Question from Majorshepard

Asked: 3 years ago

How do you use the Social enhancer?

I am having difficulty understanding how I use the social enhancer to persuade someone to give me secrets done through persuation options. It comes up with Alpha, Beta and omega and sometimes they would light up. But I have no idea what any of it means, I use the pheremones and each response then has a description saying how someone who is a beta thinker will like the response but if they use alpha it won't work....I'm so confused how do I use it?

Accepted Answer

From: JeffLam 3 years ago

As you talk, keep track of which type is detected the most, then you use the appropriate pheromones.

For example, when talking to the ex-cop security guard, I saw Alpha 0 times, Beta 6 times, and Omega 5 times. (Adding up the different blocks throughout the conversation.) So he's Beta, and the appropriate Convince will do stuff.

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