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What sort of DRM does Call of Duty: World at War have?

Recently I've been hit with some pretty terrible DRM on all sorts of PC games from large developers that have caused me to return or not purchase games. What does Call of Duty have? I'm absolutely uninterested in buying any games that limit my installations or require me to connect to the internet to install them.

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Argus_Kos answered:

AFAIK same as all the other CoD's have been: None. Install and reinstall to your hearts content. Its your CD-Key that prevents multiple uses online, and the CD is required for any single player application.
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firestorm24 answered:

I have the game and have not encountered any problems with DRM yet

I believe you can install it as much as you want
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Virauge answered:

CoD:WaW doesn't require you be online to install or play offline. As far as multiple installs you can install it on as many systems as your want as many times as your want. The catch is, to play online or connect online for your friends list is governed by your CD key, which can only be active online in a single instance. Which means you can install it on 50 computers with the same CD key, but only 1 of those systems can connect online at a time.
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