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How do you enchant weapons?

I try to enchant weapons or forge armor but it will not let me, all the recipe books are with my Ranger that has no skills in crafting. All my scafting skills lie with my wizard. So how do I craft items and enchant them.


stoneass66 answered:

Go to the crafting bench, there is an area called "Crafting area" in Samoa(the city you first visit) and use the recipe scroll on the bench that you deposit your item in. You will need alot of gold too, so keep that in mind.
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svpaladin answered:

First off, with the party system, the game will check everyone in the area for the proper feat(s), skills, and spells (if necessary)...

So, to enchant anything (weapon, armor, etc.), you just have to assemble the party in the ballpark of a magician's table, activate the scroll you want to "enchant" with, then click on the item to be enchanted.

For example, I went through and enchanted my entire squad with +1 weapons, each weapon gets a different elemental enchantment. I'd move all the weapons on my ranger (party leader). Open up the enchantment book (to see the scroll of weapon enchantment +1). Double click said enchantment, then click on the weapon being enchanted. Did this 5 times (short sword and mace in ranger's hands, rapier and two longbows in the ranger's inventory.) Then double clicked on each "elemental" enchantment and clicked on a single weapon to give each one an individual enchantment (sword got electric, mace acid, one bow sonic second bow fire, rapier cold). Distributed and equipped weapons, all set.
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