing the King's car in a small side area? Not so much? Okay, that's fine. If
you do, get there. If not:

1) From the start, go through the gate. Keep going straight through the crowd
and go through another gate with some red lanterns above it.

2) Once past that gate, head left and go through the next opening you see.

3) Keep going straight (you should see a big pagoda on the left), and go
through yet another opening. As you approach this opening, you should see
a big neon "Tattoos" sign.

4) Just after you pass that opening, pan your camera to the right. You should
see a side area with no one in it. That's where you need to be.

In this small area, there is a check point but !!!do not!!! activate it yet.
Go up the stairs instead, and you should see an option to "Climb Down" at
the end of the catwalk. First, see the note below:

*********************************Special Note*********************************
* If you have gotten here slow, there actually may be two people conversing  *
* here (or moving into this area) just below you, one being your target.     *
* He's threatening a Store Clerk, so once the Clerk is on the ground, equip  *
* your gun and shoot your target in the head. It doesn't matter if the gun is*
* silenced or not because of all the fireworks. Afterwards, jump down and get*
* rid of the body. You may get raised into "suspicious" status, but if you   *
* just sit and wait where you are, it should clear momentarily.              *

If the note does not apply to you, jump down and head into the dumpster just
a couple of feet away. Sit and wait and one of your targets should come
directly in front of you with a store clerk. Wait until the clerk is on the
ground, then exit the dumpster and Garrote with your fiber-wire. Dump his body
using either the hole or the dumpster.

Chinese New Year: Elimination 2  (5.72)

Now that your first target is down, climb back up that ledge you came from to
go back and activate the first checkpoint. Remember the exit from "The King
of Chinatown" mission? The green door right next to where you killed the King?
Sorta....but not really? If not:

1) From the checkpoint, go back to the main area, and turn left to up the
stairs and through the opening (the big pagoda should be on the right).

2) Keep going straight through this area to go through yet another opening.

3) After passing through, head left and you should see the green door with
the duck on it.

Remember the Eazi Mart truck? Sure you do. There's a blue box on the ground
next to it. Stand next to the box and pan the camera around to see a brick
wall with a gigantic hole in it. Chances are, your next target is just
awkwardly standing in the area back there. This is sloppy, but it works:

1) Crouch down.

2) Angle yourself so you can see your target through the hole in the wall.

3) Equip your gun, aim at his head, and shoot him.

You will definitely alert some cops here to "suspicious" but they shouldn't
spot you. Quickly holster your gun, and head back to the building with the
"Tattoos" on it, which is next to the area with the checkpoint.

Chinese New Year: Elimination 3  (5.73)

Once you're at the "Tattoos" building next to the checkpoint, head beyond it
and go up some stairs. You should see a couple of cooks doing their thing.
This is where you started in "The King of Chinatown".

Looking at the cooks, you should see a ramp leading down to your left. You
should also see a white sign with red writing, and a wall that is partially
fenced. Next to the partially fenced wall is an opening, and there may be a
cop there guarding.

If there is:

   1) Your target hasn't come to the area yet. Find him on your radar, and
      just follow him until he does. The cop will move to the alley in the
      back, allowing you to follow your target downstairs.

If there isn't:

   1) Your target is in the basement area, and the cop is in the back alley.

You should be free to move down into the basement area. If you think your
target has been there a while, be careful because he does come back out

If he is coming back out:

   1) Wait until he comes back out to this main area. Follow him and he should
      eventually make his way down a flight of stairs to a secluded area.
      Wait until he's on the phone, Garrote him, and dump his body in one of
      the dumpsters.

If he is in the basement:

   1) Make sure you're in cover as you move down into the basement. He's
      talking to a cop here. There are a couple of places to use "Change
      Cover" do so to get to the other side of the room. When you're at
      the other side, you should notice a wall with a window. You can take
      cover against this wall and wait until the target and target start to
      leave the room.

   2) Once you're in the clear, you may have noticed the vent that is beyond
      the nearby doorway. Use it and crawl through, but don't exit quite yet.
      Your target will walk into this area you're looking at through the vent
      and start talking on his phone. Once he starts talking, exit the vent
      and Garrote him. Put his body in the dumpster next to you.

You should be done, so follow your radar to find the green duck door once more
and exit the area. Mission complete.

Mission 6: Rosewood                                                     (6.00)

So this first part isn't really a section, but I still messed up on it (lol).
If you didn't notice like I did, once you get to the elevator hallway you can
move to your left, past the curtains, and into a small side area. Wait until
the guys pass you, and head into the elevator.

Orphanage Halls  (6.10)

Okay, so you got to know: This is ridiculous to do in stealth. There are so
many people wandering around with scripted scenes. I am going to do a very
slow, methodological sweeping of a lot of thugs, so bear with me. Let's get

Jump up onto the ledge but don't pull yourself up. Let the two guys talk, then
they will start walking back. One guy will start to talk on his phone, as he
is finishing his conversation, the other guy will walk out of view. Once the
phone guy is alone, subdue him and make sure to grab his disguise. Stash the
body in the container close to the elevator.

The First Fuse  (6.11)

Down on the opposite end of this hallway are two doorways: one to the right,
and one straight ahead. In the corner, between these two doorways, is a Fire
Axe. Pick it up, then look at the doorway into the smaller room (the one
without the piano). You need to distract a thug here, so throw the Fire Axe
into the smaller room (aim for the chair in the corner) and the lone thug
will come investigate. Use this opportunity to subdue him, and toss him into
the container in that same small room.

Exit the piano room via the large doorway in the corner (towards the Fuse
objective), and take an immediate right into another room. Pick up the Syringe
in this room, it is VERY useful for subdues. So if you grabbed it, make sure
it's equipped, and use "Attack" whenever you want to subdue someone. You don't
have to get this, but it makes things go a bit faster.

Your first Fuse is in here. Pick it up, and immediately head back through the
doorway you came from and get back to the elevator.

*********************************Special Note*********************************
* If you are too slow, the two thugs at the stairs will be done talking. One *
* will start moving, just move when it's clear.                              *

There's a doorway next to the elevator. Go through it and you should see some
stairs, but pay attention to your radar: There is a guy at the bottom of the
stairs. Slowly move down and wait for him to leave.

The Second Fuse  (6.12)

You should see a closet here. Next to it, there is a doorway, before heading
through, you have options:

          ------------Option 1: Fast, but somewhat risky------------

See the doorway next to the closet? Going through this doorway leads to a
room with some thugs in it. The Fuse is in here as well, on a counter in the

If you are crouched, the only guy that will raise his awareness is the guy
standing alone, next to the elevator. However, if you continue to crouch,
and keep your distance (you can also use the counter to break line-of-sight)
he shouldn't raise his awareness enough to spot you.

Carefully (and/or quickly) move to the Fuse, pick it up, and go back to where
you came from.

          ---------Option 2: More work, but much much safer---------

See the doorway next to the closet? Through that doorway you should be able
to see another doorway directly across from you. Throw whatever item you have
(there is a Fire Extinguisher near the stairs if nothing) into this doorway
across from you, as far as you can, into the area beyond. This will alert the
thug who is standing separated from all the others in the connecting hallway.

Once he's out of sight from his friends, run up to him and subdue him. It
gets kind of weird here sometimes: if you don't have the subdue option,
try pressing (Square) DIRECTLY behind him anyway, and 47 might falcon punch
him instead. See the area lit up in the back? There's a room back there, drag
his body into it.

You're going to repeat the process. Pick up your item, go back to where the
stairs are, and throw your item again into that same hallway where you just
were. Another thug will come and investigate, subdue him as well once he's out
of sight of everyone. This time, you can pick him up and drag him to the
closet located by the stairs. You COULD NOT do this with the first guy,
because this second guy would have spotted you as you dragged him.

Now that those two are out, you have very easy access to the Fuse in the
room they were previously in. Go pick it up, then head back to the stairs.

You have done a lot of work, so let's get to a checkpoint. Head up the stairs.
Go to the OTHER flight of stairs that you ignore previously (the one close
to the first Fuse) but BE CAREFUL, there may be guys up here.

If you took Option 1 above, and the guard is still being beat up, just wait
and they should finish. If you took Option 2, they are probably gone by now.

Go to the room that had the first Fuse in it. There's a guy near the stairs.
You may not be able to subdue with how he's leaning, so if not, just go down.
If so, do so if you can't avoid him. There's a closet here too.

Down at the bottom of the stairs, there is a checkpoint. Activate it.

Orphanage Halls: Checkpoint 1  (6.13)

*********************************Special Note*********************************
* As unfortunate as it is, if you reload the checkpoint, you will lose all   *
* your great subdue work you did; all thugs will have respawned to their     *
* normal locations.                                                          *
*                                                                            *
* Yes it's very discouraging, but in reality you don't ever have to go to the*
* 2nd floor, and if you took Option 2 for the Second Fuse, the thugs near the*
* elevator are unnecessary to subdue again. It is VERY EASY to mess up this  *
* last part, so I'll assume you messed up like me, and you had to reload.    *

The Third Fuse  (6.14)

Next to the checkpoint, you should see a place where you can "Hide" look to
the floor next to it, and you should see a vent. Use this vent, and crawl
through, but you should see a guy's legs once you reach the other end. Gauge
when he turns away, and exit the vent.

Needs to be done QUICKLY:


1) As soon as you exit the vent, take cover at the counter right next to you.
Hug the counter, move to the end, change cover. You should have noticed a lone
thug in the corner, who should now be moving away from the large group
talking in the middle.

2) Follow this thug, using your current cover. You'll go through a doorway to
enter the hall he is in.

3) Once he reaches another corner, he'll stop. This is your chance to subdue
him, do so.

4) See the dividing wall right next to you? Move to the other side of that,
and you should see a doorway leading to a room with a body container. Stash
him there.

5) Once he's hid, you can start to move towards the third fuse (the closest
one to you at the moment).

6) There will be two thugs patrolling the room it is in, but if you enter
from the hallway you followed the thug in (the one you just subdued) no one
should spot you as you swipe it. Once you get it, exit right back out.

7) Head back to the hallway that you dragged the subdued thug through (the one
with the dividing wall).


Once you're in this hallway with the two dividing walls, notice there is a
cabinet with a light on it at the opposite end. You should also be able to see
a heater in the corner, as well as two benches.

Keep to the wall with the windows, and head to the corner. You'll notice
a doorway leading to another room, and you might be able to see the back of a
thug with a yellow jacket. Enter the doorway and immediately go right to find
some cover to use. The thugs will start moving momentarily, so make sure
you're out of sight.

The Fourth Fuse  (6.15)

This is the most difficult fuse to get, so be careful. The scripted scene
will probably be ending by now. Hold where you are for now, there is one
patrol that comes through this room and into the previous hallway (where he

Once you get a chance, you should cover change to the shelves with the Syringe
on them. Once there, here are your directions:


You should be using the shelves with the Syringe on them for cover. Next
to you should be a freezer to put bodies in. Right next to that should be two
shelves that form an "L" shape.

1) Grab the Syringe if you don't have one already.

2) The thug (should have a red shirt on, if not, wait a sec) will stop in
between the two shelves that form an "L", and face the wall, so he is
COMPLETELY out of view from the others. This is your chance to subdue him, but
**use the Syringe to ATTACK him** instead of your regular subdue. This is
still a pacification, and it is much faster. Quickly stash him in the freezer
next to you.

3) There are now two thugs to watch:

   a) One is patrolling back and forth next to another thug collecting drugs.
   b) One is patrolling close to you, but towards the doorway you entered

4) Equip the Syringe and get back to cover. You need to distract the closest
patrolling guard, but he can be tricky to get. You are going to use the corner
that is nearest to the freezer, BUT you have to time it right so you subdue as
the FARTHER guard is either stopped, or just about to stop, near the guard
that is looting the drugs. You do not want to try to subdue as he stops at his
other stopping point (facing away from the looter) because as he turns around
to move again, he faces you.

   a) When you think you have an opening, aim the Syringe at the corner that
      is near the freezer.
   b) Once thrown, maneuver around cover as you need to.
   c) Subdue as the closest guard gets in a good position. The closer to the
      corner, the better.
   d) You may need to just let him leave and try again.

5) This can be a bit risky but you need to drag this thug into the freezer.

   a) Watch the patrol guy next to the looter.
   b) As soon as the patrol stops at the spot FURTHEST from the looter,
      quickly drag and stash the body in the freezer.

6) You do not need to subdue anymore, so carefully work your way to the middle
of the room. Using the drug shelves as cover, you should:

   a) Have the looting thug to your right.
   b) Be able to see the drug shelf directly in the middle, behind the looter
   c) Be watching the other patrolling thug

7) The Fourth Fuse is on that middle shelf that is by itself, behind the
looter. The Fuse is on the side of the shelf that is DIRECTLY behind the
looter, but you CAN REACH IT FROM THE OPPOSITE SIDE, so that's what you should
plan to do.

8) Once the patrol stops, make a VERY QUICK dash to the Fuse and hold
(Triangle) to pick it up. If you're nervous about making it back, you can
use this same shelf, just move to the narrow end of it so you're out of view.

9) Head back to the cover that the Syringe was on (back near where you came
in at) but don't go out the doorway quite yet.


Before heading out of the drug room, remember there's a new patrol back in the
hallway. We have to take care of him, and you can get a decent view of him
if you take cover near the doorway. He stops when he's in the middle of the
two dividing walls, and that's where you should get him. Drag his body to the
room in the corner, where the blue container is that you used before.

