FAQ/Strategy Guide by drowningdan

Version: 3 | Updated: 04/14/09 | Printable Version

NHL 09 Be A Pro Tips, Tricks and General Info FAQ
Guide Created By: Dan England (drowningdan@hotmail.co.uk)
Console: Xbox 360
Version: 2.2
Date: 20th March 2009

Table of Contents

1. Intro                
2. Hockey 101               
3. Be A Pro Goalie           
4. Be A Pro Skater                       
5. The Game's Extra Features                              
6. Frequently Asked Questions        
7. Closing                           

1. Intro

Hi, this is my very first FAQ  so I'll start with a plea, if you can help me in
any way (this includes highlighting any spelling errors etc!) please do, my 
email address is at the top of the page (just put Hockey FAQ as the subject 
title). So yeah, this FAQ is mostly aimed at the Be A Pro mode (I'm not on a 
Live Gold memberships so I have no answers for going for it online, sorry) and 
I will try and explain some of the games other features and other general info 
which will hopefully help you enjoy the game to it's fullest. Well... here we 
go then.

2. Hockey 101

Okay, I won't insult your intelligence by explaining Ice Hockey or the NHL to 
you, what I will explain is the basic rules that will affect you whilst you 
play the game (for instance there's no point of explaining the minor penalty 
for having too many men on the ice as this just doesn't happen in the game).

Penalties... and how to earn them!

Minor Penalties - Worth 2 mins of your time

Cross Checking - This will be the penalty you see the most during your grand 
career as a hockey pro. The game used to be quite kind about these but after 
the march update you'll be seeing a lot more of it. What has happened here is 
that you've hit the other guy with your stick! Not very nice of you! The
problem is that it's very easy to do by accident.
(Thanks to Chino Moreno for pointing out I had the wrong definition)

Roughing - Does what it says on the tin, you've been too rough, unfortunately 
you have no control over this (as far as I know) and as of the March update 
this penalty has shown itself a lot more.

Checking From Behind - Brand new to the March update (I assume as the 
commentators have nothing to say about this penalty). Okay, this one is 
reasonably easy to avoid, be wary when your target is against the boards as 
this is when you'll most likely pick it up, if you've been playing the game 
before the update this will take some getting used too, consider your other
options poke check or stick lift maybe but these also have their own problems.

Tripping - Like to Poke Check? If so then you'll most probably have seen this 
penalty , if not then I applaud your skill. Pretty much what happens here is, 
you try and Poke Check, it fails, other guy goes down, you get a 2 minute sit 
down. - Hint - If you should wish to trip another player for whatever devious 
reason (though it really has very little use) and not collect a tripping call, 
press the RB and LB together and you'll dive to the ice and you opponent will 
trip over you and no call will be made.

High Sticking - Fairly obvious, your stick was too high. This is one of the 2
potential ways to fail a stick lift, the other follows...

Slashing - Uh oh... your stick lift has become you hitting your opponent with 
your stick, the 2nd way to fail a stick lift.

Hooking - The Y button is responsible for this penalty, chances are that you 
wanted to have a fight but nobody wanted to play! Oh well, off to the sin bin 
you go.

Holding - A check against the boads which has gone wrong and you've ended up 
holding your opponent, I haven't done this myself so I'm not sure what you'd be
doing to get the penalty so no help here I'm afraid (if you know, email me).

Interference - Another checking related penalty. What happens here is you'll
check someone who isn't involved in the current play i.e. the play is at the 
boards and you're in the slot and you check an opposing player, well, off you 
go. The other way to pull it off is to move into another player's space and 
give him whatfor.

Delay Of Game - When a player shoots the puck out of the rink. This is a 
speciality of the computer controlled defensmen during a penalty kill which can
make an inconvienient 5 on 4 into a big problem 5 on 3, be afraid... be very
afraid... OR if you play the puck outside of the trapezoid area behind the net
as a goalie you'll get called for delay of game (Thanks to Will Hughes for
reminding me on that)

Major Penalties - worth a tedious 5 mins of your time

Fighting - Depending on how you play you may see this penalty almost as much as
Cross Checking. See, what you've done here is get into a fight. Hold the Y 
button to start yourself a fight and the controls for the fight will pop up 
while it loads.

