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    1.....Introduction [01.00]
            - An Introduction to Witches/Warlocks [01.01]
    2.....Alignment [02.00]
    3.....Magic Spells [03.00]
            - White Magic [03.01]
            - Neutral Magic [03.02]
            - Black Magic [03.02]
    4.....Items and Objects [04.00]
    5.....Frequently Asked Questions [05.00]
    6.....Credits and Outro [06.00]

 In this update: Corrected some spelling/grammar errors.

      Introduction                                                   01.00

     Welcome to Magic School... no, wait, that was a bad introduction.  I will
try again.  Welcome to the School of Rock 'N' Rolla - factually inaccurate, but
a much better introduction.  This guide aims to show you everything you could
possibly need to know about Witches, Warlocks, magic, and the fun that can be
had with the previous three.  All the while, I promise to avoid any and all
references to Harry Potter (but I can't promise the same about Harry Dresden).

It has been quite awhile since I've actually written a guide for... well,
anything, actually.  I've been mildly enthusiastic about the Sims 2 for awhile
now, but it started (even with the other expansions) to become a little dull
(you know what I mean).  I haven't really felt the need to write about anything
the game had to offer, that is, until the Apartment Life expansion pack came
along, and the game finally became fun again.  Long story short - yay me.

     An Introduction to Witches/Warlocks                             01.01

     Witches and Warlocks are the new supernatural race that inhabit this, the
final expansion pack for the Sims 2, Apartment Life (as you probably guessed).
Just to clear something up before we begin proper - Witches and Warlocks are
exactly the same thing, the only difference being that they refer to both
females and males respectively.  A Sim must be at least a teenager in order to
be eligible to become a Magus.

There is no other difference (they even buy their clothes from the same place).
For the benefit of this sexy guide, I'll refer to them as 'Magus' (both
because it prevents confusion, and because I can - mainly the latter).

 === Becoming a Magus ===

     There are special Magus known as High Witches (they have the maximum magic
skill and alignment), and initially, tracking one down is the only way to
become a Magus yourself.  High Witches can be found on any lot that isn't
residential (including home business) or hidden (both university and vacation).
Finding one is simply a case of staking-out a phone-booth and waiting until one
spawns (they'll arrive via broomstick, only a numb-nuts could possibly miss
one) - a High Witch will always spawn next to the phone-booth, so no worries.

Once a High Witch appears, she will stay on the lot for a maximum of one hour
before departing whence she came; of course, if you make a social interaction,
a High Witch will stick around.  High Witches can either be aligned to White
or Black (this most notably reflects in the colour of their garb, skin, and
aura).  A High White Witch will be dressed in white and have a bright aura,
while a High Black Witch will be dressed in black, have dark green skin, and
give off a green aura (classic Wicked Witch of the West).

Once a High Witch has arrived and alighted (fancy words, oh yes) her broom (the
very heighth of magical transportation), she will often choose to cast a spell.
A High White Witch can often be seen casting the 'Beautificus Locus' spell
(removes negative things from a lot, such as rain and roaches, and bathes the
lot in sunshine), while a High Black Witch can often be seen casting the
'Corruptus Locus' spell (the exact opposite of the previous spell - it creates
roaches and a storm; although, the lightning can't actually strike you).

Because they're programmed to do this whenever they enter a lot, they're also
programmed to turn up at the best possible times to make the spells look their
best (yeah, flashy).  A  High White Witch is most likely to appear during the
day, whilst it is raining, and a High Black Witch, whilst it's dark and dry.
Of course, just because they're programmed to do this, it doesn't mean that
they won't, on occasion, forgo the casting of their spell to go start a fight
with a High Witch of the opposite alignment (I mean physically go up to them
and clock them one across the side of the head).  I've even seen them summon
the odd Spectral Cat rather than cast their trademark spell.

All High Witches have a greater chance of appearing on lots with a high visitor
turnover (such as places that aren't restaurants, or have attractions that
consume a lot of time once a Sim starts using them).  If you reach the
maximum number of visitors allowed on a lot (that your system will allow),
you'll have to wait until somebody leaves before there is a chance of a High
Witch spawning (providing another visitor doesn't spawn before that happens).

To become a Magus, you must befriend a High Witch and increase the relationship
score between the both of you to at least 70 daily, 20 life time (remember,
once you've met them, you can invite them around to your house just like you
would any other Sim).

After you've reached the score set, you will find that you now have a new,
rejection-free interaction: "Teach me the ways of..," which will see your Sim
transformed into a Magus of the same alignment as the High Witch that cast the
spell.  As soon as you become a Magus, a free Cauldron and Grimoire (gri'mwar)
will be placed into your inventory.  Your Magus will also automatically cast
either the Beautificus/Corruptus Locus spell (depending on their alignment).