Getting to the Fuse Box  (6.16)

This can get very stressful to get back to the fuse box from here. But you
have another choice to make:

          --------Option 1: Using Blend In (fast, but risky)--------

Okay, so you're in the room with the blue container, since you just hid a body.
Head to the connecting room (has a drug shelf in it) and prepare yourself to
walk through the hallway. Prepare yourself at the doorway leading to the
hallway. Notice on your radar:

1) The room that had the Third Fuse. You should be able to see the doorway to
it from here. Once you try to walk through the hallway, the two thugs in here
may notice you.

2) There are two thugs in a room right next to yours (other side of the wall)
that do not move. These two are the biggest threat.

3) There is one patrolling thug that covers one of the exterior walls of the
room that had the Third Fuse. He walks back and forth, so you can time it to
avoid this one.

4) There is one more thug further down, he does patrol, and you may need to
blend to get past him if he's facing you.

5) Your destination is at the end of the hallway.

6) Once you pass the furthest guard (who may or may not be there) you should
be in the clear.

What you want to do:


1) First, if you're crouched, stand up.

2) Wait until the patrolling thug (No. 3 above) is turned away, then QUICKLY
move into the hallway.

3) BLEND IN (R1) as SOON as the two immobile thugs to your left start to
notice you.

4) Stay in the MIDDLE OF THE HALLWAY (green carpet) in order to keep your
distance from the various thugs.

5) Get to the end of the hallway. You can use most of your Insight, just make
sure you have at least one brief use.


Hopefully you got there okay. I know it's a lot of work if you messed up.

          -----Option 2: The slightly more safe, but longer way-----

Okay, so you're in the room with the blue container because you just hid the
gas-mask guy. Head back to the area with the two dividing walls. Grab an item
if you don't have one (there's a book nearby) and prepare yourself by hiding
behind one of the dividing wall.

1) Toss the item at the wall with the windows. A thug will come and
investigate. Subdue, put his body anywhere that is out of sight (blue
container room is fine).

2) Move into the room that had the Third fuse. There is one patrol in here,
and he keeps near the wall that is by the main room.

3) PAY ATTENTION to the doorway that leads to the big main room (which is in
the corner). Double-check with the radar to make sure no one is going to see
you through this doorway.

4) The patrolling guard on the other side of the doorway is your main threat.
As soon as you know it's clear (they can't see through the windows) subdue
this thug in the room.

5) Getting rid of the body: You can use the ball pit to stash his body, but
do NOT use the side that is closest to where the Third Fuse was; someone may
spot you through that doorway I told you to pay attention to.

6) Preferably get rid of the body on the side closest to the drug room where
the Fourth Fuse was.

7) Once disposed, your target is that patrol I told you to watch (patrolling
the exterior wall). From this same room, throw an item at the wall he
patrols, he should come into the room. Subdue, dispose using the ball pit once

8) Two left. Head back to the room in the corner with the blue container.
There is a connecting room with a drug shelf in it. Looking at your radar, you
should notice that there is a wall between you and the two thugs nearby.

9) Throw an item against this wall to attract a thug. If one does not come,
that means they're not close enough to the wall. One should move back closer
to it to give you a chance. Subdue if successful, move the body away.

10) The last is tough to get. You can make an attempt to sneak by him if you
like (potentially using R1, your destination is at the end of this hallway)
but you can subdue him at the right spot. Go out of the doorway that leads to
the hallway, so you are in the hallway.

11) You see the columns that jut out of the wall? You want to toss an item
at one of them, as close as you can to the room you just exited out of so
you can hopefully get this thug to move (out of view from anyone in the main
room) to subdue him.

12) If you got him, or moved past him, head back to the end of the hallway
where you should see a door surrounded by some glass windows. There is one
more patrolling thug at the further end of this hallway, but you can time it
so you avoid him.

Whichever way you chose, you should be waiting at the door to the entrance to
the chapel. To make this easier on yourself, head back up the stairs near
the checkpoint. Remember the guy at the top of the stairs, you should be able
to sneak past him. The second floor should be mostly clear, but be careful.

Head down the other flight of stairs that is close to the elevator. Go
through the doorway near the closet, across the hall into another doorway,
then head all the way down and enter the room where the red light is shining.

Use the Fuses, pull the lever, section (finally) over.

Central Heating  (6.20)

You start off hiding from a couple of a thugs talking. I really hope you are
wearing the thug disguise at this point. Do not wait until the thugs are done
talking, just move immediately (crouched), using the outer walls, through the

THERE IS A THUG AT THE DOOR but he should not notice you...I think he might
be sleeping or something.

Next section: You should see a thug standing in place near some concrete slabs.
Wait until he starts moving, then use the slabs as cover. Take a look to your
right, and you should see a hallway with red lighting (and the thug that just
moved is probably there). Wait until he moves further down and then move
into this hallway.

When you're next to the big pipe on the right, pan your camera above you. You
can get to this catwalk, and there is a "Ledge" prompt that you can use if you
stand up. Do so, and you should go unnoticed. Crouch once more when you're on
it, and follow the catwalk down all the way to the end (ignoring the first
"Climb Down" as well as the stairs leading down).

At the end is another "Climb Down" option. Go ahead and use the 3 pipes as
cover. There is 1 moving thug here, and your exit is the lit doorway to the
left. Time it right and move safely through the doorway.

Follow the corridor, use the door, and you're at your target.

Central Heating: Target Elimination  (6.21)

This is really easy if you just do the challenge kill. Head down the stairs
to the bottom, and head into the far corner of this room (don't go towards the
target). There should be a valve here, use it.

Look to the right of the valve, on the floor, to see a vent. Use the vent and
crawl through, ignore the target's comments and just keep going. Exit when
you are at the end.

You'll have to go right to loop around all the piping. As soon as you loop
around though, you should notice another valve. Use it, target down.

Mission complete.

Mission 7: Welcome to Hope                                              (7.00)

Great Balls of Fire  (7.10)

After what you just went through, this is quite the relief of a level. So as
you start, take a right through some swinging doors to enter a bathroom. As
you go through, turn around and you should notice a lever right next to the
swinging doors you just came through. Use it (the cops don't care).

Head to the back of the bathroom. There's a vent in the corner, use that as
well (the cops didn't bother me as they were relieving themselves). Go through
the vent, and the guy who was previously in this next room should not be there

Walk out of the door to your right. You can either try to navigate the crowd
to avoid fights, but it's no big deal if you get into one, just do the QTE's.
You don't need to stand here, just get to the small set of stairs in the back
that leads into the area with the Bartender. You will notice there is a
bouncer just standing there, and he got quite mad at me when I was crouched
near him.

As I just normally walked past the bouncer though he didn't get mad at me, so
you should be okay to just walk up to the Bartender.

Mission complete already? Yep.

Mission 8: Birdie's Gift                                                (8.00)

Gun Shop  (8.10)

The shooting contest can actually be a bit difficult on Hard. The big problem
is your lack of Instinct, which kind of kills the Point Shooting. But if
you're confident in your abilities, by all means. It certainly is the faster
way to get this level over with.

But for those that cannot shoot worth a darn thing (like myself) there's the
oh-so sneaky way to steal the guns instead, but it can be difficult:

Stealing the Silverballers  (8.11)

As you start the mission you should be staring at the counter. Take note of
swinging doors close to the cashier. As soon as the cashier starts talking to
one of the customers, you want to go right to get to the other end of the shop.
While walking down there, you should see a place to "Sabotage". Make sure no
one is around, and do it.

The cashier should start moving. This is your chance to get behind the
counter, so do so, and pick up the Keycard that is behind the counter while
you're at it (the customers don't care). Head through the double swinging

The reason why you waited in the first place was because of a patrol, and he
wanders back here and up the stairs. He should be upstairs right now (or
heading there). He's tough to see otherwise though, so try to eye your radar
and gauge if he is there or not (remember grey icons mean they are on a
different floor).

Don't go up the stairs, but go right instead and hop into a container. Wait
for the guy who is currently upstairs to come down, he should stop in the
corner right next to the container.


QUICKLY subdue and put him in the container. VERY QUICKLY move up the stairs.
The owner is going to be coming by soon, that is why you need to hurry. Once
up the stairs, head to the ledge directly in front of you and climb down.

If he spots you, unfortunately you're screwed. Reload the checkpoint. I tried
to wait in the container to wait until the owner passes, but unfortunately
for some reason the double swinging doors stay open (and the cashier will spot
you once you leap out). I don't know if them staying open is a glitch or what.


Once you drop down, you should be near a trench. Head to the left to the outer
wall to move around it. Notice the cannon close to a black couch. There is
a pathway to the left of the cannon, covered in brush. Use it, then at the
end climb down into the trench.

Take the left path to move further away from the gun shop. In just a few feet,
you'll see a path off to the right with a door. Use the Keycard, walk into
this room, and see a desk to the right. Grab the Notebook on the desk and head

Getting to the Safe  (8.12)

You should still be in the trench. This time, head left to take the pathway
that leads back to the shop. Be careful as you reach all the people shooting,
they will raise their awareness.

What you want to do is hug the RIGHT wall so you will eventually be moving
directly BELOW the shooters; they can't look directly down. If you're doing it
right, your wall hugging should lead you to a door, but you want to ignore it
and continue on in the trench, keeping directly below the shooters.

At the end of this hugging section, there should be a "Cover Change" you can
use it without the staff guy noticing completely (his awareness will climb
fast though). He does eventually talk to the shooter closest to him, but I'm
unsure if he does this more than once. If you want to wait to be safe, just
wait for him to move.

After the cover change, you should see a window. The owner walks into this
room, so take a quick look around to see if he's there or approaching. Once
clear, hop on in and you should see the safe in the back. Since you have the
Notebook, you can open it to get a Key.

There's a vent right next to the safe, near the floor. Use it and exit out
to see a couple of cops. You should be fine, so head through the doorway
back to the shop.

Now I'm a little unsure if you can just open the case, since it triggers a
cutscene, but let's be safe:

1) You have to Sabotage again, but you'll want to look around for the owner
first (he is sometimes around the counter), so look for him first.

2) If clear, Sabotage when no one is looking. Cashier will move to it. Once
you're safe, open the case.

3) Cutscene will trigger, but you'll regain control afterwards. Just walk out
of the shop using the doors behind you.

Mission complete.

Mission 9: Shaving Lenny                                                (9.00)

Streets of Hope  (9.10)

You have three different targets to eliminate. Much like the previous three,
they do some scripted stuff and you can catch them alone. Let's get to work.

Streets of Hope: Target Elimination 1  (9.11)

Your first target is not the guy(s) directly in front of you as you start the
mission, but the other one who is further away. You're free to keep an eye
on him for now, and as he enters the "Green Mountain Convenience Store" (it's
on the corner near where you start), follow him in.

He goes behind the counter to talk to the store clerk. Just wait at the other
end of the store (you can use the shelf in the middle, on the side with the
Radio, for cover) and wait until they are done talking.

The clerk will move afterwards, and you should see a Radio to use. Use it,
and the clerk will come turn it off. Use this chance to sneak by her (using
the side of the shelf the clerk is not on) to get behind the counter, through
the doorway, and up the stairs.

If you were fast enough (and you should have been) you'll see your target
talking on his phone in the corner. Use your Fiber-Wire, Garrote, and stash
him in the closet.

Remember the store clerk. She should move eventually, so use that opportunity
to sneak past her and out the store.

Streets of Hope: Target Elimination 2  (9.12)

The target isn't terribly difficult to get, but there is one iffy part. I
suggest grabbing the Checkpoint:

As you exit the convenience store, you should notice a garage area directly
across the street. There's an alleyway that leads further into the back, past
the garage. Head into this alleyway, but you are TRESPASSING as you get close
to the end, so start to crouch.

There is a cop and a mechanic that are probably standing in a garage opening
to your right. The mechanic leaves, but the cop stays. Your destination is in
the small garage to the left, you need to get to a door.

As soon as the mechanic leaves, you should be able to move yourself to the
small garage and keep mostly out of view using the pillars and the red car.
Right next to the red car, within the garage, is your door (blue door, not
green). Open it to find a checkpoint, activate it.

Streets of Hope: Checkpoint 1  (9.13)

Head back to the main street, where the convenience store is. You want to head
to the opposite end of this street, to a small house on the left with a garden
in front (it's directly across the street from the Donut Shop, where all those
people are).

On one side of this small house with the garden, you can climb through a
window. Do so and grab the Radio inside. Hop back out and place THROW the
Radio in between the dumpster and the cardboard box near the corner, but try
to throw it closer to the box.

This is the iffy part. Depending on where you subdue, you may get spotted by
a guy on a bench across the street (dumb...) so I managed this by using the
nearby dumpster to break the view. If you managed to get him into a good spot,
you can subdue without issues. Put him in the dumpster.

*********************************Special Note*********************************
* If you take too long, there is a civilian that moves around the street. He *
* has a very long pathway, so you should be okay. But try to be aware of it. *

Climb on through that window again, and as you go through the doorway, hook
an immediate left so the other cop ignores you. I do not believe you are
trespassing here, so the mechanics shouldn't bother you, but you'll still
need cover from the cop ahead.

Keeping to the cover on the side you are currently on (left side) you should
eventually see a Brick to pick up.

*********************************Special Note*********************************
* The target may walk back while you're here. If he does, just grab some     *
* cover; he walks through the middle. I'm not sure if he'll notice you in the*
* disguise though.                                                           *

You need to distract the cop in the back, so use the van he's next to as cover
and toss the Brick to the other side, making sure it's close enough to the cop
so he turns his back to you. Assuming the area beyond him is clear, head back
there to see a generator you can interact with, and a fence.

