Question from mstampagirl

Asked: 3 years ago

How do i get to Gotham City?

Im a hero and on one of my quests it says go to Gotham City to continue.Will i have no idea how to get there.I checked my map and thought i could fly but for some reason it will let me fly to a certain area then i cant go anymore.Is there a telaporter i can take to get there? Or am i doing something wrong here.Thanks for any advice :)

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From: The_Mook_360 3 years ago

You need to go to the police station/night club depending on your faction. Then use the teleporter near the mailboxes to teleport either to the hall of doom or the justice league tower and then use one of those teleporters to go from metropolis to gotham.

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Just adding a little information to The_Mook_360's answer: if you check your map while in the watchtower/hall, you can set it to navigate you to a portal to a particular police station/nightclub.

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