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PENUMBRA: REQUIEM                                             |
Developed by: Frictional Games                                |
Published by: Paradox Entertainment                           |
Walkthrough by: Nicholas Bale			  	      |

This file is Copyright (c)2008 Nicholas Bale.
All rights reserved.


L01 - The Tomb
L02 - Residential
L03 - Vertical Shaft
L04 - Sewer
L05 - Surface Station
L06 - Power Station
L07 - The Engine
L08 - Steam
L09 - Closure
X01 - Legal  
X02 - Contact Info           

|     L01 - The Tomb		|
"You cannot walk a thousand miles without taking the first step"

A tip: your flashlight will not actually run out of batteries, so you might 
as well keep it on the entire time.

You begin in a stone-enclosed area. To your left is a switch, a large device,
 and a broken ladder. To your right is some sort of see-saw contraption. 
Ahead of you is a large, empty room with a few large stone blocks. In this 
room, on top of the scaffolding, is a secret artefact, so you'll need to 
build a staircase up to it if you want it.

First, go to your left and note the switch on the ground. If you activate it,
 make sure you're not under it, because you're going to get killed. Throw a 
stone block underneat the switch and watch that block turn into multiple 
blocks. You can pick these up and stack them up under the ladder so that you 
can reach it.

Climb the ladder and walk up to the little obelisk. You can rotate the 
mini-obelisk by interacting with any of its three parts. Notice the pattern 
on the ground? Make sure the three parts are displaying the triangle in order
 to send out a green laser beam for another part of the ruins. Pick up the 
book next to the obelisk for some backstory. Now if you step on the switch 
closest to the big door (where the laser goes), it will open, but you don't 
want to go there just yet. 

Now you'll want to head into the see-saw room, but drag a big stone block 
along with you. Head up close to the edge and look down to see a basket: 
you'll want to push the stone right off the edge and into that. All it really
 needs is one big block and a couple of the broken ones you made earlier. But
 you'll need to do something else to make it fall down: go into the center 
room, put one of the big blocks on one of the switches, and stand on the 
other. Wait for the bridge to fall, then go across it to pick up the weird 
sphere. Now go back through the large door you opened, activate the portal, 
and move on.

|     L02 - Residential		|
"The heart says 'I want it', but logic says 'You cannot have it'. Eventually 
logic gives in, and imagination takes over."

An office room. It's empty, so walk through the door. In the next area, there
is a camera that will release gas that will drain your health, so avoid its 
green gaze. You have two options to proceed, but if you want a strange 
artefact (and to make the next area easier), you'll need to take the first 

1) Jump across the cement structures to make it to the other side of the 
room. Be wary, the camera can still see you at certain points here. On the 
other side, go through the door. Here you need to move quickly: water is 
going to start filling the room. Look around the walls that touch the ground 
to find fake panels that slide to the side, revealing boxes behind them. 
Grab those boxes and pull them out. Look up, and you'll see four switches on 
the ceiling. What you want to do is line up the three boxes so that when the 
water fills up the room, they push the switches while you push the fourth 
one. The water will then drain and you'll be given acess to the next room.

2) Go into the room under the doorway to your starting location. You can 
pick up two painkiller pill bottles here. When you press the button on the 
wall, the door across the hall will open, and a voice will begin counting 
down. You need to get the box in the switch room across the hall into the 
open door. You can just drag the box across and then hit the switch if you 
want, making it easier. Note that if the camera sees you, the door will 
close. When you're in the other room, just put the box on the switch to 
open the door, and walk through.

If you took route (1), be sure to push down the ladder before going down to 
the bottom floor. You can also build a stack of boxes to reach an airduct. 
This allows you to enter an office where a strange artefact will be on top 
of a few television monitors. Additionally, you can use the computer in 
this room to turn off some laser security in the next area.

Walking through this room, you'll hear someone talk. It's a tape recorder on 
one of the lunch tables. Turn it off and find the vending machine. Use the 
vending machine and a tape will pop out. Drag that tape to the tape player, 
and voila, the vending machine will be moved. Walk through the door to find 
some laser security, unless you turned it off when you took path (1). 

