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Asked: 5 years ago

How can i unlock Jin?

I have the misson and try to do it and i don't get any powder or anythin help plz?

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There's only two ways to unlock Jin. One is buying the cash mission. All you need is to get a crystal to unlock him. If you already have a crystal, then you'll instanly unlock him.

The second method is doing the GP mission and collecting the item. Keep in mind that this will most likely take a long time to do. The drop rate for the items you need are very low.

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I belive you need 5 powders from the Fairy miniboss on the Silver island (dont remember the stage) and 5 ??? items from the Tree boss. The drop rates are rather low, specially on the Fairy lady. Good luck with that.

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Keep defeating the Black Fairy Queen.You can only get the powder with luck

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I think the drop rates r better this time, but idk. The drop rates were 100% be4 wen Season 3 came out. Do Whispering Woods 3 star, or champion. (I would do champion so u can get a part of it done AND u can still get an item from the boss that u need for Jin. It also helps u get a crest faster.) Same thing with Silver Knight Ruins.

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Keep trying , you'll get him eventually , i unlocked jin within 1 and a half hour(i'm kind of a lucky bastard)

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