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How to make money?

Having quite a bit of problems making ends meet so to speak, I can barely scrape together enough money to buy a single spell or amulet and then im pretty much broke. Most stuff I sell just give at most 100 aura.

Is there an easy way to make money that I missed or is this just because im still early into the game (roughly 4 hours)

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Jaga_Telesin answered:

Selling more than one of the same item to the same vendor gets you decreasing profits on that item. The first is sold at 100%, the second for much less, and so on down to 50% (or less, haven't checked exact numbers).

To beat this supply/demand system, sell only one of each item type to a vendor, then move to the next vendor and sell another, etc. Example: if you have 5 Mercenary Shields, sell one to the first vendor, one to the second, one to the third, etc. Each vendor will give you 100% on the sale.

Also be careful about how many items you chose to "break down" into components like steel, wood, etc. You may or may not need those resources for the type of armor/weapons you normally use, and each item broken down could have been sold for 100% coin.

Regarding skill books: you can find a book for any skill through normal questing, just be sure to keep your eyes open. Any skill books your char doesn't need you can sell for 1k each. My mage sells all the warrior and archer books he comes across for profit. Don't go and buy books for this reason - it typically costs between 9k and 12.8k to buy a skill book, where you could have gotten it for free simply by being patient.
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