Boarding - The other guy is against the boards with his back to you, you see a
chance for a dirty great hit, you make your way as quick as possible to him and 
crash! Down he goes! A bit too hard though, there's a possible chance you've
injured the man but either way, you've just earned yourself a boarding penalty.
- I've also been informed by Chris Mendryk that this can also be a Minor

Stoppages To Play

There are several reasons play will stop, and here they all are... unless I've 
forgotten any.

A Goal - They stop the play for a goal pretty obviously.

A Penalty - This is a delayed call so play will continue until the team that's
drawn the penalty gains possesion of the puck or the team that has been wronged
scores a goal.

Offside - When a player crosses the blue line into the offensive zone before 
the puck crosses the line the offside gets called.

Icing - If the puck leaves the defensive zone and crosses the goal line there's
the potential for an Icing call, however it won't be called if the team that 
shot the puck up the ice is the first to get possesion of the puck (tricky but
possible), if the other team gets to the puck first (which is likely) then the
call gets made.

End Of The Period - Yup... Again an obvious one.

Goal Becomes Loose - Rare, but if a player slides into the goal it can be 
knocked from it's moorings and the play stops immediately.

An Injury - Players get hurt, if this should happen, play stops immediately.

Goaltender Covers The Puck - Yep that's right you Be A Pro Goalie, you have the
power to stop the play if you want, just get yourself on top of the puck in 
whatever way you can, usually gloved but there are other ways that will be in 
the Goalie section of this guide.

Puck Goes Out Of Play - Either by the Delay Of Game penalty of because of a 
puck bouncing off a player into the crowd or bench or a shot to clear that ends
up on the bench.

A Fight - Everything stops for a fight... well this is Ice Hockey!

In-Game Slang

Here's a few of the phrases you'll hear the commentators talking about, this is
probably useless info but you never know... it might help somehow

"The D"/ "D to D pass"/ anything involving "D" - refers to the defensmen simply

"In the zone" - The 3rd of the rink which has the goal that the attacking team
is... well... attacking.

"An answer goal" - Team 1 scores a goal, then team 2 scores a goal, basically
when alternate teams score goals.

"The Paint" - See the blue area that the Goalie tends to stand in, that would
be the paint.

"The Slot" - The area around the paint where you have a great shot at goal.

"The Blue Line"/ "Point Shot"/ "Point To Point" - The blue line that starts the
offensive zone for a team.

"By The Boards" - Guess... go on... I'm sure you can.

"The W" - The win.

3. Be A Pro Goalie

Well, you took the plundge and went straight to what is probably the toughest 
job on the ice. It all rests on your heavily padded shoulders now, every 
mistake you make is a chance for the other team to score (and they will... 
mercilessly). You have to play each game as perfectly as possible, and in some
cases even that isn't enough! You'll be relying on your team to score and cover
the rebounds that you just can't control. So, let's get you started with a
difficult but ultimately rewarding Be A Pro career.

First up, What Style Will You Play?

Stand Up - Kinda explains itself, you'll be most comfotable stood up and a
goal that went in just over your shoulder just doesn't exist. You'll not be so
comfortable down low though... which is a bit of a problem, you do still have
the desperation dive however which can cover hairy situations. In my humble
opinion this is the weakest style for this game, though I'm sure there are some
players who can dominate with this style, just not myself.

Butterfly - You play low, you're agile as a cat, you're not afraid of doing the 
splits! The butterfly goalie can be a fearsome opponent if he's skilled enough,
with unbeatable cover low down the attacker will have to go high and shots that
go high very often go far too high. that said, a skilled sniper can pick apart
a butterfly goalie's weaknessess upstairs and create a real nightmare.

Hybrid - A cross between the 2 other styles, I prefer this style and would 
highly advise anybody new to the game to give this style a go before exploring
the other 2. The weakness of this style, you won't be as strong downstairs as a
butterfly goalie or as strong upstairs as a stand up one but you won't have any
glaring weaknessess for your opponents to exploit.

Ok cool, So what's expected of me?

Your coach will give you a list of objectives that you need to fulfill if you
want to make it in the world of Goaltending.