 --- The Easy Ways ---

     Waiting around for a High Witch to appear can rapidly eat away at the
needs of a Sim (making it harder to get off to a positive start when they do
show up) - with that being the case, this might be for you.  Open the cheat
window (Ctrl+Shift+C) and type (without quotes), "MotiveDecay off" to prevent
the needs of a Sim dropping while they wait.  Alternatively, you can use the
Meditate command to similar effect.  Just remember that cancelling Meditate
takes forever, making it far too easy to miss contact with a High Witch
(outgoing Sims don't have access to the Meditate command).

A less reliable way is to use the Gypsy Matchmaker (providing you have the
Nightlife expansion).  If a Sim has 'Witchiness' as a turn-on, there is a slim
chance that when using the blind date service, you may be sent a High Witch.
Of course, it's a totally random occurrence and won't guarantee a High Witch
- and even if you do get a High Witch out of it, you have no say over their
alignment (I avoided using any dating jokes in this paragraph, I'm proud of
that fact).

If you head over to Belladonna Cove, both Samantha and Kimberly Cordial are
well acquainted with a High Witch (Sam with a High White Witch, and
Kim with a High Black Witch).  Both have very high relationship scores with
their chosen High Witch - Sam has 70/55 and Kim has 80/60 (all you'll need
to do is invite the High Witch in question and ask them the question).

By far the easiest way to find a High Witch is to do it from the comfort of
you own home.  Open the cheat window and type (again, without quotes),
"BoolProp TestingCheatsEnabled true" to enter debug mode.  From debug mode,
hold shift and left-click on the mailbox, and choose to spawn a High Witch
(More-->Make NPC-->Good Witch/Bad Witch).  Just make sure that you save your
game beforehand, and that you turn off the cheat when you're finished with it
(exactly the same cheat, just with true being replaced by false).

 === Making a Magus Yourself ===

     Once you have a Magus of your own, you can create further Magus by casting
the 'Magus Mutatio' spell.  Magus Mutatio will transform the target Sim into a
Magus of the same alignment as the caster (and add a Cauldron and Grimoire to
their inventory).  And yes, every Magus you make yourself still goes through
the rigmarole of auto-casting a Locus spell (except Neutral Magus).

 === What About Afterwards? ===

     Once a Sim becomes a Magus, they gain access to two hidden lots, the
Palace of Neverending Light and the Fortress of Eternal Darkness.  In these
areas, you can always find a High White Witch and a High Black Witch (guess who
lives where).  From them, you can purchase extra Cauldrons and Grimoires
(should you ever move house, set your existing ones on fire, or just feel the
need to own more than one), as well as the four main reagents used in spells
(Dragon Scales, Eye of Newt, Mystic Powder, and Viper Essence).

You may also freely make items at any of the Cauldrons, and study at any of the
Grimoires (you are not prevented from entering a lot due to alignment, but you
will be prevented from using items that are of a different alignment to your
Magus).  A High Witch will not sell items to Sims that she does not know, or
Magus of the opposite alignment (obviously).  You will now also be able to use
a broomstick to fly from lot-to-lot (self-interaction: "Fly To Lot...") - it's
nothing special, but it's a nice little touch, and certainly very flashy (yeah,
I know you love it).

 === Magic Skill Points ===

     Magic skill is what makes the world go round.  It not only affects what
spells you can cast, but it also affects what items and objects can be produced
at a Cauldron (as well as the likelihood for success or failure of a given
spell.  Regardless of skill points, high-level spells can still fail).  You can
gain magic skill points by studying at the Grimoire, casting spells, or by
making things in the Cauldron.  You can also check your current progress
(including spells and items known to a Magus) by choosing to "Check Abilities"
from the Grimoire interaction menu.

 === Becoming Normal Again ===

     If you wish your Magus to go down the path most frequently travelled and
become a normal Sim again, it's no problem at all.  You can return to normal by
making a Witchbegone-E potion at a Cauldron (or being lazy and purchasing one)
- use it, and your Magus will lose their powers (their Cauldron and Grimoire
will automatically be abandoned, and will require claiming before they can be
used by another Magus).  If you should ever make that Sim a Magus again, they
will retain their previous Magic Skill Points (but not their alignment level).

      Alignment                                                      02.00

     I previously mentioned alignment, but there is still a helluva lot more
that needs mentioning.  Alignment indicates how far in a certain direction a
Magus is leaning magically (again, you can check this in the same way as you
check everything else, at the Grimoire).  There are three alignments: White,
Neutral, and Black (when checking your alignment, Neutral is indicated by the
circle in the middle of the scale).

The stronger a Magus is in their chosen alignment, the more items and spells
will be available to them (certain items are only available to a Magus of a
certain alignment).  Yes, like Magic Skill, alignment has a big say over what
spells can be learned, and when (regardless of Magic Skill, most spells are
alignment-specific, and cannot be learned until a Magus reaches the correct
alignment percentage).  By studying or casting spells, their alignment will
either be increased or decreased (depending on their current alignment, the
alignment they're studying, and the alignment of the spell).