You're going to BBQ your target:

1) Use the "Rig" option on the generator first.

2) Do not use the lever quite yet, it has a timer.

3) The best way is to flip the lever as your target is approaching from the
OTHER side of the fence, to walk into this area you are currently in.

4) He first goes through the side you're on, stops to talk to a cop on the
other side of the fence, heads into the garage beyond (which you can't see),
stops there and talks on the phone, then comes back.

5) As he comes back, wait until he's close to the cop (see radar) and pull
the lever. To be safe, use the generator as cover.

6) If timed correctly, he should open the fence and get electrocuted. This
will obviously alert the cop right behind him, but just wait until the cop
kneels down next to the body.

7) Once the cop is kneeled, just walk by him to get through.

*********************************Special Note*********************************
* If you end up being REALLY unlucky (like I have been) the cop may block the*
* entire way through the fence. More importantly, if he is facing you while  *
* kneeled, Do NOT approach him UNLESS you have R1 held down. Chances are, he *
* will spot you otherwise. He may be really tricky to move behind depending  *
* on where he is.                                                            *
*                                                                            *
* You may need to go the long way and go back around. There's a metal pipe   *
* nearby to distract the cop that you saw earlier. Head back to the          *
* checkpoint, and you'll need to enter the garage where the mechanic/cop you *
* saw earlier were standing.                                                 *

Streets of Hope: Target Elimination 3  (9.14)

If you're still staring at Target 2, you can walk past the cop as he is
kneeling with no issues to get to the other side of the fence. Do so, and
head into the garage up ahead. Again, in the cop disguise you should be okay

Take cover somewhere (like around the spot with another lever) and take a look
around. You should see a door in the corner, with some stairs behind it. Pay
attention to your radar, your target may be around here just now.

If he is, he goes into a small room by himself, and you can get to this small
room by using the door in the corner and going up the stairs. If he's there
and has his back turned (careful! he may turn around), bust out the Fiber-Wire,
Garrote, stash him in a closet nearby.

If he is not, you can simply sit and wait in the garage until he goes into
the room.

Another option is to wait until he leaves this small room, then follow him
up the stairs to another room. He should be alone here, but he doesn't stop
walking. You can Garrote and stash him in a nearby closet.

Once dead, your level exit is near Target 2, right next to the fence. Head
there, pick the lock, and the section is over.

Barbershop  (9.20)

Two more targets to eliminate before you get to the last guy:

Barbershop: Target Elimination 1  (9.21)

First off, head to the left (preferably crouched) to see a place where you can
climb down. There are two cops down here standing, so watch for them. There is
a table nearby with a Bottle on it. Use it for cover and take the Bottle.
Throw the Bottle in a way that has the cops turn away from you, so you can go
left to the other side where some dumpsters are (pan around if necessary).

There's a "Ledge" prompt here, on the wall of the building. Stand up so you
can climb up and shimmy across to the end, then there is another "Ledge" prompt.
Climb up once more, shimmy to an open window, and climb in.

Watch your radar. There may be one of those two cops heading up to where you
are if they noticed you. If there is, he'll check out the window that you
just came out of. Find a spot to hide, subdue him, but realize there's a cop
outside of this room as well (he could spot you with unlucky timing). If
you're okay, stash the body in the nearby closet.

If he didn't come then that's okay too. Either way, your next target is this
cop outside, he has a short patrol route. First, head into the adjacent room
(it has a leather chair and a hammer in it). Look for the door, then wait
for the cop to turn his back. Subdue him here, then stash him in one of the
two rooms you were just in.

Head back out and take the pathway that has the First Aid nearby. Go down the
stairs and you should see a cop having a smoke break. You should also see
another disguise, change into it. This is the Barber disguise, and you should
have pretty much free range of the entire house.

There's a doorway near the disguise you just picked up, take it, then go
through this next hallway, exit out and take an immediate right down a flight
of stairs into the basement. There may be a random guy here, subdue him (try
to stay away from the door) and you can drag his body to a nearby container
in a small alcove in the corner of the room.

There's a bunch of random stuff in the basement, so pick something up to throw.
You need to distract the two (or one) cop outside, just beyond the door. So
throw your item in the alcove that has the container to get someone to move
in. Subdue this cop, put him in the container.

Repeat this process if there is another cop outside. Do make sure to hide the
body out of view though (alcove should be fine) as your main target may walk
through the door in a bit.

Once the area beyond the door is clear, you need to wait for one of your
targets. Your primary target may come by, if he does, as long as you're in
this Barber disguise, just ignore him for now. A message will say he's going
to the barbershop, and he'll wait for you.

Your target will eventually come down here and relieve himself on a wall. This
is your time to Garrote him, then stash him in a nearby dumpster.

Barbershop: Target Elimination 2  (9.22)

Head back into the building via the basement door. Head back up the stairs
to the first floor, but once you get to the top move into the main large room.
Again, Barber disguise should be fine here. In the corner, you'll see a couple
of guys standing in a kitchen, there's some pizza here too. Right next to
the kitchen is an adjacent room with a container and some shelves.

Your next target passes through this small room, where you can safely Garrote
him while he's moving. The two people in the kitchen should be facing away,
so you just need to make sure the door in this room is CLOSED so no one sees
you. Try to get him while he's in the middle of the room. Once he's down,
there's a container nearby.

Pacifying your Primary Target  (9.23)

This is easy if you saved him for last. If he's not waiting for his haircut,
just wander around until you see him, he should head down to the barber area.

Once he's in the chair, just walk up to him and use the "Pacify" prompt. Yes,
you can even do it in front of the cop just chilling there, because if you
saved him for last, it triggers the end of the mission.

Mission complete.

Mission 10: End of the Road                                            (10.00)

Wow. Shortest. Level. Ever. Okay, so being the nice guy I am, I didn't kill him.
Subduing him doesn't really do anything, so don't bother getting up next to
him and doing that. Actually, if this is your first time through, do not
subdue him. Although he is technically still alive, for whatever reason you
will not be rewarded with the trophy for letting him go.

What is funny though is if you just drive away you'll hear him complaining at
the mission results screen.

Mission complete I guess?

Mission 11: Dexter Industries                                          (11.00)

Sigh, after that wonderfully easy mission, we have a tough one.

Dead End  (11.10)

From where you start, walk to the second jeep that is just in front of you.
Use the car alarm to alert the nearest guard. He should come in between the
two cars, where he is safe to subdue. Take his disguise, but you can't stash
him unfortunately. Just put him out of view.

Head up to your first objective. There might be a guard leaning on the
building, so keep an eye out. climb through the window, then disable the first
security system.

The Backup Security System  (11.11)

Climb through the next window, and then take cover at the three oil drums.
Pick up the Hammer for later. At the oil drums, pan the camera to the right a
bit to see some low wooden fencing, that's your next cover. If he's not there,
you need to wait for a guard that stops at the jeep right in front of you.
If he is there, wait until he starts to walk to the right, then follow him
to your next cover.

Using these big tree trunks on the ground for cover, keep an eye on that guard
I told you to follow, he should stop up ahead pretty soon. Pan the camera to
the right, right around where he is (he should be out of sight though) and
you should see another car in the distance. That's your next target.

Keep the camera on the guard as he moves back, but also look for another guard
that may be patrolling on the other side of the dirt road, next to the small
shack. He shouldn't give you problems, but keep out of his sight as best you

As soon as the jeep-guard heads back and passes you, hug the right wall and
move to the car. You want to stop and take cover on the right DOOR of the jeep.
Stay here and watch the next security building, a guard will move, notice you
a bit, but shouldn't spot you. He'll start talking to another guard.

While he's talking, pan the camera to the left to see a bunch of guards, there
should be a few moving. One is heading to you, but he'll stay on the other
side of the road. He'll face you, so keep that in mind when you're clear to
move into the security building.

As soon as the two guards at the security building are done talking, change
cover to the three oil drums. You should see that guard I was talking about
facing you. Wait until he turns his back, then climb through the window of
the security building.

Slip past the guard, and disable the security system.

Getting to the Mill  (11.12)

Climb out the next window to see a body container, and a wooden fence that is
to your left. Use the fence as cover, and eye this guard standing directly
in front of you, staring at a locker.

He'll leave after a while, and when he does, move to where he was, moving up
the stairs and find the nearest cover at the top of the stairs. Make sure to
hug the outer wall as best you can as you move to the top of the stairs.

You should be at a small piece of wooden cover. Change cover to the next
slightly larger piece of cover, and then pan your camera around to see a large
opening. Move through it and the door is your exit. You should be fine to
pick the lock.

Old Mill  (11.20)

Head up the stairs, and try to subdue the guard there because he leaves really
quick. If you don't get him, just reload, since you hit a checkpoint. Take his
disguise and stuff him in a locker.

There's an electric panel to sabotage nearby. Do so, and go to the stairs to
get out of sight to wait for a guard to come up and fix it. Subdue him, stash
him in the locker as well.

Next, head to the area where the next two guards are. Wait for one of them to
move and he'll start looking at the floor. First target is the guy next to the
TV/console crouching down. See the metal fencing he's crouched next to? You
can move to the other side of this fencing, cover, then grab him, pulling him
over to subdue him. Move his body to the nearest dumpster; the one furthest
from the other guard. You'll need an item for this next guy.

          -----------------If you don't have an item----------------

If you don't have one, go back to the part of the metal fencing you pulled
the last guy over. Notice the test dummy sitting down, but hold on, a new
guard may have just arrived.

The Metal Pipe is right next to the test dummy, and this new guard will hover
the area near the stairs, so you're free to use cover right next to the dummy.
Make sure you are safe, pick up the Metal Pipe and then move back to the
electric panel you sabotaged.

Item in hand, back at the electric panel you sabotaged, throw your item at the
electric panel. The guard looking at the floor should come up so you can
subdue him. Can't use the locker to stash him, but there's another container
in the area, right next to the locker, in a corner (on the other side of the

Last guy, just watch his movements and subdue when you get a chance. He stops
at the table for a second or two. Pick a container to put him in.

Make sure to grab the Keycard from the table.

Head up two flights of stairs, use the "Ledge" prompt, and head through the
door at the top. Section complete.

Descent  (11.30)

This can get a bit tough towards the end.

You've got some ledge climbing to do, get to it. Your first stopping point
will be a window with a guy talking on his phone. Don't kill the poor guy and
just wait until he leaves. Move past the window once he does, and you should
see another ledge to climb down. Do so. The floor should shake some when you
climb down, but you're fine.

Continue down some stairs and pick up that Bottle! It'll make things easier.
Do a bit more climbing down and you'll get to another doorway with a couple
of guys talking. Take cover and survey them.

They talk for quite a bit, but wait and while you're at it take a look at the
guard with the flashlight in the back; he's staring straight in your direction
and I don't think he ever moves. Also pan your camera left to see as much into
the room as you can. Notice the short wall, you're headed in this direction

As soon as they stop talking, one guy will go back looking to a desk, while
the other moves to the far side of that short wall to the left. Once the guy
at the left stops, head into the room, hugging the left wall. Keep going until
you reach a Checkpoint. Activate it.

Descent: Checkpoint 1  (11.31)

Pan the camera around the room to notice some stairs leading down. Go down
slowly, as there are two more guards talking. Wait until they are done and let
them go through the fenced door. I really hope you picked up that Keycard.

          ---------------If you don't have a Keycard----------------

If not, you're going to have to hook a right and move around. Go through the
doorway to head outside (mindful of any guards, it should mostly be clear).
You should notice another shack out here. Head into this shack to see a Radio,
pick it up if you have no item. There's a ladder here too, climb down it, but
there may be a guard walking in circles down here, so be careful. Once you
climb the ladder, go left (don't go towards outside) and you'll be past the
Keycard door. Go inwards towards the cave, and you should see a container with
a red light above it, get to it.

Keycard and Bottle in hand however, use the Keycard on the door and follow
those two guards. They'll get to a big area with some mining carts. As soon
as you are next to the Proximity Mines.

Turn the corner left, then another immediate left to find yourself in a small
area. Head down all the way into this small area, and take cover against a
"window" so you have a perfect view of the meeting.

*********************************Special Note*********************************
* If you're slow I think it's possible to miss the meeting. If you do,       *
* reloading is quick if you have the Keycard and Bottle. But you can always  *
* try to avoid the guards and move into this small room here.                *

As the meeting ends, you need to wait. The guard directly across from you
(who is unfortunately facing you) never moves. The big opening he is in front
of is your destination. Here's the plan:


1) Keep waiting at your window until a guard moves up and leans on it. Keep

2) As he moves away, you should see the other moving patrol coming towards
the large opening. Start to ready your item to throw, aiming towards the left,
as far as you can manage.

3) That patrol that is near the opening will walk back. Let him turn around,
take a few steps away from the immobile guard, then toss your item to the
left, wherever you're aiming.

4) The immobile guard should come to inspect. As soon as you get behind him,
do so. Scale the cover, keep crouched, use the mining cart as best you can to
break view of you.

5) As soon as your through, head right and stop at the corner where the red
light is.


Stop at this corner with the red light (it's a flare) and wait for two guards
to talk a bit, then start moving. There may be a third guard leaning against
a pillar in the distance. If he's there, wait for him to start moving as well.

There's a group of 3 guards somewhere in the middle, but if you keep your
distance they won't bug you. Keep to the exterior of the pillars and try to
follow the two guards.

