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How do I place objects diagonally?

I am making a mansion and need some fancy furniture and I would like to place my chairs,TVs,tables and more diagonally.Is it a code?


Jeni answered:

The cheat it boolprop allow45degreeangleofrotation true. When the cheat is active, you need to use the < and > keys on your keyboard to rotate the object diagonally - you can't move it like that with the mouse. Note that not all objects will work when placed diagonally.
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Jeni answered:

I knew I had the link somewhere - here is a list of items that work when placed diagonally:

If you think you'll be using the cheat a lot, you can make an alias for it in your userstartup.cheat so you can type something much shorter - say 'diag on' - when you want to use the cheat, instead of all that. This link explains how to make a userstartup.cheat:

If you have only the base game, this hacked object will let you rotate objects diagonally:
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