A Neutral Magus is neither good nor evil (their max alignment is actually 0%),
and is privy to neither type of alignment-specific items (special potions and
furniture), but they also have no negative bonus on interactions with Magus
of either type (White and Black Magus have a higher chance of suffering from
negative social reactions with each other as their alignment increases).
Another drawback to Neutral Magus is the number of spells that they have
access to at any one time.

Along with their own spells, a Neutral Magus has access to a possible four
White and Black base-level spells - this gives a possible total of 21/33 spells
available to a Neutral Magus at any one time.  Both White and Black Magus only
have access to one base-level spell of the opposite alignment, but they also
have access to every spell that is available to a Neutral Magus - making a
possible total of 24/33 spells available to them at any one time.

A Neutral Magus dresses in light brown robes and gives off no aura (it only
seems appropriate).  The only ways to create a Neutral Magus is either by
studying the Neutral Path/casting Neutral spells, or by having a Magus that is
already Neutral, cast Magus Mutatio on a Sim.

A shift in alignment is indicated by either a (+) or (-) next to a symbol of a
Magus.  A symbol holding a wand indicates a shift to or from White, and a
symbol with fire indicates a shift to or from Black.  A shift to or from
Neutral is indicated by one of the previous symbols with a (+) or (-) next to
it.  As they approach maximum alignment, a White Magus will gain their bright
aura (and a noticeable effect on the environment score of a room just by being
in it).  A Black Magus will gain a green aura (their skin will also turn
green), but they will make no change to the environment score of a room.

Once you place a Cauldron or Grimoire, they will be set to the alignment of the
Magus that they belong to (they can be abandoned from the interaction menu, and
then claimed by another Magus, letting you change the alignment) - Cauldrons
and Grimoires also shift in alignment along with their owner.  Once a Cauldron
or Grimoire belongs to an alignment, they cannot be used by a Magus of a
different alignment.

An oppositely aligned Magus is only allowed to examine magical items belonging
to another Magus, but doing so will result in them falling foul of noxious
fumes or a booby trap (nothing deadly - and yes, this also applies to non-magic
folk that examine magical items).  However, Magus of the same alignment may
freely use Cauldrons and Grimoires that do not belong to them (without
incurring the wrath of said item).

Incidentally, if a Magus (or Spectral Cat) sits in a Throne that does not
belong to the same alignment as they do, they will suffer a rapid decrease in
their needs and a sharp increase in need decay (which, of course, is the exact
opposite of what would happen if they sat in a Throne of the correct
alignment).  A Neutral Magus (or Spectral Cat) may sit in a Throne of either
alignment and receive the benefits that an aligned Magus would.

      Magic Spells                                                   03.00

     Yeah, I know this is that part that you've all been skipping past
everything else to see (go on, admit it... admit it *shakes fist*).  Expect a
few witty remarks, some useful advice, and a bunch of practical things to
follow.  Yes, you have been warned (like you even paid attention).

      White Magic                                                    03.01

 === Benemoodus Simae ("well mood for a Sim") ===

       Target: Caster/Other Sim
 Skill Points: 0
    Alignment: Any
  Ingredients: 1 Dragon Scales, 1 Mystic Dust

     The target of this spell will have all of their needs (except environment)
filled by roughly 10-15%.  It's a handy little spell that can give a Sim just
enough of a boost to get them through a tedious task (or just before they head
to work).  The boost isn't brilliant, but the low reagent cost of the spell
more than makes up for this (as you can cast it multiple times in quick

 === Creatum Insecto Volucris ("create insects and winged-creatures") ===

       Target: Tile/Terrain (outside)
 Skill Points: 0
    Alignment: Evil -89%
  Ingredients: 1 Essence of Light, 2 Crystallised Moonbeams

     A very simple spell that summons butterflies and various insects to a lot,
which in turn makes that lot a more attractive environment to be in.  You can
cast this spell in winter, but you won't be able to summon anything (pretty
obvious, really).  Oh, you noticed that, eh?  Yup, you need Seasons installed.

 === Exflammo ("without fire") ===

       Target: Fire
 Skill Points: 2
    Alignment: Evil -49%
  Ingredients: 1 Mystic Dust, 2 Crystallised Moonbeams

     This spell will instantly extinguish fire inside one room by summoning a
column of water to drench each individual fire sprite.  If you have a large
fire to deal with, a Sim to save, or a seriously expensive television going up
in smoke, this is the best and safest way to do so.  It doesn't take a lot of
reagents to make, so you should always make sure that you have enough to cast
the spell in case of emergency/gross stupidity.

 === Remedis Simae ("remedy for a Sim") ===

       Target: Caster/Other Sim
 Skill Points: 3
    Alignment: Neutral -19%
  Ingredients: 1 Essence of Light, 1 Mystic Dust, 1 Crystallised Moonbeams

     Like the title says, casting this spell on a sick Sim will automatically
remedy their status ailments (such as cold and flu, but not morning sickness).
Considering that it's either this or resting for days-on-end to avoid a Sim
dropping dead, it's not that much of a choice.

