FAQ/Walkthrough by Foppe

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======= Just Cause 2 =======

A guide to the latest sandbox game

Written by Mikael Forsgren
Copyright 2010 Mikael Forsgren
Version 0.04, April 09, 2010

O. Version History

0.03 : The first version
0.04 : Added XIII. Unlocking Stuff and XXI. Text Dump. Added more Character
       Profiles, and smaller skeleton fixes.

O. Version History
I. Introduction
II. Legal Junk
III. Start the game
IV. Settings
V. Controls
     A. General
     B. Land/Sea vehicles
     C. Helicopters
     D. Planes
VI. Basic Knowledge
VII. Achievements
VIII. Character Profiles
IX. Missions
     A: Agency Missions
     B: Stronghold Takeovers
        B1: Reapers
        B2: Roaches
        B3: Ular Boys
     C: Faction Missions
        C1: Reapers
        C2: Roaches
        C3: Ular Boys
X. Collecting Stuff
XI. Weapons
XII. Vehicles
     A: Cars
     B: Bikes
     C: Planes
     D: Helicopters
     E: Boats
     F: DLC Vehicles
XIII. Unlocking Stuff
XIV. Colonels
XV. Race Challenges
XVI. Locations
     A: Military Base
     B: Military Airport
     C: Military Harbor
     D: Civilian Village
     E: Civilian City
     F: Communication Outpost
     G: Offshore Rig
     H: Military Stronghold
XVII. Sabotages
     A. Baby Panay Statues
     B. Broadcast Towers
     c. Comm. Stations
     D. Factory Chimneys
     E. Fuel Depots
     F. Fuel Shafts
     G. Gas Holders
     H. Gas Pumps
     I. Generators
     J. Mobile Radars
     K. Offshore Rigs
     L. Pipelines
     M. Propaganda Trailers
     N. Radars
     O. Radio Masts
     P. SAMs
     Q. Satellite Dishes
     R. Silos
     S. Transformers
     T. Water Towers
     U. Wind Turbines
XVIII. Glitches
XIX. Easter Eggs and other nice places
XXI. Text Dump
XXII. Credits

I. Introduction

Hello and welcome to my Just Cause 2 Walkthrough and FAQ.
Just Cause 2 is a big sandbox game with tons of stuff to blow up and secrets to
This guide will include spoilers without warning.

II. Legal Junk

This may be not be reproduced under any circumstances except for personal,
private use. It may not be placed on any web site or otherwise distributed
publicly without advance written permission. Use of this guide on any other
web site or as a part of any public display is strictly prohibited, and a
violation of copyright.

The following site alone have permission to use this guide:


Don't bother asking to put up this guide somewhere else, I will not allow it.
All trademarks and copyrights contained in this document are owned by their
respective trademark and copyright holders.

III. Start the game

Insert your Just Cause disc into your Xbox 360, PS3, PC or whatever system you
bought it for, and turn on the power.
The main menu gives you a few options.
Load Latest Autosave - Loading the last autosave savefile.
New Game - Starts a new game.
Load Game - Loads a earlier saved savefile.
Settings - Change the settings of the game.
Downloadable Content - Connects to Xbox Live and allows you to download DLC.
Credits - Shows the credits for the game.

IV. Settings

The game has different settings that you can change.

Xbox 360 Controller Settings:
   X Aim Sensitivity - Changes the sensitivity of the X axis.
   Y Aim Sensitivity - Changes the sensitivity of the Y axis.
   X Aim - Changes between normal and inverted mode.
   Y Aim - Changes between normal and inverted mode.
   Flight Pitch - Changes between normal and inverted mode.
   Parachute Pitch - Changes between normal and inverted mode.
   Fire Buttons - Changes the fire buttons between LT/RT and LB/RB.
   Duck - Changes between holding LS to duck and pressing LS toggle ducking.
   Vibration - Changes the vibration level from off, low and high.
   Controls - Shows the ingame controls.

Audio Settings:
   Music Volume - Changes the ingame music volume.
   Sound Effects Volume - Changes the ingame sound effect volume.
   Voice Volume - Changes the ingame voice volume.

Display Settings:
   Gamma Settings - Allows you to change the ingame Gamma settings.
   Brightness/Contrast Test - A testpicture so you can change the brightness
      and contrast settings on your TV.
   HUD Opacity - Allows you to change the opacity of the HUD.
   Motion Blur - Turns motion blur on or off.
   Subtitles - Turns subtitles on or off.
   Static Buttons - Turns static buttons on or off. These are the buttons
      that's shown when you are inside a vehicle, like stunt jump, exit, etc.
   Floating Buttons - Turns floating buttons on or off. These are the buttons
      that's shown when you are above a vehicle, like hijack, jump off, etc.
   Tutorial - Turns tutorial on or off.

Storage Location: Allows you to change what storage device you want to use for
   saving and loading data.

V. Controls

Remember that the Analog Sticks are analog, so donīt push them when you start
your system. You can get problem during your playing if you did that.

A. General
Left Analog Stick: Select options in menus
              Up: Move forward
              Up: Move faster while base jump or parachute
              Down: Move backward
              Down: Move slower while base jump or parachute
              Left: Sidestep left
              Right: Sidestep right
              Click: Duck

Right Analog Stick: Move camera/aiming
              Click: Fine aim/zoom in

Control Pad:  Up: Equip twohanded weapons
              Down: Equip black market beacon
              Left: Switch between grenades and triggered explosives
              Right: Toggle onehanded weapons
              Hold Right: Dual wield both your onehanded weapons

Back:         Open PDA

Start:        Pause menu

Xbox Guide Button: Opens the Xbox Guide menu

A:            Jump
              Open/Close parachute
              Confirm selection (in menus)

B:            Melee attack
              Stunt jump between vehicles
              Cancel (in menus)

X:            Reload

Y:            Action button
              Enter vehicles

LT:           Use explosives
              Hold to cook-off a grenade to make it explode sooner after
              throwing it
              Hold to detonate triggered explosives
              Secondary fire

RT:           Primary fire

LB:           Grappling hook
              Hold to stuck a rope to the target, then release on another
              target to stick them together.

RB:           Tap to evade
              Hold to run

B. Land/Sea vehicles

Left Analog Stick: Steering

Right Analog Stick: move camera/aim
              Click: Look back

Back:         Open PDA

Start:        Pause menu

Xbox Guide Button: Opens the Xbox Guide menu

A:            Open/Close parachute

B:            Go to stunt position

X:            Handbrake

Y:            Exit

LT:           Brake

RT:           Accelerate

LB:           Secondary fire

RB:           Primary fire

C. Helicopters

Left Analog Stick: Steering

Right Analog Stick: Rotate/aim
              Click: Look back

Back:         Open PDA

Start:        Pause menu

Xbox Guide Button: Opens the Xbox Guide menu

A:            Open/Close parachute

B:            Go to stunt position

Y:            Exit

LT:           Descend

RT:           Ascend

LB:           Secondary fire

RB:           Primary fire

D. Planes

Left Analog Stick: Steering

Right Analog Stick: move camera/aim
              Click: Look back

Back:         Open PDA

Start:        Pause menu

Xbox Guide Button: Opens the Xbox Guide menu

A:            Open/Close parachute

B:            Go to stunt position

Y:            Exit

LT:           Decrease throttle

RT:           Increase throttle

LB:           Secondary fire

RB:           Primary fire

VI. Basic Knowledge

Just basic stuff you need to know about the game.


Chaos is earned by killing enemies, collect items, doing missions, destroying
government properties, etc. Earn enough chaos and you will unlock new missions,
challenges, weapons and vehicles at the black market, etc.


Heat is the grade of how much the military is searching for you. Lower heat
means just a few soldiers searching for you while more heat means backups and
helicopters. As your chaos goes up, so does the maximum heat you can get.

Grappling Hook

The grappling hook is your best friend. It allows you to move forward much
faster than walking. Combine this with a parachute and you can move a great
distance in no time. If you are reeled into an object or building, you can fire
the grappling hook again, which will allow you to ascend tall structures.
You can tether object together by pressing and holding LB to fire at the first
target, then aim at another target and releasing LB to tether the targets
together. Tether enemies to walls, vehicles, eachothers, flying barrels, etc
gives you so many different variations in your gameplay. You can also try to
tether vehicles to the ground if you want a quick ending to a car chase.
The grappling hook will also save you after a base jump, no matter how high
you jumped.


The parachute will save your ass, especially if you combine it with the
grappling hook. Use it when you are freefalling, or when you want a quick exit
from a vehicle.

Combat Tactics

Lesser wounds will heal itself when you are not attacked. Bigger wounds need
medpacks to heal. Take cover when you hear your own hearthbeats to start a
needed selfheal. Always move around and roll with RB to make it harder for your
enemies to hit you.

Vehicle Stunts

Move around on the vehicle with your Left Analog Stick. Jump to other vehicles
that you look at with B. Press Y to hijack the vehicle you stand on. All
passengers must be eliminated before you can hijack a vehicle.

Black Market

Press Down to equip the beacon, then press Y to call your Black Market friend.
You must look at a valid spot before calling. If you buy any weapons or
vehicles, they will appear at the spot you are looking at. You can use your
collected Weapon Parts and Vehicle Parts to upgrade unlocked weapons/vehicles.
All weapons/vehicles that you will find in the game will then be upgraded, as
long as they are the same as the ones you upgraded.
New weapons/vehicles will be unlocked as chaos increases.
You can also extract yourself to any previously discovered location.

Area of Influence

Helping the factions take over a stronghold will open up a new area of
influence in the region. New activities and missions will become aviable
within this area of influence. You can expand existing areas of influence by
causing enough chaos. This will unlock new missions and activities in the
expanded area.

Hidden stuff

The world is filled with stuff to collect. Armor Parts seems to always appear
below bridges and on lighthouses. Commercial signs in cities seems to almost
always have some kind of item. Most Black Boxes seems to be under water.
Ular Boys ancestral skulls loves to be in high places. Gas stations always
host a medpack.

VII. Achievements

Welcome to Panau (Secret Achievement) (10)
Complete Story Mission 1.
 - Simply complete the 1st Agency Mission.

