Class Guide by Misfiring

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The Last Remnant (PC) character class guide

Author: Misfiring Chong

1. Introduction

This is simply another product spawned from the boringness 
of work life, so don't expect a 100% accuracy on any stuffs
here. Still, if you're looking for actual, factual guide on 
how to play the game, this is not the place. This is not a 
walkthrough on how to complete the game or how to unlock stuffs
or how to beat that seemingly unbeatable boss. This is a guide 
on how to get the best class possible for each unique leader 
that you can hire. If you have no idea what a unique leader is, 
you're most probably a new player and thus you should focus on 
beating the game rather than class grinding (some characters
require some grind to get the best class for him/her).

This guide is primarily aimed for players who had beaten the 
game and wants to maximise his characters' potentials on their 
second run. Also, the "best class" for a character doesn't 
mean its the highest possible rank or hardest to get, and 
to a certain degree its also depends on the player's view. 
So if you think that the suggested "best class" is not worth 
the effort or not really the best in your opinion, feel free 
to do as you see fit.

Ah yes the legal stuffs. It's been repeated in every single 
guide here that distributing guides that are posted here 
without the author's permission is illegal, especially if 
money and modification is involved. This guide is no exception. 
You can print it and give it to your friends, just don't 
claim that it's your work and start collecting money from them.

I will not be covering Rush for this guide since Rush is a free 
style character that has access to all skills (and thus most 
classes), and it's the player's freedom to make him into whichever 
class they wish, although some classes are only possible in the 
second playthrough. I'll also skip Jorgen and Jager character 
because their class is unique and fixed.

The characters are NOT sorted in alphabetical order, but in 
the order of availability. If you want facts on the characters, 
visit the wikia.

I'll also assume you have played the game at least once 
already so I can get straight to the point.

2. Character guide


Starting skills:
Two-handed spear

Learned skills:
Remedies (BR 18) -Recommended for the Refresh skill, but 
not essential.
Potions (BR 30) -Useless for Baulson as he should be a 
frontline damage disher instead of a supporter.

- Very tanky regardless of class, has a lot of HP and 
generally takes less damage than others.
- A lot of physical damage from his spear. Final weapon 
has insane stats but no weapon art.
- Very low INT so can't heal much with Remedies, but 
Refresh is useful.

Primary Role: Damager, Tanker
Secondary Role: Reviver, Healer, Debuffer (Refresh)

Baulson is the first unique leader you can have. He hits 
very hard and has Herbs and Remedies, which ensures him a 
place until the end of the game.

The obvious best class for him is the Guardian class, which 
will make him extremely tough (he's already fairly tough). 
Unfortunately, Guardian is a very tricky class to get in the 
PC version of the game because another herb related class, 
Scout, is a lot easier to get and it's at the same rank. Thus,
if you do not pay attention to him, he'll most likely change 
into Scout in the end and any chance of becoming a Guardian 
is lost. Don't get me wrong, Scout is an excellent class, but 
Baulson is one of the best candidates in the game for Guardian.

A good way of ensuring his path to Guardian class is to play 
as normal until he learns Vivification Herb, then disable his 
Restorative Herb skill (thus limiting his usage of Herbs but 
still can revive unions) and make him the union leader to use 
his Combat Arts whenever possible. You know you're in the right 
track when he changes to Lancer class, making the change to 
Guardian easier. After he learns Fleche and Dragon Crush then 
you can enable his herb skills and he should change into Guardian 
just before he learns Restorative Tincture.

Obviously by disabling his herb skills you're looking at a 
harder gameplay because early in the game there isn't a lot 
of healers available. Thus, you need to stick a dedicated 
healer in Baulson's group. It's worth training him though because 
his final weapon is one of the strongest in the game, and coupled 
with his toughness and Guardian's immunity to critical srtikes 
you'll be looking at one of the most powerful squadmate in the game.


Starting skills:
One-handed/Power Grip axe

Learned skills:
Hexes (BR 33) -Useless for Blocter as his INT is woeful.
Traps (BR 44) -Useless for Baulson since he isn't an item user.

- Has very high HP, making him a natural tanker.
- Wonder Bangle clears all status elements in one turn.
- Has large sized axe, which is lacking in damage compared to 
huge sized weapons that Yama race typically uses.

Primary Role: Tanker, Healer, Reviver
Secondary Role: Passive Debuffer (Wonder Bangle)

Blocter is very similar to Baulson, except that he didn't have 
Remedies and generally does less damage than Baulson. 