Number Of wins - As you are basically the last line of defense, you are 
responsible for your team winning, so, collect the wins.

GAA is at least *.** - Goals Against Average. To start with the chances are 
likely you'll be asked for 2.50 which means you need to have at worst 41 games 
with 2 goals against and 42 games with 3 goals against you.

Save percentage of **.***% - Say they other team has taken 10 shots on goal and
you have saved a perfectly respectable 9 of them but 1 got past you, well your
current percentage is 90%, generally speaking if you can keep it to the 1 goal
in 10 rule, you'll breeze through your first few seasons.

Games played - Remember the team has 2 Goalies, both of them will play games, 
you need to prove to them that they want you to play so even if you're great
your first season will be tricky at best to beat this target.

Number of shut outs - A shut out is a games when you let no goals in, very hard
, they won't be asking for many but even that will be a challenge.

Next up, Choose Your Team

Well, that's a decision for you to make but heres a few of the easier and 
harder teams to make it with.

Easy to get to NHL, Harder to reach the Playoffs (Note I am NOT disrespecting 
any of these teams, I'm even a Preds fan, it's just that these teams in the 
game, are pants)

St. Louis Blues
Nashville Predators
LA Kings (OK I'm slightly disrespecting these guys as I'm also a Ducks fan)

Reasonable to get to NHL, Reasonable Playoff chances (Again based on the game
not on real life)

Atlanta Thrashers
Columbus Bluejackets
Chicago Blackhawks

Hard to get to NHL, Good Playoff chances (Again, game based)

Vancouver Canucks
San Jose Sharks
Detroit Redwings

There are other teams in each of these groups but it was just a basic list for 
those new to hockey.

What the hell?!!!! I'm not in the right team!

I guess you're new to hockey, you're in the AHL right now, in your chosen 
team's affiliate team. You'll have to prove yourself before you get called up 
and in some cases could be waiting a loooooong time before that call if your 
chosen team has 2 particularly good goalies.

OK, how do I control my Goalie?

Good question, EA seemes to think that nobody wanted to know the goalie 
controls so they hid them and to this day I've still not seen them. (Note: I
have found a very basic list in the manual but it doesn't go into any sort of

Left stick - Moves you about

Right stick - Left/Right - Reach out in chosen direction
	      Up - Poke check
	      Down - On your knees biatch! Yep, down you go, you'll find 
		     yourself doing this quite a bit. You'll see what I mean.

LB - Double Pad Stack
RB - Double Pad Stack (Many thanks to Alex Cheung for letting me know the name
                       of the manouver)

Left trigger - Leave the net, hold the trigger and use the left stick to leave 
the net. Good for stopping a wraparound behind the net for a the defense or to 
combat an odd glitch where if there's a delayed penalty and you're leaving the 
net and touch the left stick you'll stop, well, use this to take yourself to 
the bench and that extra attacker can get out on the ice.

Right trigger - Just caught the puck in your glove? Well with the right trigger
you can send that little puck off to a team mate. also iff you leave the net to
collect a loose puck you'll need to pass it on with the right trigger.

A, B, X, Y, Select - All do sod all.

Start - Pause.

D-Pad - Control the team's play style on the fly.

Great, Let's Play, What Should I expect?

Abuse, quite simply. Ok, that doesn't help too much. Right, so, what you'll see
after everyone has made their way onto the ice is a low down view of your
player from behind with the net just behind you, looking up the ice. Once play
starts one of 2 things are going to happen. The 1st is the more preferable one,
your team will take possesion of the puck either straight off the drop or from
a neutral zone takeaway and the play will head to the other end of the ice. Ok
so this isn't as interesting for you as option 2 but it does mean that you 
stand a chance of that all important "w". The 2nd is that the play makes it's 
way straight to you and you are right in the game, now you may have a shot or 
two against you and the play heads off up ice or it could be "one of those 
games" where you'll be facing shot after shot after shot, good luck if it you
get that option.

Aghhh!!! They have a million ways to beat me!

Yep, they sure do have a lot of plays to choose from. I'll give you the general
idea of what you'll likely see and a few tips and tricks to deal with them.

