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Asked: 5 years ago

How to hack a data pad?

How do I hack a data pad?

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From: nimbian1 5 years ago

Move the white box with the movement keys (WASD default) and when the highlighted box is on the code that matches the code above press the action key (SPACE default) do this three times minus hitting the red X boxes(moving over top of the red X boxes will take you back 1 match unless you havent matched or are at 0 matches at which point the hack will terminate)

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The hack minigame is a "Match Two" type, where you have to match the codes displayed above the scrolling box with the ones IN the box. WASD moves the cursor, SPACE selects the one under the cursor. Match them three times to win. You get three "misses" or mistakes - touching a box with a red X in it costs you one "miss" IF you have matched at least one. No matches within the time limit, touching a red X'd box with no matches done OR missin three times costs you the hack.

WARNING: The ONLY repeatable hacks are the storyline-specific ones. Fluff data, some cash downloads CANNOT be repeated - you get one shot, no more.

Yes, it can be a bit unfair, ESPECIALLY if you have a miss or two, and you run out of time before the new matches come up - you then lose that bit of fluff permanently.

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Quicksave (F5 default). Every. Single. Time. PC players get a bonus, so XBOX owners, set aside one save slot dedicated to these attempts. Save beforehand and after a successful hack to this slot.

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