 === Beautificus Locus ("beautify locality") ===

       Target: Caster
 Skill Points: 0
    Alignment: Good 20%
  Ingredients: 1 Dragon Scales, 1 Essence of Light, 1 Mystic Dust,
               1 Crystallised Moonbeams

     Yup, this is the spell that a High White Witch will usually cast upon
entering a community lot (also the spell that a new White Magus will cast upon
transformation).  Casting this spell will remove negative objects from a lot
-- such as rain and roaches -- and bring about shiny, shiny sunshine.  If I
were you, I honestly wouldn't waste my time and reagents on this spell - it
may do rain and roaches, but it sure as hell doesn't do plates of congealed
pudding and bags of garbage.

 === Compello Acceptus ("compel to accept") ===

       Target: Other Sim
 Skill Points: 5
    Alignment: Good 20%
  Ingredients: 1 Dragon Scales, 1 Mystic Dust, 1 Crystallised Moonbeams

     The target Sim will be 'compelled' to allow the next five social
interactions to succeed (regardless of how they actually feel about another
Sim).  Great for giving that stale relationship an extra boost, starting a new
relationship, or repairing the holes that you punched in an existing
relationship during that drunken party the night before.  If this were a real
spell, I'd cast it on Kylie Minogue.  Yes, yes I would.

 === Apello Servantus ("call servant") ===

       Target: Caster
 Skill Points: 6
    Alignment: Good 50%
  Ingredients: 1 Dragon Scales, 2 Essence of Light, 1 Mystic Dust,
               1 Crystallised Moonbeams

     This spell will summon an invisible apparition that's dressed in the very
heighth of White Magus fashion.  While there are jobs to be done, it'll tart
around here-and-there, cleaning any and all messes (including the removal of
roaches), gardening, and any handyman duties that require doing.

This spell can do away with the need to pay for any of the above services, and
can save you a small fortune (providing you have the time to keep making the
reagents and casting the spell).  The fact that your little servant is on-call
day and night means that you can take care of some of the more mundane things
during the out-of-hours times for conventional services.

 === Benemoodus Populus ("well mood for the population") ===

       Target: Caster
 Skill Points: 7
    Alignment: Good 50%
  Ingredients: 2 Essence of Light, 1 Mystic Dust, (2) Crystallised Moonbeams

     This spell works just like Benemoodus Simae, with the notable exception
that it'll restore 10-15% of all needs (except environment) for all Sims on
the lot.  Not quite as useful as Benemoodus Simae, simply because of the higher
reagent cost required, which rules out casting it multiple times in quick

 === Mactoamicus ("magnify friendship") ===

       Target: Caster/Other Sim
 Skill Points: 8
    Alignment: Good 90%
  Ingredients: 1 Dragon Scales, 2 Essence of Light, 1 Mystic Dust,
               2 Crystallised Moonbeams

     Once you click on the name of the spell from the interaction menu, you are
given a list of Sims present on the lot.  If you want your target Sim to hug
your Sim, click on the name of your Sim from the list, and if you want that Sim
to hug another Sim... well, you get the idea with that.  The hug is guaranteed
to succeed, regardless of how much one Sim wants to kick another Sim in the
teeth.  There is nothing special about this spell in the slightest - the only
real benefit that can come from this spell is that it can help make/repair
relationships between Sims that hate each other.

 === Expello Mortis ("remove death") ===

       Target: Dead Sim/Grim Reaper
 Skill Points: 9
    Alignment: Good 90%
  Ingredients: 2 Dragon Scales, 2 Essence of Light, 2 Crystallised Moonbeams

     If you're above having one Sim plead for the life of another (or your
relationship scores are so low, they make rock bottom look like an ideal
holiday destination), then there is another way around it.  Simply target the
Grim Reaper (most of the time, all you can do is target the Reaper, as the most
common of Sim deaths tend not to leave a body to target).  Providing that you
can finish the spell before the Reaper finishes his paperwork and calls it in
(he hates unnecessary paperwork), you can get the departed back alive and well.

      Neutral Magic                                                  03.02

     You should think of Neutral Magic as a utility belt... a utility belt for
a very, very lazy Sim.  Neutral Magic is very chore-centric; from cleaning
leaves and puddles to avoiding exercise or having to make dinner.  Have your
friends round any time you want, and send them home again with equal whimsy.
Save time, make time, and avoid doing pretty much anything ever again.

 === Aqua Deletus ("delete water") ===

       Target: Puddle
 Skill Points: 0
    Alignment: Any
  Ingredients: 1 Mystic Dust, 1 Crystallised Moonbeams

     Declare war on nuisance puddles (be they from rain, leaky plumbing, or
leaky pets) by evaporating every last one of the little buggers from a lot (an
especially useful spell in Seasons, or if you're into drowning people in your
swimming pool and have wet ghosts everywhere).

