Question from outlawracer0309

Once you complete all the listed puzzles, are there any other taks to complete or is the game over with?

I have solved all the puzzles, however, is the game now over with for the current tribe?? I still have not collected all the feathers, turtle shells, and the last 2 pieces of the tablet never showed! I am now stumped as to what to do with my current tribe? Please help!!


blueyoshi3 answered:

The game is considered officially over when you have solved all the puzzles. Collecting everything gives you a population boost, but that's it.
As for what to do with your current tribe you can: Max out the population, keep playing, or start over with a new tribe. There's not much else to do until you can purchase Virtual Villagers 4.
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yellowbloo22 answered:

IT IS NOT YET FINISHED.You need to achieve all the awards before you play Virtual VIllagers 4:The tree of life.
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