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Asked: 4 years ago

Do you *need* to explore all the planets?

If I've edited my save to give me enough materials to buy any upgrade I want, and the planet doesn't have an assignment/mission connected to it, is there any reason to explore it?
Basically I'm just worried about everyone surviving the final mission. I'm already getting all the upgrades I can as soon as I can, but exploring/scanning/mining every single planet in the galaxy sounds... really tedious. Do I have to? :(

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From: Ilthynos 4 years ago

Aside from the planets with missions, exploring uncharted worlds is only to provide you with resources. If you've already got the achievement for exploring 100% of the worlds in a sector, and you don't need the resources anymore, there's no reason you have to explore any of them that don't have a mission.

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No need. If you have around 300k on all resources and around 50k Eezo, you can get every research you find.

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The only reason you want to explore planets that are irrelevant is that some planets have Anomalies, which gives side quests..

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