You'll need to take the box with you as you walk through and grab the sphere 
key. One to go. Drag the box through the lasers and put it on the switch 
passed the lasers to open the door. Pick up the walkie talkie on the floor. 
Then, uh, pick it up again. Make your way up the stairs for some box-jumping 
fun. Leap across the two boxes, onto the raising platform, and across the 
boxes to get to the key. Then jump back across the boxes and towards the 
exit to this room, then enter the portal.

|    L03 - Vertical Shaft	|
"Truth is like a sculpture - one perspective is never enough for true 

You're in, well, a vertical shaft. If you turn around, on some boxes ahead 
of you and to your right is a bottle of painkillers. Those three switches 
control where 'disintegrates' are deposited. Basically, if any object apart 
from you touches that blue field above you, it'll be deposited to the floor 
you've indicated. Press the second button for now. 

There's also a panel near you that can a large switch and three buttons on 
it. Look on the floor in front of this panel: there are three devices called 
Grav Lifts on the grating. When activated, these will make things hover (but 
not you). The panel activates them: lever designates what panel you're 
sending power to, the buttons determine how much. 

We want to create some stairs, so press the first button for minimum power 
to the first grav lift. Then move the lever to the second slot and press 
the second button. Then move the level to the third slot and press the third 
button. Now you just need to put a box above each grav lift and watch them 
create a floating stairway. Before you proceed, toss the box with the key 
symbol on it up to the next level (right click will send things flying, in 
case your memory is hazy). Now, move another box to get your height, then 
quickly jump across the floating stairway. The boxes will rotate while 
you're on them, you'll have to be fast. Then climb up the ladder, move 
across the moving platform, and climb another ladder. Before you do, toss 
the key box into the blue field. It'll disappear, and if you pressed the 
second button, appear on the floor above you.

Here you'll find a bridge attached by a flimsy chain. There's a delivery 
tube close by that will dispense...explosive ketchup. Yeah. Just grab that 
and toss it up at the chain. Also grab a bottle and toss it at the key box 
that has been deposited under the pipe. One key remaining. Pulling the 
switch down on the wall will raise the cargo container. You need to quickly 
get onto the container as it goes up. You can just jump inside and then jump 
out, making your way into the office. Inside one of the desk and filing 
cabinet drawers are bottles of painkillers, if you need them. Inside another 
desk is a strange artefact. Grab the key. Also, there's a platform leaning 
up against the wall. Grab that and toss it into the blue field, or otherwise 
just get it down to the switch. 

Now you need to find the 'disintegrate' button and press the third one. Then 
toss the platform onto the blue field to get it up there. Now you have to 
get the big cargo crate back down, then make it go back up. This time, 
however, you need to be on top of it. Just move really quick and jump onto 
the large fan encasing to make it. At the top floor, follow the large pipe 
through the broken chain link fence. There should be two metal platforms 
around here, one you threw onto the blue field and one that was already here.
Find the slots in the walls and insert them in. Then pull all of the 
platforms out to make some stairs.

Grab the book at the top for some musings. There's a ladder ahead that you 
can just reach if you jump for it. Make your way across the moving platforms,
climb the ladder, make your way across some more platforms, and enter the 

|    L04 - Sewer		|
"A question can never truly be known - agnosticism is the only answer."

Oh good. A sewer level. Climbing up the ladder behind you gets you nowhere. 
There's a secret artefact on top of the pipe above you, you need a box to 
get up to it. so go forward. Staying on the right side will get you into a 
generator room with an unpowered lever. Grab one of the crates: we're going 
to need them for stepping stones. Leave the room, and go across the sewer 
tunnel to the other  side, throwing the box in the water to use as a stepping
stone. Throw the switch on the other side to raise a path in the water behind
you. Now using boxes make your way to the next switch, right before the 
large circular room. Throw it and continue along the path to get to the 
wheel valve. Spin it, and the room will begin flooding. Move along the path 
some more, and you'll see a pipe explode.

