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Art of Murder: FBI Confidential

PC 2008

Version:        1.0     released on the 15th of June 2010
Author:         odino   http://www.gamefaqs.com/features/recognition/47976.html
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| |                           TABLE OF CONTENTS                            | |
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| 01.) Introduction                                              |   G0100   |
| 02.) Basics                                                    |   G0200   |
| 03.) Walkthrough                                               |   G0300   |
| YY.) Version History                                           |   GYY00   |
| ZZ.) Credits & Thanks                                          |   GZZ00   |

01.)                    INTRODUCTION                                 G0100

Welcome to 'Art of Murder: FBI Confidential' for the PC, an adventure game
by City Interactive from 2008. This is the first of a series of adventure

If you spot any errors or have suggestions please feel free to e-mail me about
it. Enjoy!

02.)                    BASICS                                       G0200

Actually most things are explained in the manual, the list below is just some
hins and tips I think are most valuable to know when you play the game.

* Right click returns an item back to the inventory
* Double click to run, always useful!

03.)                    WALKTHROUGH                                  G0300

Talk to Chaser. Exit the room to talk to Ruth. Exit right and enter the
Mezzanine. Fetch the printer paper at the bottom of the screen and run back to
the Agents' offices. Examine the printer in the bottom right corner and pull
out the paper feeder. Use the ream of printer paper on the now-open paper
feeder. Close the paper feeder again. Look at the cork board at the top to find
Nick's phone number. Open your PDA and click on the address book to phone Nick
(no answer). Go to the Front Office and ask Ruth about it. Go to your desk
(opposite the printer) and you should see Nick's phone number. Open your PDA
while still in this view and call Nick. Leave a message to get an SMS in
return. Use the keyboard to write the report and click on the monitor to print
it. Turn around to take the printed page. Enter Chaser's office and hand him
the report.

Continue talking to Chase for the next assignment. You will get a drawing.
Leave and after a short conversation with Ruth you can leave the building
entirely (that is, going down to the lower levels and then outside to the
street). Your only option is the black car on the right and the only location
on your map is the Museum of Pre-Columbian Art.

Museum of Pre-Columbian Art:
Talk to the porter inside to explain your situation and enter the exhibition
area. Check out the display case with the knifes nearby and exit the view. Go
towards the mummy in the back, take the fire extinguisher and when you return
Warren will be gone. Return to the lobby and attempt to go down to the storage.
The porter will stop you as you have no permission so ask him for Warren's
phone number. Try calling him and then talk to the porter. Go downstairs to the
storage area.

Open the light switch case and change it so the only the middle top switch is
down (on?) and turn on the right bottom one as well. This should have lights
for all areas. Pick up the flight case on the left shelf as well as the dinghy.
Go up to the further area. Open up the flight case to find an x-ray scanner.
Use the dinghy on the gap between crates just to the right of the crate (which
is left of a broken statue). Use the fire extinguisher on the folded dinghy to
move the crate. Use the x-ray scanner on the large crate you have revealed.
Back in the previous room, place the x-ray scanner in the case again and place
that on the shelf where you found it. Return to the porter and ask him about
it. Exit and go to your car. Leave the museum. By now you must have received a
phone message. Enter the car and drive to the Stockbroker's villa.

Stockbroker's Villa:
Speak to the policeman and enter the building. Look at the table in front of
you. Interact with the right armchair to move it. Back on the main view you can
now find a business card where the armchair used to be. Read it. Enter the
annexe on the left to pick up an umbrella. Look at it in your inventory to get
a wire instead. Back in the lounge, go to the upper right pool table. Look at
the pool table and pick up the blue ball in the tray. Use the ball on all the
pockets and eventually it will get blocked inside. Use the wire on that pocket.
Take the figurine from the tray. Leave the house.

