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Lance of Longinus?

I need to obtain vulture weekly, and the guild says I need to obtain Lance of Longinus. It is said it can be upgraded from commander harpoon. I have tried to upgrade my customization level until "legendary" but the option "Lance of Longinus" never showed up.

I don't know anything more to do to get it. If it's really an upgrade from commander harpoon, can it be a bug? (I'm playing PC)
Just to be sure, I do have basoc, advancad, professional, and legendary customization, and I have passed Koenigsdorf.

aamfirdaus provided additional details:

You mean I need to finish some previous quest in Union of Golden Chalice to be able to get an upgrade to Lance of Longinus?

aamfirdaus provided additional details:

Oh, found it. I missed the intermediate customization from the quest '"The Desert's Legend". Now I can upgrade to Lance of Longinus.

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blaza192 answered:

Even though you have the legendary customization, you will still need some of the previous ones for it to kick in which I learned from personal experience.
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