Gothic Cheats


  • Codes

    During gameplay press S to open the menu, then enter marvin to enable cheat mode. Then press F2 during game to open the console and enter any of these cheats:

    Display game versionversion
    Get artifact for questlichtbringer
    God modecheat god
    Hurt sharkhurtswampschark
    Load gameload game
    Load positionload position
    Restore healthcheat full
    Save gamesave
    Spawn iteminsert [item name]
    Take screenshotprint
    Teleport to castlegoto pos
    Teleport to waypointgoto waypoint
    Toggle cheatsautocomplement

    Contributed By: Starky27.

  • Marvin Codes

    Press s and type in marvin, then hit s again and on the top left screen it will display the phrase, "Marvin-Mode". Congradulations you have just entered cheat mode.

    Character harms selfH
    Character moves forward and can fall into ground if facing it, useful for getting passed locked doorsK
    Character spins aroundZ
    Cycle through game sectionsF7
    Fully heal mana and healthF8
    Immobile cameraF5
    Mobile cameraF6
    Move camera back to playerF4
    Play in "windows" modeF3

    Contributed By: gabeo619.


  • Fall glitch

    You can jump of any cliff or any ledge without taking any damage!
    Whenever you jump off a high cliff or whatever, hold left or right strafe, and you'll land safely no matter how far the fall is, taking no damage.

    Contributed By: Teknopez.

Gothic 3 Cheats


  • Various cheats

    Open the ge3.ini file in the Gothic3/Ini folder and change the following line in Notepad:




    You can then press [~] (tilde) while playing to bring up the console and type any of the following cheat codes.

    Add learning pointsTeach LP <number>
    All armorGive Cat_Armor
    All artifactsGive Cat_Artefact
    all items gainedgive all
    All weaponsGive Cat_Weapon
    Control cameraWatch
    Control characterControl
    Give Specified ItemGive
    Gives 100 of each item.idkfa
    gives all Armorsgive Cat_Armor #
    gives all Foods, Herbs and Potionsgive Cat_Alchemy #
    gives all Miscellaneous Itemgive Cat_Misc #
    gives all Spellscoll, Teleport Stone and Ancient Stonegive Cat_Artefact #
    gives all Weaponsgive Cat_Weapon #
    Gives the player full health.fullhealth
    God ModeGod
    Invisibility ModeInvisibility
    Kills TargetsKill
    Learn All Skills (lowers stats to 0)Teach all
    Set Alchemy levelTeach ALC <number>
    Set Dexterity (hunting skill)Teach DEX <number>
    Set energyTeach SP <number>
    Set healthTeach HP <number>
    Set Intelligence (ancient knowledge)Teach INT <number>
    Set manaTeach MP <number>
    Set Smith levelTeach SMT <number>
    Set StrengthTeach STR <number>
    Set Theif levelTeach THF <number>
    Spawn Specified Item/CreatureSpawn


  • Helper to improve faction reputation and spawn items

    1. Type MARVIN very fast.
    Game will say "marvin mode activated"

    2. Press ` button to bring up the ingame console.

    3. Input command "spawn sh". Without the quotation marks.

    An ingame helper will appear. Talk to him and you are provided with options to increase faction reputation and spawn items. Also allows you to move forward in the main quests. All in the form of standard dialogue options.

    4. To turn of marvin mode, type MARVIN very fast again.
    Game will say "marvin mode deactivated"

    5. When you're done with the Helper, you can kill him to get rid of him.

    Contributed By: contactlouis.

Gothic II Cheats


  • Codes

    Press C type ''marvin'' (No quotes) press C again then press F2 to bring up the console, you can do the following:
    (The console will autocomplete words!)

    1000 gold for 100 expinsert gold
    A stored character is loaded and replaces the own character.HERO IMPORT [NAME]
    All texts, bars and menu becomes invisible.TOOGLE DESKTOP
    Changes permanent attitude of the character in focus (e.g. friendly, hostile, neutrally, angry)SET PERMATTITUDE [ATTITUDE]
    Characterhelper (only in German)INSERT CH
    Debug toggle (non-console)Alt+O
    Enable/Disable god modecheat god
    FaceHelper (posses to use)INSERT FH
    First personfirst person
    Framework shows around the object in the focus .SET FBBOX
    HealCheat Full
    Implements the animation, e.g. play ani s_cbowaimPLAY ANI [NAME]
    Kill enemy in focusKill
    Land Map of KhorinisITWR_MAP_NEWWORLD
    Make Old Knight's Armor appearinsert itar_pal_skel
    Make the character thiner or thicker.SET MODELFATNESS [WERT]
    Menu opens, where one can change camera valuesEDIT CAMERA
    Menu opens, where one can change character characteristicsEDIT ABILITIES
    Menu opens, where one can change species dependent constantEDIT SPECIES
    Menu opens, where one can change the behaviour of the AI.EDIT AI
    Menu opens, where one can change the combat systemEDIT COMBAT
    One's character is stored in the file "piranha bytes\gothic\saves\name.zen\"HERO EXPORT [NAME]
    Posses if in focus (non-console)O
    Practically infinite range of vision.ZFOGZONE
    Set time to XX:XXSet Time XX:XX
    Toggle game timetoggle time
    Warp to a torch above the 'landowners' farmGo to a waypoint Fire
    Warp to HarborGo to a waypoint Wolf
    Warp to the area near Pepe and his sheepGoto Waypoint Sheep
    Warp to the Lighthouse near Khorinis, just out in frontGoto Waypoint Lighthouse
    Warp to Xardas TowerGo to a waypoint Xardas

    Contributed By: Kavok, pistolcat, and Dracorion.


  • 5000 lp, class change, and abilitys

    After entering the ''Marvin-mode'' cheat press F2 and enter insert ch. This creates a Charicter Helper, unfortunatly in German. From here you can Reset you charicter and then receve 5000 lerned points and even train.

    Contributed By: fairyrose79.

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