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Asked: 6 years ago

Help with warrior Marc?

I need help with warrior marc i talk to him but nothing happens after that i already have instalt patch 1.06?
Can somebody hjelp me?

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You must install the game then the release patch 1.1 and then the 1.06 patch, in this order. here is the link: If this doesn't help then load an older saved game. You might try do do the next quest Theodor gives you (without being given to): you must find all the artifacts between Ardea and Vengard. Speak with people in town to get the artifact. Those artifacts you can find in Reddock ( on the table where the Smith used to be, on Severin - left side of the Ardeea's gate when you teleport, you can buy the other one from some nuts guy in town.

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After talking to Marc, return to Theodor. If you see no dialogue response to his question except END, click in the blank space above END and the game will continue.

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