The third one patrols up and down near where they ultimately end up, so you
have to watch him. Don't try to slip past him as he is leaning on the wooden
railing; instead, wait until he patrolling back, and get behind him. You can
use the outermost pillar as cover as he walks back.

As soon as it's clear, use the left path (the path the two guards are not on)
and take a left as soon as you can. Go down two flights of stairs (you should
get the "Restore Power" objective), and just wait until the two guards'
conversation is over.

Once they're done, they'll start walking back. But hold on, that patrol may
be coming back now. Wait until he's done leaning on the rail, have him head
back, and head to the objective marker to restore the power. Once you have,
head back down the stairs.

All the way down to start up the generator. It calls a lift. Enter it, and
the section is over.

Factory Compound  (11.40)

This section sucks.

Only one way to go, so go for it and you should see a guard at the tunnel exit.
He'll move as you approach, but you may need his disguise if you haven't
changed in a while. If you don't have the Factory Guard disguise on (but you
probably will) follow him. He'll relieve himself at a tree, then you can
subdue. !Carefully! drag him back to the container near the stairs.

You only have one path here. There's a long bridge with a bunch of guards.
Keeping out of view as best you can, use the first mine cart on the bridge
as cover. You will notice a "Climb Down" option right next to you. When you
have a chance, climb down.

Shimmy, shimmy, and shimmy some more. The guards can actually spot you here,
if you are directly below them. So if there is a guard coming up, wait until
he turns around. Raise up when you get to the end, assuming it's clear.

Pan the camera right as soon as you can, to see a red colored fence. Head
to this fenced off area, and in the back is your first Checkpoint.

Factory Compound: Checkpoint 1  (11.41)

From the Checkpoint, you should be able to see a big truck, and some black
piping nearby. There is also a red fence, that's your target. You want to get
to the left of this red fence for another "Ledge" prompt. Move when you know
it's safe.

On the ledge, move past the window and keep going to the other side. Once
there, take cover against some pipes, directly behind a trucker looking down.

Here, wait until the trucker moves to another big truck to the left. Mind the
guard, and hug the left (the metal railing by the cliff) to avoid him. Once
you are past the truck, you should see a window to climb through.

Use cover on this wall with the window, hug it and move to the other end.
Cover change when you can to get to a small roofed area with some pipes, an
oil drum, and some boxes. Take cover on the pillar here.

Pan your camera and you should notice a guard in front of you, and he's
standing in front of a door. If he's not there, that means he is the room
that the door leads to. Wait for him to come out if he's not there.

If he is outside, wait for him to go through the door and follow him into the
room. He'll stand for a bit before heading back out, so here's your chance
to subdue him. Make SURE the door is CLOSED before subduing. There's a
container right next to you to stash him in.

Open the other door, and just wait to see if there are any guards around.
There is one right next to you, but he's at the corner where he can't see you.
While you're surveying here, pan the camera left to see a small portion of a
jeep windshield. You're going to head towards this jeep, and turn left at the
corner when you get to it.

Before going, read below, you have to be very careful (and/or quick) around
here since there are so many guards:


Like I said, you need to turn the corner where that jeep is, your destination
is a short brick wall just beyond the corner (next to some stairs) but this is
NOT safe cover, so you're going to a different location:

1) When you think it's clear, head to the jeep, turn left at the corner and
keep hugging the wall to get to the short brick wall next to the steps.

2) If you think it's clear, Change Cover to move quickly to the other brick
wall cover on the other side of the stairs, keep hugging that wall.

3) From here, you should be able to have a view of a bunch of boxes stacked up
near a wall. That's where you're going.

4) If you think it's clear, move. Keep to the short brick wall to break view
of the two guards at the top of the stairs.

5) This is safe cover, you can take a breather.


You should notice a 2 story building with a bunch of windows next to you (not
the building with the guards at the top of the stairs). Move along this
building's wall and eventually you'll turn a corner (watch for patrols!).

As you turn the corner you should see a small security building (like the ones
that were in the first area). When the guard in the building is not looking,
climb through the window, then just keep going and climb through another
window. You should be in a corner, at a jeep.

Look directly across the road and you should see an opening in a wooden fence,
this is your next destination. Make sure it's clear (you can sabotage nearby
to get the nearest guard to move if you want), and hug the exterior wall as
best you can to get into this small fenced off area.

Once there, you'll see a doorway into a garage. Get into the garage, and take
a left. You should see another opening to the back area of the garage. Go
through it and there's a Checkpoint in the corner. Activate it.

Factory Compound: Checkpoint 2  (11.42)

There's a guard nearby, standing near a table, but you can ignore him.

Head back to the entrance to the garage, and you should see the Arms Dealer
wandering around his car. This is your next target. There is a jeep in the
garage, so use the car alarm and he should come to inspect. Assuming there
are no patrols directly outside, you're free to subdue. There's no real good
place to stash him though, try to keep him somewhere out of sight.

*********************************Special Note*********************************
* If you reloaded the last checkpoint, the Arms Dealer is harder to subdue.  *
* Hit the car alarm to get the nearest guard to move in, then subdue him.    *
* Move his body out of view so the Arms Dealer doesn't see it. Hit the alarm *
* once more, and the Arms Dealer should come.                                *

This is a near-perfect disguise. You can stroll around freely with it on,
so head back to all those stairs with the two guards at the top, and enter the

As you enter, just keep going into the next room, and head for your exit. Call
the elevator, and there may be a guard there talking on his phone. Be patient
and wait for him to leave the elevator, then get in.

Section complete.

Mission 12: Death Factory                                              (12.00)

Test Facility  (12.10)

Head down the hallway and turn right when you can. You're okay to enter
through the door, do so. There's a Keycard on the table, pick it up and head
back out. Use the Keycard on the big double doors nearby.

There's a fire alarm on the wall in this room. Plan where you're going to
hide, then walk up and activate it. A guard will come out. Subdue, take his
disguise, and you can just leave him there (I didn't see any containers

In your new disguise, just keep crouched and enter the room he came out of.
The other guard is REALLY focused on his notepad. The files are literally
right next to you on a desk (although the door may be blocking the view of
them) as you walk into the room. Just pick them up and head out.

Head back to the room where you got the Keycard. Access the computer in the
corner and some doors will open outside. Head out, turn left, and keep going
until you get to an elevator. Ride down, you got your first Checkpoint.

Test Facility: Target Elimination  (12.11)

Once the elevator is at the bottom, first edge up to the doorway on the right.
Pan your camera your camera and you should see some red double doors in the
corner. That's your exit when you've eliminated your target, so make note of

You want to go the other way though, so head left and you should see a yellow
ladder you can climb up. Do so and take cover on the box at the top of it.

There's probably a patrolling guard headed your way, so wait until he's clear
and you're going to want to keep going straight. Your destination is the other
end of this walkway.

You'll pass a place to hide, use it if you need to. As you get close to the
corner, you'll notice a guard and a scientist. The scientist is on his phone,
take cover on the tall wooden crates near the wall, and just wait for him to
be done. While you wait, notice where he's standing, there's an opening with
some stairs he's standing in front of.

Once he's done, he should move as well as the guard. When the guard is leaning
on the rail next to you, that's your time to move to that opening the
scientist was standing in front of. Get there and head down the stairs.

Hey a Checkpoint. Activate it.

Test Facility: Checkpoint 1  (12.12)

So this next area is a bit small so it's harder to move around in, and there
are a few guard patrols. The scientists don't care about you, but given the
small area you don't want to walk right next to a guard (unless you're ready
to use R1).

Head down the next flight of stairs next to the checkpoint, through the
doorway. Not far from the doorway there is a grey door on your right. Open it
and you should see a scientist looking at something. This is where the
security system is.

So we're going to do something different here. First a preview run: In this
room, there's a window to climb through in the dividing wall (it's right next
to a place to sabotage). Climb through to get behind the two guards. You'll
want to wait here until the two guards leave, then disable the security
system. You can do it now, but if you want to make it easier on yourself...

Reload the checkpoint. Now that you know where to go and what to do, head
right back to it and disable the security system when you have a chance. Equip
the Fiber-Wire while you wait for the two guards.

When the security system is disabled, just wait. Your target will be coming
into this room, and while he's in here that's your chance to Garrote. Do so
and try to put his body out of view. I used the cover I was at while waiting
for the guards.

Now you just need to exit. Retrace your steps to get back to the elevator.
Exit this room and get to the checkpoint. Before you go upstairs, realize you
will need to wait for the scientist on the phone to move again. Wait until
the guard is leaning on the railing once more, and head across the walkway.

Use the hiding spot if it helps, then get to the ladder you climbed up when
you started. Head down to the elevator. Your exit is close by, take the red
double doors.

Decontamination  (12.20)

Head down the hall but stick the to the right. Make sure you're crouching and
you should eventually come to a door with a bunch of windows around it. Change
cover to safely move forward, take a right at the corner.

Enter the doorway here and then go right, between some blue lockers. There is
a disguise on the ground, you want to use it. You're in a Scientist disguise,
but you have to be really careful of the other Scientists that walk around

Your destination is a small room nearby with 3 guards in it watching TV. There
are 2 windows to climb through so check with R1 to make sure there are no
Scientists in your way, and climb through.

Making sure there are no Scientists, just use the security computer to disable
the security system; no one should bother you. Once it's down, head into the
bathroom you're right next to.

In the bathroom there's a vent up on the wall, in the corner. Use it and move
through it. Drop down and quickly go to your right, up the stairs and through
the double doors.

Section complete.

R&D  (12.30)

You are going to need the Researcher disguise. Go down the stairs and head
through the first double doors to find a couple of researchers. Be careful in
here; the guy in the corner never moves, but the other one does raise
awareness while you're in the Scientist disguise. Use the table in the middle
for cover.

Pan the camera to the right wall of the room and you should see a Radio on the
counter; it's underneath a painting, and next to a coffee machine. Also note
the door in the nearby corner. When you're clear of the 1 moving Researcher,
pick up the Radio and head out that door in the corner.

Drop the Radio just outside the door, as close to the railing as you can
manage. Your hiding spot is going to be the staircase you're right next to.
Turn on the Radio, then head down the stairs to get out of sight. The moving
Researcher in that room should come investigate. If you think he's in a good
position, subdue (but have him turn off the Radio first!). Take his disguise,
but you have to leave him for a second.

Go in the previous room and subdue the other researcher. Stash them both in
the locker located in this room.

R&D: Target Elimination 1  (12.31)

You'll keep the Researcher disguise for the majority of this. When you have
it, go back to the main large circular stairwell you started in. Head down to
the second set of double doors (Test Chamber) and pick up the Fire
Extinguisher there. You may see your target, but just ignore him for now and
continue down the stairs.

Ignore the first double doors that says "Chemical Lab" and instead go to the
second double doors (it will also say Chemical Lab). There should be a guard
leaning against the railing here, enter this room.

DO NOT activate the Checkpoint yet, we'll get the target first. Just walk a
bit beyond the Checkpoint so you can turn around and look at the doors you
just came through. To the left is a window covered in blinds. Toss the Fire
Extinguisher somewhere in the corner to get the guard leaning on the railing
to come inside. Subdue, stash him in the nearby closet. Pick up the Fire
Extinguisher again.

Your target passes this room you are in. You want to do the same thing as
your target passes the room: Toss the Fire Extinguisher in the corner to get
him into this room, then Garrote him, then stash him in the same closet.

No worries if you miss him the first time, you'll just need to be patient. He
walks back and forth, but he does have a long patrol route.

Once eliminated and stashed, activate the Checkpoint.

R&D: Target Elimination 2, Checkpoint 1  (12.32)

This guy is quite easy, but you might get some awareness grief by the guards.

Head out to the main stairwell once more, go down the stairs until you see the
next double doors you see ("Special Weapons"). Be careful about entering, you
just need to be mindful that there is a researcher that moves in the middle of
the room. You should be safe to enter, just carefully. Watch the researcher in
the middle here, but also pan your camera around to see an opening in the
corner (move a bit closer and you should see a guard in it). Get to the guard

Get behind him and subdue him. Take his disguise, and just drag him up the
stairs he is next to a bit. Head back into the room with the researchers, pan
around and you should see an opening that leads down into another room, go
into it.

Hey there's a Checkpoint. Sure, go activate it.

R&D: Checkpoint 2  (12.33)

From Checkpoint 2, head back to the main stairwell, go until you hit some
stairs. Do NOT go down the side with the guard at the bottom. Instead go
down the other and you should pass a Syringe.

Head to the large opening in the middle with all the electrical stuff. You
want to move around the left side of this circular opening, so you stay on the
side with just the 2 researchers that are currently talking.

Once past the 2 researchers, there is a valve. Get your Fiber-Wire equipped,
and watch for your target (R1 if you wish). As soon as he gets close to you
(he will stop by a chair), use the valve.

You'll have 30 seconds of free activity. Get behind your target to Garrote,
and just drop him there to leave him. Head back to the valve to see that there
is a button nearby for you to press, it activates a bridge.

Use the button if you haven't already, and just wait for the bridge to extend.
Once it has cross and use the double doors.

In the next room just use the prompts. Listen to the guy talk if you want, but
you don't have to. Once done, head on through the next set of doors, and
you're done.

Mission complete.

Mission 13: Fight Night                                                (13.00)

Patriot's Hangar  (13.10)

Be careful as you walk forward, there's a bunch of guards in the next area and
they could spot you as soon as you walk into view.

Find a spot out of view to just sit and watch for a second. The guards will
talk a bit then start to spread out. A group of 3 goes off to a corner to the
right, and there is 1 of those guards that you want to be careful of.

