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What do the ship classes stand for?

Iv ben playing X3 terran conflict and i havnt figured out what the ship classes mean such as m1 m2 m3 m4 m5 m6 and so on

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catatonicmadman answered:

Capital Ships (Ships that cannot dock in factories like IRE forge)
M1 = Carrier (Has hangar slots for multiple fighters.)
M2 = Destroyer (Heaviest ship class in TC. Has the most firepower and shielding. No hangar.)
M7 = Frigate (Lighter version of M2, some have a hangar for fighters like the Split Panther.)
M7M = Missile Frigate (Requires missles [Hammer, Flail, Ghoul, Shadow] to work properly. Also often used for boarding, since it is the only class that can use boarding pods.)
TL = Large Transport (Not really a capital ship, because it lacks firepower and shielding. It is used to build stations [the only class with ST class cargo].)

Other ships (Can dock in all stations.)
M6 = Corvette ("Extra heavy fighters". Great player ships [Springblossom, Hyperion Vanguard...], because they are quite fast, have quite much firepower and shielding and can dock in all stations. Also can be used for spacewalk boarding.)
M8 = Bomber (Smaller version of the M7M and uses different missiles [Tomahawk, Phantom]. Useful when fighting capitalships in earlygame.)
M5 = Scout (Light ships that are really fast and are great for scouting, but lack the firepower and shielding to do anything else. Able to dock in M1,M7,TL,TM.)
M4 = Interceptor (Medium class fighter. Used to fight other M4 and M5. Able to dock in M1,M7,TL,TM.)
M3 = Fighter ("Basic" Fighters. Not much to say. Able to dock in M1,M7,TL,TM.)
TM = Military Transport (Poorman's Carrier. Has only a few fighter slots.)
TS = Transport (The backbone of the economy. Used to take all sorts of wares around the universe.)
TP = Passenger Transport (A Taxi ship. The ship able to do taxi missions. Can be used in spacewalk boarding.)
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