Question from MrTongiah

Asked: 4 years ago

How I can get an underwater item?

Doing a mission, a monster died and felt off a bridge in the first island. I need an item of that enemy, the item is "Stabilizer Stone", I guess (Piedra Estabilizadora in Spanish).
I can't get that item, because it's underwater. It doesn't reset, I did a lot of things, but nothing. I also searched cheats for getting it, but I can't find it...
I hope you can help me, with some cheats or whatever. If not, I would start again.

Accepted Answer

From: MrTongiah 4 years ago

I solved it!
I haven't the code of the item, but I used another cheat instead.
I went over the underwater body and I wrote JUMP2, pointing the body with the cursor. Then I used the cheat and press SPACE many times.
Now I got the item.

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