If you want to make him a Guardian, just use the same method 
as Baulson to get him to become a Guardian. However, since 
Blocter is usually one of the highest HP squadmates in the 
game, making him a Scout isn't too bad either as it's a lot 
easier. I always making him a Scout because his final weapon
is pretty weak compare to many other characters, thus he's 
a poor choice as an all-out damager. A Scout class allows 
him to play support role in a pure combat union, and even more 
so after he aqquired the Wonder Bangle.

Trivia: I personally always set his wield style to one-handed 
because it's just feels more natural and the one-handed axe 
skill, Reverse Delta, is just cool to watch, and because no 
other unique leader has one-handed axes, it feels more


Starting skills:
One-handed sword (with shield)

Learned skills:
Remedies (BR 34) -Essential as David has the INT to heal 
properly with this.
Shards (BR 50) -Useless for David unless you want him to 
become Alchemist.

- Natural leader thanks to Gae Bolg not requiring morale 
to activate making it easy to trigger.
- Average physical damage, but high INT means good invocation 
damage and remedies healing.

Primary Role: Mystic Damager, Healer, Reviver
Secondary Role: Debuffer (Refresh), Leader (Gae Bolg, Ex Machina)

David starts out as Mysticknight, which is a good class 
for him and is easy to maintain. However, if you're 
interested in getting him the highest rank class possible, 
he is a good candidate for Assassin. Mysticknight is more 
suitable for him though since he has high INT thus he's 
able to use invocations properly, so it's up to you to 
decide whether it's worth the effort.

If you want to make him an Assassin, you should disable 
his Invocation and focus on his Herbs and combat skills. 
Remedies is ok though as he only learns it mid-game so 
it shouldn't affect the class changes.

It is possible for David to become Alchemist if you 
unlock his Shard skill, which is by far the best item 
class in the game. However, I personally recommend 
against this since Mysticknight suits him much better. 
Don't get me wrong, Alchemist is extremely powerful 
and David probably could bring out it's benefits, but 
there are much better candidates for that thus David 
should focus on his best skills.


Starting skills:
Dual-wield sword

Learned skills:
Invocations (BR 19) -Useless for Emma
Potions (BR 32) -Useless for Emma

- No point discussing her trait since you won't get to 
use her for very long.

Primary Role: Healer
Secondary Role: Damager

I won't go into details in case of spoilers but I highly 
recommend that you don't spend anytime on Emma's training, 
but instead use her to fill the holes in your party, 
especially when training Baulson and Blocter to become 
Guardian since she has Remedies which is highly useful. 
In normal cases, she would become Cavalier if you use 
her actively.


Starting skills:
Two-handed staff

Learned skills:
Herbs (BR 26) -Essential for the Vivification Herb, which 
keeps you from the Game Over screen.
Wards (BR 53) -Essential for Pagus to become Commander. 
Very useful in blocking damage from deadly attacks.

- Very high INT, which means insane power from Invocation, 
and often overheal with Remedies. In late game, a single 
Spark hit from him can do 20-30k damage.
- Surprisingly durable for a pure mystic character when 
compared to Khrynia or Irina.
- Can wield the Ama-Gi, a powerful remnant weapon.
- Megalore requires high morale to execute thus isn't 
as accessible as Gae Bolg.

Primary Role: Mystic Damager, Healer, Debuffer
Secondary Role: Reviver (Herb), Morale Booster (Wards)

Pagus is a born mystic user, and he should be trained 
as such. His early class changes will depend on how 
you want to use him. If you frequently use his remedies 
to heal unions, he'll become Healer, and if you frequently 
cast invocations, he'll become Marauder. Both are powerful, 
single-purpose classes and Pagus proves to be useful in 
either class. If you use both his skills evenly, he might 
even get to become Bishop, but levelling that can prove 
tricky because remedies has to be slightly higher level 
than invocation at all times.

After mid-game though, he'll unlock wards, and from here 
you should keep training that until he turns into Commander, 
which is a powerful class that enhances all mystic arts. Of 
course, a Thaumaturge does more damage (it's the most damaging 
mystic class in the game) and in theory Pagus has the skills 
to become one, but having remedies and wards as the secondary 
skills make this a near impossible task. There are better 
candidates for Thaumaturge and Sage if you're interested 
in them so you should let Pagus become a Commander.


Starting skills:
Quad-Wield/Dual Power Grip Sword (change to Axe 
if combat focus)

Learned skills:
Potions (BR 24) -Useless for Torgal.
Psionic (BR 45) -Highly recommended as its much more 
useful than Evocations.

- Very high HP, but the lack of any healing skill means 
a decent tanker at best.
- Does more physical damage with axes, but since there's 
the infamous weapon upgrade bug on him having swords 
is easier as well as making his Psionics stronger.
- Lugh's Revenge is very powerful and only uses 50AP, 
which allows repeated use.