The One Timer - Pure evil. This is a play that I have no problem in taking a 
goal against. what will happen is that a player to the side or occasionally 
behind the goal line will pass the puck across the net to a player who will
fire it at the net as it reaches him. This play will be madly hard to stop if 
you lose track of the opposing team which easily happens if everyone rushes the
net. If you happen to spot an open player where the puck is not be very wary
and get ready to move across as soon as the puck leaves the first player's 
stick. Should you notice too late and it's already half way there, a 
desperation save is in order but chances are that they're going to score, but
as the commentators will say, you can't do much more than you did.

The Point Shot/Rebound - A defenseman will fire the puck from the blue line not
always going for goal even. The shot will be very hard so there's a good chance
it will rebound back into play when a power forward could well knock it in 
before you have a chance to move. Another possibility is that the shot is so 
good that it straight up goes in. To combat this always be in position. With 
regards to the rebound you have 2 choices, you can go for the desperation as 
soon as it leaves your padding (risky but can be the only way to make the save
sometimes) or you can try and move yourself as soon as the puck leaves your
padding (though you will leave yourself vunerable to a shot through you legs as
you move across the net).

Breakaway - Mano a mano, you and him, one on one. If your team has stuffed up 
and let an attacker get behind them with the puck you be in this situation.
One option is to get in as close as possible to him and dive at his legs 
(desperation save) before he gets the shot off. Another is to try and stand 
your ground and grab left or right depending on his moves, a harder proposition
but a considerably more satisfying one should you make the save. Another option
is to pray he misses... not going to advise on this one though.

Passing plays - The puck will be passed from player to player until one of them
finally decides to fire it at the net. Simple enough to beat, just move with 
the puck, positioning is everything.

The Rush - An attacker or 2 or even 3 will come flying up from their defensive 
zone and straight up to you when one will shoot before they reach the net. 
Unfortunately moving with the puck just won't be enough here. Do it though. You
will need to try and predict who will shoot the puck and try to position 
yourself before they get the puck whilst still covering the puck carrier, I 
know, stupidly hard but then I did say Goaltending is the hardest job on the 

Skating Across The Front Of The Net - A player will cross the front of the net,
usually starting from behind the net. Again like the breakaway you can go for
the dive and try to block the shot but if the shooter is more patient they will
score on you. Or you can try and follow the puck but again leave a shot between
your legs available whilst you move. 

Right I think I'm ready

Ok well, I'm here and this section needs filling so if anyone needs any more 
info or tips n tricks email me and I can open up a new section here if it's a
big enough question.

4. Be A Pro Skater

Ok, this will be big. So I'll start with the basics, as some of them apply to 
the goalie side of things there will be some info copied from that section, so 
if you've read all of that then fell free to skip those bits as there won't be 
anything new in them! So... here we go...

What are you wanting to do on the ice?

Forward or Defence? That is the the question.Then from there, What kind of 
forward or defence? Well here's a list with a rough guide to how they play to 
help you choose.

Defencemen - Well we'll start with the defence as there's only 2 types.

Defensive Defenceman - You are the last between the oppostion and them getting 
a shot fired on goal. You'll be big and strong and you'll need to have some 
exceptional positioning skills as this position does not allow for being in the
wrong place. If you like being at the fearsome end of play and don't mind being
out of the spotlight for the majority of the time then this could be for you.

Offensive Defenceman - Still a defender but you'll be joining the play up ice 
more readily than your defensive defender friend. You'll still be getting the
hits on but you'll be expected to help out on the offence too. Point shots are 
the order of the day here.

Offensive Players - A fair few to choose from here.

Sniper - Bang. That's your shot... you had the puck a second ago and now it's 
in the net! Snipers are expected to score a lot of goals over the season. Not 
the strongest (phisically) on the ice but a lethal part of the team's offense.

Dangler - Skating skill is what it's all about. You'll be able to simply skate
around the opposition defenders and then it's just you and the goalie. Again, 
you'll be smaller than the defenders and can get knocked about easily. Good 
thing you're quick!

Power Forward - That scrum infront of the net that has a loose puck and a 
confused goalie, don't you just wish that you were big enough to just barge in 
and rip one off at the net? Well if you're in this position the chances are 
that you've already gotten into the middle of the scrum and probably even got 
that shot fired away.

