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Miranda VS Jack (?)

Allright.... U gotta be F-U-C-K-I-N kidding me... It's the second playthru' i've been and I still can't break the fight between the two w/out blowing my relationship with one of'em...

JESUS CHRIST it really pissed me off...

Do I have to be the ultimate renegade/paragon to stop them??

Is there another way around??? someone please tell me...


joshiki_r answered:

There is only one way to get em to stop. either be ATLEAST 80% paragon/renagade b4 the fight, or get to that later b4 the end of the game. for example, i had miranda loyal b4 the fight, if u side with jack and tell miranda to back off, u talk to her after i had an option that was greyed out. got paragon a little higher and i had the blue option available. IMMEDIATELY after that, miranda was loyal again
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deacon_black answered:

My first playthrough I had no problems with Paragon/Renegade specific points in the storyline (Resisting Morinth, Jack/Mirand, Tali/Legion, Tali's Trial). When I did each, I had at least 80% Paragon. However, I have noticed a sharp decline in Paragon point award on the second playthrough, resulting in a current Paragon max of roughly 77%. This has been enough for Tali's Trial, but not resisting Morinth's advances or absolving the Tali/Legion or Jack/Miranda conflicts.

Ultimately, after you choose one over the other, if you can raise your Paragon/Renegade to 85% (I believe) you can regain the offended party's loyalty, albeit begrudgingly on their part.
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FanofMoH answered:

Uhhhh, Deacon_black, you might be wrong with that one. I chose Miranda on one of my playthroughs, and I had EFFING MAX PARAGON, yet the option still did not come up. You just gotta play it nice with em earlier, THEN get it high enough and they'll become loyal again.
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blackmailer26 answered:

I probably had around 70% Paragon and I was able to keep them both. Try using the +10% Negotiation headgear. Might help.
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acerpg007 answered:

Make your Paragon/Renegade around 80%(pass the last line) and wear the Inferno Armor(If you have one) before doing Jack's Loyalty Mission. And also, I suggest you do Miranda's Loyalty Mission first. Having 80%+ Paragon/Renegade can let you resist Morinth's spell as well as Tali/Legion Conflict, especially if you have Inferno Armor which adds 10% conversation.
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Mazinger_Kaiser answered:

Do the "I want to talk" whenever possible with any team member to gain some favor (renegade or paragon) with them. That way you won`t have that (your current) problem.
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Im_Solid_Snake answered:

Honestly, if you continue to have issues with this, I would just suggest doing Jack's (or Miranda's) loyalty mission at the very last moment you can, same with Legion's (or Tali's).
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