Primary Role: Damager, Morale Booster (Psionic), 
Leader (Lugh's Revenge)
Secondary Role: Mystic Damager

Torgal, in normal cases, doesn't really require training. 
As long as you use his skills normally, he'll eventually 
become a Cleric or Deathknight depending on which wield 
style he uses most. Both are powerful classes, with
Deathknight being slightly better because it increases 
Weapon Art damage (Cerulean Rain/Hawkarang for Torgal's 
case), but since Weapon Arts are rarely used and they
already pack nuclear amount of damage, the benefit is 
negligible. Quad Wield is needed to unlock Torgal's 
weapon art though, thus a Cleric is a much better choice.
Still, Deathknight is a higher rank class than Cleric 
thus you could still make him a Deathknight at any time.


Starting skills:
One-handed/Power Grip mace

Learned skills:
Hexes (BR 24) -Depends, but mostly not essential.
Herbs (BR 33) -Essential for the Vivification Herb, 
which is all-important.

- His skills and stats make him a poor choice for 
end game character, but he's reasonably tough and 
decent for mid-game.

Primary Role: *depending on how you train him*
Secondary Role: Reviver (Herbs)

Loki is a decent character, mostly used to fill the 
party's needs. If you lack physical fighters, then 
Loki could become one. If you need mystic casters,
then Loki's invocation (and later hexes) will be 
useful. If you need a bit of both, then he's a good 
candidate for Mysticknight (train his one-handed 
style to fully utilise the class's benefits).

However, you should watch out not to accidentally 
make him a Druid, which is aqquired by training 
weapon skills and hexes. In many cases, hexes skills 
are not necessary for Loki unless he's a pure mystic 
caster. You should disable those skills that are not 
necessary to his role, and its best not to change
his role halfway through the game.

If you're interested in the highest possible rank class 
for Loki, then he's a good candidate for Guardian. Since 
he unlocks Herbs mid-game, it's an easy procedure by 
simply train his weapon skills until he becomes Bludgeoner, 
then train his herbs when it unlocks. There's little 
danger of him turning into a Scout unless his weapon 
skills isn't high enough.


Starting skills:
Dual Two-handed spear

Learned skills:
Remedies (BR 27) -Highly recommended for better healing.
Traps (BR 36) -Useless for Caedmon.

- A lot of HP and has both Herbs and Remedies making 
him an excellent tanker.
- A lot of damage from his dual-spear.

Primary Role: Damager, Tanker, Reviver
Secondary Role: Healer, Debuffer (Refresh)

Caedmon starts out with decent evocation skills 
and very little weapon skills, but his STR far 
exceeds his INT. Thus, it is highly recommended 
to shut off his evocation skills (and potions too 
as it's useless) and train his weapon skills. This 
will also prevent him from becoming a Marksman 
early on because he simply isn't the mystic type. 
If all goes well, he should change into Mysticknight 
and thus setting the path to become Ataraxian, the 
best and final class for Caedmon.

If he turns into Marksman (which can happen if you 
didn't train his combat skill hard enough), then 
you'll need to put him in leader position in a pure 
combat union to force him into Mysticknight, otherwise 
he'll get stucked as Marksman for a very long time. It 
might help to turn off his remedies as well as it 
contributes to the overall mystic level thus preventing 
him from changing to a hybrid class, which is what 
he needs in the end to become Ataraxian.

You should take the trouble to make sure he gets his 
final class as soon as possible, because in lategame 
he will have a lot of HP and packs a lot of physical 
damage, and his final weapon is expecially cool (not 
to mention it's deadly weapon art).


Starting skills:
One-handed sword (with shield)

Learned skills:
Invocations (BR 25) -Useless for Gabriel since his 
INT is terrible.
Lotions (BR 36) -Recommended for emergencies.

- Good with Herbs making him an excellent supporter.
- Assassin can initiate rear-assault, boosting morale 
and deal more damage.

Primary Role: Healer, Reviver
Secondary Role: Damager

Gabriel is the perfect candidate for Assassin. He 
has the one-handed sword requirement and he starts 
with decent herbs skills. As long as you use him 
naturally, he naturally becomes an Assassin in late 
game. In the mean time, he most probably turn into 
Scout which is ideal in mid-game, and a bit of 
weapon training is enough to turn him into Assassin.

Trivia: He has a bit of power grip skills, but since 
he carries a shield, it is not usable, since in PC
those that carry a shield can no longer switch to
power grip in combat.


Starting skills:
Two-handed staff

Learned skills:
Hexes (BR 26) -Either essential or useless depending 
on which class you want her to get.
Explosive (BR 42) -Useless for Violet.

- Druid class boosting both her weapon and hex damage, 
making her decent even in end game. Cavalier class is 
decent too but not as much as Emmy.