Ignore the door to your left for now. You should see some light brown boxes
stacked up in front of you (there's a test dummy right above them). Take cover
directly below the test dummy, against these boxes.

Your first goal is to get an item. Pan your camera to the right and you should
see 2 more identical stacks of light brown boxes. There is a Metal Pipe on one
of them, so get to it by moving along the cover (making sure the guard in the
far corner I pointed out before isn't watching), and then change cover to get
to it.

Pipe in hand, head back to the cover right underneath the dummy, and you
should see a body container to your left. Move into this small corridor and
just after you pass the small light on the floor, the guard that was standing
right next to the Metal Pipe should move.

Head back to your previous cover once more. Aim your Metal Pipe somewhere
close to the body container (the wooden crate right next to it is fine) and
that guard should come to inspect. If he doesn't have his back turned to you,
wait until he is moving back to his patrol, then subdue him as he is walking
back. Take his disguise and stash him in the container. Get back to your
previous cover (again, underneath the dummy).

Make sure you picked up your Metal Pipe again before you start this next part
(although there are some other items around you can pick up).

You're going to want to move around the room using Change Cover, so start by
heading to where the Metal Pipe first was. Remember the 3 guards in the corner
and start heading to the RV.

Eventually you'll get to a corner (the corner with the toy duck on a crate).
Look around a bit, and you should see some more of those light brown boxes
in 5 different stacks, along the exterior wall.

Your ultimate goal is the Patriot, the wrestler who is nearby, to get his
disguise, but you have to isolate him. This can get a little weird since you
have to try to get him (and the guy next to him as well) out of view to subdue.

Right across those 5 stacks of light brown boxes, should be some more cover
and you should see two tires leaning against it. You need to maneuver around
this cover depending on how the NPCs approach to investigate. That in mind,
let's start:

1) Standing next to the two tires, aim your item to throw at one of the MIDDLE
stacks of the light brown boxes.

2) Throw your item and watch the NPC. Move around the cover with the tires as
the situation dictates to move behind your target.

3) The trainer should come first. If he's out of view, subdue. Drag him to
a container in the corner where the toy duck is.

4) Repeat the process. The Patriot should come next. Subdue if safe, and take
his disguise. This is a perfect disguise; no one will spot you with it.

Now that you've been promoted to Wrestler, head back to around where the
mission started and look for your exit (the double doors). Head on through and
the section is complete.

The Arena  (13.20)

This is really straight-forward with the Patriot disguise. Just follow the
hallway down. You'll be fighting your target hand-to-hand, which means it's a
QTE event.

Your target hits particularly hard, and on Hard mode you can only survive
about 3 hits. Fortunately however, the QTE plays out in a very predictable
sequence, if you want to read ahead:

(Circle) to start,
(Square) <----Mash this until you see,

That's it. Once you hit triangle, he'll stagger, then it repeats itself.

Once he's down, just exit the arena, pick up your guns, and then exit through
the doors.

Mission complete.

Mission 14: Attack of the Saints                                       (14.00)

I don't know about you, but I thought that cutscene was kind of cheesy.

Parking  (14.10)

You start off in a vent, but there's nothing to worry about for a bit. Just
continue until you get closer to outside. You should see an Iron as well
as your suit on the ground, before heading outside. Pick it up if you wish,
and head on out to see your next objective.

Parking: Elimination 1  (14.11)

Head down and you should see a body container on the left wall. Hop into it
and watch the 3 people coming down (one is your target). You'll be waiting
for a bit, so equip your Fiber-Wire.

As soon as they pass, hop out. Let them continue for a second, and the 2
guards will go into the room you started in. Once the first guard moves in,
Garrote your target, drag her back to the container you were hiding in.

Too easy. Too bad the rest aren't that easy.

Head down the next hallway and activate the Checkpoint at the end.

Parking: Checkpoint 1  (14.12)

Careful walking down the stairs, there are a bunch of guards in the parking
lot. They'll talk a bit, just wait until they are done so they spread out.
Keeping along cover so you're out of view, change cover once and look for a
Brick if you don't have an item. Brick/item in hand, head back to the

You need to distract the closest guard, so toss your item somewhere near
the wooden/bamboo railing (corner is good) to get him to come and investigate.
If he's in a good spot, subdue him, then take his disguise. Unfortunately
getting to the container is too risky, so leave him.

Head back down the stairs taking cover. You want to get to the other side of
that car just in front of you. When you think it's clear, move to it, and
then move beyond to the bus area, where you should see some items.

If you need another item, pick up the explosives, just don't trigger them.
There should be a gun on the other stack of cases. Use this for cover, you
are going to distract that guard that is right next to you, standing by the

Throw your item near the rear tire of the bus, then sneak behind the
inspecting guard to subdue. Toss his body in the dumpster nearby. Look at the
area beyond the totem-pole gates, you should see a guard and a civilian.

Unfortunately you cannot save the civilian without killing the guard or
having the civilian spot you. Go through the gate when it's safe, and get to
the wooden pole fence on the right for cover. Just let the civilian die

Pan the camera to the left to see a wall with a surf board on it. Take cover
on this wall, and move forward so you're at some more wooden-pole fencing. You
should see more guards.

Parking: Target Elimination 2  (14.13)

Continue to change cover to move through the first part of this section. When
you hit a cover with a large green plant, stop and wait for the two guards
to start moving. Pick up a Golf Club nearby if you don't have an item.

You just wanted to get those two guards moving. Once they do, head back to
the surf board.

So you have three guards standing nearby. 1 patrols, the other 2 don't move.
You have to do some item tossing to subdue them one by one, and you need to
subdue them in this area. So find an item nearby if you don't have one, and
let's get started.

You need to throw at the surf board on the wall to get them to move. Since
more guards will be moving into this area by distracting them, you need to
move the bodies. You can either:

1) Drag them to the area by the bus. You have 1 space left in that container,
and there is another container around, but it's too risky to get to. You can
just drop extra bodies near the bus, just try to keep them out of view as best
you can. REMEMBER there are TWO guards that patrol nearby, and you need to
make sure you don't get spotted when dragging to the bus area.


2) Look around in the surf board area and you should see an opening in the
corner. There should be a long wooden-pole fence near it. You can drop the
bodies out of view here, but make SURE they're not in line with the opening;
there is a guard in the previous area that can see through it.

Get to work, and when you're done, your target is pretty easy to access. Go to
where all those 3 guards used to be standing, and take cover so you can survey
the bar up ahead.

Your target moves really close to this bar, but so does another guard. When
it is clear, head to the bar and hop into the container that is there. Watch
all 3 from here (using your radar too). The two guards generally have line
of sight of your target, but eventually, you'll get your chance to Garrote.

Notice the further guard, in the golf course: I didn't risk trying to Garrote
as he stopped near the water/bridge, I waited until he stopped at the other
end of his patrol.

When you think you have your chance, Garrote her and quickly stash her body
in the container. Depending on where the bridge-guard is, use the appropriate
cover to make sure you stay out of view.

You're right next to your exit, but you have to pick the lock. So you need to
wait until the bridge-guard stops at either end of his path, then head for
the door. Pick the lock and this section is finally done.

Reception  (14.20)

If you thought that last one kind of sucked, this one might be worse.

Reception: Target Elimination 1  (14.21)

Notice your radar and see that your first target is already nearby. Take
cover against the First Aid and edge towards the door to get her and a guard
to start talking. Quickly take cover using the counter they are right next to.
From here you can "Attack" your target and kill her safely, without alerting
the guard. Drag her to the freezer that was right next to your starting point.

Grab an item (Hula Girl nearby, lots in the area with the counter) head back
to the First Aid and take cover there. Throw your item in the corner where the
door is to get the nearest guard to move, subdue if he's positioned correctly.
Stash him in the nearby container.

Your next guard (you may have gotten him while trying to distract the first
actually) to get comes into the room with the bar counter and stands
almost right next to the body container in the middle of the room. He makes an
"L" shaped patrol, through another small room you can access from here.
So what you want to do:

1) Wait until the guard stops next to the body container.

2) Enter the small room.

3) As soon as you enter the room, you should see a door and a window to your

4) Take cover against the wall, so you're right next to the door.

5) As he enters the room, attack him and subdue.

6) Can't stash him quite yet, so just drag him so the door can close. Leave
him in this room.

Okay now that this area is cleared, we'll start working on the next target.

Reception: Target Elimination 2  (14.22)

You need another item, go grab it. Head back to the starting room with the
First Aid. Remember that door you tossed that item near? Use it to go outside,
and edge up towards the guard and hotel owner to get the conversation started.
You don't want to move far from the door though, so just take cover on the
wall that has the coconut-drink on top of a small wooden bar stool. Edge
closer to the two if the conversation hasn't started.

As they talk, there is another guard (he patrols) nearby, watch him too.
After the poor owner gets shot, the guard will move back. He will start
moving again eventually, so you need to do this now or wait until he moves,
comes back, then stops again:

1) When he's at this closest stopping point, aim your item at the door you
came through.

2) Toss your item, then VERY QUICKLY move through the door, and take cover
on the other side, so you can look out the door (if the door closes, just
watch your radar).

3) As SOON as he turns around, get up behind him and subdue.

4) Be CAREFUL of the patrolling guard I mentioned earlier, if you took too
long to get behind the guard, this other guard might spot you.

5) If the patrol isn't around, drag the body to where you started this area.

Your next goal is the patrolling guard. Move forward a bit so you can see an
enclosed area (where the owner was shot), there's a tire swing here, a table,
among other things. The patrol goes through here and stops. You want to wait
until the patrol exits the area, then you want to move into it.

As soon as he's gone, move into the area and take cover along the backside of
the wooden bench that is right next to the table (table with a Radio on it).
Note the body container right next to you, and wait for your target. You can
subdue him when he stops here, just be careful.

At least your last target is a cinch. Notice the Radio on the table? Turn it
on, and she'll come turn it off. As soon as she turns away, there's your
chance to Garrote. Put her in the same container as the previous guard.

Parking: Getting to the Exit  (14.23)

Remember the small room where you subdued that guard? The one right next to
the area with the large bar area close to where you started? Head there. If
you wish, if you have any free bodies lying around, you can now safely move
them to the container in the middle of that building, but you have to make
sure you drag them behind the bar counter and through the small room.

If you don't feel like stashing, that's okay too. Once ready, get to the small
room so you can open the door you haven't opened yet (it leads outside). Take
cover at the wooden fence near the torch, and wait for the guards'
conversation to be over.

Unfortunately, I cannot seem to find a way to get to the exit without use of
R1 to blend in, so that's what you'll be doing. While you're here, notice
there's an opening just beyond the trunk of the yellow car, that's where
you're going through, but there is a guard.

You can take a look at this guard if you hit R1 for a sec, and you'll see he's
facing you. So after those two guards are done talking, edge on over there,
and prepare to use R1 to move past. You can stop as soon as you get behind
him. Take cover near the next opening to watch the next 2-3 guards.

There is one more conversation to wait for, and depending on how long you
waited, it may already be done. Wait until you see a guard checking the bodies
of the dead civilians.

The exit is right in front of you, but the door needs to be picked. There are
three guards to watch:

1) One just stands near the exit, but he doesn't move.

2) One is checking the bodies. He moves from body to body.

3) The other patrols, and he stops near these other two guards. He has a
fairly long patrol route, so he's the last to worry about.

First, we need to distract and subdue the guard standing in this area with
you (the guy right next to the tires). Right behind him is a Screwdriver if
you need it. Toss your Screwdriver in the corner of this area (at the palm
tree next to the dumpster) to get him to a safe place to subdue. Subdue then
stash him in the dumpster.

Next, one of the 3 guards around the exit. Pick up an item again and look to
the right of the dumpster to see 2 trash cans. Throw it at these trash cans.
Try to get one of the two guards at the exit. You should be safe to subdue,
stash him in the same dumpster.

Repeat the process to try to get the second guard at the exit. If the exit
is not cleared, you do not have to stash the body. If you want to, or if it's
not clear yet, there's another dumpster in this area. Be careful about using
it however, you want to make sure the last guard near the exit can't see you.

If you still have the patrolling guard moving around, you can either repeat
the process once more or wait until he turns away to get to the door. Pick the
lock as soon as you get to it.

Section complete.

Cornfield  (14.30)

This place is actually kind of interesting. It seems kind of daunting with all
the guards, but there are 2 Checkpoints, and the corn field actually is pretty
good cover.

Cornfield: Target Elimination 1  (14.31)

You'll notice your first target as soon as you start. Wait until all of them
move away, and you should see one solitary guy crouching. Also note the body
container next to the yellow car, near the wall.

You need to do it quickly, so as soon as you know you're clear, get up to
the crouching guy and subdue, quickly drag him back and stash him. The next
closest guard walks back, so you need to be quick.

Use the car alarm for the next guard, and make sure you navigate around the
car to properly subdue him. Stash him in the container.

Into the fields we go. You should see two guards near you on your radar, head
towards them, but don't get too close. The fields give pretty good cover as
long as you keep your distance (and crouched obviously). Heading all the
exterior (where the fence is) is the safest.

Your target is near a small shack close to the middle of the field. The shack
has a tree in front, a tractor, a red SUV, and a few guards. Keeping in the
fields and avoiding the guards, just try to look for the entrance to this
shack, you need to locate something before approaching.

