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Asked: 4 years ago

What is the fastest way to level up?

Ok so I've been playing this game for a little bit. All quest that i have right now are the quest that i didn't wanna do because of low experience. I want to know how do i get to level up's with out quests and it happens fast?

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Do main quests only, it is by far the best way, side quest are more for skill points and items.

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do not listen to wildluck. do all the side quests you can. they give you as much exp as main quests. I became a grand before DS acadamy because i did i ton of side quests. Side also quests give you awesome badges so DO THEM.

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You say you still have quest? and you dont want to do them?! DUDE, do the quests that you have.

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tbonewms is right.Try to do all the side quests you can. if you do them all, who knows. you could've leveled up and can get some more!

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Yes definetely finish the main story and try to defeat all the bosses and if you can try to find the smiths and the zeke quests along the way

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if you are a member, port to a high lvl friend and have him help you do side quest there( Dragonspyre and Celestia side quest recomended

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and another way is to try this old way, go to Unicorn way and fight lost souls. i think the longer the battle, the more the exp.

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jacob, i had friends hunting down side quest trying to become GrandMaster after they beat dragon spyre because they didn't do side quest.

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do all the quests you get. both main and side quests are equally important. You will get so many side quests that if you do a lot of them they will get you more exp totol than main quests total.

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Fight bosses like lord nightshade and kraken and other hard bo
sses or just do some quests that give you a lot of expierience

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