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Asked: 5 years ago

What is the best strategy for MEN OF WAR ?

No FAQ yet--as far as i know? MY QUESTION-----How long does it typically take for some dedicated-good gamer to produce the 1st one? I am thinking of putting this very hard (for me) game away until a FAQ comes out. I really rely on these otherwise i would never get through or almost through my wargames. Jim

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Well...It is ALWAYS best to salvage stuff from enemy tanks and what not and NOT to play in DF mode all the tme. And in MoW... patience helps too!

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Try not to engage enemy unless necessary for mission objectives like "Eliminate all enemies". Save often. The safest route is rarely a straight line. Stay away from main lines of axis (this is also a real world military doctrine). Prioritize targets; take out the biggest threat first.

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Does anybody knows how to enter submarine in last soviet misssion?

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