Looking at the entrance, you should be able to see a large tire leaning
against a wall, and a window to climb through right next to that. Next to
the window is one side of the shack, and on that side is a generator. That
is your destination. Maneuver yourself to that side, but keep away from the
guards. You can swiftly move out of the corn fields to cross the dirt path,
but you're going to want to move back into the fields to approach the

As you get close to it, you may notice you can use a prompt next to it to
"Rig" it. If you think you can get to the generator without being seen, do so
and use the prompt. It does not work automatically, because like a previous
electrocuted target, you need to wait until the target comes to a certain

You may have noticed that the target goes into the shack on occasion. When
you think she is at the right spot (she should be right next to you, but in
the shack) turn on the lever. Target eliminated, back to the field.

You may have noticed the Checkpoint next to the shack. Activate it when you
get a chance.

Cornfield: Checkpoint 1  (14.32)

Next two targets are practically right next to each other. One is very simple,
the other is slightly more difficult. We're doing the easier one first.

Cornfield: Target Elimination 2  (14.33)

Head in the direction of the next two targets, using the corn fields to avoid
guards. As you get closer to the house, you may notice that one target is
lurking around in the fields. She is a very easy target here, so just make
sure you're not going to get spotted by one of the guards near her, and
Garrote. You can just leave her body.

Cornfield: Target Elimination 3  (14.34)

Close to where you just snuffed the last target, there's a small brownish
RV. Across the RV is kind of a mill-looking building (you can see a pallet
hanging by a crane if you pan up). You want to head to the opposite side of
this mill-looking building, where the corn field is.

There may be 1 problematic guard in the way. He seems to stay stationary,
crouched, looking back and forth. If he's there, since you're going to the
corn field right next to him, try to beeline it towards the exterior fence,
and he shouldn't notice you.

Move through the corn field and you'll notice a very small, partially
destroyed shack, right next to a water tower that's seen better days. Your
destination is this shack. There is 1 patrol (uses the "L" shaped dirt path),
so go when you think it's clear. Take cover in this shack, next to the
"Dog's Bone".

Pick up the Dog's Bone if you don't have an item. Three targets to look for:

1) Your main target, she comes close to the shack.

2) The guard patrolling along the "L" shaped dirt path.

3) The guard that patrols the deck of the house you are next to.

First, you want to get the guard along the dirt path. So with item in hand,
make sure it's clear to head back into the corn field you just came from.
Throw your item somewhere in the field so the guard investigates, and subdue
him in the field, as far away as you can from everyone. Leave the body here.
Pick your item back up and head back to the shack.

Second, your main target. You should be in cover, looking at the dirt path
and the water tower to your right. When your target is nearby, toss the item
near the water tower for a chance to Garrote. There is a container nearby you
can put her in if you want (you can "use" the container afterwards for a
fairly gruesome disposal).

Now you just need to exit. The exit is really close, in the middle of a bunch
of junk. Even though it's a short walk, there are a number of guards, and it's
not a direct exit. Before going, read on:

1) You need to walk to this area, but you'll need to break line-of-sight
multiple times.

2) A new objective comes up as soon as you get to this area, and you will
have to activate a prompt.

3) Walk back and forth as best you can to break any guard's view, and when the
prompt presents itself, use it (it's on the ground, on the mat in the middle).

Mission complete.

Mission 15: Skurky's Law                                               (15.00)

Courthouse  (15.10)

This is actually kind of fun if you know what to do.

From the start, turn around go through the double doors to exit the court. To
the right is a flight of stairs, take them up, then head left, to go through
another set of double doors. You're back in the court, but on the second

Proceed to just wait for the court hearing. On the left side of this area,
you'll see a cop standing by a table. Don't go by him quite yet, since it's
roped-off it's considered trespassing.

Eventually, some video "evidence" will be shown on a screen. Soon afterwards,
the cop next to the table will leave the restricted area, and head outside.
Once he's gone, quickly head up to the table and there should be a prompt
available (it's only available after the video is playing). Use the prompt to
turn off the video.

Quickly head back downstairs and go open the double doors to the court (where
you first started) to hear when the judge calls for a recess. As soon as he
does, turn around and face the stairs. You should see a hallway just beyond
the stairs, go into it and go into the Men's restroom BEFORE the "Tin Foil
Hat Man" gets close to it (if he goes in before you, it's considered

Once inside the restroom, you'll see a locker. Head into the locker and wait
for the tin foil guy. He'll be near the window, and you have a great chance to
subdue. Do so and take his disguise, put him in the locker.

Head back on out and just follow the cop as he leads you back to court. Go to
the defendant's desk when asked and you'll be forced to stop as the judge
carries out the sentence. Once he does, follow the cop back to the door in
the corner (the keycard door), he'll open it for you. Go through the door and
open the next.

Section complete.

Holding Cells  (15.20)

Start off by opening the next door and waiting for the cop to lead you
downstairs. Just keep following him and he'll lead you to an open cell. Get
into the cell, and wait for a minute. The cop that led you down will leave.
The cop sitting on the chair doesn't move, so you have 1 cop to watch.

The patrolling cop will stop and look at the shelf in front of you. As soon
as he stops, pick your lock, then head to where he was. DO NOT go for the exit
quite yet, instead go left and hop into the container.

The exit is locked, and needs to be picked, this is why you went into the
container. It is possible to pick the lock of your cell, head to the exit,
pick that lock and exit before the guard turns around, but it's a real close
shave. Heading into the container is much safer. Once his back is turned, hop
out and pick the lock.

Next section.

Prison  (15.30)

This place SUCKS for being such a short, confined area.

Slowly move towards the stairs, but don't go down. Watch the cop in the hall
and when he moves, take cover towards on the wall next to the first cell's
door. Three cops will be in this cell for a minute, so from here change cover
so you can move to the next cell.

See the locker across from the next cell? Hop in and wait. Eventually, 1 of
the 3 cops in that first cell will move over and stand right in front of you,
back turned. When he does, exit out and believe it or not, you can subdue.
You can also stash his body in that same locker you came out of, but just be
careful. Make SURE to take his disguise.

For whatever drug-induced reason, these cops' awareness spikes up SUPER fast.
So you want to try to keep your distance at all times. This next part needs to
be done VERY QUICKLY because you only get one real opportunity:


Take cover on the corner (move along until an objective marker pops up)
so you can see the square looking room, the current objective marker is in
that room. There should be a cop inside this room leaned over talking or if
he's done, moving back and forth. If he's talking, wait for him to start

There are 3 cops near the corner talking. There is 1 other cop patrolling back
and forth along the wall, just beyond the square room. So what you have to do
is subdue the cop in the square room while ALL FOUR cops are next to each
other. The things to note:

1) You have to do it quickly, for once the 3 cops' conversation ends, they all
become problematic.

2) The patrolling cop does stop for a while, but it could be a little too
long, and it's possible that once he moves to the spot with the 3 other cops,
their conversation will be ending. You want to try to take the first
opportunity to subdue that you get.

3) The only entrance to this square room is on the left. There is some cover
right next to the door though (it has a Screwdriver on it), so use it.

4) The cop in the square room should be subdued next to the button you are
supposed to use.

5) It is ENTIRELY possible that your first opportunity occurs as soon as the
cop in the square room stops at the button for the first time, right after
he's done talking.

6) Once subdued, quickly stash him in the locker, and if the patrolling guard
can't see you, press the button.


A cell right in front of the button opens, that's where you're going so when
you think it's safe, head out of the room and into that cell to get to a
hallway, and there will be 2 guards here, one is leaving.

The other is on the phone in a small room next to you. Just ignore him and
follow that cop that just left. You should see him as you turn the corner,
leaning against a wall. Right next to him is a place to climb. As soon as he
leaves, climb up the ladder.

On the small catwalk, just walk around to the other side. Before climbing down
be prepared to quickly turn left into another hallway to avoid the cops here.
In this hallway, you'll see a door, and there should be an opening on the left.
Head through the opening to get into a small room, and in the corner is kind
of a strange wooden vent-like thing. Use it and exit out the other side.

Pick the lock to the door in this room, exit out. Exit is right next to you,
and you should be safe to pick it.

Mission complete.

Mission 16: Operation Sledgehammer                                     (16.00)

County Jail  (16.10)

Not many options to start with. Break free first then hit the fire alarm on
the wall, then you can go back to your chair to hide. A cop will come up,
subdue when you get the chance, take his disguise. There's a container in the
next hallway, stash him there.

Head up the stairs in the hallway and just keep going; only one pathway here.
There's a cop here on the phone, either sneak past or subdue, there's a
container in this room to put him in if you want. Exit this room and you
should see a Checkpoint in the next hallway. Activate it.

County Jail: Checkpoint 1  (16.11)

From the Checkpoint, head back into the room you came from. On the wall next
to the body container is a vent, use it and head down to the other end. There
is a cop at the other end, so wait until he moves. When he does, subdue and
put him in the locker.

You should notice your objective marker in a room next to you. There are 2
cops in this room, and one kind of stands in a corner, and the other moves
back and forth. Your objective is to the left as soon as you enter through
the door, but you want to wait until the moving guard is turned away (use
R1 if you're having problems seeing him). Pick up BOTH of your guns, and
quickly exit the room.

As you exit the room, you should be right next to another door. Open it and
you should see a civilian talking with the cop behind the counter. Wait until
they are done, and the civilian will leave. Move yourself to the counter and
take cover there, so the cop can't see you.

Your exit is close, but there's a lot of cops in view. Keep moving along the
cover but do it quickly. As soon as you turn the corner try to head for the
exit to quickly open the door (use R1 to blend in if necessary). DO NOT move
along the counter to the door; there are some small swinging doors that will
lead you right next to those two cops.

Hopefully you got out safe. Next section.

Outgunned  (16.20)

Head straight for the pillar that should be right in front of you and take
cover. You're going to want to head right, so change cover and keep changing
until you reach the other side. Use anything to break any view, and get to
the right side of the truck.

Pan your camera to the right and you should see a grassy area. In this grassy
area there is a dumpster along a wall, near a corner. Look around this corner
and you should see a "Ledge" prompt, climb up and edge yourself to the next

There is a guard up here, but he'll eventually move. Once he does, subdue when
you can, take his disguise, and put him in the container located near where
he was first standing.

There's a Checkpoint up here, so go and activate it.

*********************************Special Note*********************************
* Be aware if you reload the checkpoint you will need to take this guard out *
* again.                                                                     *

Outgunned: Checkpoint 1  (16.21)

There's only one pathway out, and that's the stairs nearby. But there are two
guards down below, and you need to take them out. If you don't have an item,
go get the Brick located next to the body container up here.

Item in hand, toss the Brick in one of the corners near the big round metallic
thing on the roof. One of the guards should come up, use the big round metal
thing as cover and navigate around it to get your subdue. Stash him in one of
the containers around.

Repeat the process for the other guard. Once you're done, head down the stairs
and take cover near the opening so you can see the street.

There is a group of guys to your right, 1 immobile guard across the street,
and 1 patrolling guard on your side of the street. When you have an opening,
head out the opening and go right, and take cover at the black cases. You
should be safe if leaning against the single one that is parallel to the

The group of guards will eventually start moving. Wait until they pass, and if
that one patrolling guard has his back turned, scale the two cases so you
land on the sidewalk. Keep on the sidewalk and just head to the mailbox. Once
there, cross the street into the shoe shop where your exit is.

Burn  (16.30)

Not much to do but go forward for the first bit. Once you get to an area with
a bunch of shelves, there will be a lot of guards. This isn't too bad since
it's foggy, and there's plenty of cover. But it helps if you get a disguise

Just observe these first two guards. When you can catch one of them alone,
subdue, and take his disguise. Leave his body for the moment. Catch the other
one to subdue, and once he's down you can take him (and the other guy) to
one of the containers in the corners of the room. Mind the large opening to
the next area though, as there are a lot of guards.

One option is to actually take all the guards out for the "Misty Eyes"
challenge, but as you can imagine this can take quite a while. Instead,
observe the next large area for a second.

You should see a red ladder, and a guard facing away from you right next to
it. As you approach the ladder, the guard will move away. So when you think
you're okay (remember the smoke helps a lot to reduce awareness), move to the
ladder and climb up.

Just head all the way to the other end and you should see a spot to climb down
(the spot should be red on the floor with "Dexter Industries" labeled on it).
You're free to hop down safely, do so.

Continue to observe the various guards and keep moving along the exterior
wall. When you get to the next opening, you should see another guard with his
back turned to you and another red ladder in the distance.

Wait for the guard to move, and head to the ladder to climb up once more.
Once up, you're free to climb down immediately, but sit tight once you're back
down to watch for a single problematic guard.

I think he's the same guard that was in front of the ladder you just used
a second ago, and he comes nearby to where you currently are. Notice two
things: a body container right next to you, as well as a Gasoline Can against
the wall. Make note of the Gasoline Can's current location, and then pick it

Take cover on the stack of boxes right next to the ladder and the body
container. As the guard comes near, throw the Gasoline Can at the wall where
you picked it up. Use the "Attack" prompt from your corner as the guard
comes down, subdue.

Make SURE no other guard can see you as you stash the body. Now you can head
straight down this hallway, but take cover at the "L" shaped boxes that are
near the door, there may be 2 guards nearby, and one may be blocking the door

Just wait until you have an opening, slip by and through the door. The next
area has a solitary guard that you can ignore if you want. Get behind him to
open the door, and through another door to get outside.

There's a civilian outside, just ignore him. He certainly doesn't care if
you're in the Heavy Trooper disguise. Go up the stairs, into the building,
up two flights of stairs, and finally your exit door to lock pick.

Hope Fair  (16.40)

There's a single guard here. Wait until he starts moving and then move towards
the exit he went through. Instead of going through, turn around to see a large
set of stairs. There will be a guard coming in here soon, so exit this
building as quickly as possible.