 === Cleanius Corpus ("clean body") ===

       Target: Caster
 Skill Points: 0
    Alignment: Any
  Ingredients: 2 Mystic Dust

     Casting this spell will fill the hygiene need of your Sim by 50%.
Yes, for a very low reagent cost, they need never bathe again (if you tried
that in real life, you'd stink like a kipper).

 === Folium Deletus ("delete foliage") ===

       Target: Leaves
 Skill Points: 0
    Alignment: Any
  Ingredients: 1 Eye of Newt, 1 Mystic Dust

     One quick cast of this spell will instantly incinerate every leaf on a
lot.  Of course, if you don't have the Seasons expansion pack installed, you
won't have any leaves, which means that you won't be able to cast this spell
(which will make you sad).

 === Corpus Athleticus ("athletic body") ===

       Target: Caster/Other Sim
 Skill Points: 1
    Alignment: Any
  Ingredients: 1 Dragon Scales, 2 Mystic Dust

     The fitness bar of the target Sim will increase by 95% (meaning you can
stuff your face and avoid any and all exercise like the plague).

 === Corpus Fleshicus ("fleshy body") ===

       Target: Caster/Other Sim
 Skill Points: 1
    Alignment: Any
  Ingredients: 2 Dragon Scales, 1 Mystic Dust

     Yup, this is the exact opposite of the previous spell (ingredients also).
The target Sim will lose 95% of their fitness in a flash.  There isn't actually
a practical use for this spell, but it's always fun to make the neighbours into
unfit pig-people.

 === Magivestigium ("magic footprint") ===

       Target: Tile/Terrain
 Skill Points: 3
    Alignment: Any
  Ingredients: Free

     A teleport by any other name, and all that.  Simply click on the spot
where you wish your Sim to travel to, and they'll zap there in an instant (with
no warm-up or cool-down time).  It's free, it's awesome, and it's probably the
best spell in the game.

 === Creatum Nutrimens ("create nutrients") ===

       Target: Caster
 Skill Points: 4
    Alignment: Any
  Ingredients: 2 Dragon Scales, 1 Mystic Dust

     This will summon a platter of some gourmet-food-or-other into the hands of
your waiting Sim.  It's a group meal, so don't worry about not having enough to
feed everybody - actually, even if you didn't have enough, the reagent cost for
this spell is so stupidly low, you could just summon another platter.  The food
might be magic, but the plates are still real, so don't think that you can get
out of doing the dishes when you're done eating.

 === Expello Simae ("remove a Sim") ===

       Target: Other Sim
 Skill Points: 4
    Alignment: Any
  Ingredients: 1 Dragon Scales, 1 Eye of Newt, 1 Mystic Dust

     Choose a Sim, and then zap them in the face.  This spell will instantly
remove the target Sim from the lot (regardless of what they're doing).
An especially good way to get rid of those unwanted guests that seemingly never
want to go home.  If you cast this spell on a Sim that lives on the lot in
question, they'll be removed from the lot for roughly two hours, after which
time, they'll return as if nothing has happened.

 === Apello Cattus Amicus ("summon a feline friend") ===

       Target: Caster
 Skill Points: 5
    Alignment: Any
  Ingredients: 1 Dragon Scales, 3 Mystic Dust

     You'll need the Pets expansion in order to cast this spell.  As the name
implies, your Magus will summon a Spectral Cat to the lot (its colour will
depend on the alignment of the Magus who summoned it).  Spectral Cats are
brilliant for so many reasons - they don't need the toilet, they're immortal,
and they'll stay as long as you want, or until you leave the lot (they'll
vanish even when you take them for a walk).

Spectral Cats are also genderless (i.e. cannot reproduce), can be dismissed at
any particular time, and arrive with full needs each time they are summoned.
It's also always the same Spectral Cat that appears each time you cast the
spell (you get to choose a name the first time a cat is summoned).  The only
way for your Magus to lose their feline friend is to move home while the cat
isn't present on the lot (as you need to choose it as a moving companion).

If you were to move while the cat wasn't present, it'd be a brand-new cat that
appeared the next time you cast the spell.  Along similar lines, you can have
your cat come with you to community lots by selecting it from the companion
menu when going to a lot (or you could just wait, and cast the spell again when
you arrive at the lot).

 === Purgomagus ("purge magic") ===

       Target: Caster/Other Sim
 Skill Points: 6
    Alignment: Any
  Ingredients: 2 Dragon Scales, 2 Mystic Dust

     This removes any spells that are currently affecting a Sim (such as
Compello Acceptus/Discrepo).  This spell cannot return any memories or
relationships that were lost due to Tabula Rasa (as the option simply does not
appear as it does for the above two examples).  If you were to, say, cast
Tabula Rasa on a Sim and then follow it with Compello Discrepo (so the
Purgomagus command would appear), all that would happen when you cast the spell
is that Compello Discrepo would be removed.

