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How do I work the lift? 1
How do i fix the statue? 1
How do I get the Pearl from the Clam? 1
How do I solve puzzle #12? 2
How do I solve puzzle# 7? 1
How do i get children? 1
Sixth herb? 1
Can anyone Answer this question? Its a challenge! 4
  • Total Answered Questions: 8
Most Popular Open Questions Answers
Where can I find Patches? 0
Please.. I need an unlock code? 3
How do you restore the alchemy lab? 4
How do I get thte diamond out of the fire pit? 2
How do i fix the alchemy lab? 2
How do I get a Chief? 3
How do I solve puzzle #11 (shark) and or puzzle 16 (round piece)? 1
How do I solvethe shark problem? 1
How do i get the key? 2
Where can I find more food? 1

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