What you might not see, however, is the battery that drops when that pipe 
explodes. It's run underneath it, in the water, so pick it up and take it 
back to the generator room. On the way, grab the sphere key at the bottom 
of the large pool. Put the battery in the slot next to the generator switch, 
and flip it. Now quickly make your way to the sewer's center chamber. Wait 
until the area completely fills with water, then head down into the water to 
flip a switch. It's on the other side of the chamber where you turned the 
valve. As soon as you do, make your way back up to the ladder, climb it, 
and you'll notice some nearby platforms start to raise. Jump on those and 
wait until they go all the way up. Then just move forward and grab the 
second key. Now just make your way to the portal (where you climbed up out 
of the chamber pool), and move on.

|    L05 - Surface Station	|
"A friend is no more loyal than a mercenary - you pay your debts with 

Ah, the great outdoors. A little chilly, but at least you aren't freezing 
here. You're at a four-way intersection in the snow right now, facing the 
helipad. To your right is a small shack. Go into it to find a key on a 
shelf, hidden behind some boxes (the shelf on your left side, the key is 
in the back). Going the other way in the intersection leads you to a 
satellite dish building. You'll want to turn on the generator by pushing 
all the large, metal switches down to make contact. One of them is jammed, 
so you'll need to get a metal pipe from one of the storage shack's shelves 
to connect the two. Now that they're connected, press the button. Turn 
around, and push down the lever on the left side of the large device now 
that it's powered. And then it breaks. We'll come back later.

The tunnel behind you leads to two switches that supply power to a hatch and 
a door. Press the 'door' button, and return to the starting location. The 
door ahead of you is now open. In the office is an empty battery socket and 
a desk with some painkillers in it. To get over the fence you can use some 
nearby boxes to get up onto the shelves and then just leap over. On the 
other side, in one of the shipping containers, is a book and some 

Flip the switch on the opposite wall to unlock the fence, and then find the 
wires that lead from the electrified fence; these are connected to a battery 
that you want. Take the battery back to the office room and plug it in. Then 
go back, pick up the fuse on one of the shelves, and bring that to the 
satellite/generator room where your previous fuse broke. Plug it in and 
turn on the machine again. Now head back to the office, boot up the 
computer and run the Satellite Dish.exe program. Calibrate the signal then 
send a message. Head up to the helipad for...well, it's not a rescue, but 
it'll have to do. Break the box open on the grinding gears in the satellite 
room to get the prize within, the last key.

What you'll want to do here is jam open the door to the large building with 
something like a barrel or box and then press the 'hatch' button back 
outside down the tunnel. It will open the hatch in the big building that 
leads to the portal out of here.

Before you leave however, climb up the ladder to the helipad and jump off 
the building, moving towards the satellite building. Keep moving past it, 
towards the corner of the level, to find a secret artefact hidden in the at 
the edge of the chainlink fence.

|    L06 - Power Station	|
"A puppy is not just for Christmas - it is also for when it is freshly 
rolled in its own faeces."


Take a look at the blue ball. Phillip is just as confused as you are. Don't 
touch it, though, it zaps. Grab a box from the next room and throw it all 
the ball to knock it out of its place. Now you can roll it along contently. 
Roll it towards the blue lasers, and through them without letting them 
touch, or else you'll have to start again. Roll it into the little hatch at 
the end and...well, something happens. Head into the other room in this 
area, the large power room, and move through it. Pick up a walkie talkie 
along the way to hear from an old friend. There's also a locked switch here, 
ignore it for now. 

Leap across the moving platforms. The portal is here, but unpowered. Move to 
your left and jump across the moving pistons to grab a key. Two more to go. 
Jump up and onto the pistons again, but then jump into the area next to 
them, a large circular room. Press a switch next to a valve to make a little 
box come down on a chain. You can twist the valve to pull the box up again, 
but it will fall down after you let go. You want to get the little box to 
fall on top of a big box so that you can jump up to the ladder and reach the 
switch on the platform. That'll release the blue ball you saw coming into 
this large area. room. Now leave this room, and head back to the portal, but 
this time go the other way.