Grinder - Check them. The idea here is to remove the other team from the puck, 
pure and simple. Scoring goals is a side objective.

Playmaker - Get those goal hunting members of your team set up for those goals.
Not a position of goal scoring glory but still an essential part of the team, 
you'll be needing a good eye on the mayhem to be effective here, and that takes
a lot of skill.
From Chris Mendryk - You can should max out your shot wrist power/ accuracy 
wise, have about 80-80 first before you go and push the rest of the stats into 
power or accuracy, so at least your shot has a bit of bind to it. You should 
crank out Faceoffs if you plan to be a center or if not center get deking, then
you can basically be the dangling playmaker, and with the superstar card, you 
should get 83 speed, 83 agility and 83 accel. That way you can burn by badly 
positioned D'men so you can give that perfect cross crease pass.

Again Chris Mendryk has provided some more help (thank you muchly)
Defensive D-Man. -- You need to put up slap shot accuracy a bit, and max the 
power, wrist shots don't work on Defense, that well anyhow. Put up your checking
so the penalties decrease when u hit a guy, becuase the highr the checking the 
less you get called, if you plan to attack the puck first aka stick lift or poke
check before you hit the guy, put up discipline. Make sure you have at least 80 
speed and then top out what you can in acceleration so you can burst a bit of 
speed to turn around to stop that FCKIN BREAKAWAYYY LOL

Again Chris Mendryk has provided some more help (thank you muchly)
Offensive D-Man. I didnt really play this position much but it's the same as 
defensive D man so it will not hurt to focus on the same thing

Right, I know what I want to do, but what do they want me to do?

Working on the list of objectives for each player type but it's taking a while.

Power Forward - Score 28 Goals - High Priority
	      - Get 140 Hits - High Priority
	      - End regular season with 63 Points - Medium Priority
	      - Take 175 Shots - Low Priority

Next up, Choose Your Team

Well, that's a decision for you to make but heres a few of the easier and 
harder teams to make it with.

Easy to get to NHL, Harder to reach the Playoffs (Note I am NOT disrespecting 
any of these teams, I'm even a Preds fan, it's just that these teams in the 
game, are pants)

St. Louis Blues
Nashville Predators
LA Kings (OK I'm slightly disrespecting these guys as I'm also a Ducks fan)

Reasonable to get to NHL, Reasonable Playoff chances (Again based on the game
not on real life)

Atlanta Thrashers
Columbus Bluejackets
Chicago Blackhawks

Hard to get to NHL, Good Playoff chances (Again, game based)

Vancouver Canucks
San Jose Sharks
Detroit Redwings

There are other teams in each of these groups but it was just a basic list for 
those new to hockey.

What the hell?!!!! I'm not in the right team!

I guess you're new to hockey, you're in the AHL right now, in your chosen 
team's affiliate team. You'll have to prove yourself before you get called up 
and in some cases could be waiting a loooooong time before that call if your 
chosen team has 2 particularly good goalies.

Control me baby!

So you wanna know what to do once you're on the ice eh? Good plan to figure 
that one out before you start but even if you have this still may be of use!
I would also recommend the interactive tutorial on the skillstick as it is 
actually pretty good.

Left Stick - Move, pretty much wherever you like. And aiming for shots

Right Stick Upwards (Attacking) - Sling the puck up ice or at the goal
depending on where you are.

Right Stick Downwards (Attacking) - Pull the stick back... Then flick it up for
a wonderfully satisfying slapshot.

Right Stick Left/Right (Attacking) - Deke. Great for a breakaway, flick left,
right, left or visa versa and the flick the stick upwards as the finish the
final left and you'll smoothly perform a sweet deke and possibly get that 
elusive goal! There are many other uses for dekeing, just play with it and see
what you learn.

A (Attacking) - Protect puck, i.e. move it away from the opposing player.

R Button (Attacking) - Saucer pass, great for a sneaky sneaky pass across the 
goal line asa saucer pass (if you were unaware) is basically an aerial pass, 
preferably to your team mate though.

R Trigger (Attacking) - Pass. Again, all the best passes will end up on a team
mate's stick!