Primary Role: Damager, Mystic Damager (Hexes)
Secondary Role: Healer, Debuffer

If you use her naturally, then she'll eventually turn 
into Cavalier, which is a good class as it offers evasions. 
However, she is the only perfect candidate among all 
unique leaders for Druid, which only benefits two-handed 
hexes users.

Unfortunately, she only unlocks hexes later in the game, 
thus getting her to become Druid requires specific 
approaches. You'll have to disable her remedies and 
focus solely on her weapon skills (thus making her 
a Runemaiden), then after unlocking her hexes, disable 
her weapon skills and solely train her hexes. 

Of course, a Cavalier is much simpler to get and it's 
a decent class, so I can understand if you think making 
her a Druid is not worth the effort. Still, Violet is 
the only one that can fully utilise the Druid class, 
thus making her more exclusive. Besides, it's not like 
there is a shortage for Cavaliers.


Starting skills:
Power Grip mace

Learned skills:
Hexes (BR 34) -Depends, but mostly unnecessary 
Lotions (BR 47) -Essential, no matter which class 
she becomes

- Any hybrid class is a waste on her, thus limiting 
her potentials and making her poor choice for end game.
- Flachonelle provides total immunity to Silence 
for the whole union.

Primary Role: Damager/Mystic Damager
Secondary Role: Immune to Silence (Flachonelle),
Debuffer (Lotions)

Nora is similar to Loki in many ways, except that 
she's stuck with power grip style thus she's a 
poor candidate for Mysticknight and Druid. Therefore, 
it is best to use her as a pure combat or pure 
mystic user. This proves to be a much better way 
of utilising her skills because late in the game 
she will equip the Flachonelle that provides immunity 
to Silence, and that's a godsend for mystic unions.
If you use her as a pure combat user, she has the 
potential to become Guardian with her lotion skills 
late game, but levelling lotion from the ground up 
is very tricky. It's worth it though because her 
weapon is more powerful than Loki's mace and it 
has Weapon Art, thus making her a potential end 
game character, albiet only decently.


Starting skills:
Power Grip mace

Learned skills:
Psionic (BR 33) -Essential to unlock powerful 
mystic classes
Potions (BR 44) -Useless for Leshau

- One of the earliest character to have Hexes, 
along with Maddox.
- All 3 of his mystics are long range capable.

Primary Role: Mystic Damager
Secondary Role: Morale Booster

Leshau, like Pagus, is a born mystic user, only 
that all his skills are offensive. Thus, he's 
the perfect candidate for either Thaumaturge or 
Sage. To achieve that, he must learn Psionic skills, 
and ensures that either Evocation or Hex is the 
highest level. A Thaumaturge does a lot of damage 
and rechange AP while doing so, while a Sage has 
high resistance to mystic arts and clears status 
ailments fast. Both are the apex of mystic classes 
and Leshau does well in either.

I presonally favor Thaumaturge as they are just so 
powerful, and since Leshau's skills are all offensive, 
a Thaumaturge just suits him a bit better.

Trivia: His mace has a unique weapon art, but since 
he's a pure mystic character it won't be seen.


Starting skills:
Two-handed staff

Learned skills:
Remedies (BR 36) -Essential to unlock powerful mystic 
classes and support healing
Herbs (BR 44) -Essential for the vivification Herb.

- Nearly identical to Pagus but has Hexes instead 
of Wards.
- If Pagus doesn't equip the Ama-Gi, Maddox will.

Primary Role: Mystic Damager
Secondary Role: Healer, Reviver (Herbs), Debuffer

Maddox is, in essence, the twin brother of Pagus 
but he has Hexes instead of Wards. He is also an 
excellent candidate for Thaumaturge or Sage, though 
a bit less so compare to Leshau because controlling 
the level of Remedies skill can be tricky.

In my opinion, a Sage suits Maddox slightly better 
because his Remedies and Herbs make him an excellent 
support more than an all out damage disher like 
Leshau, but Thaumaturge works just fine as well.


Starting skills:
One-handed/Power Grip mace

Learned skills:
Hexes (BR 37) -Essential for Rhagoh to dish out 
some damage
Lotions (BR 44) -Highly recommended for emergencies

- Very high INT from the beginning and the Healer 
class makes him a very powerful healer, even in 
end game. Can't do much else though.

Primary Role: Healer, Debuffer
Secondary Role: Mystic Damager (Hexes)

Rhagoh is a born supporter. He starts out with 
only Remedies, so you might not want to put him 
in a mystic union at the start since many mystic 
casters already has Remedies. However, after 
unlocking Hexes, he's the perfect candidate for 
Bishop, which is a powerful support class and is 
way better than Healer that Rhagoh starts with. 
It should be easy for Rhagoh to change into Bishop 
as long as he sticks to healing unions with some 
occasional hexing.