Casino Bust (Secret Achievement) (20)
Complete Story Mission 2.
 - Simply complete the 2nd Agency Mission.

The White Tiger (Secret Achievement) (30)
Complete Story Mission 3.
 - Simply complete the 3rd Agency Mission.

Mountain Rescue (Secret Achievement) (40)
Complete Story Mission 4.
 - Simply complete the 4th Agency Mission.

Three Kings (Secret Achievement) (50)
Complete Story Mission 5.
 - Simply complete the 5th Agency Mission.

Into the Den (Secret Achievement) (60)
Complete Story Mission 6.
 - Simply complete the 6th Agency Mission.

A Just Cause (Secret Achievement) (70)
Complete Story Mission 7.
 - Simply complete the 7th Agency Mission.

Top of the World (10)
Stand on foot on the highest point of Panau
 - Go to coordinates X:20546 Y:11828.

Halfway there (25)
Reach 50% completion in the normal mode or mercenary mode.
 - Simply do missions, challenges, collect items, destroy government
   buildings and equipment, etc until you get 50% done.

Perfectionist (25)
Reach 75% completion in the normal mode or mercenary mode.
 - Simply do missions, challenges, collect items, destroy government
   buildings and equipment, etc until you get 75% done.

Stunt Flyer (10)
Fly an airplane close to the ground for 30 seconds.
 - Get a (slow) plane and fly close to the ground for 30 seconds.
   You will find a race mission at X:16980 Y:9599. Start it, fly down to the
   river on your east side and stay close to the water.
   Another good place is the desert airport at X:6650 Y:25900 that has a slow
   plane. The desert itself is pretty flat so simply follow a road close to the

Bridge Limbo (20)
Fly an airplane under 30 unique bridges in Panau.
 - Get into a (slow) airplane and fly under 30 different bridges. You do not
   need to do it in a row. You can also drive the plane under the bridges.

I Believe I Can Fly (10)
Base jump 1000 meters.
 - Take a helicopter and fly to the Mile High Club at X:29584 Y:11435 and land
   on top of the blimp. Walk to the edge and jump off. If you did it correct,
   you will see some text telling you how long you have fallen each 50 meters.
   When you pass 1000 meters, open your parachute and land.

Parachute Climber (10)
Open the parachute and then land on foot 300 meters above the starting height.
 - Start by using your grappling hook near a mountain, followed by using your
   parachute. Now continue to use your grappling hook on the ground to move
   forward. Keep grappling the raising ground and move forward. You may need to
   move in a zick-zack pattern if it gets too high. Land on the ground when you
   have passed 300 meters, or rather said, keep going until you fail at
   climbing any longer, or when you are at the top of the mountain.

Stunt Driver (10)
Get 100 stunt driver points.
 - You get stunt driver points if you drive fast enough, jump high enough with
   the vehicle, etc. The fastest way is to hook up a car to a big plane
   controlled by the AI and get inside the car before it takes off. Then wait
   for the points to rack up.

Please Step Out of the Vehicle (10)
Hijack 50 enemy vehicles.
 - Search for a vehicle driven by a enemy, then hijack it. Easiest is to
   grapple hook it to get on the roof, shoot the passengers and press Y to
   start the hijack. A button appears on the screen that you should press fast
   enough. Press 3 buttons and you have hijacked the vehicle.

Road Trip (20)
Travel 75 kilometers by land vehicle.
 - Simply drive around in a land vehicle. Unless you air extract or fly all the
   time, it should come naturally. The fastest way is to hook up a car to a big
   plane controlled by the AI and get inside the car before it takes off. Then
   wait for the kilometers to rack up.

Test Driver (10)
Drive 30 different vehicles.
 - Get inside 30 different vehicles.

Trying Everything Once (25)
Drive all 104 vehicles.
 - Get inside 104 different vehicles. The game itself has 104 vehicles so you
   must find them all and enter them. At least in theory. Pre-order bonuses
   included vehicles DLC and they all count as a unique vehicle. So if you have
   some trouble finding those rare vehicles, simply wait for them to release
   some vehicle DLC.

Destruction Frenzy (10)
Destroy 30 objects in 60 seconds.
 - Simply destroy 30 objects in 60 seconds. Easiest is to do it in the 3rd
   Agency Mission. You get a minigun with unlimited ammo and you are surrounded
   by stone pillars that you can destroy.
   Or you can do it in the first mission. Jump in the flak gun and destroy
   everything around you.

Invincible Warrior (20)
Kill 50 enemies in a row with inventory weapons without losing health.
 - Keep killing 50 enemies in a row, with wielded weapons, without loosing too
   much health. The counter will reset when you hear your hearthbeating.
   It's easiest to get on the easiest difficulty with some health upgrades.
   Turrets doesn't count.

Killing Frenzy (20)
Kill 20 enemies in 60 seconds.
 - Simply kill 20 enemies in 60 seconds. Easiest is to do it in the 3rd
   Agency Mission. You get a minigun with unlimited ammo and you are attacked
   by enemy soldiers. Save before you start the mission if you want to be safe
   to get it, so you can reload your savefile if you failed to get it. Another
   good mission to try this on is the Ular faction mission Holy Smoke.

Marksman (15)
Kill 50 enemies with head shots.
 - Simply kill 50 enemies with headshots. Press right analog stick to zoom in
   and shoot the enemy in the head.

Road Rage (10)
Kill 30 enemies by mowing them down with vehicles.
 - Get inside a car, get some speed and hit a enemy soldier to kill him. If
   your speed is too slow, you will only damage him.

Juggler (15)
Kill 30 enemies while they're in mid air.
 - Use LB to grapple hook a enemy towards you. When he is in the air, shoot him
   until he dies.

Piņata Party (15)
Kill 5 enemies with the melee attack while they're suspended with the
grappling hook.
 - Press and hold LB on a soldier. Release LB when you aim at something higher,
   like a wall, roof, tree, etc, and the soldier will be hanging.
   Now simply use melee attacks to kill him.

Wrecking Ball (15)
Kill 5 enemies by smashing them with an object tethered to your vehicle with
the grappling hook.
 - Grapple hook a car to a helicopter. Then fly above a enemy soldier and
   descend to crush the soldier.

Hang 'em High! (15)
Kill 30 enemies while they're suspended in the air with the grappling hook.
 - Press and hold LB on a soldier. Release LB when you aim at something higher,
   like a wall, roof, tree, etc, and the soldier will be hanging.
   Now simply shoot him to death.

Follow Me! (15)
Kill 5 enemies by dragging them behind a vehicle with the grappling hook.
 - Press and hold LB on a soldier. Release LB when you aim at a vehicle, and
   the soldier will get stuck to the vehicle. Now drive the vehicle until he

Gravity is a Bitch! (15)
Kill 30 enemies by using the grappling hook and making them fall to their
 - Grapple hook enemies close to edges and they will fall down to their death.
   Sniper towers in different bases are perfect for this.

Unarmed and Dangerous (15)
Kill 50 enemies using melee attacks.
 - Press B to do a melee attack. A normal enemy requires 2 melee attacks to
   die. You can always run towards a lonely enemy while shooting him somewhere
   on his body and doing a quick finish him melee attack when you are close

Body Count (15)
Kill 750 enemies.
 - Simply kill 750 enemies. It will come naturally when you play the game.
   Civilians doesn't count.

Globetrotter (20)
Discover 100 locations.
 - Each yellow dot on your map is a hidden location. When you get close enough,
   you will discover what type of location it is. Do this 100 times. You can
   get it from the air by flying above the location with a plane or a
   helicopter, as long as your altitude it low enough.

Freeroamer 1 (10)
Reach 100% complete in 15 locations.
 - Find all resources and destroy all government buildings and equipment in a
   location to get 100%. Do this in 15 locations.

Freeroamer 2 (20)
Reach 100% complete in 100 locations.
 - Find all resources and destroy all government buildings and equipment in a
   location to get 100%. Do this in 100 locations.

Faction Benefactor (20)
Collect 150 faction items.
 - When you have done the first stronghold takeover for each faction, blue dots
   will appear on your map. They show 300 faction items. Each faction have 100
   items in the shape of magic skulls, black boxes and drug drops. Collect 150
   of these.

Finders Keepers (15)
Collect 100 resource items.
 - Collect 100 resource items. When you get close to a resource, a signal
   strength icon in the upper left corner will fill up. Get close enough and a
   white arrow will point where it is. Collect 100 of them.

Leaving No Rock Unturned (25)
Collect 1000 resource items.
 - Collect 1000 resource items. When you get close to a resource, a signal
   strength icon in the upper left corner will fill up. Get close enough and a
   white arrow will point where it is. Collect 1000 of them.

Up to the Challenge 1 (10)
Complete 10 challenges.
 - Challenges are races that appears on the map once you have collected enough
   chaos. It exist 75 different challenges.

Up to the Challenge 2 (20)
Complete 50 challenges.
 - Challenges are races that appears on the map once you have collected enough
   chaos. It exist 75 different challenges.

Professional Hitman (20)
Assassinate 25 colonels.
 - It exist 50 colonels around the map. They seem to be immune to normal
   weapons, unless you go for a headshot. Explosives and vehicle weapons works

First Taste of Chaos (10)
Cause chaos for the first time.
 - Destroy your first government building/equipment. You probably will unlock
   this in the first mission.

Saboteur (10)
Complete 150 sabotages.
 - Destroy 150 government buildings and equipment.

Destroyer (20)
Complete 1000 sabotages.
 - Destroy 1000 government buildings and equipment.

A Trusted Ally (20)
Complete 49 faction missions.
 - Complete all 49 faction missions. If you havn't unlocked them yet, keep
   raising your chaos meter. If you have unlocked them and can't find them,
   open your map, press LT, hide everything and turn missions on and off to
   flash it. The blue markers seems to love being close to the blue water.

Gaining a Foothold (10)
Complete 3 stronghold takeovers
 - Complete 3 stronghold takeovers. If you havn't unlocked them yet, keep
   raising your chaos meter. If you have unlocked them and can't find them,
   open your map, press LT, hide everything and turn strongholds on and off to
   flash it. The blue markers seems to love being close to the blue water.

