Question from cyberjedi21

Asked: 3 years ago

Will the Star Wars: The Old Republic be available on Xbox 360?

I just wanted to know if they will release a SWTOR game on Xbox 360 console maybe after the release for the PC.

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From: DrDoom66 3 years ago

Negative. It will be a PC (windows) game ONLY.

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Probably not but maybe because the KOTOR was for xbox they may make it for xbox 360 later after the pc relase.

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There are currently no plans to release the game outside of PCs. No console or Mac versions planned.

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The game wouldn't run on the hardware in any of the current gen consoles.

You wouldn't want to play an MMO on a console anyway. There are far too many features in an MMO to be mapped to a console controller and have it be even remotely effective. Just ask anybody that's ever played FFXI or DCUO on the consoles.

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Highly unlikely since you'd have to pay for Xbox Live and then the MMO subscription. When you add it all up, it'll cost too much so most people won't get it on Xbox 360 making it an immediate fail. It's more likely to be released on ps3 like DC Universe Online was and even with ps3, there are no plans yet.

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Nope. Only on PC. 360 couldn't even run it.

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