Starting skills:
Two-handed spear

Learned skills:
Remedies (BR 45) -Recommended but not essential 
since he has lotions
Potions (BR 53) -Nice to have since Scout class 
extends buff durations but entirely unnecessary.

- Very tough thanks to his spear, couple with 
high level Herbs making him very tanky even in 
end game.
- His spear does decent damage but ultimately 
not exactly strong attack-wise.
- Very low INT means he won't heal much with 

Primary Role: Healer, Reviver, Debuffer (Lotions)
Secondary Role: Damager, Tanker

Darien starts out as a Scout and his skill set 
means he can't change into anything else, thus 
he doesn't require any training. He's a powerful 
supporter due to his high level herbs and powerful 
weapon, and some training on lotion allows him to 
remove status ailments too, but usually refresh 
does that job much better unless he's been silenced.


Starting skills:
One-handed/Power Grip katana

Learned skills:
Evocations (BR 47) -Useless for Glenys since her 
INT isn't exactly high.
Herbs (BR 55) -Essential for the Vivification Herb

- Although she has high level Remedies, she's very 
weak to attacks, and her one handed katana isn't 
that strong in offense either.

Primary Role: Damager, Healer, Debuffer
Secondary Role: Reviver (Herbs)

Glenys is a born Cavalier, and she changes into 
one after some battles, so there's no need for 
any training. One thing to remember is that one-handed 
style is needed to unlock her weapon art, thus 
it's wise to train that rather than power grip.

It's possible for Glenys to turn into a Scout by 
training herbs, but I find it a pointless exercise 
since she performs just fine as a Cavalier.


Starting skills:
Dual-Wield sword

Learned skills:
Hexes (BR 45) -Useless for Emmy since her INT 
isn't that high.
Traps (BR 57) -Useless for Emmy

- Quite a lot tougher than Glenys even though 
they're very similar. Dual Wield is a powerful 
style and does a lot of damage.
- Hundred Flowers require Emmy to be near-death, 
and it doesn't provide total evasion before execute, 
making it a high-risk, decent reward skill since it
does less damage than powerful skills like Lugh's Revenge.

Primary Role: Damager, Healer, Debuffer
Secondary Role: Leader (Hundred Flowers, Summon)

Emmy, like Glenys, is a born Cavalier, and her skill 
set doesn't allow her to do much else, thus she doesn't 
require specific trainings. She should turn into Cavalier 
automatically after some battles. One-handed style is 
needed to unlock her weapon art, but since dual-wield 
is a much stronger style, it's up to you to decide which 
is more worth the effort. You could train both, but that 
takes huge amount of time.

It's theoretically possible to make her into a Wonderer 
by training traps, but I find no reason to turn her 
into an item class.


Starting skills:
Power Grip sword

Learned skills:
Invocations (BR 46) -Useless for Roberto since 
his INT is very, very low.
Explosives (BR 57) -Useless for Roberto unless 
you want to make him a Thief.

- Reasonably tough and does decent damage.
- He's also the only person, apart from Rush, 
to be able to use Frostblade, a powerful remnant 

Primary Role: Buffer (Potions), Passive Debuffer (Bard)
Secondary Role: Damager

Roberto starts out as a Monk, however because of 
his high level potions, he'll automatically change 
into Bard after some battles. Bard is a powerful 
item class because of it's powerful debuff bonus 
that clears all status ailments in one or two turn. 
Usually training potions is a tedious task but since 
Roberto already has them, he'll be a powerful assets 
to any combat or hybrid unions.

It is possible to turn Roberto into a Thief by 
training his explosives, but it's a pointless 
exercise since Bard suits him much better and 
Thief's item focus characteristic often gets 
in the way.


Starting skills:
Power Grip sword

Learned skills:
Hexes (BR 48) -Useless for Gaou as his INT is woeful
Traps (BR 58) -Useless for Gaou

- He's the only character, apart from Zuido, to 
be able to use Obsidian, which is extremely powerful.

Primary Role: Debuffer, Reviver (Lotions)
Secondary Role: Damager

Gaou starts out as a Hunter thanks to his very 
high level lotion skills, which makes him an 
excellent supporter. He doesn't require much training 
because it's not possible for him to turn into other 
classes, but you might want to train his combat arts 
because he's the only one that can wield the powerful 
Obsidian remnant weapon.