Stay to the left exterior wall. You should go up some stairs to a stage-like
area, and then head back down some more stairs. Continue to move forward while
watching guards, using Change Cover as much as possible. Every guard directly
in your way should move, so if there is one stopped, just wait. You will need
to Scale Cover once.

Eventually you'll get up near the end where there are two guards talking about
Agent 47. Wait until they are done, and move to the large stack of barrels up
ahead. The guard that is directly in front of you doesn't move, and there is
a patrolling guard that comes next to him, then circles the stack of barrels
you are at.

When you get a chance, sneak behind both of them safely, use R1 if necessary.
The exit is almost directly behind the immobile guard. Quickly open the door
and get out of here.

Outskirts  (16.50)

I'm not sure how Agent 47 changed clothes that fast, but whatever.

Not much to this section, but it's sadly the first place I died. I died 3
times in a row in fact lol

You'll get a cutscene as soon as you enter the church. When the scene ends,
you need to QUICKLY aim and shoot your target. You start in Point Shooting
mode, so as soon as you can press L2 to aim, R2 to mark, and (Square) to

Again, this needs to be done VERY VERY QUICKLY, like less than 5 seconds I

Mission complete.

Mission 17: One of a Kind                                              (17.00)

This is not much of a mission. Suit up as directed. You can use the door by
the counter to go downstairs for some random stuff to find, including some
disguises if you didn't know.

Have to have your suit on to exit the level. So when you're ready, head out
the exit.

Mission 18: Blackwater Park                                            (18.00)

Blackwater Park  (18.10)

As you start, don't head into the building yet. Instead, when you're near the
two guards by the car, look around for a spotlight. Head back to it and there
are 3 guards talking nearby. Get close to them, but don't go past the metal
fencing that is set up.

One guard will eventually split off, follow him. He'll move to the two guards
by the entrance to the building. He'll talk for a bit, then split off again,
follow him some more. He relieves himself in a garden area, you can subdue
him safely here. Take his disguise, and unfortunately there is no place to
stash him.

Head down the stairs right next to you for an easier approach. Head towards
the building's stairs and take cover at the seahorse statue. Slip around the
corner, head up the stairs, and wait.

Before you go in, there will be a guard that is facing you because he's
talking to a couple of people. You have to be very careful in here, because
there are a lot of guards. Once you head (crouched, as always) in take a right
and immediately cover at the furniture. Change cover to move around the
furniture to close the distance to the next area.

By now, you should be behind a couch. From here, you should see the reception
desk in the area beyond. What you can't see is your destination: it's a large
opening on the right wall. So when you're ready, QUICKLY head around the
nearest wall and get through this large opening to break view. Take cover
in the corner by the plant.

You can Manage  (18.11)

This is a somewhat tough challenge to do on Hard, but I think it's worth it.
You need a particular NPC's disguise, and we're going to go get it.

The receptionist guy behind the counter doesn't care about you, so your
biggest concern is the patrol walking back and forth on the far side of the
multiple orange couches.

You want to keep on this side of the room, but head back to where he is.
Continue to hug the exterior wall as you move down, head straight down and
you'll see a door. Take cover next to the door, right below the window.

You need to worry about 2 guards here. Do NOT edge to the left along the
window quite yet. Instead, pan the camera around to see a vase, it should be
directly behind you from here, assuming you haven't knocked it over. Take a
couple of steps so you're next to it (and you'll probably knock it over).

From here, you should see another vase next to another doorway. Look directly
across from the vase, and on the wall, there is a vent. That's your
destination, but like I said there are 2 guards to watch:

1) The one on the other side of the window, he moves back and forth. If you
are at the first vase area, he should not see you.

2) A stationary guard that is mostly out of view. He's guarding another
doorway nearby, use R1 to spot him.

Do not move if the guard on the other side of the window is facing you. When
he turns, head straight to the vent and enter it.

Go through this vent, and at the other side, peek out and wait. There is a
single guard that moves through this room. Wait until he moves through, then
exit when it's clear.

There is only a single guard to watch here, and you can potentially see him
through the window. If he is facing your general direction, you should still
be okay. Keeping crouched, head through the door and just go straight, and
you should see another door on the left.

Head through that door on the left and you should be in a bathroom. There's
a vent in here, use it, but before exiting take another look. Make sure the
guard is not currently blocking that opening you see. If he is not there
(or approaching) exit the vent, and head into that small area with some
lockers. Head behind the lockers to get out of view of the guard.

There may be a receptionist guy in red here as well. If he is, that is the guy
we need. If he is not, just wait until he shows up. There is a Bottle near the
lockers, pick it up.

This is where it gets kind of risky. You need to isolate that guy (he's the
manager) by throwing the Bottle at the corner, so he moves out of view of all
the nearby guards. Before doing so, there are a few threats:

1) Your primary threat is that same security guard you passed a second ago.
You need to distract the manager and subdue while this guard has his back

2) Look for another doorway in this area. In the room beyond, there are two
others, another guard and a reception guy. These are less of a threat, because
they don't really stop in line-of-sight, but you should keep aware of them.

Throw the bottle at the plant in the corner, and the manager should come to
investigate. If he got pretty much right in the corner, he should be safe to
subdue. Take his disguise, and if that patrolling guard isn't looking (and
keeping an eye on that doorway nearby) carefully drag and stash the body
in the yellow locker in the other corner.

*********************************Special Note*********************************
* If the manager didn't get in a good spot, you may need another item. Head  *
* back to the vent and go through it once more to get back to the bathroom.  *
* Then head out the door (being careful of any guards) and look for a counter*
* along the wall; there should be a Knife there.                             *

Once in the Manager disguise, it's just about near-perfect. You can wander
around pretty much freely (the large windowed room we passed before where a
few cops were is TRESPASSING though). Head through that doorway I told you to

Head straight through this room and at the other end there's a doorway on the
left. Go through it to see a familiar hallway. There should be a door to
your right, go through it to get to a small laundry room.

Head straight through the next door, and then take a left into the main
reception room. Before you head to the elevator, PLEASE READ:


There is a woman in a suit that is supposed to open the elevator for you.
Unfortunately, she is quite glitchy, and I have had her stand around the
elevator, but not open it. I think it is because I was too close to her,
so to be clear:

This woman may not be in the area initially. So just scan the room from
where you entered to see if she is there. She stops at the reception counter,
and if she is there, just walk up to her and she'll make a comment. After
she does, let her lead the way and...


And let her unlock the door for you. Once she has scanned, the door should
unlock. However, if you gave her plenty of space, you may not be near the door.
Approach the door after you have seen her lean over and scan, and it should
open as you stand in front of it. If she ends up walking away, and the door
isn't opening as you are standing in front of it, it bugged.

If she doesn't scan correctly that time, she never seemed to do it again, and
I'm pretty sure you can only reload the checkpoint. Yes, you will need to do
the thing all over again.

It sucks, I know, but I haven't found a work-around as of this writing. I
tried to do a whole bunch of work to override the retinal scan, but I still
couldn't get it to work.


If the suited woman opened the elevator for you, well good, just walk through
and this section is done.

The Penthouse  (18.20)

Honestly that last section was quite difficult for me to figure out. This one
is much, much, much easier.

There's a ledge right in front of you, use it and shimmy across, then drop
down. You'll see a door, take cover next to it and open the door. You should
see a female guard. If you know it's clear, follow her as she leaves (but
don't go up the stairs she eventually goes up).

Instead, you'll see another guard in the hallway. Slip past him to get to
through the hallway behind him. Keep going until you get to a room with a
stuffed bear and a samurai suit of armor in the corner.

There's a doorway to another room to your left. You should also see another
suit of samurai armor in here, right by the window. Head to it, and take it
as a disguise. You should automatically be hiding (if not, use the prompt).

So you're going to chill here for a while. Equip your Fiber-Wire. Your target
will eventually come right in front of you, and stop at that computer on the
desk directly in front of you. That's your time to Garrote.

Your target comes with 3 guards, but she will ask them to leave. One stays in
the hallway they initially came from, and the other two walk off to the right.

Wait until you think it's safe to Garrote, stop hiding, get up there and get
it done. There's a container in the corner right in front of the desk. Stash
her, and we're almost done.

See that single solitary guard that stopped in the hallway right next to you?
Go subdue him, take his disguise, and put him in the same container as your

This is such a great disguise. You are almost perfectly safe with it, you just
need to keep away from the other 2 black ski-mask guards (the rest of your
target's escort team) and you'll be fine. None of the other guards care about

So head back into that hallway where you subdued the guard, and go through the
opening that the next guard is standing next to (it's the guard you passed

Turn left to move along the left side of the room (to be safe, the escort team
is facing you when you're in here). Keep on strolling to the next room where
there is a big window in the back, and a whale skeleton up above.

Soon you should see another opening on the left. Take it, head straight back
into a room with a pool table. The objective is a secret wall here, and there
should be a prompt. Use it to get into the room.

There is a phone on the bed. Use the prompt it gives, and your mission is

Mission 19: Countdown                                                  (19.00)

Second to last mission! Yee-haw! Now I don't ordinarily "yee-haw" but this
is...yeah I'll shut up.

Blackwater Roof  (19.10)

Oh boy, this is no fun.

This may be the shortest "real" mission, but man, expect many retries. I
HIGHLY suggest holding R1 through most of this, unless you are waiting for a
patrol to move (since holding R1 slows everything down). These guards have
SUPER FREAKING SIGHT and can see you quite well even with the smoke.

I will list it in steps. Make sure to read EACH ONE. Pause when you need to:

1) Holding R1, you should see the nearest guard looking down. Take cover on
the wall next to him.

2) Waiting here, and holding R1, watch for a patrol. Look on the ground, you
can see his pathway leading to the rail.

3) As you are looking at this patrol, look in the distance. There are two
more guards, one looking down, and one standing in a corner.

4) With those two guards noted in the distance, watch the patrol. Wait for him
to stop at the rail, then he'll head back. When you get this chance, move
past the guard right in front of you as well as the patrol. YOU ARE NOT GOING

5) KEEP R1 HELD DOWN and SLOWLY approach the two guards that are in the
distance. They will converge and start talking. This will happen almost as
soon as you get close to the second skylight.

6) The SECOND you see the LEANING guard TURN AROUND, HEAD BACK to your first
cover and wait.

7) You should be at your original cover, waiting for the guards' conversation
to end.

8) DO NOT go when they finish; the patrol will be coming back.

9) Wait until the patrol moves to the railing, and move when he starts heading
away from you again.

10) Now you can get to the second skylight, where those two guards are, so do
so and take cover on the furthest end of the skylight (so you're pretty much
right next to the guard).

11) The other guard that was in this area probably has moved. Keep an eye on
him, and he should patrol away. When he's gone, you don't have to worry about

12) This guy right in front of you, staring at you, can get you nervous, but
he won't spot you if you go quick.

13) Your next cover is that ventilation thing with the 3 objects jutting out
on top. Get some courage up, keep R1 held down, and move over to it and get
out of view as soon as you can.

Now this is where it gets kind of scary:

Before you do anything, look at your destination, it is the stairway, and
there's a guard next to it. Before you do anything, read the next three steps:

1) Your first goal is to obviously get by this guard next to you. You have
to LOOP AROUND him by going to the corner first (where the two pipes are
leaning against the wall, use R1 to see), but do NOT just head straight from
where you are, edge yourself to the left so you can get out of his field
of vision. After getting behind him, you can hug the stairs.

2) It's the next guy by the stairs. He is almost literally blocking the entire
staircase. ALMOST. Like omg-I-can't-believe-I-can-sneak-by-him, believe me,
it gets really close.

3) Okay, so when you're ready, HOLD R1 DOWN, maneuver behind the guard
closest to you (again edging left to the corner first), then VERY SNEAKY LIKE
slip through the smallest space to get behind the guard at the stairs.

When you get to the top of the stairs, there's a Checkpoint! Whew. Activate
that asap.

Blackwater Roof: Checkpoint 1  (19.11)

This is a bit easier, but still may take some practice. It requires another
fairly specific sequence, so more steps are involved:

1) There should be some cover directly in front of you, get to it and take

2) When you're at this cover, a guard to your right will start talking.
Position yourself as necessary to break awareness, but watch this patrol
in front of you going left and right.

3) As soon as that guard is done, another guard will come up next to your
cover. You can grab him as he is near, but it's the patrol you have to worry

4) If the patrol stopped at the left side, he will probably spot you as
you subdue. Unfortunately, this guard by your cover doesn't stay long, so you
can't really wait.

5) If you get spotted, just reload, and if you head straight to the cover,
then "Attack" the guy at the first chance you get, you should be okay.

6) After subduing, watch that patrol! Get back to cover asap, and wait for him
to move back to the right. When he can't see you, get your much needed

7) PAUSE YOUR GAME and read below.

DO NOT HOLD R1 anymore! You need to save your Instinct for Blend In at the
end of this area.

So let's plan. Your destination is nearly straight ahead. From this cover, you
will go left, hug the wall, and soon you will see some cover with another
"Hide" option. This is your destination; you are going to use the Hide prompt:

1) You should be able to see the patrolling guard to the left. Chances are he
will move toward the edge of the roof soon (if he's not there or done so
already). If you think you're clear, head left to hit the wall and just
head straight down (you'll go behind some benches).

2) As SOON as you see that cover go STRAIGHT for it and use "Hide"

3) You can take a breather here, but pause the game and read on.