Enter the building and attempt to enter the evidence deposit. Go upstairs to
Ruth's desk to find the magnetic key card you need to enter this door. Before
returning you should talk to Chaser about the case and the business card.
Attempt to call Branford and then call Warren. Check out your desk for a
origami- folded note left by Nick. Also check it out in your inventory. Use the
magnetic key card on the door downstairs and drop off the figurine's head on
the shelf. I think how to get to the museum should be clear to you by now.

Museum of Pre-Columbian Art:
Talk to Warren in the exhibition room until everything is done and said. Enter
the orangery on the right and talk to Allen until no more new topics come up.
Return to the exhibition and take a look at the golden figurines (one is
missing a head). Ask Warren about it.

Go upstairs to talk to Ruth. Enter the storage at the other end of the office
and grab the forms directly in front of you. Give it to Ruth and talk to Chaser
about it. Grab the blank form (?) from Ruth's desk and head back to the

Museum of Pre-Columbian Art:
Enter the exhibition room and hand Warren the completed form. As suggested you
should talk to the porter about opening the display case. Check the display
case with the golden figurines and open the case, then take out the golden
figurine. The red light will start blinking. Enter the orangery on the right
and pick up one of the vases. This puzzle is random so you will have to try
each one until it works. Take the potting soil from the left and add it
into the vase and also take some extra without adding to the vase in case this
is not heavy enough. When you place the vase into the display case and it
still beeps then take it back out, add the extra dirt and try it again. If this
does not solve the problem then you have to continue with the next vase until
it eventually turns to green. Take your car to the abandoned house.

Abandoned House:
Enter the building and go left one screen. Enter the apartment at the end of
the hall and then enter the WC. Pick up the rubber plug. Enter the bedroom and
pick up the wire hairbrush. Walk across the hallway into the kitchen and grab
the whiskey bottle from the fridge. Enter the apartment at the other end of
the hallway (number 9). Walk into the other room for a scene.

Pick up the empty bottle with a chipped neck lying under the table. Return to
the kitchen of the other apartment and look at the sink. Clog it with the
rubber plug, then place the empty bottle into the sink and turn on the faucet.
Pick up the whiskey label and combine it with the whiskey bottle you have.

Talk to Tatum the bum from the scene until you find that he has something from
Nick. Give him the whiskey to get the note. Read it and try to leave the room.
Pick up the burnt-out fuse and return to the corridor with the fuse box.
Interact with the hairbrush to get a handful of bristles and use this on the
burnt-out fuse. Place this on the empty slot in the fuse box only to have it
fry immediately. Pick it up, fix it up again with a bristle but enter the
kitchen before doing anything else. Look at the kitchen counter and unplug the
cable by using the paper on it. Place the fuse into the box again.

Go up the stairs on the left and look closer at the area in the middle. Use the
brush on the mobile phone to open the board and being able to take the phone
itself. We are done here.

Enter the evidence deposit with your key card. Place the golden figurine on the
deposit shelf (ignore her comments on the missing head). Open the tailor's
supplies box and take the scissors as well as the ID from James' things.

Go up the stairs in the main area and move the ladder. Look up to the hanging
wires. Cut the only wires you can before moving back down and shifting the
ladder to its original position. Enter the lab and take the swabs. Use one of
them to clean James' ID. Go into the storage room and take the lamp, plastic
bag, battery, gloves and luminol. Go to your desk and place the battery, cut
cable and mobile phone on the desk. Enter the pin number 8673. Interact with
the screen, then look at the photo on your monitor. Get back to your car.

Thug's hideout:
Enter the alley and go up one more screen. Pick up the crowbar, then look
inside the car and release the handbrake. Use the crowbar on the fire escape
ladder. Check the air-conditioner and use the crowbar on the blades. Walk to
the window for a conversation. Enter the building and move forward a little to
take a picture with your PDA camera. It will reveal a phone number (upside
down), call this number to get rid of the guy in the next room. Enter that room
and open the wardrobe. Check the back wall and enter the secret room. Look at
the drawers and open the second one from the top, then attempt to take the
ritual dagger.

