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How do I defeat the Flying African Princess in Phase?

I defeated the African Princess (body) by destroying the Totems (with a sledge hammer) that she created which manifests the skeletons. She died and took me into Phase. She become the Flying Princess Spirit. I can only attack (long sword) when she lands. I dodge the Laser Beams by moving 'at' the moment of discharge. When the Beam hits the ground, I run (left or right) to avoid being hit.
I avoided being hit about ten (10) times before I got tired and quit the game. During that time, the Princess only landed twice (2). She spent most of her time flying and shooting laser beams.
Any help?

smileyharris provided additional details:

Ok thanks for the head's up. But your answer only solved part of my issue. Correct I can block the beam with either my katana or Moonblade.
However, I witness no deflection. As a matter of fact, I've blocked every beam sent and was still waiting for the Princess' Spirit to land and fight. So I can't say that my question has been successfully answered. Or is there a technique to blocking the beam?
Any other ideas? Thanks!


MrDoom220 answered:

Block her beam with your shield or weapon ( you must learn block skill with weapon or shield first ) and the beam will be reflected back to her and stun her making her landing then the rest is up to you.
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smileyharris answered:

OK! I figured it out. You're supposed to use the Spike and Scale that the Princess drops after you're first attack. Using the Spike and Scale like a Spear and Shield, block her beam and it deflects back to her taking care of the job.
But thanks for the tip on using a 'shield'. The Scale is the shield you're to use..
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