Conqueror of Panau (20)
Complete 9 stronghold takeovers.
 - Complete all 9 stronghold takeovers. If you havn't unlocked them yet, keep
   raising your chaos meter. If you have unlocked them and can't find them,
   open your map, press LT, hide everything and turn strongholds on and off to
   flash it. The blue markers seems to love being close to the blue water.

Top Agent (20)
Bonus for completing the game on Normal difficulty.
 - Simply complete the 7th Agency Mission on normal difficulty.

Heroic Agent (30)
Bonus for completing the game on Experienced difficulty.
 - Simply complete the 7th Agency Mission on experienced difficulty.

Legendary Agent (40)
Bonus for completing the game on Hardcore difficulty.
 - Simply complete the 7th Agency Mission on hardcore difficulty.

VIII. Character Profiles

  |Name | Tom Sheldon            |Date of birth | July 4, 1949           |
  |Sex  | Male                   |Place of birth| Abilene, TX, USA       |
  |Known affiliations | Agency Operative                                 |
  Tom Sheldon is a longtime Agency operative, who first came into Agency employ
  in the late sixties.
  Sheldon was active during the various Agency black ops of the Vietnam War
  (including ops in Laos and Cambodia).
  Sheldon was active in the South American theatre during the eighties and also
  played an important role in the operations that led to the election of famed
  "Papa Panay" of Panau.
  Sheldon and his protégé Rico Rodrigues played a vital role in overthrowing
  President Salvador Mendoza of San Esperito a few years back. Sheldon has
  since been working the South Pacific theatre.
  Sheldon was recently on assignment in Panau, when he was reported missing.
  Some sources within the Agency claim that he has gone rogue. If this is true
  he constitutes a major threat to the Agency that must be dealt with.

  |Name | Rico Rodriguez         |Date of birth | January 25, 1968       |
  |Sex  | Male                   |Place of birth| Unknown                |
  |Known affiliations | Agency Operative                                 |
  Rico Rodriguez is a longtime Agency field operative, renowned for his
  expertise in high-risk deployments of the type that are commonly referred to
  as "regime change"-missions.
  Rodriguez was first approached by the Agency during the invasion of Panama
  in 1986 and has since been in the Agencys employ.
  Rodriguez made quite a name for himself during the San Esperito debacle a
  few years ago and has proven himself in difficult situations more than once
  over the years.
  Rodriguez is an expert marksman, demolition technician, pilot and driver and
  has done field work that includes paramilitary training and political
  Rodriguez is also known for his expertise in the use of the Grappling
  Hook/Parachute combination: A somewhat flamboyant but extremely effective
  means of transportation.
  Note that Rodriguez is an operative that is considered "high maintenance" by
  the Agency and he has more than a few "loose cannon" tendencies. He works
  best with his old CO Tom Sheldon, but has difficulties taking orders from
  other operatives.

  |Name | Pandak Panay           |Date of birth | March 13, 1978         |
  |Sex  | Male                   |Place of birth| Kuala Cherah, Panau    |
  |Known affiliations | Panau                                            |
  Pandak "Baby" Panay is the current ruler of the nation of Panau.
  An unremarkable man, he was long ignored by the Agency and other
  intelligence organizations as nothing was expected to come from him.
  He is suspected to have assassinated his father Papa Panay in order to usurp
  his presidency.
  As regent, he does little in the way of leading his country, choosing instead
  to indulge in various eccentricities and impose of his cult of personality
  upon the citizens of Panau.

  |Name | Maria Kane             |Date of birth | June 15, 1970          |
  |Sex  | Female                 |Place of birth| Calistoga, CA, USA     |
  |Known affiliations | Agency Operative                                 |
  Maria Kane has been with the Agency since the mid-nineties. Prior to being
  approached by the Agency she had a promising career in the military.
  She served in the Gulf was in 1991 in a Rangers special unit where she proved
  herself in several covert ops behind enemy lines.
  After the Gulf war she was approached by the Agency several times before
  finally accepting their offer to join.
  Maria Kane, together with Tom Sheldon and Rico Rodriguez, helped overthrow
  the regime of President Salvador Mendoza in San Esperito a few years back.
  Kane has proven herself to be both steadfast and loyal Agency Operative, but
  many see her as cold and distant. During the course of Kanes career it has
  become obvious that she finds friendship superfluous and unnecessary, her
  only loyalties are with the Agency.
  Kane is a born soldier: extremely professional, disciplined and loyal.

  |Name | Marshall               |Date of birth | Unknown                |
  |Sex  | Unknown                |Place of birth| Unknown, probably USA  |
  |Known affiliations | Agency Operative                                 |
  Marshall is the helicopter gunner of Kane's helicopter. He is probably
  borrowed from US Military instead of a real Agency worker. He was loyal
  to his country until his death.

  |Name | Karl Blaine            |Date of birth | December 16, 1960      |
  |Sex  | Male                   |Place of birth| Motala, Sweden         |
  |Known affiliations | Mothers for Fruit for Life                       |
  |                   | Agency Operative                                 |
  An Agency sleeper asset, Karl Blaine has been on the island of Panau longer
  than most.
  He is undercover as a field worker for a Swedish agricultural development
  organization known as Mothers for Fruit for Life.
  While posted on Panau, Blaine has only rarely been activated, and has taken
  to gambling and drinking heavily.

  |Name | Jade Tan               |Date of birth | October 31, 1981       |
  |Sex  | Female                 |Place of birth| Desa Kuda Lari, Panau  |
  |Known affiliations | Agency Operative                                 |
  Jade Tan of Panau is a trusted agency operative, used to working under deep
  Using different honey trap techniques she has been invaluable in collecting
  information about the state of affairs on Panau.
  She remains one of the most loyal and trusted gatherers of information in
  Panau. Due to the nature of her work, her connections to the Agency must be
  kept strictly confidential.

  |Name | Sloth Demon            |Date of birth | Unknown                |
  |Sex  | Unknown                |Place of birth| Unknown                |
  |Known affiliations | Anybody with money                               |
  Sloth Demon is a Black Market dealer, selling weapons and vehicles to anybody
  paying him/her enough. Hides behind a voice scrambler, and nobody seems to
  have seen his/her face, at least nobody still alive.
  Everybody assumes that Sloth Demon is a man.
  Is known to give air extractions if he/she likes you.

  |Name | Bolo Santosi           |Date of birth | August 18, 1979        |
  |Sex  | Female                 |Place of birth| Lembah Cerah, Panau    |
  |Known affiliations | Reapers                                          |
  Bolo Santosi is the leader of the Panauan revolutionary clique known as
  the Reapers.
  Santosi stems from a long family of revolutionaries and she is obsessed with
  the communist history of the Chinese people even though most would argue that
  her true ideology revolves around money and power.
  Bolo Santosi is widely known for her corruption and arbitrary attitude
  towards the socialist cause. Her leadership of the Reapers remain undisputed
  however and her passionate talk of revolution draws new recruits each day.

  |Name | Razak Razman           |Date of birth | September 21, 1946     |
  |Sex  | Male                   |Place of birth| Panau City, Panau      |
  |Known affiliations | Roaches                                          |
  Razak Razman is the leader of the Roaches. He was a good friend and
  benefactor of Papa Panay. But there seem to be no love lost between him and
  the current leader Baby Panay.
  The criminal activities of the Roaches are well known, but the right amount
  of money in the right pocket allows Razman to remain a prominent public
  His businesses are rarely lawful ones, but even so Razman remains one of the
  most influential businessmen on Panau. Some even say that he might one day
  rule the island himself.

  |Name | Sri Irawan         |Date of birth | April 22, 1974             |
  |Sex  | Male               |Place of birth| Kampung Sawah Hutan, Panau |
  |Known affiliations | Ular Boys                                        |
  Sri Irawan is the leader of the notorious Ular Boys, a criminal organization
  of some power. Irawans education at Priceton and his fine manners clash
  somewhat with the brute methods of the Ular, but the organization has reached
  new heights under his leadership.
  Irawans own agenda is simple enough: power. And many believe he only uses his
  ethnicity to build false loyalty among the bloodthirsty warriors of the
  Ular Boys.

  |Name | Masaio Washio          |Date of birth | December 8, 1942       |
  |Sex  | Male                   |Place of birth| Tokyo, Japan           |
  |Known affiliations | Japan                                            |
  Masaio Washio has lived in the shadow of his great warrior father Etsuo
  Washio since childhood.
  Like his father, Washio joined the army at 15. But so far for him there has
  been no battles, no glory. Japans peacetime army has acted only to save
  earthquake survivors.
  But the tune is changing. China will soon be on the march - and the Japanese
  government is sharp enough to know that if they donīt make a stand now they
  will be washed away with Taiwan, Hong Kong, Singapore and the rest before
  the US and Russia dare call a halt to the expansion. So Japans army is being
  secretly re-awakened. Panau is going to be the line in the sand.
  But it must appear at first to be a popular rebellion. Which is why Washio
  has forged an alliance with Sri Irawan and his tribesmen. By promising them
  independence on the New Panau, the Japanese will use their might to take the
  reins of the government. And once in power the large indigenous Japanese
  population can be directed to vote for secession to Japan.

  |Name | Zhang Sun              |Date of birth | February 3, 1947       |
  |Sex  | Male                   |Place of birth| Yinchuan, China        |
  |Known affiliations | Peoples Republic of China                        |
  Zhang Sun is the Chinese representative on Panau. An elderly military
  intelligence chief with a massive background inside the Chinese militarys
  inner circles.
  A thirty year survivor of the Chinese transition from repressive Communism
  to repressive Capitalist Free Market Communism, Zhang has pretty much seen
  it all when it comes to violence, torture and fear tactics.
  In his time, Zhang earned himself a reputation for his cold-blooded savagery
  in several of the Chinese Northern provinces.
  Capable of shrewd strategic thinking he sees the popular Bolo Santosi of the
  Reapers as an expendable medium-term leader: as soon as the Chinese-backed
  revolutionaries have taken the island he intends to seek its return to the
  beneficent rule of the Chinese government back in Beijing.

  |Name | Alexander Mirkov       |Date of birth | July 24, 1964          |
  |Sex  | Male                   |Place of birth| Svetlogorsk, Russia    |
  |Known affiliations | Russian Federation                               |
  Mirkovs "diplomatic career" began with the KGB. When the Soviet collapsed he
  transformed himself effortlessly into a Moscow mafia boss, making a fortune
  selling off military hardware from suitcase-nukes to second-hand warships.
  Ice-cold, ruthless, his heavy set-features give away his roots in Ukrainian
  blacksmith stock.
  Always a loyal friend to his ex KGB friends, when the offer came for an
  "interesting" posting as a Second Trade Secretary to the Russian Embassy in
  Panau, Mirkov couldnīt resist. He conveniently arrived six months before
  Papa Panay was blown up.
  Mirkovs real task: to assess all anti-government groups on the island,
  select the best candidate then fund and train said group until the candidate
  of their choice could be placed in the palace.
  He views Razak Razman as a convenient ally and admires the organized
  brutality of the Roaches.