 === Apello Simae ("summon a Sim") ===

       Target: Caster
 Skill Points: 7
    Alignment: Any
  Ingredients: 2 Dragon Scales, 2 Mystic Dust, 2 Crystallised Moonbeams

     Ever had a Sim tell a blatant lie to avoid coming over when asked?
With this spell, as long as you know the Sim (i.e. they're in your contact
book), you can just reach out and grab them at any time of day or night (this
includes High Witches, meaning that you can shop for magical items from home).

 === Magus Mutatio ("magical mutation") ===

       Target: Other Sim (non-Magus)
 Skill Points: 9
    Alignment: Any
  Ingredients: 1 Dragon Scales, 2 Eye of Newt, 1 Mystic Dust,
               2 Crystallised Moonbeams

     This is how all Magus are made.  Cast this spell on a Sim and they will
transform into a Magus of the same alignment as the caster (and gain a Cauldron
and Grimoire).  There isn't a great deal that you need to know about the spell
(that you don't already know), just zap everyone you see, and make the world a
shinier place.

 === Tempus Interruptus ("time stop") ===

       Target: Caster
 Skill Points: 9
    Alignment: Any
  Ingredients: 2 Dragon Scales, 1 Eye of Newt, 1 Mystic Dust,
               1 Crystallised Moonbeams

     This spell will stop time on the lot (even the clock) and freeze every Sim
(including pets) in place (preventing any interactions) - with the obvious
exception of other Magus and Spectral Cats.  While time is stopped, you are
free to go about your business as usual (although some object interactions
will be unavailable).  Time can be resumed by casting the 'Tempus Resumo'
spell (it appears in the same slot as Tempus Interruptus), the caster dying,
or the caster leaving the lot.  Time will also resume after a set period.

Certain spells cannot be cast while time is stopped (such as Inflammo), and
certain things will prevent time from being stopped in the first place (such as
fire).  Certain events also prevent the spell from even appearing as an option
(like the Grim Reaper being present on the lot).  Ghosts, Sims that arrive
after time has been stopped, and Dio Brando are also not affected.

      Black Magic                                                    03.03

     Black Magic is all about making the life of other Sims pure misery,
killing them off, and then bringing them back from the grave in order to do it
to them all over again.  It may sound fun for you, but I wouldn't like to be
that Sim.  In short, causing death, defying death, and making other Sims look
stupid is the very essence of Black Magic (fun, fun, fun).

 === Spiritus Poultria ("spirit of a chicken") ===

       Target: Caster/Other Sim
 Skill Points: 0
    Alignment: Any
  Ingredients: 1 Eye of Newt, 2 Mystic Dust

     For a brief time, the target will be possessed by the spirit of a deceased
chicken (how that chicken came to be deceased, I don't know, but I'm guessing
Colonel Saunders), much to the amusement of all.  It's a fun little thing to do
to Sims that you have a fond dislike of.

 === Mellifera Attackum ("honey-bearing attackers") ===

       Target: Caster/Other Sim
 Skill Points: 0
    Alignment: Good 89%
  Ingredients: 2 Eye of Newt, 1 Viper Essence

     Summon a swarm of angry bees to chase and sting the target frantically.
They're harmful, but never fatal (and always fun).

 === Inflammo ("create fire") ===

       Target: Tile/Terrain
 Skill Points: 2
    Alignment: Good 49%
  Ingredients: 2 Eye of Newt, 1 Mystic Dust

     This spell is the leading cause of magic-related fatalities.  Your Magus
will let loose a blast that starts a fire on one tile, where it goes from there
depends entirely on how stupid you were with your choice of location.  This is
the only spell in the game that can actually cause death to a Sim, or the
destruction of objects (duh), so try and watch what you're doing, eh?

 === Heavus Ho ("worthy of vomit") ===

       Target: Other Sim
 Skill Points: 3
    Alignment: Good 19%
  Ingredients: 1 Eye of Newt, 1 Mystic Dust, 1 Viper Essence

     Providing that your lot has an adequate human waste depositary unit
(a toilet, Holmes), the target will promptly shove their head down it and puke
their guts up (better down there than on your shoes).  If you don't have a
toilet, then you can't make a Sim vomit (fuzzy logic is fuzzy).

 === Corruptus Locus ("corrupt locality") ===

       Target: Caster
 Skill Points: 0
    Alignment: Evil -20%
  Ingredients: 1 Dragon Scales, 2 Eye of Newt, 1 Mystic Dust, 1 Viper Essence

     As you've already guessed, this is the spell that a High Black Witch casts
upon entering a community lot (or a new Black Magus will cast upon
transformation).  This'll cause a thunderstorm and summon a plague of roaches
to the lot (which is certainly no fun if it's your lot).  The storm doesn't act
like a regular storm (as that would rely on you having Seasons), it's just for
show, so the lightning can't actually doing anything to you.

