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Will High powered consoles & PC's get the game?

The best thing you could do w/The Old Republic would be to port the game over to the consoles just like Final Fantasy XI & I'm sure there will be more than enough players playing together on your game servers unlike what Sony did not do w/EverQuest II Epic fail for SOE so ...............................................................

Is it in the global marketing plan?

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skcason666 answered:

No, TOR is not coming to consoles.

PC ports to consoles do not typically transfer well and MMOs don't do well on consoles, generally.
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denaz answered:

No, unfortunately this will be a PC only release. The game is designed to be played on a ride range of PC's, but not the console.
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DrDoom66 answered:

Windows ONLY. No consoles. Only XP, Vista, and 7. No Mac either.
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