IX. Missions

A: Agency Missions

--------------------------------------  Rewards: 10.000 Chaos
| Welcome to Panau                   |           $ 20.000
--------------------------------------           3 Vehicle Parts
                                                 3 Weapon Parts
Marshall, the helicopter gunner, is dead and fall to the ground. The bad news
is that he has your PDA, so Rico jumps after him. Use your left analog stick
to center him in your crosshair. When are are around 18 meters away, a cutscene
will show Rico taking back his PDA.
You are now around 950 meters away from your landing zone. Pull your parachute
when the game tells you and move towards the landing zone. When you are around
180 meters away, a cutscene will show Ricos parachute catching fire. Rico
release himself and lands on the ground.
Now the mission truly starts, to collect those 5 missing memory cards.
Move forward to a big wall and the game will tell you to use your grappling
hook. Pull yourself up and keep walking. You will be warned about a guard.
Stop and shoot your grappling hook at him to make him fall to his death.
Get up on the wall in front of you and go towards the first memory card. It's
on a nearby roof. Pick it up with Y. The base will start a alarm and guards
will start shooting at you from the other side of a hole. Some explosive
barrels are placed above them, shoot your grappling hook at them and they will
fall down and explode, killing your enemies. You are told to pick up a weapon.
A weapon crate will be marked so go to it and pick up a pistol. Enemies will
come from a ramp in front of you. Take care of them and the second memory card
will be marked. It's on top of a roof near a flak cannon. A helicopter will
spawn when you pick up the memory card, so use the flak cannon to destroy it.
The third memory card is now marked on the next base. Go inside the tramway
to go there.
Pick up the grenades and take out the enemies, then grab the memory card.
A enemy will pick up the 4th memory card and use a flare gun. Grapple hook
the tramway car between you and the enemy, then use your parachute to get
close. Kill him and pick up the memory card. Your friendly helicopter will
appear. Grapple it and it will fly you towards the 5th memory card. Enemies
near exploding barrels and silos will start shooting at you, some with a
rocket launcher. Kill them. While you are still attached to the helicopter,
look at the last memory card, then grapple it. You will fly towards it.
Pick it up fast to avoid two nasty miniguns.
Two SAMs appears and you have to destroy them. It exist a box with triggered
explosives behind them. Remember those miniguns? Pick one up for total carnage.
When destroyed, the place will be swarmed by enemy soldiers. Kill them or hide
on the wall behind the SAMs, near the statue. When your friendly helicopter
comes, grapple it and fly away.
Mission Complete.

--------------------------------------  Rewards: 10.000 Chaos
| Casino Burst                       |           $ 20.000
--------------------------------------           3 Vehicle Parts
                                                 3 Weapon Parts
The second mission starts directly after the first mission. It's time to save
that drunk Swedes ass. Move forward and you will see two weapon crates. Keep
going and the road will be filled with parked military vehicles and soldiers.
The road will split in front of a statue, it doesn't really matter which way
you choose, most enemies seems to come from the right side however. Soon you
will see a Demolition Officer that you need to kill. He throw explosives,
has his own health meter and his dead body will create a explosion, so stay
away from him.
Now you have to climb the two towers to disarm two breaching charges. Which
one you start with doesn't matter. Use your grappling hook to climb up the
tower. When you are on the correct floor, kill the enemies and disarm the bomb.
You have to press the right button combination in a limited time. You will also
find your first two-handed weapon in a weapon crate, the Assault Rifle.
When the bomb is disarmed, go over the bridge to the second tower and do the
same. A enemy helicopter will come and attack you. You can either shoot it down
or hijack it. It seems to spawn a second helicopter.
When the helicopter is taken care of, go back to the bridge and jump down the
opening. A cutscene starts where you save some Swedish ass.
Now you have to tow his car from the ditch. Behind the car is a tractor.
Tether the car with the tractor, get on the tractor and tow away the car.
Now get on top of the car and it's time to go for a ride. Enemy cars will start
to chase you and Karl tries to drive away from them. One fast way to stop enemy
cars is to shoot out their front tires. Another way is to tether the enemy car
with the ground, which will make it flip. Two flips seems to take care of the
car for good. When you are on the bridge, you can make the cars flip over the
edge. If you still have some triggered explosives, you can jump on their roof,
plant it, jump back to your roof and trigger it.
You can move forward and hide in front of the car, if you feel too exposed on
the roof.
The last car will drive into a gas station and explode, raising your village
destruction with 66%.
Mission complete, and you unlock the 3 first Stronghold Takeovers, the Black
Market, the Black Market items Fragmentation Grenade, Pistol and
Makoto MZ 260X.

| The White Tiger                    |

| Mountain Rescue                    |

| Three Kings                        |

| Into the Den                       |

| A Just Cause                       |

B: Stronghold Takeovers
Take over strongholds to expand the different factions influence, which will
give you a new respawn location, activities and missions.

B1: Reapers

--------------------------------------  Rewards: 7500 Chaos
| Rocket Science                     |           $ 17500
--------------------------------------           2 Weapon Parts
  X:17604 Y:12909                                2 Vehicle Parts

The Reapers want to expand their operations in Panau and are looking for
someone to help them take over a military research facility in the Berawan
Besar mountains.

B2: Roaches

--------------------------------------  Rewards: 7500 Chaos
| Free Trade                         |           $ 17500
--------------------------------------           2 Weapon Parts
  X:14495 Y:11703                                2 Vehicle Parts

The Roaches want to expand their operations in Panau and are looking for
someone to help them take over a harbor in Panau City.

B3: Ular Boys

--------------------------------------  Rewards: 7500 Chaos
| Power Surge                        |           $ 17500
--------------------------------------           2 Weapon Parts
  X:17504 Y:15394                                2 Vehicle Parts

The Ular Boys want to expand their operations in Panau and are looking for
someone to help them take over a nuclear power plant in the East Tanah Raya

C: Faction Missions

C1: Reapers

C2: Roaches

C3: Ular Boys

X. Collecting Stuff

The map in Just Cause 2 is supposed to be 400 square miles, and it's filled
with stuff to collect. Basically it exist two main types of items to collect,
resources and faction items.

Resources are one of four different kind of boxes. Cash Stash, Weapon Part,
Vehicle Part and Armor Part. 
Each Cash Stash gives you $2500. It exist 450 Cash Stashes.
Each Weapon Part gives you a weapon point, which is used to upgrade weapons on
  the black market. It exist 950 Weapon Parts. You only need 900 Weapon Parts
  to fully upgrade all weapons.
Each Vehicle Part gives you a Vehicle point, which is used to upgrade vehicles
  on the black market. It exist 900 Vehicle Parts. You only need 750 Vehicle
  Parts to fully upgrade all vehicles.
Each Armor Part gives you a Armor point, and each 5 Armor points upgrades your
  health. It exist 400 Armor Parts. You only need 200 Armor Parts to get a full
  health meter. It is unknown if collecting more will change how much damage
  you can take, how much/fast you can regen, etc.
You have a indicator on the top left corner that goes up the closer you are a
resource. When you are close enough, a white arrow will point where it is.
Collecting them all will give you nothing, except a small chaos boost for each
collected resource.
One achievement requires you to collect 100 resources and another requires
you to collect 1000 resources.

Faction items are items that you collect for the different factions.
Reapers wants you to collect Black Boxes of contraband.
Roaches wants you to collect suitcases with drug drops.
Ular Boys wants you to collect old magical skulls.
It exist 100 of each item, with a maximum of 300 faction items. Collecting them
all will give you nothing, except a small chaos boost for each collected item.
One achievement requires you to collect 150 faction items.
The faction items will appear on the map once you have completed the first
stronghold takeover for a faction.

XI. Weapons

A game like this must have weapons. The more the merrier.

Fragmentation Grenades
Your first explosives. Enemies will throw themself away when they see one.
You can cook-off a grenade to make it explode sooner after throwing it by
holding LT.

Your basic onehanded weapon. It does low damage and great accuracy.

Does more damage than the pistol, and has even better accuracy. The only
downsides are the lower rate of fire and a lower magazine size.

Sniper Rifle
Great to zoom in on enemies far away. High damage and low magazine size.

Assault Rifle
Great twohanded weapon. It has a pretty balanced stats of damage, rate of fire,
accuracy and magazine size.

Triggered Explosives
Much better than the grenades in everything. You can also choose when to
detonate them.

Sawed-Off Shotgun
Great damage, worse accuracy and low magazine size.

Pretty much a Sawed-Off Shotgun with slightly better stats in rate of fire,
accuracy and magazine size.

Submachine Gun
Best onehanded weapon in the game. The damage and accuracy are pretty low,
while the rate of fire and magazine clip are as high as possible. A fully
upgraded Submachine Gun will tear down a base in no time.

Machine Gun
A twohanded weapon with pretty high and balanced stats. Has a really high

Grenade Launcher
The damage and rate of fire is pretty good, the downside is a low magazine

Rocket Launcher
High damage, high rate of fire, not so bad magazine size, the best twohanded
weapon if you want to create chaos.

XII. Vehicles

It exist 104 vehicles around the world, and a few extra as DLC.
They are basically based in 5 different groups. 
Cars, bikes, planes, helicopters and boats. 