 === Compello Discrepo ("compel to disagree") ===

       Target: Other Sim
 Skill Points: 5
    Alignment: Evil -20%
  Ingredients: 1 Dragon Scales, 2 Eye of Newt, 1 Mystic Dust

     The target Sim will be 'compelled' to reject the next five social
interactions (regardless of how they actually feel about another Sim).
Great for starting fights and, er... starting fights.  If this were a real
spell, it would explain why my bank manager hates me.

 === Servantus Attackum ("servant attack") ===

       Target: Other Sim (including an Apello Servant)
 Skill Points: 6
    Alignment: Evil -20%
  Ingredients: 1 Dragon Scales, 1 Eye of Newt, 1 Mystic Dust, 2 Viper Essence

     Your Magus will call forth an invisible apparition (just like with Apello
Servantus) that is dressed in Black Magus finery.  The key difference being
that this apparition will beat seven bells out of the target Sim (which works
like a conventional fight).

Just because it's a magical being, it doesn't mean for a second that it's going
to win - the Body Skill is still what determines who wins a fight (so a Magus
with a high Body Skill will stand a better chance of their servant winning a
fight).  The target Sim will also know exactly who is to blame (your Magus will
also receive the 'Won/Lost Fight' memory depending on the outcome).

 === Tabula Rasa ("blank slate") ===

       Target: Caster/Other Sim
 Skill Points: 7
    Alignment: Evil -50%
  Ingredients: 2 Eye of Newt, 1 Mystic Dust, 2 Viper Essence

     This spell will erase the memories and remove all relationship scores from
the target Sim.  Listen very carefully, for I shall say this only once: this
spell cannot be reversed (Purgomagus only removes the on-going effects of a
spell from a Sim, Tabula Rasa is a one-time shot and cannot be reversed).

 === Extractum Amorus ("extract love") ===

       Target: Caster/Other Sim
 Skill Points: 8
    Alignment: Evil -90%
  Ingredients: 1 Dragon Scales, 2 Eye of Newt, 1 Mystic Dust, 2 Viper Essence

     Cast this spell on a Sim that is in some form of relationship (i.e. crush,
married, love) and they will end that relationship post-haste (with the
targeted Sim initiating the action).  Both Sims will suffer an insane drop in
their relationship score and (of course) be furious with each other.

 === Vivificus Zombiae ("give life to a zombie") ===

       Target: Caster/Grave
 Skill Points: 9
    Alignment: Evil -90%
  Ingredients: 2 Dragon Scales, 2 Eye of Newt, 2 Viper Essence

     Klatu, verata, niktu... wait, wrong incantation... wait, wrong damn book.
If a Magus knows a Sim who has died (regardless of what lot they died on), you
can bring them back to life (on your lot).  If their grave is on your lot
(then that means you killed them, you evil bastard), you can click on it and
cast the spell that way; if not, you can do it through a self-interaction.

Zombies are green, limping, cranky little buggers who constantly think about
brains (fortunately, they don't act on those thoughts).  Believe it or not, you
don't actually need the University expansion pack in order to make Zombies.

      Items and Objects                                              04.00

     The Cauldron is the bread and butter of the magic world, not only can you
use it to create all the reagents required to fuel your spells (all reagents
can be created as a default option, regardless of alignment and Magic Skill),
but it also allows you to create the potions that you would normally need to
purchase from the Gypsy Matchmaker or Obedience Trainer.  Bear in mind, some
potions will only appear if you have the corresponding expansion packs (i.e.
no Nightlife, no cure for vampirism needed).

           |                        | SKILL | EXPANSION | ALIGNMENT |
       | P | Lycanthropic-B         |  01   | Pets      | --------- |
       | O |------------------------|-------|-----------|-----------|
       | T | Plantophic-C           |  01   | Seasons   | --------- |
       | I |------------------------|-------|-----------|-----------|
       | O | Vampirocilin-D         |  01   | Nightlife | --------- |
       | N |------------------------|-------|-----------|-----------|
       | S | Witchbegone-E          |  01   | --------- | --------- |
       |   |------------------------|-------|-----------|-----------|
       |   | Essence of Cure Tails  |  04   | --------- | Evil 20%  |P
       |   |------------------------|-------|-----------|-----------|
       |   | Magically Spiced Sugar |  04   | --------- | Good 20%  |P
       |   |------------------------|-------|-----------|-----------|
       |   | Love Potion #8.5       |  07   | Nightlife | --------- |
       |   |------------------------|-------|-----------|-----------|
       |   | ReNuYu Porta-Chug      |  07   | Nightlife | --------- |
       | O | Faerie Fire Floor Lamp |  02   | --------- | Good 20%  |
       | B |------------------------|-------|-----------|-----------|
       | J | Hand of Darkness FL    |  02   | --------- | Evil 20%  |
       | E |------------------------|-------|-----------|-----------|
       | C | Little Miss Wendolyn   |  02   | --------- | --------- |
       | T |------------------------|-------|-----------|-----------|
       | S | Palm of Darkness WS    |  05   | --------- | Evil 50%  |
       |   |------------------------|-------|-----------|-----------|
       |   | Fist of Darkness CL    |  05   | --------- | Evil 50%  |
       |   |------------------------|-------|-----------|-----------|
       |   | Stardust Wall Sconce   |  05   | --------- | Good 50%  |
       |   |------------------------|-------|-----------|-----------|
       |   | Stardusted C. Lamp     |  05   | --------- | Good 50%  |
       |   |------------------------|-------|-----------|-----------|
       |   | C. of Darkness Throne  |  09   | --------- | Evil 90%  |
       |   |------------------------|-------|-----------|-----------|
       |   | Throne of Light        |  09   | --------- | Good 90%  |

