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Asked: 5 years ago

How do you impregnate a teen sim?

Well pretty simple question, a friend of mine told me you can get teens married and pregnant is that true?And how do i do it?

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As of yet, it is impossible to (legitimately) get a Teen pregnant in The Sims 2. However, there is a hack called the 'Inteenimator' that will allow Sim Teens to WooHoo and get pregnant.

Inteenimator is available to download at; scroll down until you see a link that says 'Download The Inteenimator'. However, do remember that it is a hack, and although it has been tried, tested and trialled, there still is a small risk that it will cause problems with your game/computer, so always remember to use it wisely and, if need be, check out all the facts first. :-)

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Ah, forgot to add the link:

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You can't; It's simply impossible for you to impregnate a teen sim unless you take a risk that it will mess with you're computer.
Hope this helps you ;)

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I wouldn't try to do it because you could possibly give your computer a viruse because the website doesn't look like a website "The Sims" Company would make.

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Actually there is a way. You have to make adult sims (Make more than one). Then you use the ``boolprop testingcheatsenabled true`` You get the sim modder from pressing shift and clicking on your sim at the same time, it will be under the ``spawn`` menu. You click on it, go to set age, choose the sim you want, and choose teen. Then you shift click the sim again after they transform, and you choose force error. Choose delete, and have one of your other sims click on the garbage can by the mail box. Choose ``Reset Age Duration`` and your sim will be back looking like a teen, but having the action options of an adult. Basically it is an adult sim that looks like a teen, but it is the only way you can make a teen sim pregnant without getting a virus.

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