After the scene you have to hop around with your chair. Use these directions to
get out: Dx2, L, D, Lx3, U, L, Ux4, Rx4, Ux2, Lx2, Ux2, L, Ux2.

Return into the wardrobe and then the hidden passage. Use the luminol spray on
the ritual dagger, then shine the lamp on it to reveal the blood stains. Pick
up the dagger with the plastic bag. Return to the main view and check out the
carpet corner. Attempt to open the trapdoor and then look at the painting
hanging on the wall. Interact with it and then move the lever behind it. You
are now free to use the trapdoor. Take the can on the right side and open it to
find money, then interact with the open can to get a a coin. Look at the key
box on the left side and use the coin to open it. Pick up all the keys (that is
done automatically as you take one). Look at the exit and then attempt to use
the crank. Look at the metal panel above the crank and unscrew all four corners
with the coin. Use one of the larger keys on the broken latch (just keep trying
until she does it instead of making a stupid comment). Use one of the smaller
keys to unlock the door (it is random as far as I know) and open it. Use the
crank again. Pick up the gun next to the thug, then run right.

Talk to Chaser about your new assignment. Exit to the mezzanine and enter the
laboratory. Take the victim's blood test results from the nearby rolling table
and use one of your swabs on the dagger to get a sample. Check out the analyzer
with the blue display (left side of the one with the green LID) and pick up a
test vial. Combine the dirty swab with the vial and place it in the analyzer.
Press the 'Transfer switch' on the display. Return to your desk. Use the blood
test results with the monitor. Report to Chaser a Ruth's desk.

Exit to the mezzanine and down into the evidence deposit (use your card as
usual). Open the box with James' things and take the key (you can only take one
of these). Pick up the head of the figurine as well as the figurine itself.
Combine these two parts. Take the bag from the figurine. Return to the
laboratory upstairs. Use another swab on the bag of powder and use this on
another empty vial at the analyzer. Turn right to the machine wit the green LID
and place the vial with the sample in it. Return to your desk and use the
keyboard. Use it a couple of more times to get an image. Leave the HQ.

Museum of Pre-Columbian Art:
Once inside you will automatically talk to the porter. You can actually skip
this but you must talk to him to trigger something. If you ran into the next
room already just go back to the lobby and you will talk to him again.

Enter the exhibition area and approach the back with the mummy display. Pick up
the bowl hanging in the corner. Enter the archives at the left side of this
room. Pick up the magnifying glass on the table as well as some aluminium foil
(aluminum for Americans) next to the colorful filing cabinet. Enter the
orangery at the opposite end of the exhibition area. Place the bowl underneath
the large statue at the bottom right corner, then add the aluminium foil on it
and combine this with the magnifying glass. Return to the main hall once the
alarm sounds and continue to the entry hall and finally enter the basement

Go further into the storage and look at the poster. Open up the cabinet with
the small key. Use a new stab on the scale. You will get a phone message from
Nick and this is your cue to leave.

Go to the tenement and pick up the wire hanging on the door. Go right and pick
up the coke bottle on the right of the station doors. Enter. Look at the old
benches and pick up the lighter. Optionally you can look at the body and talk
to the police officer. Run to the end of the tunnel (south) and towards the
scaffolding. Grab the gas can and the newspaper. Add some fuel from the gas can
into the lighter. Interact with the newspaper to roll them up. Walk towards the
grate in the back. Use coke on the screws around the duct and remove all four
screws and finally the grid. Use the newspapers on the champagne bottle in the
duct and light in on fire (with the lighter of course). Pick up the empty
champagne bottle. Use the wire on the bottle to get a message which you should
read. Return to your car.

Go up to the laboratory. Get an empty vial and combine it with the sample. Use
the right sample analyzer to know it is heroin. Go talk to Ruth twice. Exit to
your car.

