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Which class of jedi can use duel lightsabers?

Which class of jedi can use duel lightsabers?

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styymy answered:

Jedi Sentinel
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DevsterDoom answered:

Jedi Sentinel for Republic, Sith Marauder for Empire
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stupidmanguy answered:

Here's the breakdown:

Jedi Knight, Jedi Consuler, Sith Warrior, and Sith Inquisitor each have an advanced class (that you get to look over and choose once you reach your fleet station, usually around lvl 10) that can dual wield lightsabers. One advanced class uses single sabers and has healing abilities etc., while the other has dual wielding and uses more rogue or force tactics. I myself am a Sith Inquisitor with Assassin as my advanced class, and i can use a double-bladed saber as well as dual wielding (eventually).
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