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Where are my save games?

So i like to have backups of my saves, sometimes put them on a flash drive. But I can't find my save games ANYWHERE. and I have never used Steam for anything before, so please do not assume I know where stuff related to Steam is in my computer.

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lordcthulu answered:

On a 32 bit system they'll be in:
C:\Program Files\Steam\userdata\<userID>\28050\remote

On a 64 bit system, it will be in :
C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\userdata\<userID>\remote

In both cases, <userID> will actually be a series of numbers which is your numeric user ID on Steam unique to your account.

The file naming convention appears to be this:
gameq = quicksave file (from hitting F5)
gamea1 and gamea2 are the autosave files. Not sure yet if it alternates or if 2 is always the most recent
gamer1, gamer2, etc are your regular save files.
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Quillan666 answered:

C:\Program Files\Steam\userdata\8058650\28050\remote

Assuming you're using Windows XP. Not sure if you're using Vista or 7. Also, they're rather small files, so I don't know if the game just uses tiny saves (mine are mostly between 300-400 KB) or if they are just links to the Steam Cloud where the full saves are kept.
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