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Is Origin required?

Is the origin platform required to dl/install/register/update/launch/play this game? I refuse to put that program on my computer and I dont want to get a retail copy just to find it forces me to install origin.

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Grospolina answered:

No, you don't have to have Origin (EA's version of Steam) installed to play it. You CAN buy it through Origin, but you can also buy it through itself (where you'll be able to download the install program directly), or retail box of course. I had originally installed Origin because I thought you had to buy it through there, but then I bought it through the website and found out that I could uninstall Origin. In fact, the game didn't even appear in Origin after I bought it. Maybe there's a way to add it, but I didn't bother.

However, you DO need to make an EA account. The EA account is what you use to login to the game, and shares the same password. You can make the account at the site too. I suggest creating the account AFTER starting the install, because it may take a while to fill out.
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