Enter and go "to the back". Enter the reading room. Pick up the glasses from
the table. Approach the counter with the librarian and give her the glasses.
Talk to her until she points you to the yearbooks on the left of the doors. Go
there next. Pick up the book in the middle. Show it to "Jessica Fletcher", the
librarian. Talk to her again about copies thrice and she points you to the
microfilm room. It is the door next to the reading room. Click on the cabinet
full of microfilm and return to the librarian. Back at the cabinet you need to
click on the drawer with the number 00104419867. Take the boxed microfilm. Back
in the reading room, use the microfilm reader on the first desk as you enter.
Take the empty reel from the machine and combine it with the empty reel. Place
the new film reel into the reader and turn it on. Click on the image to find
that there is no lense. Talk to the librarian about it. She will eventually
place a focal lense on the counter. Pick up and place it into the reader and
click on the image again. Click on the next one to get prints. Click on the
image one more time. Finally talk to the librarian again to complete this

Museum of Pre-Columbian Art:
Go into the archive and show the paper to Warren. Continue talking to him until
you run out of stuff to ask. Leave the museum and talk to Allen Branford
outside until exhausting useful topics. Return to speak with Warren inside.
When you run out of topics, run across the exhibition into the orangery and
pick up the photo. Exit to receive a call from Ruth.

Go upstairs to talk to Ruth, then talk to Chaser in his office until he says he
is too busy. Exit the building.

Cusco, Peru:
Introduce yourself to Diego, the hotel owner. Continue talking to him until he
does not want to help you any more. Approach the cupboard and get the camera,
then pick up the coca leaves and buckthorn on the table further right. Combine
these two in your inventory. Exit to the street level via the doors on the left
side. Go right to San Martin Plaza. Approach the archeologist's door and
interact with it. Since there is nobody opening anything, continue straight to
the workshop, ok, scrap yard. Talk to Jose. Go right back to the hotel. Diego
will have moved so talk to him again until he mentions the favor. Go outside
and use the card on the cash machine (look at it first, press the keypad to use
it). Return to the workshop and talk to Jose about renting a car. When you
leave there is the mention of no jeep being around here. Return to Diego at the
hotel to ask. When he has informed you where the jeep is, go talk to Jose once
more. After he says the tripod is in the garage you are allowed to open it.
There you will find a bearing on the left of the open door as well as the
tripod. Combine the camera with the tripod and place this on the right opening
of the wall (it says space for camera). Talk to Jose about the jeep. Eventually
the money should be kept on the bench. Combine the bearing with the cash and
place it there. Take the camera from its tripod before heading back to the
hotel. Speak with Diego a few times. Once he takes your camera you should
return to San Martin Plaza.

Walk towards the home and insert the photo with the gap in the door (mail
slot). Interact with the door to attempt showing your ID. Give the leaves mix
to the guy sitting on the bench. He will leave and you can show your badge
through the window. Approach the door to enter and proceed to Juan's room. Talk
to him many times. Go back to the plaza. When the day breaks return to the
hotel entrance and talk to Diego waiting outside. Return to Juan's house via
the plaza. Enter Juan's room and pick up the knife above the fireplace. Stab it
into the matching hole on tie right of its holder and take all the crystals as
well as the map. Exit to the corridor and go north to the courtyard. You have a
few amphorae lined up on the balcony like this:
First throw over the board on the left side and then start moving these
amphorae over to the wall one by one in this order: G, H, I, F, A. Before you
can move G you first need to pick up C and place it above the D one. You can
now click on the Exit above.

Talk to Jose. Use your card at the cash machine outside the hotel. Return to
talk to Jose. Back at the hotel, take the left door entering the kitchen. Pick
up the matches on the table and the kitchenware (pot) at the fireplace. Get the
strawberries and honey near the left side. Fill the jug with dough by using it
on the large jug next to the fireplace. Place it back on the fireplace and add
the strawberries and honey. Light the stove on fire using the matches and
switch on the nearby fan. You will end up back at the front of the hotel. Enter
and approach the closet to find the camera again. Run to the car workshop and
give this camera to Jose. Use the fuel on the jeep's fuel tank.