A: Cars

Boyd Fireflame 544
Chepachet PVD

Chevalier Express HT

Chevalier Liner SB

Chevalier Piazza IX

Chevalier Traveller SC

Chevalier Traveller SD

Chevalier Traveller SX

Civadier 999

Civadier 999 Cabriolet

Columbi Excelcior

Dalton N90

Dinggong 134D

Dinggong 268D

Dongtai A-B Century

Dongtai A-B Decalux

Dongtai Agriboss 35

Dongtai Agriboss 9000

Fengding EC14FD2

Fengding EC2 Lift

Garret Traver-Z

GV-104 Razorback

Hamaya Oldman

Hamaya Oldman Cab

Hedge Wildchild

Kenwall Heavy Rescue

Maddox FVA 45

Mancini Cavallo 1001

Marten Storm III

Marten Storm III-2

MV Command

MV Quartermaster

MV V880

Niseco Coastal D22

Niseco Tusker D18

Niseco Tusker G216

Niseco Tusker P246

Pocumtuck Nomad

Poloma Renegade

Saas PP12 Hogg

Saas PP30 Ox

Sakura Aquila City

Sakura Aquila Forte

Sakura Aquila Metro ST

Sakura Aquila Space

Stinger Dunebug 84

SV-1003 Raider

SV-1007 Stonewall

Titus ZJ

Titus ZJ Cabriolet

Titus ZJ Soft Top

Tuk-Tuk Laa

Tuk-Tuk Rickshaw


Vanderbildt LeisureLiner

Vaultier Patrolman

Wilforce Range X

Wilforce Trek II

Wilforce Trekstar

B: Bikes

Hamaya 1300 Elite Cruiser

Hamaya Cougar 600

Hamaya GSY650

Hamaya Y250S

Makoto MZ 250

Makoto MZ 260X

Mosca 125 Performance

Mosca 2000

Schulz Virginia

Shimuzu ATV55T

Shimuzu Freerunner

Shimuzu PI Service

Shimuzu Tracline

C: Planes

Aeroliner 474

Bering I-86DP

Cassius 192

G9 Eclipse

Peek Airhawk 225

Pell Silverbolt 6

Si-47 Leopard

D: Helicopters

AH-33 Topachula

H-62 Quapaw

Mullen Skeeter Eagle

Mullen Skeeter Hawk

Rowlinson K22

Sivirkin 15 Havoc

UH-10 Chippewa

E: Boats

Frisco Catshark S-38

Kuang Adventure

Kuang Homestead

Kuang Sunrise

Kuang Sunset

MTA Powerrun 77

Orque Bon Ton 71FT

Orque Grandois 21TT

Orque Living 42T

Pattani Gluay

Pattani Gluay Pro 2

Pattani Gluay Touring

SnakeHead T20

TextE Charteu 52CT

Trat Tang-mo

Winstons Amen 69

YP-107 Phoenix

Zhejiang 6903

F: DLC Vehicles

Agency Hovercraft

Chevalier Classic

XIII. Unlocking Stuff

Chaos is everything.
Create enough chaos to unlock stuff.
The weapons and vehicles are the ones you can buy and upgrade from Sloth Demon,
you can find them for free in the game before that if you search for them.

| Unlocks              | What to do to unlock                                 |
| PDA                  | Take it from Marshalls dead body in the beginning of |
|                      | the game                                             |
| Parachute            | After retrieving the PDA from Marshalls dead body    |
| Grappling Hook       | Beginning of the the 1st Agency Mission              |
| 1st Agency Mission   | After landing with your parachute for the first time |
| 2nd Agency Mission   | Directly after the 1st Agency Mission                |
| 3rd Agency Mission   | At X Chaos                                           |
| 4th Agency Mission   | At X Chaos                                           |
| 5th Agency Mission   | At X Chaos                                           |
| 6th Agency Mission   | At X Chaos                                           |
| 7th Agency Mission   | Directly after the 6th Agency Mission                |
| 1st tier strongholds | Complete 2nd Agency Mission                          |
| 2nd tier strongholds | At X Chaos                                           |
| 1st tier missions    | Complete 1st tier strongholds                        |
| 2nd tier missions    | Complete 1st tier strongholds and have X Chaos       |
| Grenades             | Complete 2nd Agency Mission                          |
| Pistol               | Complete 2nd Agency Mission                          |
| Revolver             | At X Chaos                                           |
| Sniper Rifle         | At X Chaos                                           |
| Assault Rifle        | At X Chaos                                           |
| Triggered Explosives | At X Chaos                                           |
| Sawed-Off Shotgun    | At X Chaos                                           |
| Shotgun              | At X Chaos                                           |
| Submachine Gun       | At X Chaos                                           |
| Machine Gun          | At X Chaos                                           |
| Grenade Launcher     | At X Chaos                                           |
| Rocket Launcher      | At X Chaos                                           |
| Makoto MZ 260X       | Complete 2nd Agency Mission                          |
| Pell Silverbolt 6    | At X Chaos                                           |
| MTA Powerrun 77      | At X Chaos                                           |
| Rowlinson K22        | At X Chaos                                           |
| Shimuzu ATV 110      | At X Chaos                                           |
| Garret Traver-Z      | At X Chaos                                           |
| Poloma Renegade      | At X Chaos                                           |
| Hedge Wildchild      | At X Chaos                                           |
| GV-104 Razorback     | At X Chaos                                           |
| Sivirkin 15 Havoc    | At X Chaos                                           |

XIV. Colonels

It exist 50 colonels all around the islands. They are hard to kill and supposed
to lower the morale of your enemies once killed. Killing 25 of them will earn
you a achievement as well.

| East Tanah Raya                |

Colonel Relutzu
Colonel Relutzu is stationed at Pulau Ombak Ribut, overlooking the rice
paddies. His main job is to keep the area free from gangsters, bandits and
insurgents but so far he has failed miserably. The rice paddies remain popular
for stashing contraband.

Colonel Perang Lee
Colonel Lee uses this stretch of tarmac for trafficking raw opium from Panau
into Macau. He makes use of the rice paddies in Colonel Ken Merdekas
jurisdiction to hide the goods while awaiting transportation. Both Colonel Lee
and Jegathesan find Colonel Ken Merdeka hilarious and very gullible.
Without him, they say, the drug ring would not be possible.

Colonel Bamert
Colonel Bamert is the colonel of Kem Serigala Kelabu base. He is an expert in
telecommunications and military intelligence, but has been stationed at this
remote outpost because he once overheard and mistakenly reported the steamy
conversation between the minister of state and his own general.

Colonel Danyal Mail
Colonel Mail has up until recently been trying to hide his rampant femininity
behind a facade of brutish and surely manliness. But now, he has finally
decided to come out and tell the world of his faiblesse for female
undergarments, daytime soap operas, gossip and show music. He now goes under
the moniker "Fe-Mail".

Colonel Sulung
Colonel Sulung was born in the village that he now protects - Bandar Pekan
Lama. He has made sure that the rice paddies surrounding it are not used for
illegal purposes and he has succeeded in keeping gang presence in the village
to a minimum so far. He is hailed as a hero by the villagers.

Colonel Usop Yeop
Colonel Usop Yeop of the Negeri Cabang base is aware of the criminal elements
in the area, but he has so far not found ways to deal with them - his weakness
for ardent spirits is so strong that he usually starts drinking before he can
get anything done. The criminal elements have noticed this and often bring the
colonel liquor, which they know he cannot help but accept.

Colonel Jegathesan
The first thing that Colonel Jegathesan said when he saw his new outpost was
"gee golly, this soil looks fertile. I reckon a man could make a fortune
growing poppies here!" And that's exactly what he has done. He now supplies
most criminal organizations on Panau with raw opium, including the drug ring
of Colonel Perang Lee.

Colonel Wright
Colonel Wright is an expert at guerilla warfare and a member of the Panau
anti-gang task force. He is hated and feared by all the criminal factions of
the island.

Colonel Bertrand
Colonel Bertrand is one of the most trusted army officials of Panau. He is
frequently deployed to safeguard high-prestige sites and pet peeves of the

Colonel Zulkrnain
The Colonel Zulkrnain uses his position as an intelligence officer to build
his vast collection of cruel game shows and reality TV from all across the
globe. The Gunung Belak ang Patah comm-base is little more than a huge
television receiver where Zulkrnain and his men spend their days burning DVDs
and trying to understand German and Dutch. The Panay Administration allows this
because a copy of every DVD made is sent to the president who likes to impress
girls by pretending to understand German and Dutch.

| West Tanah Raya                |

Colonel Rany Kiandee
Rany Kiandee, or "the skinner" is a feared and hated man among the villagers
of Teluk Permata. He takes great pleasure in what he refers to as
"sport torture" and he has a thing about removing the skin from his still
living victims and supergluing it onto somebody else while the screaming
victim watches. This sleepy outpost has recently become a hotbed for smuggling
due to its proximity to the small airport - a fact that suits the colonel well
as he is paid by the smugglers in new and terrified victims for his cruel

Colonel Abdul Ishak
Abdul Ishak is devoutly religious. He has made a habit out of flogging his
men for such petty crimes as "looking suspiciously non-religious" and
"breathing in an ungodly manner".

Colonel Loo Won Fui
Loo Won Fui is the least liked army official in all of Panau: This is due to
his pungent body odor, foul language and sub-par table manners.

Colonel Chaerul Tunko
Colonel Chaerul Tunko has made an unsurpassed rocket-like career within the
army, rising in rank from grunt to colonel in just under a year. Many ascribe
this to the "unsound swapping of bodily fluids" between him and a well-known
army general.

Colonel Saravanan
Colonel Saravanan is one of the most celebrated colonels in Panaus army.
His men are immaculately disciplined and deadly - his secret, some say, is
that he has the intelligence of a five year old.

Colonel Hamid Hitam
Hamid Hitam curses the day he was appointed to this position, mainly because
he no longer has ready access to the multitude of cheap prostitutes that were
so abundant on his last post.

| Ramai Rakyat Islands           |

Colonel Tengku Baba
Tengku Baba is extremely popular among his men and he has a blind following
who admires his every move. This is considered bad for army morale, since Baba
is a notorious whore hound and a drunk.

