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Quest/Puzzle Help status answers
How do I destroy the Claw? (Spoilers) Answered 1
How much intimidate/charm is required on noveria? Answered 1
Technical Help status answers
Achievements website? Open 1
Controller? Open 2
Did EA make a de-authoriazation tool for this game when you install off of a pc? Answered 2
Downloaded version: can't play regularly on laptop- mako exit impossible? Open 4
Ea and bioware seem to have given up on mass effect 1 PC ? Open 6
Exactly how to make QuickLoad key binding? Open 2
Game slow? Open 1
Having problems selecting objects. Help? Answered 2
Hi guys.. can i play mass effect 1 and 2 with specs like these?.. Open 1
How can i fix mouse "accel"? Open 1
How can i skip dialog without accidentally choose next dialog option? Open 1
How can I stop microsoft utility preventing me from running mass effect? Open 1
How does DRM function in this game? Internet activation? Answered 1
How to I take a screenshot? Answered 3
How to make QuickLoad button? Answered 1
How to run Mass Effect on Windows 7 64 bit? Open 6
I cant save the game!? Answered 1
I have a problem of the visual image of the game,can you help me? Open 1
I have windows 7 will mass effect work on my computer? Open 2
Importing Character From ME1 to ME2 ? Answered 1
Is there anyway to make the game work again? Open 1
Please Help Me!!???! :'( Unanswered 0
Prologue Sequence error? Open 1
Steam download DLC? Answered 1
Therum planet black terrain and acid? Open 1
They won't talk to me? Answered 2
Where can I find the DLC Bring Down the Sky? Open 1
Why does the game Crash after "Click Any Button" ? Open 1
Why is my galaxy map just black? Answered 1
Will mass effect work on vista? Answered 2
Will this work on my computer? I badly want to play this game Open 1
Other Help status answers
Any quick way to VIEW all armor apperances? Open 1
Are there any "cheats" besides the meaningless trainers? Open 2
Can I change minor character alignments? Answered 1
Can I start a new game immediately after unlocking a new skill? Open 1
Character Creator? Open 1
Cheats on steam? Answered 1
Does the game have New Game+? Open 1
Examining objects with the Mako? Open 1
Has anyone found a code for the console to refund your current skill points amount? Open 5
How Can I Access To Galaxy Map ??? Answered 3
How do I check my achievements? Answered 1
How do I complete the Allies Achievements? Open 3
How do I get the Paramour Achievement? Answered 1
Is an Internet connection necessary? Answered 1
Is htis game run in windows 7??? Answered 2
Is there a "God Mode" cheat for this game? Answered 2
Is there a a way for MassEffect to run on Windows 7??? Open 1
Is there any way to actually play other chars than Shepard? Answered 1
Male Sheppard Love Interest? Answered 2
On theros the lava and mountain is black ?? Open 2
Romance? Unanswered 0
Sort items? Answered 1
Untrained Weapons? Answered 1
What do I need uranium deposits for? Answered 1
What happens when you complete a second playthrough of the game? Open 2
What is the latest patch? And where can i get it? Answered 1
Why are there grayed out dialogue options? Answered 1
why Mass Effect text is too small ? Open 1
Wich files to back-up if I want to keep my data? Open 2
Will Mass Effect PC - work with a game controler? Open 1
Will the ever make the DLC "Pinnacle Station" free? Answered 1
With Paragon bar at max, should I start filling my renegade bar?? Answered 3

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