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How do u select multiple items for buying or selling?

Having trouble selling multiple items at once. How do u select more items to buy or sell. Tried CTRL ALT SHIFT all standard buttons. What to do?

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Gh0st_F4c3 answered:

You cannot select multiple items at once.
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cuteselene answered:

Sorry buddy, you have to sell one by one!!
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WaywardWeirdo answered:

And that sucks.
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NuclearSunset answered:

If you are referring to stacked items, you CAN sell the entire stack instead of 1 at a time. I use a 360 controller to play, and at the bottom-left it sells 'Y' sells an item and that 'RB+Y' sells the whole stack.
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Malavern answered:

You can sell an entire stack of items by holding down the Left Ctrl button when clicking the sell button.

Still no way to select a group of items to sell though :(
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