Starting skills:
Dual power grip sword

Learned skills:
Hexes (BR 50) -Useless for Allan as his INT is pathetic
Shards (BR 66) -Useless for Allan unless you're making 
him an item user

- Has 3 offensive item skills, but unfortunately since 
he starts out as Deathknight its not possible for him 
to change into any item class.
- Starts with fairly weak weapon, but has a very strong 
final weapon with deadly powerful weapon art.
- Unlike most Sovani like Torgal and Wyngale which has 
fairly balanced stats, Allan's INT is woefully low 
compared to his STR.

Primary Role: Damager
Secondary Role: Item User

Allan starts out as the Deathknight, the ultimate class 
for dual power grip sovani, thus he can't change into other 
classes. He has some levels in explosives and traps and he 
could learn shards, thus you might want to make him an item 
user. However, he does the most damage with combat skills 
and he has weapon art later, therefore he has a place in 
pure combat unions as well. Personally I won't bother with 
Allan because I have more powerful characters in stock, 
however his final weapon does look cool and does a lot
of damage, if you train him properly. He has some Invocation 
skills, however I recommend shutting it off since they get in 
the way more than being helpful, and his low INT means he won't 
do much damage with them.


Starting skills:
Two-handed staff

Learned skills:
Wards (BR 50) -Essential for support
Traps (BR 65) -Useless for Paris

- Fairly tough thanks to his class, and has Remedies 
making him a powerful tanker.
- Does average physical damage, but starts out with 
fairly high Psionic skill.

Primary Role: Healer, Debuffer, Tanker (Paladin), 
Morale Booster
Secondary Role: Damager

Paris starts out as a Paladin, and a good one at 
that because of his powerful Psionic skills as well 
as Remedies skills which make him excellent support 
in hybrid unions. He even gets Wards in late game 
which further enchance his support role. He doesn't 
do that much physical damage, mainly due to his 
weapon, but then his psionic skills make up for it.

In theory, he could become a Commander if you train 
his wards hard enough, but Paladin suits him much 
better because it offers damage reduction which 
complements to his support skills.


Starting skills:
One-handed mace (with shield)

Learned skills:
Evocations (BR 52) -Recommended but not essential
Explosive (BR 64) -Useless for Kate

- Starts out as Druid, which is a crippling drawback 
as it is weaker than Specialist when it comes to 
hex damage.
- Her shield can be upgraded to unlock Soulshield 
shield art.

Primary Role: Mystic Damager
Secondary Role: Damager

Kate starts out as a Druid, which is a massive 
disadvantage because she isn't using a two-handed 
weapon, thus she can't bring out the class's 
full potential. However, her skill set doesn't 
allow her to change into anything else apart from 
Thief, which is even more inappropriate. Thus, 
I recommend avoid hiring her becauses if you need 
powerful hex users, Yuniver or Zolean is a much 
better choice.

Aside from the class problem though, she's a fairly 
powerful hex user that's also decent in physical attacks.


Starting skills:
Two-handed staff

Learned skills:
Hexes (BR 51) -Recommended but not essential
Lotions (BR 63) -Recommended for emergencies

- Doesn't have much traits since she basically 
specialises in evocations and not much else.

Primary Role: Mystic Damager
Secondary Role: Debuffer (if you take the trouble 
to train her Lotion, which is entirely unnecessary)

Sheryl is a powerful marksman with her high level 
evocation skills, and after unlocking hexes she is 
a decent mystic user. I personally didn't hire her 
because she only has two mystic arts which prevent 
her from getting higher rank mystic classes, and 
they are many other mystic users with more skills. 
Still, if you need more long-range casters, or if 
you're trying to build a long-range mystic union, 
Sheryl could be useful.

If you're using her actively, try not to use her 
combat arts to prevent her changing into Mysticknight, 
but then her physical attack is so weak you won't 
want to anyway.


Starting skills:
Two-handed staff (changes to one-handed katana with 

Learned skills:
Psionic (BR 76) -Essential for Irina to dish out 
some damage using her high INT
Shards (BR 85) -Essential to become Alchemist, 
useless otherwise

- Insane amount of INT and insane amount of AP. 
This allows her to literally heal any union from 
1 HP to 100% with one use of Revitalize, and 
provides valuable AP pool to a mystic union. 
- Limited in offensive capabilities until she 
learns Psionic.
- Very weak to attacks.

Primary Role: Healer, Debuffer, Item User
Secondary Role: Morale Booster

Irina starts out as a Scholar, which is one of 
the hardest class to achieve in the game simply 
because it's requirements are dangerously close 
to the item classes, which are easier to obtain. 
It requires a balance of mystic and item skills 
while having INT value between 41 and 47 because 
any more than that and you'll get the item class 
instead. A Scholar has extra max AP and most 
importantly it has immunity to instant KO attacks. 