Left Button (Attacking) - Loose Puck Deke. A tricky bugger to master but once
you have, the opposition is in trouble. Press the button to initiate the move
and as you do that use the right stick to aim the puck and the left stick to
aim your player and with some effort and practise you should be able to send 
the puck one side of another player and make him look a fool by heading round 
the other side and re-joining your puck.

Left Trigger - I can't recall a use for this trigger.

Right Stick (Defending) - Checking. Need I say more? Actually I will, play with
pressing deifferent directions, hopefully you'll see some different checks
including the classic and hilarous hip-check.

A (Defending) - Stick left... or slash depending on your aim. Get in close for 
it to work. Handy if you want to just run off with someone else's puck or if 
you spy a sneaky so'n'so try to set up a one-timer.

Y (Defending) - Start a fight or Hook, now unless you like the sin bin or 
quite enjoy the comedy fighting, I'd advise against using this buttong at all,
but hey this is your game so feel free. And do do it just once to see the how
amusing the fights are, especially after you grab the other guy!

B, X - Can't remember any use here.

L Button (Defending) - Put you're stick down to try and block a pass.

R Buttong (Defending) - Poke check. A very usefull button, once you're holding
the button you can use the right stick to aim your stick, if you catch my drift

L+R Button (Defending) - Lay down on the ice, Diving poke check, Handy way to 
trip the opposition without picking up a penalty, call it what you want but you
would be silly not to have a go with it.

More to come on B.A.P. skaters, including, general tactics for each type, a few
scenarios and the right actions to take, shootouts. And any other sections that
are requested, so if you want a section on something... just let me know!

5. The Game's Extra Features

My Audio

Make the game even more realistic by setting the goal songs for each team or
just liven up the audio a bit with teams having their own home team entrance
songs. Here is a (very incomplete, any help appreciated) list that I have 
trawled through each teams website to find. All songs refer to the home teams
actions not the visitors.

Anaheim Ducks - Bro Hymn by Pennywise (Goal Song)

Atlanta Thrashers -   

Boston Bruins - I've been informed by Justin Weintraub that Boston use a lot of
		Dropkick Murpheys songs however neither of us know when they get
		used so if anybody could help, that would be great.

Buffalo Sabres - Street Fighting Man by Rolling Stones (Intro Song)
	       - Welcome Home by Coheed And Cambria (Powerplay Song)
	       - Wake Up by Arcade Fire (Goal Song)

Calgary Flames - Shot Down in Flames by AC/DC (Goal Song)
	       - Ring of Fire by Johnny Cash (Home Team Win)
               - Devour by Shinedown (Power Play)
	       - Spitfire by Prodigy (Intro)
	       - Panama by Van Halen (Intro)
	       - Stand up for Rock ní Roll by Airbourne (Intro)
	       - Weapons of Mass Distortion by Crystal Method (Intro)
	       - Cowboys from Hell by Pantera (Intro)
	       - Duke Nukem Theme by Megadeth (Intro)
	       - Kernkraft by Zombie Nation (Intro)
	       - We Will Rock You by Dance Remix (Intro)
	       - Welcome to the Jungle by Guns ní Roses (Intro)

Carolina Hurricanes - Rock You Like A Hurricane by The Scorpions (Intro Song)
		      (Thanks to Matthew Legin)

Chicago Blackhawks -  

Colarado Avalanche - Rock And Roll Part 2 (Avs Edit) by Gary Glitter (Goal Song)
	           - Beautiful Day by U2 (Home Team Win)
	           - Elevation by U2 (Home Team Win)
	           - Galvanize (Avs Edit) by Chemical Brothers (Powerplay Song)

COlumbus Blue Jackets -  

Dallas Stars -  Puck Off by Pantera (Intro Song, maybe not up-to-date)
		(Thanks to Matthew Legin)

Detroit Red Wings - 

Edmonton Oilers -  

Florida Panthers - Kernkraft 440 by Zombie Nation (Goal Song)
	         - Rock 'N' Roll Part 2 by Gary Glitter (Goal Song)

LA Kings - I Love LA by Randy Newman (Goal Song)
	   (Many thanks to Richard Gross)

