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Is there a command console?

Is there a command console and how do you activate it. I need to turn off some of the visual effects that don't have a menu option.


JeffLam answered:

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benos answered:

I wish, I mean it's like they only wanted this for console gamers. I mean, of course console games have cheats too. There are many parts of the game that needed god mode like the Yelena boss
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Jays0210 answered:

If you have the PC version you can download a mod that adds many features quite similar to a command console. Very easy to download and install. I cannot give out the link so you will have to do a search. I heard about it in the board section some were. Anyhow the mod lets you activate various cheats.... spawn any item. And also toggle or set a large amount of other settings and debug options. I have been using it for a couple days now after beating the game already without cheating. Now I am just having fun.
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Kilozeta49 answered:

@Jays0210 is right, google Deus Ex: Human Revolution Debug Mod and you'll find it, alternatively you can search for Deus Ex: Human Revolution TRAINER, a trainer is a little program that intercept game's memory adresses to do what cheats can't. ;)
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