Climb up the first ladder you see to reach the blue ball's pathway. Follow 
it upwards to reach the second key. Now go back down the ladder and continue 
on to the next ladder, climbing it to reach a room with three swtiches and 
an interesting book. Throw the switches in order: left, middle, right. Now 
climb down the ladder and jump across the broken walkway to throw the 
switch. That'll open another door for the blue ball. 

Now make your way back up to the ball's pathway. This time you'll want to 
find a scaffold running under the path that leads to the center structure 
in the large room. Jump on it, follow it, and find a few stairs. Make your 
way around the structure, finding some stairs along the way, and you'll be 
led back to the ball's path. Follow it down, but before you jump off, make 
your way around the rim of the pit to find a strange artefact.

Now here you'll want to use the metal plating around you to form ramps that 
the blue ball can move up on. Use them to get the blue ball to touch all 
four power tubes, and they'll all explode, revealing a key. Then you have 
to run for the exit. Well, walk. You've got more than enough time, so don't 
worry. Just jump through the portal.

|    L07 - The Engine		|
"Don't ask, don't get."

Yeah. Don't touch those lasers. They're not healthy. But there is a cog 
wheel on the ground in front of them, so pick it up. Then turn around and 
go that way, down the hatch. Head to the right and drop the cog wheel on 
the pegs on the walls. Then go the other way, but stop before the hot steam 
and pick up a large cog wheel on the ground nearby. Go back to the hatch, 
but go the other way to a series of pegs on the wall. Put the cog wheel on 
one of these, and keep going. There's another cog wheel hidden behind a pipe. 

Put the cog wheels on the pegs in this order: medium, small, and large. Then 
press the switch. Voila, power ball. A little further on, there's a shaft 
that you want to push this into.

Further on, there's a ladder to your left. If you want a strange artefact, 
jump over the ladder onto the machine/ledge, and find the artefact at one of 
its corners. Then go down the ladder. The door is jammed, so keep moving 
until you find the pumping cylinders. Go through the first two, but on the 
right side of the third, there's a small duct that you can crawl through. 
Grab the book inside and turn the valve (it turns off the steam above), then 
grab the lever handle and take it with you. Move through the the last 
cylinder  to find a key and the blocked door. There's also a lever handle on 
the shelves that you'll want to take. Put the lever handles into the control 

Now you'll need to use the levers in such a way that the ball gets to the 
other side. It's not hard, just by trial and error you'll be able to get it. 
Just keep in mind they can be flipped up AND down. Then laser. Now go back 
to where the deadly steam was, flip the switch, and jump across the pistons. 
There's a key to pick up on your left. 

Then...well, then you play Donkey Kong. Jump over the barrels, climb the 
ladders, and listen to the music. Grab the sphere key and the painkillers. 
Make your way back to the deadly lasers. They'll disappear, and you can walk 
through the portal.

|    L08 - Steam		| 
"Which is more likely: that the irrevocable laws of the universe have been 
broker, or that you are somehow mistaken in thinking them so?"

Jump down into the pit. This part is a bit of a maze, so I might seem a 
little vague here. Hug the right wall to make your way to a room with two 
boxes and a hatch, which you can ignore for now. You need to get a box out 
of this room by pushing one up the ramp and putting it on the other box, 
then pushing that to the exit. Keep hugging the right wall as you drag the 
box, eventually you'll come to three switches. Put the box on one. Go back 
a few feet, grab the second box, and put that on another switch. Now stand 
on the last one. Go through the door, press the radio to hear a sequence of 
numbers (6497), and move the box to expose a hatch with a key in it. Push 
the box onto the third switch, while you're here. There's also a bunch of 
firewood here. Bring a piece back to the room with the hatch.

