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How to use Mass Effect savegames and profile files in Mass Effect 2?

I want to play MAss Effect 2 but I would like to use my profile in Mass Effect since I read that I can get bonuses and the plot is affected too.
How can I do that in the PC version of the game.

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Full instructions, with images and info can be found here:
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The short version:
1. When you beat Mass Effect 1, it makes a save file in a certain directory, in your "My Documents" folder.
2. Mass Effect 2 has a save import tool that will copy those files into a Mass Effect 2 directory.
3. Mass Effect 2 reads a directory for ME1 characters.

Note, in order to get the bonuses on a PC version, you have to import a PC saved character. Profiles are not transferable. Achievements unlocked in ME1 have no effect in ME2.

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1) ME1 makes a directory in your My Documents folder under Bioware to write saves. Remember this.
2) Open your ME2 and click Configure.
3) Go to the Save Games tab and click "Copy Mass Effect 1 Save Games".
4) Choose the ME1 directory in your My Documents folder from the 1st instruction above.
5) Go on and play, choose New Game in ME2 and click Import ME1. Only finished ME1 games can be imported.

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