Unfortunately, Scholar is also the easiest class 
to lose because you'll change into a rank 5 item 
class as soon as you have over 47 INT or STR 
unless you stop using item skills immediately after 
getting this class. Irina has the same problem because 
she'll easily change into a Hunter or Wonderer if you 
overuse her item skills. Thus, to prevent that from 
happening you must disable both her lotions and traps. 
For lotion you can just disable the eye cream because 
other skills are very situational. Don't get me wrong, 
both Hunter and Wonderer are decent item classes, but 
a Scholar suits her better still because of the 
instant KO immunity, which ensures her survival 
from Curse and instant-kill effects from attacks.

Ultimately however, the best class for Irina is the 
Alchemist class, because she has 3 item arts to benefit 
from it and best of all it also has immunity to instant 
KO attacks. Thus, the best way of training her is to 
disable her item skills until you unlocked shards, 
then train that until she turns into Alchemist, then 
only re-enable all her skills. This allows her to 
jump straight from Scholar to Alchemist without losing 
the immunity to instant KO benefit.

Trivia: Later in the game Irina will ask for the 
Nightbloom, a powerful remnant katana. Many gamers 
prefer to give that to Emmy instead because they 
believe that giving it to Irina is a waste since 
she can't do much damage with it. However, I recommend 
giving it to Irina because of that +50% max AP bonus 
(after upgraded) which complements to her already 
massive amount of AP, and coupled with a high level 
amulet that provides another 40-50% max AP bonus the 
amount is just insane. In fact, if you keep her as 
a Scholar, which provides yet another 20% max AP, 
she alone could easily hold 350+ AP, which is 3 to 
4 times more than most characters. This makes her 
essential in mystic unions because the massive 
AP tank allows them to unleash powerful skills 
continuously in long battles, and after the AP 
is used up she could just start tossing shards 
until its recharged.


Starting skills:
Power Grip katana

Learned skills:
Evocations (BR 59) -Essential to unlock powerful 
mystic classes
Traps (BR 71) -Useless for Zolean

- Starts with powerful hex skills.
- Very weak to attacks, especially when compared 
to other Yama squad members.

Primary Role: Mystic Damager
Secondary Role: Er.... none

Zolean starts out as a Specialist, which makes 
his hexes very powerful. He's an excellent candidate 
for Sage or Thaumaturge but you'll need to train his 
evocations from the ground up. In Zolean's case a Sage 
is easier to obtain because his hex level is higher 
than other skills, but a Thaumaturge suits him better 
because all his mystic arts are offensive.


Starting skills:
Power Grip mace

Learned skills:
Invocations (BR 75) -Useless for Sibal since he 
doesn't have much INT
Explosive (BR 86) -Useless for Sibal

- Starts out as Guardian, coupled with the Daedalus 
making him abnormally tanky even when compared to 
the likes of Baulson.
- Daedalus does a lot of physical damage and 
is one of the more powerful remnant weapons 
in the game.

Primary Role: Tanker, Reviver
Secondary Role: Healer, Damager

Sibal starts out as Guardian, which is perfect. 
His skills set means there are no other classes 
possible, and that means no training is required 
to use him effectively. He's also the only one 
that can wield the Daedalus, an extremely powerful 
remnant weapon.


Starting skills:
Two-handed spear

Learned skills:
Evocations (BR 74) -Nice to have but not necessary 
since Yuniver already has many powerful skills on hand
Potions (BR 84) -Useless for Yuniver

- A generally powerful mystic character with high 
level offensive skills.
- Starts out as Wizard but can be easily upgraded 
to Thaumaturge or Sage because of the already 
high-level skills.

Primary Role: Mystic Damager
Secondary Role: Morale Booster

Yuniver starts out as a Wizard with powerful psionic 
skills. However, because he also has powerful hexes 
and decent invocations, he's the perfect candidate for 
Thaumaturge or Sage. Thaumaturge will suit him better 
but will require slightly more work because his invocation 
isn't as high level as his hexes. If you're into pure 
mystic groups, Yuniver is a must have.

Duke of Ghor

Starting skills:
Power Grip axe

Learned skills:
Psionic (BR 73) -Useless for Duke since they often get 
in the way more than they're helpful
Potions (BR 85) -Useless for Duke

- Does insane amount of damage with the Bilqis, and 
has a lot of HP typical of a Yama. Bilqis provides 50%
bonus HP after upgraded.

Primary Role: Damager, Leader (Bel'kwinith's Fury)
Secondary Role: Tanker (Bilqis's HP bonus)

Duke of Ghor starts out as Axman, a super-powerful one at 
that because of his Bilqis, which is an extremely powerful 
remnant weapon, and the axman class further increase it's 
damage to extreme levels. Thus, I don't recommand changing 
him into any other class because he's the perfect damage 
disher and a must have for pure combat unions. His remnant 
art, Bel'kwinith's Fury, is so powerful that only the strongest 
rare monsters and bosses can survive a single hit from it (A 
single critical hit can do over 200,000 damage). I highly 
recommend hiring him and take some trouble to train his 
combat arts, it'll make boss fights quite a bit easier.


