Question from DanteHazuki

How many Adam slugs are there, and what are their locations?

trying not to miss anything in my next run through so I'm wondering if someone knows how many slugs there are and where i can find them.

KanjibacK asked for clarification:

Is there any .gif or .jpg picture that can help me find all of these slugs all together?


xdawgamer answered:

start of siren alley - 3 adam slugs
1- on the ground on main path
2- on the wall as you make the first left turn
3- in a pipe near the entrance to siren alley

Fontaine Futuristic - 1 adam slug
4- on your way to the hidden plasmid lab, climb the stair case near the alpha series corpse

thats it i believe., maybe one more somewhere, i recall hearing there was 5 in total, but can only seem to find 4 in the strategy guide.
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figifoo answered:

Actually, I think there IS a fifth ADAM slug. Assuming you know about it because of something in the story, I'd suggest saving your game before looking for it. If you want to know why, just read below.


On the Fontaine Futuristic level, you'll find a teleporting plasmid bottle which, on the 5th (I think) use teleports you around to multiple places; one of the places being right in front of Fontaine Futuristic (I think it was the fourth teleport where you see it). I was actually just looking for it a few minutes ago, but ran into a bug (I fell through a rock and am now stuck) and because I forgot to do a quick save before exploring, my recent save is not too recent... Anyways, I came here to find the cheat to fly so I can get out of the rock I'm stuck in. I'd suggest saving beforehand to avoid walking into the same bug.
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richardocool1 answered:

There are a total of five adam slugs. The one you missed is just at the beginning of Fontaine Futuristics. Once you go into the water in the first five minutes, you can find an adam slug next to a corpse in the middle of the area.
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Silveron714 answered:

Think slug near Fontaine Futuristics you see after unstable Teleport Plasmid teleports you around is at the top of the stairs near the hole you fall through to get to Persephine from Futuristics. So you leave Fontaine Futuristics, fall down the hole onto a dead Alpha, go up the nearby recessed stairs to the top where you see the slug on top of a cliff overlooking the hole. This is a good way to get back to Fontaine Futuristics from lab if want to.
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Gsyk1370 answered:

There are five total slugs, the first three are in siren alley as stated above. The other two are in Fontaine Futuristics. After you first enter the water, the first is located after you drop from a ledge off to the right. It will be located next to a corpse and a container. The second is located after the second time you enter the water. Walk a little ways until you drop down a hole. Look around for some stairs. Go up and find the slug on the stairs.
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