Question from BaronLibra

Ok the money they will make from this, could help to making one for the Consoles?

Ok so we're talking thousands of fans buying the game for 30 then 15 monthly, could easy help to making one for the Console?

I know theres more to it than that but a game for the Console will sell just as well as the Pc one.


Blackcrow333 answered:

They would probably make it for xbox 360 because kotor & kotor2 were both for pc and xbox thats all i got hope it helps!
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DevsterDoom answered:

Considering MMORPG's don't fare well on consoles compared to PC, I heavily doubt they'll make a new version of this game specifically for the consoles, especially due to the $100 Million price tag the game already has summed up just for the PC release
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DasBatmobil answered:

I wouldnt bet on it, considering that I have approx. 20 abilities and only 8 buttons on a controller.
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Darkelflord answered:

No. This game will never be released for any of the current consoles, and I seriously doubt it would be released for any future console either. The gameplay would not transfer well enough for a port and the size of the game would require around 10 dvds to play. So not gonna happen.
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