Starting skills:
Two-handed spear

Learned skills:
Invocations (BR 76) -essential for Haruko to do 
some damage
Lotions (BR 83) -recommended for emergencies

- High INT and high level Remedies, but not 
much else.
- Can wield the Malystrix, a fairly powerful 
remnant weapon.

Primary Role: Healer, Debuffer, Reviver (Kiss of Life)
Secondary Role: Mystic Damager (Invocation)

Haruko is a born healer thanks to her super-high 
level remedies and nothing else. However, after 
unlocking invocations she could dish out some damage 
as well using her high INT. She's the perfect candidate 
for Bishop since her high level remedies means that 
she's guaranteed to change into one simply by training 


Starting skills:
Quad-wield/Dual power grip katana

Learned skills:
Wards (BR 77) -Highly recommended for support
Shards (BR 84) -Useless for Wyngale

- Has all sorts of mystic arts at the ready.
- Has fairly strong physical attacks, but is 
weak to attacks.

Primary Role: Mystic Damager, Morale Booster, 
Healer, Debuffer
Secondary Role: Damager

Wyngale starts out as a Cleric, which is a suprise 
since he has so many mystic arts that a mystic class 
would be so much better for him. Still, even in Cleric 
class he's a formidable mystic user with all sorts of skills 
at his disposal. I recommend disabling his trap skills 
since they get in the way of his many mystic arts.

Wyngale is a perfect candidate for Warlock, the highest 
rank and most powerful msytic class, because his skills 
set means that its possible for him to learn every arcana 
available. Still, getting every arcana is a difficult job 
thus you might want to settle for Commander instead since 
training wards is a lot easier, but its worth the effort. 
Either way, a Warlock or even Commander is a much better 
fit than Cleric so you should take the trouble of training 
him. Don't get me wrong, it's not essential, but it's worth 
the effort.

He's also a candidate for the Ninja class because of his 
Katana skills, and the fact that he starts with Cleric 
class means that getting the Ninja class is pretty 
straightforward by simply training his quad wield and 
weapon skills, however a mystic class still suits him 
much better.


Starting skills:
Power Grip katana

Learned skills:
Hexes (BR 73) -Recommended but not essential
Lotions (BR 83) -Recommended for emergencies

- The only true item focus character among all unique 
leaders, but has fairly strong physical and mystic 
skills too.
- Quite weak to attacks and her HP/AP isn't very high.

Primary Role: Item User, Damager, Mystic Damager
Secondary Role: Healer (Moonlight)

Khrynia is by far the most versatile character you can 
hire. She has MAX level explosives, very high level katana 
skills, and some high level evocations and invocations as 
well. This makes her useful in any kind of union, be it 
combat, mystic, hybrid, item or even support thanks to 
her Moonlight shards and she even learns Lotion.

Although she starts out as a Thief, her high level shard 
skills mean that she automatically turns into Alchemist 
after some battles and stat gains. It's possible to stop 
that change by using her explosives so that her shard level 
is way below it, but I find no reason to do that because 
Alchemist is by far the best item class in the game (albiet 
the Thief's Slowdown effect is highly useful). I 
recommend hiring her even if it means replacing one of 
your lesser characters. She does have little HP at the beginning
though thus you might not want to make her the union leader.

Trivia: After getting the Witch's Seal, she'll be able to 
perform Dual Snowpedal, which requires Khrynia to be leader 
and Irina in the same union. It's an imitation of the Twin 
Snowpedal used by Hannah and Hinnah, and it's just as lethal.


Starting skills:
Dual power grip mace

Learned skills:
Psionics (BR 82) -Essential if you want to make him a Warlock, 
otherwise its not necessary
Explosive (BR 91) -Useless for Leucetius

- Very similar to Wyngale, but he starts out in a more 
suitable class.

Primary Role: Mystic Damager, Healer, Debuffer, 
Passive Debuffer (Sage)
Secondary Role: Morale Booster (Psionic)

Leucetius is the last unique leader you can hire, and 
basically he's Wyngale's twin but without ward skills. 
However, unlike Wyngale, he starts out as a Sage, which 
is perfect for him. He's also a potential candidate for 
Warlock but you'll have to train his psionics from the 
ground up. I personally think Sage is already ideal for 
him though, so it's up to you whether you want to take 
the trouble.

Finally, the summary

Enjoy perfecting your characters.