Minnesota Wild -  

Montreal Canadiens -  

Nashville Predators -  

New Jersey Devils - Time To Play The Game by Motorhead (Intro Song)
		  - Let It Rock by Kevin Rudolf (Played at some stage in the game)
		    (Thanks to Glenn Davidson for these)

New York Islanders - 

New York Rangers - Rangers Victory Song (Home Team Win)

Ottawa Senators - Hell Yeah by Rev Theory (Intro Song)
	        - Everlong by Foo Fighters (Intro Song)
	        - Times Like These by Foo Fighters (Intro Song)
	        - Machinehead by Bush (Intro Song)
	        - Tarantula by Smashing Pumpkins (Intro Song)
	        - She Sells Sanctuary by The Cult (Intro Song)
	        - Beautiful Day by U2 (Goal Song) 
		- Heat is On by Glenn Frey (Goal Song)
		- I Like the Way You Move by Bodyrockers (Goal Song) 
		- Mike Fisher by Thousand Foot Krutch (Goal Song)
		- Jump by Van Halen (Goal Song)
		- Bro Hymn by Pennywise (Goal Song) 
		- Hell Yeah by Rev Theory (Goal Song)

PHiladelphia Flyers - Dragula by Rob Zombie (Intro Song, maybe not up-to-date)
		    - Afterlife by Avenged Sevenfold (Played at some stage in the game)
		    - Hunt You Down by Saliva (Played at some stage in the game)
		      (Thanks to Matthew Legin)

Phoenix Coyotes - We Will Rock You by Queen (Intro Song, maybe not up-to-date)
		  (Thanks to Matthew Legin)

Pittsburgh Penguins - Song 2 by Blur (Goal Song)
 		    - Rock 'n' Roll Part 2 by Gary Glitter (Goal Song)
		    - You Got Lucky by Tom Petty (Opponent's Goal Song)
		    - Unchained by Van Halen (Powerplay Song)
		    - Crazy Nights by Kiss (Home Team Win) 
                      (Many thanks to Dan Snyder for this information)

San Jose Sharks - Seek And Destroy by Metallica (Intro Song, maybe not up-to-
		  (Thanks to Matthew Legin)
		- Cochise by Audioslave (Intro Song)
		- Hells Bells by AC/DC (Overtime Intermission)
		- Theme From "Jaws" (Powerplay song)
		- Rock and Roll Part 2 (Although a more up tempo synth remix)
		  by Gary Glitter (Goal and Home team win)
		- Holiday by Green Day (Just the middle riff) 
		  (Goal song from a couple of years ago)
		  (Thanks to Ryan Downey)

ST Louis Blues - 

Tampa Bay Lightning - 

Toronto Maple Leafs - Money City Maniacs by Sloan (Intro Song)
		    - Fix You by Coldplay (Intro Song)
		    - C'mon Feel the Noize by Slade (Goal Song)
		    - That's the Way We Get By by Spoon (Goal Song)
		    - Do It Again by The Kinks (Goal Song)

Vancouver Canucks - 

Washington Capitals - Hell Yeah by Rev Theory (Intro Song)
		    - Kernkraft 400 by Zombie Nation (Goal Song)
		    - Sandstorm by Darude (Powerplay Song)
		    - Nothing But A Good Time by ???? (Home Team Win)
		      (Thanks to reaper5103 for these)

My Highlights

This is a touch complicated and unfortunately the in game tutorial is rubbish
so I'll give it my best... some other time though.

6. Frequently Asked Questions

1. Can I use your FAQ on my site?

A. For the moment no, I want to fully finish it before I consider letting it 
   head out onto the rest of the web.

2. At the end of your contract in be a pro, you get new offers. One of the line
   says ''number of g'' What exactly does it mean?

A. (Had a lot of emails to help out here, so thanks if you did email me)
   Quite simply means the number of that type of player already on the team
   i.e. G = Goalies etc

7. Closing

Thanks for reading my first ever FAQ, please feel free to send me an email with
any comments good or bad or questions at drowningdan@hotmail.co.uk, just be 
sure to put NHL 09 FAQ or something to that effect in the subject line please.

In case you're wondering, I'm a Ducks fan and a also hold a a soft spot for the
Predators and in the AHL the Milwaukee Admirals.

Copyright 2009 Daniel England