Colonel Yuan
Colonel Yuan has made a small private fortune ripping off the citys Chinese
element. But as much money he has amassed, he has also made the equivalent
in enemies.

Colonel Muhammad Yatim
Colonel Muhammad Yatim is well renowned for his excessive and deviant sexual
habits. He has many enemies among the citys escort girls.

Colonel Shved
Colonel Shved is a completely flawless and utterly effective soldier. He is
respected by his men and has been rewarded many medals for bravery and self
sacrifice in the name of duty. He has seven children who all love him.
He has been called "the most pleasant man in Panau".

Colonel Bachtiar Saleh
The dirty cops of the city are only surpassed in corruption by the dirty
military personnel, especially Colonel Bachtiar Saleh, who has made a name for
himself as one of the most crooked government officials to ever walk a city

Colonel Rajah Idis
Colonel Rajah Idis is known among his enemies as the kind of man who would
pry the fillings out of his brothers teeth for money. "Nonsense", the colonel
says to this, "it was my mothers teeth. I don't even have a brother".

Colonel Sutan
When colonel Sutan first discovered his passion for pointless killing and
torture he earned himself the nickname of "Satans Sutan". He is known as one
of Panaus finest and most sought after interrogators. He is a personal friend
of the president and is often called on to entertain dinner parties with his
sadistic antics.

| Pelaut Archipelago             |

Colonel Ranjan
The Kem Singa Menerkam radar facility is operated by Colonel Ranjan, one of
Panaus foremost in the field of military radar science. However, the facility
itself is usually in a state of disarray due to the extensive testing of new
and ingenious radar equipment.

Colonel Baratham
Colonel Baratham has found an alternative income selling "missing" military
material to the islands criminal factions. His outpost at Kampung Pokok Ru
is equally well visited by Ulars, Roaches and Reapers in need of guns, ammo
and explosives.

Colonel Sivanathan
Colonel Sivanathan, posted at the military harbor of Palau Berendam, was a
childhood friend of president Panay. Before the death of Papa Panay,
Sivanathan was a lowly civil servant with low income and a mind numbing job
in the tax administration. On the eve of his rule, Pandak "Baby" Panay,
honored his old friend with the military title of colonel and a cakewalk job
at the Pulau Berendam harbor. Corrupted by power Sivanathan immediately
started living the high life and is now one of the most deliciously depraved
of all the depraved colonels in Panaus army.

Colonel Gupta
Colonel Gupta of the Sungai Cengkih Besar coatline airstrip considers himself
to be the membrane that protects the organism of Panau from foreign bacteria.
This, in effect, means that he usually liberates any foreign visitors from
their money before they are allowed to enter the country.

Colonel Adiputera
Colonel Adiputera is in personal bankruptcy due to his excessive cocaine
habit and his tendence to ease his champagne hangovers with grade A heroin.
Dealers of illegal substances, however, dare not cut him off for fear of being
killed by the colonels bloodthirsty and drug-crazed men. Neither does the
military, due to his background in rocket science and satellite research.
Adiputera is one of the best paid men within his rank, but still he manages
to spend it all on drugs.

Colonel Tunko Isnin
Tunko Isnin is the son of the famous General Isnin who was made into a
national hero for slaughtering the indigenous tribes of Northern Panau in the
50's. He has lived in the shadow of his father all his life and is longing for
his own shot at the big time.

| Selatan Archipelago            |

Colonel Lee Yu Wehn
Colonel Lee Yu Wehn of the Tanah Lebar jungle base has interests in all of
the businesses in the delta area. His men are as feared as they are hated.
Rumor has it that the Colonel is notoriously cheap, living in squalor in his
quarters, eating only rice and bugs. They say he is saving up to put into
motion his lifelong dream: a cannon so big it can shoot canisters of
biological weapons to mainland China, where his hated uncle still lives.

Colonel Ismail Omar
Ismail Omar of Pulau Kerbau Base has made a name for himself as one of the
more bloodthirsty army officials in all of Panau. He was responsible for the
meaningless massacre of an entire village during the reign of Papa Panay: a
deed for which he was greatly rewarded. He is considered an asset and a
valuable tool in the turbulent times.

Colonel Rakyat
Colonel Rakyat is so disciplined and dull that his men refer to him as
"Rakyat, the most boring man who ever grazed the planet", or
"Boring man planet Rakyat" for short.

| Senjakala Islands              |

Colonel Boon
Colonel Boon is popularly known as the "Naga Butcher". He is one of the armys
most ruthless men. His collection of human skulls is extensive, and he takes
great pride in having killed all of them himself. He is attributed with
rock-star like qualities by his admiring and sadistic men. He is stationed at
one of the most sought after outposts in the Panau Military Service: Palau Naga
- a resort for the extremely rich and decadent where he is treated as a guest
of honor by the many and depraved who come here for drug addled and sadistic

Colonel Dollah
Colonel Dollah or "Colla-Dolla" as he is called by his men, has two
weaknessess: cocaine and gambling. To support his habits he has recently taken
to killing innocent civilians for "rioting" and then unscrupulously steal all
their belongings.

Colonel Awang Deris
Colonel Awang Deris from southern Panau is a carrier of a famous Malay skin
disease which coincidentally has the same name as his mother country: Panau.
To avoid confusion, this skin disease is now known as Deris Syndrome within
the borders of Panau. The only thing that soothes his rashes are the algae
and seaweed mudpacks and generous massages of the spa-staff at the Three Kings
Hotel, where his name is all but forgotten and he instead goes by the moniker
"Old Hand Job".

Colonel Ruofan
Colonel Ruofan is a slave to alcohol. His outpost, the Kem Port Pelangi on the
brink of the desert, is poorly run and the service morale among the men, many
of whom have taken to drink themselves, is very low.

Colonel Malaka
Colonel Malaka, or "Mister Laka" as he is known on the street, is one of the
more influential distributors of heroin in the city. The quality varies,
because all of his supply is taken from drug busts performed by the military.
He is posted by the Selamat Grove, where an international logging company is
currently at work decimating the jungle. This is also where he keeps his
heroin supply.

| Lautan Lama Desert             |

Colonel Tunko Bin Hitam
Colonel Tunko Bin Hitam is a soldier by trade, but his heart lies with his
art: dismembering corpses and arranging the severed limbs in wondrous patterns.
Fortunately his position in the military allows him to pursue his artful
endeavors, stationed as he is at Pulau Dayang Terlena in the desert where,
according to the colonel "the bones turn a most delicious yellow".

Colonel Lee Seng Sen
Colonel Lee Seng Sen is the self proclaimed ruler of the Lembah Cerah mansion.
His lack of contact with main body of the Panauan Military and his own
delusions of grandeur has led him to believe that he is now the head of an
autonomous state out there in the desert. Baby Panay is sympathetic to Colonel
Sens personality, having proclaimed once that "He reminds me of an older me".
Therefore the Lembah Cerah mansion and its deluded ruler is left more or less

Colonel Mo Zuo Itik
Colonel Mo Zuo Itik is the head of the Panauan militarys elite training
program. He is known to run a tight ship with endless and ruthless marches,
drills and excercises. Those who fall behind are executed and left to be eaten
by wild dogs. Even so, being sent to the Gunung Hutan Merah camp is considered
an honor by most Panauan soldiers, because here they truly train the best.

Colonel Romel Naivalurua
Colonel Romel chose a career in the army to mimick his lifelong hero and
namesake Erwin Rommel, with whom he feels he has a bond. He is happy to be
posted at Sungai Madu Leleh in the desert, but wishes he held the same rank
and looked as good in a leather coat as his hero.

Colonel Virgilio
Colonel Virgilio is yet another worthless detriment of the Panauan army. He is
allowed to remain at his post because of the quite vulgar and heavy handed
poems he sends the president for birthdays and national holidays. The president
lovingly refers to Virgilio as the "national bard".

Colonel Jejomar Isko
Colonel Jejomar Isko has left a promising career as a computer programmer to
instead work for the military intelligence. "The work is award in itself", he
says, "but the millions I skim off the national businesses isn't hurting".
He is stationed at Pekan Hujung in the desert.

| Berawan Besar Mountains        |

Colonel Ismaryanto
Colonel Ismaryanto is known among his men as "Old Jakaranda Face". He is a
hard and ruthless man who fanatically follows the military rules and codes of
conduct. He allows no recreation in his base and all forms of leisure are
considered to be bad for morale. Men caught playing cards, smoking cigarettes
or talking about things other than the task at hand are summarily flogged.

Colonel Abdul Rahman
Colonel Rahman is the commanding officer of the Bukit Bura Arctic base.
A heavily fortified military outpost of vast strategical importance.
Rahman is of the old school of Panau military and once served in the
presidental security detail under the rule of Papa Panay.

Colonel Azman Sherman
Colonel Sherman misses the free and easy life of the regular grunt. Posted in
this cold desolate place, he longs for the balmy summer nights and his youth
when the army would burn villages and kill insurgents hopped up on

| Panau Tengah Bay               |

Colonel Siu
Colonel Siu is known to be one of the most depressed men in the Panauan
military. So numerous are the times he has tried to kill himself in the
shallow waters of the delta that the people now call that particular body of
water "Sius Failure".

Colonel Johnn Yeo
Colonel Johnn Yeo started his career as a private businessman and entrepreneur.
He was the founder of the Negeri Cengkih base, which was once a munitions
factory. When Baby Panay rose to power he awarded Yeo the title of Colonel for
his services to Panau. Little did Yeo know that by accepting this title, he
also voided any private ownership rights to his factory. He now bitterly runs
the factory for the government on minimum wage, and to further add to his
disappointment he has found that his strong personal morals hinder him from
exploiting his position by taking bribes or earning any money from other

Colonel Yoong
Colonel Yoong is a man whose unpleasant face is only surpassed by his more
unpleasant stink. Yoong lives his life under the device that soap and water
is for women and kids and that he likes neither. Pity then that he is
stationed so close to the shoreline.