This is where you need to blend in, but you have to use all of it, and you
have to make it all count:

1) Your destination is right in front of you, beyond the two guards standing
directly in front of you. You're going to want to keep to the RIGHT of the
RIGHT-MOST guard. BE AWARE that there are MINES in this area, but you will be
able to see where to walk with R1 held down.

2) Keeping crouched, you want to head towards that right side of the guard
on the right.

3) As SOON you near the right side of that guard (it'll be quick) use R1 to
blend in.

4) Now go slow, you may notice the floor. DO NOT WALK INTO YELLOW. That is
all here.

5) Get as much distance as you can. You should be okay as you run out of

6) Get to the other side, you're probably running out of time.

7) Head up the stairs, look to the left for crates. Scale over them.

8) Ledge is next, go down and shimmy (hold R1!) climb up at the safe spot on
the ledge.

9) Should have a straight path to some crates for another ledge prompt.

10) Before climbing up, pause the game, and you may want to read this:

So even though your target is right in front of you, he can be a real hassle.
The problem is he has a specific sequence, and if you're low on time, he might
be going through it right now. What happens is right around the 0:30 mark
he'll start moving. You have to get behind him before he stops because he'll
just turn around and spot you.

So when you're ready:

1) Make sure your Fiber-Wire is equipped.

2) Climb up to the helipad. Navigate around the tail of the helicopter to get
behind your target.

3) He'll crouch down when he starts moving, so if he's not crouched down yet
(as well as paying attention to your timer) you should have a chance to

4) If he is crouched down, try your best to get to him before he stops.

Once he's dead, mission ends.

Mission 20: Absolution                                                 (20.00)

I was quite tempted just to kill everyone and be done with it.

Cemetery Entrance  (20.10)

There's a guard that just walked into the building right next to you. Wait
until he leaves and walk down the small flight of stairs you are next to,
then you'll see the double doors he came through on the left. There's an altar
in the back, with a Vase.

Grab the Vase, take cover near the door (not the side with the stairs) and
chuck the Vase at the stairs to get the patrol in here. You should be fine to
subdue here, and take his disguise. No place to stash, so just drag him out
of view by putting him behind the altar.

Climb through the window in the corner, then head left and you should see
a tombstone. There's a Brick right next to it, grab it. Head back to the
building to do more distracting.

You should notice how there's another window right next to the window you can
climb through. Toss the Brick underneath this window, and you should get the
middle patrol. Hide either using the altar or the small set of stairs, and
subdue when you can. Move the body behind the altar.

Pick up the Brick again. Head up the small stairs and go look at the patrol
that is moving along the outer edge. Once he stops at part of the wall that's
broken, toss your Brick into this area where you started (I used the corner)
to get him distracted. Head back to the altar to hide, subdue him when you
can, and just leave him.

This next part can get kind of tough.

Back down the stairs, out of the building, and go left so you hug the exterior
wall (where the patrol you just subdued was). You should see some stairs
leading down, but be careful. Two guards in the area, so keep an eye out for
them. When you're ready, head down the stairs and immediately head to the
cover to the left.

Once you are here, pause the game and look at my map:

|*                       G|
o----o  o                 |
     |  |      P3         |
o----o  |                 |
|     G /                 |
o-------                  |
| |*                      |            S = Starting point
o-o                       |            1 = First destination (not 100% safe)
|                         |            G = Guard
|                         |            P3 = Patrol of 3 guards
o------------             |            E = Exit (needs to be picked)
|            \            |            * = Safe cover
|     -    ---o           |
|    | | G                |
|     -    ---o           |
|             |           |
|     -       |           |
|    | |      |           |
|     -       |           |
o---  1  -----o           |
|                         |
|       G                 |
|    -                    |
|   | |                   |
|    -                    |
|    S                    |
o--------   --------------o
         \  \

You should be at "S" on my map. Your ultimate destination is "E" which is
a door that needs to be picked. It takes a bit to get there.

You should be paused because the guards will probably be having a conversation
at the moment, and shortly after you get a chance to move. You can wait longer
and they'll repeat the sequence, so go when you are ready:

1) As soon as the guards move away from each other, watch the closest patrol.

2) As soon as he takes a smoke break, move to destination "1" but understand
this is NOT completely safe cover, the patrol you just passed will turn to
you eventually.

3) At destination 1, watch the next guard, he'll move over to your left.

4) Wait until you see him light up his cigarette, then move down the stairs,
turn left, and hug the wall and immediately get to * on my map.

You should be at the south * on my map, right against a wall, right underneath
a guard. For some reason you can't move all the way left to this wall (the
plants won't allow it or something) but go as far left as you can (you should
almost directly be underneath the broken part).

You want to do this to avoid the patrol of 3, they walk down to this area. You
will see their awareness rise, but if you are taking cover here they'll move
out of sight before it gets too high. Also note how 1 of the patrol leads the
way, while the other 2 kind of lag behind.

Your destination is the north * on my map, in the small little alcove. So you
have to watch 3 different patrols:

1) The guard that should be right above you.

2) The guard that wanders in the other corner (see map, use R1 to spot him if
you can't find him).

3) The patrol of 3 that moves into this area.

When you think you've cleared all of those patrols, move along the wall you're
currently taking cover on, and head to the north * on my map.

Once there, you need to find an opening to get the door and safely pick it,
again watching these 3 patrols. A good opening should be when the patrol of 3
are not there, and the guard in the corner moves to the First Aid station
(position yourself to see it, it's bright green).

Once the lock is safely picked, you move into the next area.

Burnwood Family Tomb  (20.20)

This is actually pretty easy.

Head down and ignore the path to the left when you see it, just keep going
straight. Instead, take the second left (where the black case is) and you
should see 2 guards in the distance. Make sure you avoid these guys by heading
right, and take cover at the black cases.

You should be able to see (and pick up) a Dog's Bone while taking cover here.
Pick it up and wait for the guards to move. One will move right next to you.
When he's there, pan your camera to the left and you should see a tombstone
that is against a tree in the middle of the area (the tombstone that you can
see the front of). Throw the Dog's Bone at this tombstone to move the guard.

You should be able to safely subdue here, but do not drag his body unless you
know that the other guard (the one he was previously talking to) isn't facing
you. If you're clear, you can stash him in the..."locker tomb" nearby, it's
the one with the green doors. Pick your Dog Bone back up (or get the Brick)
and head back to the black cases for cover.

You should see an opening to the right that leads into a corridor. There's a
guard that patrols up and down here, and he's next. He is fairly easy to
catch down this corridor, but keep an eye on your radar for that armored guard
(he walks by the other entrance to this corridor).

Subdue, stash him in the locker tomb that's located in this corridor. Just
have to get that armored guard now. He walks back and forth, and stops at each
end. Pick a safe spot to subdue, and throw him in one of the locker tombs or
the machine which was near the two black cases. Just don't "use" the machine
if you put him there.

Head back to where that last armored guy was patrolling, and you should see
two flights of stairs, as well as an opening with a yellow warning sign next
to it. There's a guard that moves into the area at the top of the stairs, so
watch for him on the radar if he's not there now. Wait until you can see him.

Look where he stops in that area above the stairs; it is right next to some
black cases. This is the cover you want to get to, but just make sure you take
cover on a side that is out of his view.

When you think you're clear, head up both flights of stairs and to the black
cases to use them as cover. You're going to want to get the armored guard that
will come in here, and you can "Attack" him from cover as he approaches. So
move yourself closer to where he stops, and grab him the first chance you get.

Subdue, and if you're going to drag him back to the previous area to stash
him somewhere, you have to be careful about dragging him across the opening
with the yellow sign. There's a patrol that stops at the other end and looks
down it every once and a while.

If you don't feel like it, drag him down the first flight of stairs and leave
him on the narrow landing.

Before continuing, you need to make sure you have an item. So go pick up the
Dog Bone you first had (should be around that tree in the previous area, there
should be a Brick there too). When you're ready, head back to the top of those
stairs and get back to the 3 black cases for cover.

You need to distract just one of the guards in the next area. Look around, and
you should see 2 tombstones against the wall. One is larger and looks more
elaborate, and one is smaller and less detailed. Throw your item at the
smaller, less detailed tombstone and get ready to hide (you can maneuver
around the 3 black cases as he moves in).

For some reason it can get a little weird here. Sometimes your target will
immediately start to move after the last guy subdued (it's not time based, at
first I thought you had to subdue a certain amount of guards). So watch your
target on the radar as well as with R1, you have two options:

          ----------------Option 1: If she is moving----------------

Head back to where you took cover the first time: the two black cases near the
machine, where you watched those first two armored guys talk to each other.
She passes into this area, stops near the tree, then moves into that corridor
where that locker tomb and that lone patrol was, and then stops for a bit,
and heads back.

So Fiber-Wire in hand, head to the area and find a spot to Garrote, she never
really turns around, and the area is clear so just get her when you can. In
that corridor she does meet with a guard (a technician, he doesn't care about
you if you're in a disguise), so obviously you don't want to Garrote her in
front of him.

Once eliminated, if you have room in one of the nearby stashes (2 locker tombs
and the machine) use one of them. If not you may just have to leave her.

Your exit is fairly close to you (opposite side of the wall where the machine
is), so get there and pick the lock.

          -----------Option 2: To get her to start moving-----------

I assume you're keeping an eye on her at the area with the 3 black cases,
where you just subdued your last guard. If she's not moving, head into the
next area via the opening. You should see a disguise on one of the nearby
black cases, use it.

You're in a technician disguise, and there are only a couple of technicians
in this disguise here. If your target isn't moving, she likely is now. If not,
just slowly edge to her until she does.

You need quickly head back to the first area, where you took cover along the
two black cases and saw those first two armored guards talking. She comes into
this area, stops near the tree, then moves to the corridor where there was a
lone patrol and a locker tomb. She stops there, but be careful if you try to
get her in the corridor; she meets with a technician. Once she's done, she
heads back.

Fiber-Wire equipped and in that first area, find a good spot to Garrote her.
It shouldn't cause you much (if any) problems since she never turns around and
the area is clear.

Once eliminated, stash her (if you can) in any of the nearby containers.

Exit is close (opposite side of the wall where the machine is), so get to it
and pick the lock.

Last area!

The Crematorium  (20.30)

This is actually pretty easy all things considered, but it can get a bit
annoying with the proximity mines.

Head straight up to the stairs and keep going. Your targets are all fairly
next to each other, and they are the only people in the area. The only thing
you do need to watch out for (besides them) are the red lasers (use R1). If
you trip these, it's automatic death.

The Crematorium: Target Elimination 1  (20.31)

So using R1 to see those lasers, head up the main (paved) path. You should
see a row of tombstones, and that's where you want to turn left (to be in
front of the tombstones, not behind). You should NOT have passed any lasers
yet (if you attempted to pass behind, it probably would not have worked).

Holding down R1, look around to the left and you should see a number of
lasers, and a staircase in the distance (with a laser covering the staircase).
You want to head towards the staircase, but not on it, just on the wall next
to it. You should also notice between you and the staircase there is another
laser. Using R1, maneuver around the tombstone to avoid the laser in your way,
and head to the stairs, but just stay at the bottom, near the wall.

If you're at the bottom of the stairs, you should see a "Ledge" prompt right
above you. Use it, but don't climb up fully. One of your targets moves to the
left here, and you want to get him when his back is turned. Wait for him to
pass by this ledge you are at, and he'll head left. Once he passes, climb up
and Garrote. There is a locker-tomb nearby, along the outer wall.

The Crematorium: Target Elimination 2  (20.32)

You should be on the outer edge of this area. Using R1, look towards your next
two targets, and position yourself so you can see some black cases in the
distance. Take some cover and watch those black cases, for one of your targets
stops right next to them, then heads back to the area beyond.

You want to get this target after he starts moving back, after he stops at
the black cases. So take cover at the nearby opening (with the black cases
almost directly in front of you) and wait for him. Again, wait for him to stop
at the black cases, turn around and start walking back. Garrote him as soon as
you can. Drag him to the previous locker-tomb (watch for lasers!) to stash.

The Crematorium: Target Elimination 3  (20.33)

Watching for those lasers as always, head towards your last target. He has a
bit of a less obvious patrol route, so when you get close, take cover (black
case with the evidence/shotgun works, just watch that laser) and observe him a

When you think you have his patrol down. Pick your opening and go Garrote him.
There's another locker-tomb in the area further down he patrols (and briefly
stops) in. You can stash him there. Remember, lasers are still a threat.

Head towards your objective; there's another staircase leading up near where
you eliminated Target 2. There is also a ledge you can climb up if you prefer.
You should see some Explosives on some cases in this area. Pick them up, use
them on the door and in the words of Fluttershy:


Congrats! It's been a very long, very annoying, somewhat repetitive ride, but
it's finally done. Hopefully my descriptions didn't suck, and hopefully it
felt like an accomplishment to finish with getting spotted a single time, nor
without a single kill besides elimination targets.

Contact Information and Version History                                (21.00)

If you wish to contact me, send me a private message via GameFAQs (username
Damthiel) and I'll try my best to reply. I can't guarantee that I will reply,
but I will certainly try.

If you have any questions, comments, concerns, notice any mistakes, or if you
have any suggestions, you can also send me a message if you wish. If you spot
any mistakes, or if you have a suggestion, I'll be happy to provide proper
credit to you. I can handle negative comments as well, just make sure you
provide a reason for it (so I can hopefully improve it somehow).

Version History:

Version 1.00: Initial release of the guide. Guide should be complete, pending
any future editing or suggestions.

Copyright 2012, Aaron Morgan.