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Why does the game keep telling me (please insert the correct DVD-ROM)?

I have the game in the computer yet it keeps telling me i dont. Also I can play the multi-player game fine it just does this when you try to play single player


Izlude7980 answered:

I had this problem too. What I did to do to fix it was to download a No-CD Crack for the CoDWaW.exe file. Just search Call Of Duty: World At War No-CD Crack and it'll pop out. Once you get the crack it'll tell you what to do =)
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Izlude7980 answered:

If the crack has no instructions here are my instructions.

1. Copy the CoDWaW.exe and the No-CD Crack into a backup folder.
2. Copy the No-CD Crack file into your (C:\Program Files\Activision\Call of Duty - World at War) and paste it over your original CoDWaW.exe file.
3. Make a shortcut to the No-CD Crack file and place it wherever you like. Now name it.
Call of Duty(R) - World at War(TM) Solo - Co-op.
4. You're all set! Go on and enjoy single player!
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