Question from blazing_shield

Do the Gold Semiconductors do anything but give you cash?

Do they have to be held or are they truly expendable.

superfreakzilla asked for clarification:

hey um BTw does the value of the gold semiconductor increase if u mange to hold it longer in ur safe??

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Rex_Feral_84 answered:

They are for being sold and have no other use in the game.
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mzarrouk answered:

Nope...positively no other use then to spend it for Ca$h!
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MoneyNoEnough answered:

It doesn't do anything execpt you can sell it at the store and get extra credits.
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TetrisTheMovie answered:

No. Because there are higher class semiconductors, previous ones don't raise in value.
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tdoyle3 answered:

There are 3 kinds of semiconductors Gold, Ruby and Diamond and all are to be vendor for 3, 10 and 25k respectively. They serve no other function than to make you sell them to get their credits instead of just getting the credits to begin with.
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