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Is there going to be any single player stuff in it?

Is there going to be any single player stuff in it, cause i really liked the other two games and would like to play that kind, not an MMORPG.

robrn_ asked for clarification:

I agree with bballboy041, I don't play online games & there are a LOT of them. I just want to play single player or LAN games within my network.

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astenior answered:

Yes, definitely. The single player content will be original and unique for all the eight playable classes. Developers have stated that, the single-playable part of the game (you can play those parts with your friends too) will be equal to the content that'd be in Kotor 3-4-5-.......-10. Approximately 200 hours of gameplay for each class.
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yeawhateva21 answered:

Dude the game is basically a permanently online single player game. Bioware prides themselves on their storytelling and SP game play elements, and TOR isn't going to be any different.
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