Question from Link959

Super Lag???

When ever I enter the game, I always lag, it never shows me the screen either. Idk if its my PC, my monitor, or the game. I'm starting to hate this. can some1 help?

Link959 provided additional details:

Yea, thats the serever I always go in, but I still lag, and I hear music, but the screen doesnt change. Only when I do Practice, it works. (And I think u do NOT expect me to play practice all the time)

Link959 provided additional details:

Oh never mind, its starting to work again

Accepted Answer

JunDageki answered:

You got the same problem as i am...and i know a lot that got this problem and we got fine PC and connection...its the game.because i cant never enter Gorgos...but then when a patch is released i misteriously can enter it...

in any case i recommend you to stay in Gardosen or Gaikoz Server...
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