 P: Both of these potions will affect the niceness trait of a Sim.
    The Enchanted Essence of Cure Tails will lower the niceness trait to zero,
    while the Magically Spiced Sugar will raise the niceness trait to maximum.

      Frequently Asked Questions                                     05.00

 === General Questions ===

 Q: There is a title next to the name of my Magus, what does it do, and what
    are all of the different titles?

 A: They serve no real purpose, they just tell you how evil or good a Magus is.

           |                                    | ALIGNMENT |
       | T | The Atrociously Evil Witch/Warlock | -100/-090 |
       | I |------------------------------------|-----------|
       | T | The Evil Witch/Warlock             | -089/-050 |
       | L |------------------------------------|-----------|-----------o
       | E | The Mean Witch/Warlock             | -049/-020 |^  EVIL  ^ |
       | S |------------------------------------|-----------|-----------|
       |   | The Witch/Warlock                  | -019/+019 |  NEUTRAL  |
       |   |------------------------------------|-----------|-----------|
       |   | The Nice Witch/Warlock             | +020/+049 |v  GOOD  v |
       |   |------------------------------------|-----------|-----------o
       |   | The Good Witch/Warlock             | +050/+089 |
       |   |------------------------------------|-----------|
       |   | The Infallibly Good Witch/Warlock  | +090/+100 |

 Q: If a White Magus and a Black Magus have a baby, what will it be?

 A: I don't know, confused?  A Magus can only be created, they cannot be born.
    Once they become a teenager, you can cast Magus Mutatio on them just like
    you would with any other Sim.

 Q: I've accidentally killed a High Witch - is that going to be a problem?

 A: It's not going to be a problem, as there are three sets of High Witches
    in the phonebook (by default).  When a High Witch dies/marries, a new one
    will spawn the next time you visit the Palace of Neverending Light/Fortress
    of Eternal Darkness.  On rare occasion, a High Witch will be replaced by a
    High Warlock (they will seemingly not appear any other way) - they're
    identical to a High Witch in every respect.

 === Questions About This Guide ===

 Q: Can I use your guide on my site?

 A: As of this moment, no you cannot host my guide.  Why?  Because I believe
    that the number of sites that I'm allowing to host this guide is enough,
    enough to keep track of and enough to provide adequate distribution to you,
    the wonderful FAQ-reading public.

 Q: I have this guide, would it be okay if I used a part of yours?

 A: *Chokes* part of mine?  What would be the point of that?  You can use my
    guide as reference for all the things that I can't own (i.e. facts), but
    you can't go lifting entire paragraphs, even if you credit me for it.
    Just read the copyright notice at the top of this guide, and then think
    twice before 'borrowing' anything from me.

 Q: If I've found something that you were too stupid to include, or something
    that you've missed, what should I do?

 A: You could take it, turn it sideways and shove it... *ahem* just drop me
    a line and tell me in exact detail as to what it was that I screwed up on
    or missed out.  If you can help me to make this guide more accurate, you'll
    win a cookie, a kudos cookie (great on calories, lousy on taste).

      Credits and Outro                                              06.00

     The greatest mysteries of magic have been revealed once more... wait, that
was the Masked Magician.  This has been my guide, you've been a wonderful
audience, and I have been Your Humble Narrator.  If you have anything to say,
or anything to contribute, y'know what you've gotta do.  I'm done here, so will
the last one to leave please remember to turn off the light?

 === Special Mentions and Thanks ===

  The layout of this guide is based upon the layout used by Dalez in his Breath
    of Fire IV guide [].

     If for some strange reason, you would actually like to thank me, feel free
to pay me a visit and leave a comment [] and
pledge to serve as my vassal - too far?  Well, just sign it and leave out the
"serving me for all eternity" bit (if you like).

No, Mr. President, they have no idea of my true identity.  Yes, Mr. President,
it all went according to plan.  Shall I continue with the second phase of the
operation?  Yes, sir, understood.

     The Sims 2 and The Sims 2: Apartment Life (C) 2004-2009 Maxis
          The Sims 2: Apartment Life - FAQ/Magic Guide (C) 2014 Mike Penance