Colonel Che Soon
Pasir Putih, where sand and water meets, is the home base of the notorious
Colonel Che Soon, who made a name for himself during the Papa Panay era by
championing the distribution of polio vaccine for the poor. This was met with
some controversy at the time, but Che Soon was adamant that vaccination would
help strenghten the countrys internal economy in the long run, and he was

XV. Race Challenges

It exist 75 different race challenges around the map. Complete them to earn
$20,000. Replay them to earn $20,000. Complete 10 and 50 different challenges
to unlock two achievements.

XVI. Locations

It exist 368 locations all over the map to discover.
It exist 8 different types of locations.

A: Military Base
   President Panay is spending obscene amounts of Panauan tax money on the
   military apparatus while the population is starving. Military bases are
   found in abundance all over Panau.
   These bases often contain radars and communication equipment. Destroying
   these bases is a failsafe way of creating chaos.
   Use extreme caution when approaching Military bases. They are heavily
   guarded and you will be fired upon when detected.

   Kem Gunung Dataran Tinggi - X:15331 Y:9373
   This base is discovered at the 1st Agency Mission.
   Reward: Chaos 3000
           Money 7500

B: Military Airport
   The Panauan Airforce have several Air bases around the country, where they
   station cargo planes as well as fighter and helicopter squadrons.
   If stolen, military aircraft provide immense firepower combined with swift
   transportation and are recommended for inflicting widespread damage to
   government facilities. Beware of SAM sites, as they are often present in
   and around these bases.

C: Military Harbor
   For an island nation, the Panauan military is strangely focused on ground
   forces, and the fleet mostly consists of smaller torpedoes and gunboats
   which operate out of the government controlled ports.
   These ports offer several opportunities to cause chaos with fuel tanks and
   cranes in the area.

D: Civilian Village
   The Panauan countryside is full of villages of varying size. The local
   population struggles daily with the hardships of military oppression.
   By destroying government property, you will increase chaos in Panau and
   subsequently aid the citizens in their struggle. Collateral damage is
   regrettable, but sanctioned.
   Villages are not restricted areas, but they often have a local military
   contingent, therefore causing chaos will attract heat.

   Pekan Ayer Gilang - X:17624 Y:15328
   This village is discovered at the 2nd Agency Mission.
   Reward: Chaos  500
           Money 2500

   Kampung Tiang Emas - X:17589 Y:15951
   This village is discovered at the 2nd Agency Mission.
   Reward: Chaos  500
           Money 2500

   Panau Falls Casino - X:18565 Y:17755
   This village is discovered at the 2nd Agency Mission.
   Reward: Chaos 1500
           Money 5000

   Bandar Baru Cina - X:17262 Y:18190
   This village is discovered at the 2nd Agency Mission.
   Reward: Chaos 1500
           Money 5000

   Pekan Pinggir Jalan - X:18457 Y:19074
   This village is discovered at the 2nd Agency Mission.
   Reward: Chaos  500
           Money 2500

   Kampung Hutan Hijau - X:18246 Y:19147
   This village is discovered at the 2nd Agency Mission.
   Reward: Chaos  500
           Money 2500

E: Civilian City
   Cities are scarce in Panau, and in addition to the bustling capital of
   Panau City, there are only a few other settlement sizable enough to be
   referred to as "cities". In the recent years however, new cities and towns
   are popping up like mushrooms all over Tanah Raya.
   The towns and cities in Panau provide many opportunities to cause chaos,
   above all the four large district islands of Panau City.

   Pekan Buah Melambak - X:17429 Y:14762
   This village is discovered at the 2nd Agency Mission.
   Reward: Chaos 3000
           Money 7500

F: Communication Outpost
   The Panauan military has established a dense network of Communication
   Outposts all over Panau.
   These outposts and their Communication Stations are used for intelligence
   gathering and surveillance of the civilian population.
   Destroying them will aid in the destabilization of Panau.

G: Offshore Rig
   Although most geological readings of the past have indicated only minor
   pockets of natural gas in the seabed surrounding Panau, the president has
   insisted on erecting numerous Offshore Rigs.
   Profitable or not, disrupting production on these drilling platforms will
   strike hard at the government infrastructure and increase chaos in Panau.

H: Military Stronghold

XVII. Sabotages

So many different things to destroy, so little time.

A. Baby Panay Statues

B. Broadcast Towers

c. Comm. Stations

D. Factory Chimneys

E. Fuel Depots

F. Fuel Shafts

G. Gas Holders

H. Gas Pumps

I. Generators

J. Mobile Radars

K. Offshore Rigs

L. Pipelines

M. Propaganda Trailers

N. Radars

O. Radio Masts


Q. Satellite Dishes

R. Silos

S. Transformers

T. Water Towers

U. Wind Turbines

XVIII. Glitches

A game this big must have some kind of glitches...

| Ghost Town                             |
The game can decide to stop spawning peds and/or ped vehicles.
To fix it, Start a mission or a challenge and then quit it. Generally a
mission, race or "task" reloads the area which should also include pedestrian
and enemy populations.

| Black Gold                             |
The mission Black Gold has some strange glitches. The mission is about
blowing up a Offshore Rig.
If you die while doing the mission, you wont be able to destroy the Offshore
Rig if you choose Load Latest Autosave. Make a real save before starting the
mission and load it if you would die.
It should work if you quit the mission and starts it again.
It exist a military plane near the mission start, so if you take it to fly to
the Offshore Rig and starts to shoot missiles from a long distance will not
register the damage for the mission, even if you manage to blow things up.
Which means you have to load your earlier savefile.
A good tips is to complete it 100% after completing the mission, just so you
know that it's safe to save.

| No Left Arm                            |
Ricos left arm can disappear for some strange reason. This makes it impossible
to grapple, fire, run, changing weapons, etc.
Hijacking a bike should fix it. Hijacking any vehicles may fix it.
Starting and quitting a mission/challenge may fix it, if you can start them.
Loading a savefile should fix it.

| Parachute Climber Achievement          |
If you start a faction mission near a faction stronghold that's over 300 meters
above you, goes into parachute mode, pause the game and choose to abort the
mission, you will be transported to the stronghold and unlock the Parachute
Climber achievement.

| Extended Grapple Hook                  |
Find a SAM and equip a grenade launcher. Grapple onto the Sam so you will fly
towards it. If you use your grenade launcher to destroy it while still being
grappled with it, your grapple will suddenly be hooked to something unknown
miles away. Sometimes you will fly towards it, sometimes you will simply walk
around with your grapple line extended to a unknown target. If you press LB
again, you will recover it.

| Unlimited time and no zone boarders in demo |
Play the demo until the time starts to end. Go to a safe place just to be sure
that nobody will try to kill you.
When it's one second left, press the Start button. Now press the Xbox Guide
button slightly before you press the Start button. This will unpause the game
and pause it directly afterwards because the Xbox Guide will appear. Press B
to leave the Xbox Guide menu. Now  press the Xbox Guide button slightly before
you press the Start button, and repeat. Keep doing this until the timer hit 0.
Now exit the Pause menu and the time screen will be stuck with 0 seconds left.
You can now play how long you want and go outside the earlier limited map.
Since you are not supposed to get outside the limited map, you will discover
that it will miss tons of stuff. The demo will end if you die.

XIX. Easter Eggs and other nice places

I simply put them together because some easter eggs are nice places and some
nice places could be easter eggs.

| Exploding Whale                        |
At X:29603 Y:31340 lies a dead beached sperm whale with a Armor Part inside.
You can only get the Armor Part by using explosives on the whale, which will
blow up the stomach and leave the rest of it intact. This is a reference to
what happen at Florence, Oregon, in 1970. A 14 m, 8 ton sperm whale had died
after beaching itself, and the government department believed that the best
way to get rid of it was to blow it up in smaller pieces so scavengers could
eat it. They used half a ton of dynamite. The explosion caused large pieces of
blubber to land near buildings and in parking lots some distance away from the
beach, one of which caused severe damage to a parked car. Only some of the
whale was disintegrated, most of it remained on the beach.

Here are questions that people have send in to me, and other questions that I
know that people will ask...

01: Where is the goddamn Vanderbildt LeisureLiner?!?!?
A:  The Vanderbildt LeisureLiner seems to be the hardest vehicle to find in the
    game. They say that you may find one if you drive in a bus-type vehicle
    around the Three Kings Hotel in the SW part of the map, or drive a
    bus-type vehicle around a airport.

02: Stop calling it the LOST ISLAND, it's not a secret island!!!!
A:  It's not called the Lost island because it's a secret island, it's called
    that because of the references to the TV show called Lost...
    Your plane blows up when you get close to it (until you complete a specific
    mission), we have the word SEARCH written on the beach as in the show, we
    have the hatch from the show, we have a plane crashed near the beach, it
    always turns night and starts raining no matter what time of day, which is
    not directly a reference other than spooky things are afoot with the
    island, which is the same as in the show.

03: I heard you can play in LAN with this game, is it true?
A:  No, no multiplayer at all.

04: I want to play this game over Internet!!!!
A:  Then get the PC version and make a multiplayer mod.

05: How much space will this game use?
A:  The Settings file will use 232 Kb, a normal save will use 1 Mb, the
    autosave will use 1 Mb and if you install the game to the harddrive it will
    use 4.1 Gb.

06: Do i unlock something by collecting everything or completing the game 100%?
A:  No. You do however unlock Mercenary Mode when you complete the 7th Agency
    Mission. Mercenary Mode simply let you freeroam after you complete the game
    so you can do whatever you forgot to do before starting the last mission.
    It does however tell you how much % you have completed the game when you
    do something.

07: The exploding whale is an urban legend.
A:  No. It's been proved to be real.

A:  No, they are not.

