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Asked: 5 years ago

What's the point of Chains?

Is there any advantage to having a large chain?

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From: maverick_razor 5 years ago

Quote from the manual pg. 32

This shows the number of enemy unions defeated consecutively. The higher this number, the easier it is for units to grow stronger. Being ambushed or returning to the world map will break the chain.

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Yes it is for Guild Task for sure and you'll rewarded, try to make over 99 chain like fighting in Ivory Peaks or blackdale, if you ambushed the chain will reset to zero.

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I THINK that having a really, really large chain increases your stat gains. However, it's a tiny bonus until you get into the thousands, at least. Focus on clearing the guild tasks, then ignore it IMO.

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Acorring to my experience the numbers of chains will vastly improve both the loot and the stat gain. If you clear an entire dungeon always trigger 3-4 enemies via timeshift (?) you will easily end up with chain 50 - 100 depending on the dungeon. You will notice the rewards after each battle will vastly improve, both items and statwise. I always try to make the biggest chain.

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