Open the hatch and toss the firewood down, then go down the ladder. In this 
room is a stack of barrels against a wall; move them aside to find a strange 
strange artefact. Open the steam generator hatch and place the firewood 
inside, then throw the switch. Then find the #2 valve, turn it all the way, 
and make your way back to the entrance to this level. There'll be a steam 
elevator going up and down, hitch a ride up, run forward to a maintenance 
shaft, and go to the left to find a key. 

Head down the other path, jump over the gap in the floor, and open the 
locker by pushing in the number sequence you heard before. It'll unlock and 
you'll have access to some sort of chemical. Go back and head down the 
ladder, and you'll find yourself at the switch room again. Move the box out 
of the way and open the door, grabbing a piece of firewood on the way to the 
boiler room (in case you need it). Turn off valve #2, and turn on valves #3 
and #1. Head back to the switch room, where the elevator should be working. 
Push the box onto it, and follow it up. Then push the box to the other 
locked storage locker and put it on a switch. Stand on the other switch to 
open the locker.

Throw both of the chemicals from the lockers into the maintenance hatch for 
an explosive reaction. Now head to the elevator, which is now moving, and 
ride it up. Jump across the elevators, listen to an odd anouncement by the 
PA system, and head through the portal.

|    L09 - Closure		|
"Truth is the consensus of opinion"

The first thing you want to do is break open the padlock. Just grab 
something and swing it hard. Pull the duct cover off the wall and go 
through. When you fall, remember not to step into the water, as it does 
hurt. Ignore the key for now, unless you just want to get it over with so 
if you want you can just hoof it to the exit close by without jumping across 
stuff. Proceed forward to get to an office.

One of the desks here has painkillers in it. There's a fuse box on the wall 
nearby, taking the fuse out of the first slot eliminates the power flow to 
the water outside so you can get the key unharmed. Put the fuse in the third 
slot for later. Pull one of the cabinets away to reveal a duct that you want 
to follow through. After emerging, press the button next to the door. Hey, 
this place looks familiar. Using the boxes in the room, build a bridge 
across the electrocuted water.

Head to the left. In the desk is some painkillers if you're hurting. Pick up 
the plug next to the button and plug it into the socket to the left of the 
button. Then take the other side of the plug and plug it into the socket 
next to the door. Now head back out, across the hallway, and keep going 
until you find an office door that's unlocked. 

There's a strange artefact on top of the big cylinder with OBJECT ID written 
on it; use the desk to get a leg up. More painkillers in the desk. There're 
circuit boards on the shelf that need to be inserted into their respective 
slots. To do so, just start inserting them wherever you can. If the circuit 
boards that you have inserted at a given time are in the right location, 
they'll all light up. The solution is as follows:

[-] [-] [-] [-]
[X] [X] [-] [-]
[-] [X] [-] [-]
[-] [X] [X] [X]

Where [X] is where a circuit board is inserted.

Find the duct in this room and follow it to another storage room where 
you'll find a canister of nitrogylcerine. Take it with you, and don't worry 
about it exploding, it won't.Now head back to the room with the plug and 
press the button to get something big moving. Go back to the intersection 
and head straight to see two big platforms moving back and forth. Jump 
through them, and remember to grab the next key on the far left platform on 
the opposite side. Then go through the door and down the stairs to find a 
familiar location.

Place the nitroglycerin against the rubble, and go back to the previous room 
to grab a piece of rope. This will be our fuse. Put one end of the room on 
the nitro and the other end in the oil. Then throw the switch and run to the 
next room. After the explosion, move forward and in the next room, go to the 
door on the left. Open up the cabinet and grab the final sphere key. Head 
down the other path (the door is jammed). You might want to save. Enter the 
final portal.

And now it is your turn to make the final motion. If you've collected all 
the artefacts, you have a choice here, otherwise press the button. Whatever 
you do, it is the end to Penumbra: Requiem. 


|    X01 - Legal		|
This work is copyright Nicholas Bale (c)2008, and can only be published on
Gamefaqs.com, Neoseeker.com, and SuperCheats.com. If you want to add this 
walkthrough to your site, just contact me about it first.

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