09: $25,000 for a pistol? The Black market prices ARE broken. A single race
    only give me $20,000, I don't want to do tons of races just to buy a car.
    The prices are broken!!!
A:  No, they are not. Explore more, pick up more Cash Stashes, 100% more
    locations, do missions, etc. Instead of buying ammo all the time, spend
    some time picking it up from dead enemies. Why buy 20 of the same vehicle
    when you can airdrop to a location that respawn them?
    A black market is supposed to have high prices, did you expect to earn
    millions in cash for a few hours of gaming and only paying $1 for some

XXI. Text Dump

This game has some great voice acting and some epic quotes, so I'll simple dump
the game text here so you can do a quick search for your favorite quote.

| TS | Tom Sheldon        |
| RR | Rico Rodriguez     |
| MA | Marshall           |
| SD | Sloth Demon        |
| PP | Pandak Panay       |
| MK | Maria Kane         |
| KB | Karl Blaine        |
| JT | Jade Tan           |
| BS | Bolo Santosi       |
| RA | Razak Razman       |
| SI | Sri Irawan         |
| MW | Masaio Washio      |
| ZS | Zhang Sun          |
| AM | Alexander Mirkov   |
| ES | Enemy Soldier      |

| Welcome to Panau                    |

MK: Here we are. Panau Islands, South East Asia's best kept secret.
RR: It's agency territory right? US-friendly?
MK: Not anymore. And that's why we're here.
RR: Someone not dancing to Uncle Sam's tune?
MK: The old president was assassinated.
    By the new president, Pandak Panay...
    ...his son.
    And he won't pick up the phone.
RR: He doesn't sound much like a people person.
MK: Right. He's attempting to eliminate all opposition.
    Sheldon was trying to figure out his agenda when he disappeared.
RR: So what? He's gone dark before.
MK: Not like this. Worst case scenario: he's gone rogue.
RR: So what's in it for him?
MK: I don't know, Rico. But if he has turned, you gotta take him out.
RR: That's a bitter pill, Kane. Sheldon taught me everything I know.
MK: Which is why you're here. You know his MO.
RR: I can't argue with that.
MK: We've gathered all available intel onto these memory cards.
    Marshall here will download them onto your PDA.
    That's incendiary stuff on those cards.
    They fall into the wrong hands...
    ...it's gonna be one hell of a fire storm back in Washington.
MA: Whoa, the natives are restless!
RR: Someone doesn't like us.
MK: Panauan military. I recognize the flak. We sold'em those guns.
    Get back from there!
RR: Oh hell. I was running out of ammo anyway...
    Don't wait up!

MK: Marshall is dead, but he's still got your PDA.
    Catch up with him before he crashes into the ground.

MK: Damn memory cards are sprinkled like a confetti all over the place!
    Good thing they've got tracers.
    Land outside of that base.

RR: Hmm... Big guns for such a small island.

MK: There are five remaining memory cards. All full of compromising intel.
    You better haul ass before the locals get their hands on them!

MK: Use your grappling hook to get inside the base.

MK: Take that guard out.

MK: Look out, incoming hostiles!

MK: Good job!
    You need to find a gun Rico.

MK: I got a lock on another memory card.

MK: Incoming hostile chopper. Use the flak cannon!

MK: There's another memory card up on that cliff base.

MK: Rico, one of the soldiers is making a run for it with the memory card.
    Stop him!
    Grapple on to that tramway car...
    ...and then slingshot with the parachute to skydive down there!

MK: He dropped the memory card, get it quick!

MK: Use the grappling hook to latch onto the chopper hull.
    I'll drop you off so you can pick up the last memory card.

MK: Okay hotshot, hang tight.
    I'm gonna make a pass around that building.
    Get your guns out and deal with any rooftop hostiles.
    End of the ride. Now get the last memory card.

MK: SAMs! Dammit, I have to pull back!
    Find some explosives and take them out, then I'll come pick you up.

MK: Great, you found some C4. You can use it to blow up the SAM's!

MK: Good job! I'm coming back to pick you up as fast as I can. Keep yourself

RR: Goddammit Kane, you better get a move on!
MK: I'm inbound, stand fast and give'em hell!

RR: Running out of options Kane...
MK: Don't worry, use the grenades, do your stuff, I'll be there soon!
RR: Well, you'd better make it quick...
    ...or you'll have to bring me back in a dogfood can.
MK: The idea appeals to me, but somehow I doubt it's gonna happen!

RR: This is getting ridiculous Kane.
    Next time it's you on the ground and me in the chopper.
MK: Chain of command baby, it's all about chain of command.

MK: Go, go, go... get outta there now!

| Casino Burst                        |

MK: So much for the element of surprise.
RR: Yeah? You think we blew our cover?
MK: You got the memory cards, so I guess we're still one step ahead.
RR: And where does that step take us?
MK: The Agency's last contact here on Panau, Karl Blaine.
RR: What's his story?
MK: A Swedish ex-charity worker. Now a professional gambler and alcoholic.
RR: And we trust a guy like that?
MK: No... but we've got no choice.
    Blaine knows more about this island than anyone.
    Now kick back for a while, enjoy the ride.

MK: OK! Here we are. Let's go find Blaine!
PP: People of Panau. It is I, your beloved president.
    Today I have issued the order to close down and clear out...
    ...the den of foreign decadence called Panau Falls Casino.
    All foreign nationals in this casino will be rounded up and tried before
    Let it be known that those who harbor foreign criminals and unpatriotic
    ...will be brought before the court and tried as traitors.
RR: I've seen some dumps in my life, but this place... sheesh
MK: It's worse than we expected.
JT: Who are you and what is your business here?
RR: I'd be careful now...
MK: We're friends of Karls.
JT: Karl has no friends.
MK: Apart from you, Jade Tan. You're his girl, right?
JT: Hah, you must be spooks.
MK: Spooks'hoping to talk to Karl.
JT: You're way too late, lady. He's at the Casino.
RR: What, THAT casino?
JT: Sure, that's where he makes his living.
RR: Yeah, well dying ain't much of a living. We need to get there fast.
JT: Then you better hop on. They'll swat that bird out of the sky on sight.
MK: I gotta go, but I'll keep an eye on you! Help you out if I can.
JT: So honey, let's go!
RR: Adios!

JT: Your stop. If you hurry, you might just save his sorry ass.
RR: You don't think too highly of him.
JT: If the government gets their hands on Karl, they'll sure come looking for
    me too.
    So as of right now, I'm over than bum. And out of here.
RR: Maybe I see you again.
JT: Or maybe not.
    This island is a playground to some... but a graveyard to others.
    Selamat Jalan Spook!

MK: Watch out for that demolition officer!

MK: The hostiles have deployed breaching charges!
    If they get inside, Blaine is toast. Disarm them!

MK: You can always grapple hook your way up these towers.

MK: They're going to kill Blaine! Deal with that chopper Rico, quickly!

KB: OK, come on!

KB: That'll teach you, that'll teach you, and...

MK: Get inside the overpass tunnel and save Blaine!

KB: Who the hell are you?
RR: I'm with the agency. You Karl Blaine?
KB: Right now I wish I wasn't.
    You agency boys sure took your time, after all I've done for you!
RR: I'm not here to help you... Unless you can help me find Tom Sheldon.
KB: What? I thought he was with you guys!
RR: He was. But now he's our primary target.
KB: Oh ho hoo! Ain't no love in the world of international espionage baby.
RR: So you know where to find him?
KB: Sure!
RR: Good. Now hold on tight!
KB: What are you doing you idiot!

KB: Up, up and awaaay...
    You really are one crazy SOB.
    But I am Karl Blaine - drunk and disorderly!
    Now let's go to my car here and I'll drive you to my crib!
    Huh? My beautiful car, in the ditch!
    I love this effin ride, man. I can't ride any other car.
    Pull it out of here somehow!
    Get up on the roof my man. You fight better from there. Get going!
    The government goons are on our tail. We've gotta hurry!

ES: I have a visual of the two Panau Falls runners. Initializing pursuit!
KB: Look out, here they come!

KB: They're sending more troops our way!

KB: Okay, I'm taking a little detour. Hang on!

KB: Yeah baby! That blast took care of them. We're in the clear!

KB: aahhh, burp
    Hey, thanks pal!
    I was one bullet away from meeting my maker...
RR: Oh, you'll still meet him. Unless you get me to Sheldon.
KB: Relax buddy, we'll find him for you. No trouble!
RR: Find him where?
KB: Well what I hear is that he went up jungle, started some kind of rebel
    Fighting for the government, fighting against the government. So much
RR: So get me to this rebel gang.
KB: That won't be easy...
RR: You want me to throw you back to those dogs?
KB: ...but it's not impossible!
    There are three major criminal gangs on the island.
    You get in real friendly with all of them and they'll sure lead you all
    the way to Sheldon!
    Here, give me your PDA...
RR: You want my PDA?
KB: I need to download for you the intel on these gangs.
RR: Okay. But if you mess with me, I will kill you.
KB: Ahh, home sweet home. Wow, this PDA is some hightech stuff.
RR: Hey! Where are you going?
KB: I'm downloading the locations, contacts I told you about...
    That way you can get in real close with these guys.
    Real close and cosy, you dig?
RR: I can't just waltz up and say...
    "Hey I'm a criminal, and I'd like to work for your organization."
KB: Sure, so I'll just tell all crooks on this island that an international
    gun for hire...
    ...is visiting Panau.
    A Mr... Scorpion!
    They're always looking for new talent.
RR: O-kay... But I'll need guns and vehicles.
KB: I'll put you in contact with a Black Market dealer I know!
    Here, use these beacons to contact him.
RR: If these things fail, believe me... I'm coming back for you.

SD: I got a message from Karl Blaine about you. The Scorpion, right?
    Well I am the Sloth Demon.
    If you need a heavy drop or an extraction, I'm your man.
    You can contact me using the beacons you were given by Blaine.

RR: Time to meet the criminal factions and make some new best friends...

KB: OK! You get to know the factions real good, Rico!
    The Roaches are Panau's urban mob. They wear some...
    ...how do I put it, very nice Italian suits while they cut your throat.
    The Reapers, well, they follow in good old Che Guevara's footsteps.
    For them, it's all about the land and the people...
    ...as long as it's their land and their people.
    Then there's the Ular Boys:
    A crazy jungle mob who plan to turn this island into a natural paradise.
    Meaning: No foreigners, no foreign goods and foreign pop music, dig?
    And careful Rico... for sports they dice traitors with their mandaus.

XXII. Credits
"Provide credit where it is due."

Avalanche Studios - For creating such a great game.
Square Enix - For publishing such a great game.
Sweden - For giving birth of Avalanche Studios.