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Where exactly are all the Smiths?

I really can't find them and need help...

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jennavere01 answered:

And if you go to wizard101 central it tells you where all the smiths are, the forums have answers to all those types of questions, really recommend
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Mac13eth answered:

I have only found the ones in the free areas, but I will tell you where I found them:
Commons: In the Fairgrounds, behind a tent.
Ravenwood: Accross the gap from the Death School, but the bench.
Golem Tower: Behind the tower
Shopping District: Behind a house, near the entrance from the Commons.
(something) street: Near the house with the elderly woman outside.
(Other street): By the waterfalls. To the left of the teleporter.
In general they tend to hide things behind the corners of walls.
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bugsqass answered:

Cyclops lane in the fair grounds on a island behind a tent,Fire cat ally next to somthing theater were you beat alcine swift arrow,triton ave by the first or second teloporter cross the water and it should be by a stachue, commons behinde the third tent closest to headmasters tower in the fair grounds,shopping district when you walk in take the right path an follow it until you reach a gap on the right side look around a little and you should find it,ravewood next to the myth school by the bench next to the gap of were the death school was,unicorn way behinde a building in front of one of the towers,I can't help you with coloussus bulrevard havn't unlocked it yet.Sorry for spelling.
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39ers answered:

In coloussus boulevard at the tower at the far end of the road.
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hipancake5 answered:

commons:In the fairgrounds behind a tent
Golem Court:Behind the tower next to the tree
Unicorn Way:Behind the building next to the hadge maze
Shopping district: When you go in, take a right and go behind the buildings next to the tree
Olde town:Next to the house where Gloria Krendal is
Triton avenue:When you go down the stairs, take a right instead of taking a left past the waterfalls
Cyclops lane: In festival park past the guard by the tree
Firecat alley: go to Fireglobe theater at the end of the town take a left
Colosuss Blvd: go to gobbler king tower at the end of the town and take a right
your welcome
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hipancake5 answered:

I forgot to do this
Ravenwood: Next to the bench where the death school used to be
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