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Asked: 5 years ago

How to romance Tali?

I'm only partway through the game and have been talking to Tali at every given opportunity (i.e. after every mission) since she joined my party, and have completed that mission where she becomes loyal. Other than that, our conversations dont seem to be going anywhere. I'm wondering if I'm on the right track or I'm forgetting to do something before I continue progressing.

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From: damaddok 5 years ago

She'll take antibiotics and supplements to boost her immune system temporarily.

So yeah she'll take the suit off. But you don't get to see what's underneath.

Anyway, it'll be a lot like the ME 1 romance subplot, at certain points through the story another conversation tab opens relating to her relationship with you. I f you pursue with the whole' wait it out till your ready', she'll start looking for a way to do the nasty without killing herself. You won't have to do it more than 2 times though. I haven't gotten to that part yet, but I'm pretty sure there's a part of the game where it kinda forces the cutscene on you.

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It's pretty much the same in this game as it was in Mass Effect 1. Meaning that right before the final mission, she should come into your cabin.

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Can you romance Tali? I don't see how you could since she's bound to that suit or she'll die.

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I don't see how a tryst with the Quarian is even possible. I'm not sure what they breathe, but the fact that they need an encounter suit in an oxy/nitro atmosphere pretty much precludes the possibilities of...intimate relations.

I'm sure a human could no more survive in Quarian-norm enviro conditions without a suit than a Quarian - or a Volus - could go skinny-dipping on Earth.

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I think the suit can be removed and she can breathe normal air. She won't though; Quarians wear those suits because they've lost most of their natural resistance to diseases from living split up on climate-controlled spacecraft for so long. They wear the suits so they won't catch something nasty and either drop dead or take it back to their fleet.

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Pretty amazing that my answer gets -2 when it's CORRECT.

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D'oh. :P

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