Somewhere in the Andes:
Run across the bridge to the entrance on the other side. Pick up the tube
(crowbar). Return over the bridge and towards your jeep. Approach it and use
the tube on the crate in the back. Grab the jack, chair and pulley. Attempt to
cross the rope bridge once more. Grab the cable near the edge and combine it
with the arm chair and the pulley. Use this contraption on the cable to get
across. Approach the tunnel and then cut the lianas with the knife. Use the
jack on the tunnel to open it, then get through.

Approach the right pyramid entrance and look at the hole on the left of the
vault door. Looking at this as an A-D horizontal, 1-4 vertical grid, place the
crystals into A3, B1, C3. You should know which ones fit there. With only one
left you can also solve the next lock puzzle easily. Use the sandwich with the
flies on the right. Also pick up the sword. Before continuing here we should go
to the small pyramid on the left side.

Approach the tomb inside and crack it open with the sword by first inserting it
and then interacting with the sword again. Pick up the cap on the left and the
jaw(bone) and watch from inside. Return to the other pyramid.

Go through the old passage and pick up the jar outside. Use the fly-infested
sandwich on it to capture them in the jar. Run back north (to town apparently)
and look at the hole in the wall slightly left of the old passage. Use the
flies in the jar with the spider. Grab the funnel the spider was guarding and
interact with it to get the notes. Return to the plane and this time approach
the metal cover. Use the spider with the snake. Return to the view with both
pyramids and go south to the sun pyramid. Enter the blocked passage and use the
empty jar with the water. Return to the plane and use the water on the battery.
Look at the hood in the front and take out the filter. Interact with it to
clean it and then place it back in the hood. Start the propeller.

Go upstairs and talk to Chaser. When you get the suspension notice you can
leave the office (you may have to talk to Ruth quickly or else Bonnet will not
leave just yet).

Run through to the reading room and talk to the librarian a couple of times.
Exit the library to receive a phone message.

Stockbroker's Villa:
Inside, run left to the annexe and look at the walls with the photographs.
Interact with the lower frame and pick up the photo. Look at it in your
inventory. Exit and drive to the museum.

Museum of Pre-Columbian Art:
You must talk to the porter before you are allowed into the exhibition room.
Continue left to the archive. Approach the shelf and check out the box full of
Professor Dickinson's papers and journals at the bottom. Grab the dental
records. Combine it with the jawbone. Talk with Warren outside the museum until
you run out of stuff to say.

You will get a phone call first and actually return to the FBI HQ immediately.

Compare Raches' photo with the ruling on the desk. Talk to Ruth and she will go
home. Enter Chaser's office. Approach the desk and open the cabinet. The six
numbers on the dial control the six reels above. If you click on 1 then you can
go up and down on the slide to replace the letter with anything from the
alphabet. You want to spell out RACHES. Pull the lever when you are done. Check
out the ticket and run to the car.

Enter the subway platform and go south on the tunnel. Approach the scaffolding
and grab the pliers. Return to the street level and then go left to the
tenement. Go up the stairs and pick up the unisolated wires at the elevator.
You also must read the electrician's note hanging here before you can continue.
Go up to the engine room and approach the box. Use the wire with the pliers and
use this on the switch box 20/07 WB. Now run down and use the elevator to reach
the basement. Grab the skewer lying across and enter the boiler room. Use the
pliers on the knob and stab the skewer into the barrel. This allows you to
climb onto the abandoned platform. Enter the train itself and use the knob on
the brake. Use the brake to start the train and to complete the game.

YY.)                    VERSION HISTORY                              GYY00

v1.0     Complete (15th of June 2010)

ZZ.)                    CREDITS & THANKS                             GZZ00

GameFAQs for hosting this file.

City Interactive for the game.

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